A Chicano’s Blond

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My name is Carlos; I’m 45 years old, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I’ve been married but divorced now and living alone with no kids. I want to tell my story. I’ve pretty much kept to myself since I got divorced. The old lady and me still get along but the love has gone. Guess that are why we split from each other. I have not had very much experience with women outside of my race though I have dated black ladies. I have never been with a white woman; I have never been with a blond. I own a small landscaping company that also doubles as a lawn care service. I like being outside in the sun. My skin is tanned a deep brown, I’m built ok but I’m no Arnold, I have a slight pouch, maybe from the beer I drink. I don’t think I’m that bad to look at though.

My crew and I were working one day on the West End of the valley at a new construction site when all of a sudden a blond lady walked out of the building. She was not a young girl; she must have been about thirty years old. Still a lot younger than most women I look at. She was the architect for the building site. As it happen she wanted to go over the designs for the landscaping so she had to talk to me. Now this is the first time I ever had any dealings with a white woman for business or anything else for that matter. But as she talked I found out she was no airhead she knew what she wanted and made no bones about it. She struck me as a strong and independent person. We hit it off right away. As it turned out there were some things that needed to be gone over so she asked me to meet her in her office after work.

Her office was on the sixth floor of a new building in south end of the valley a very expensive area. As I entered I notice that there was no one else on the floor. Her office was toward the rear of the floor and I made my way to it. I knocked on the door and I heard a voice yell for me to come on in. She was at a large drafting table with plans spread all over it. She asked me to come close and check on the things she had changed. As I got close to her I could porno indir smell her perfume it filled my nose with a sweet smell. It was then that I noticed her blouse was unbuttoned a few buttons down from the top, showing some nice cleavage. This lady had class. I pulled my self together and studied the plans although my mind was not really on it. When we had finished she stood up straight and I really got a good look at her. She must have been about 5’8″ or 9″with legs went up to her neck. Her bust was a lot bigger than I had first thought, long blond hair that hung down over her shoulders, eyes so blue you could drown yourself in them. This woman was beautiful; with the work done she smiled at me and asked if I would like a drink.

She moved over to a bar at the other side of the room. When she moved it, was like she glided over to it. Her movements were like poetry in motion. Her breasts kind of bounced up and down as she moved but they didn’t jiggled just bounced. It was then that I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. My eyes glanced them over as she handed me the drink. I guess she saw my eyes and asked me if I liked what I saw? That caught me by surprise. I told her; yes she was a very good-looking lady and very pleasing to the eyes. She just smiled at me and came up against me. She was close enough to feel my heart beating. Her eyes met mine and the next thing I knew her lips were pressing against mine. Her tongue enters my mouth and dances around my tongue. Causing me to get more than just a little excited. I could feel my member getting aroused. I pulled her to me holding her tight against my chest. My arms enveloped her, squeezing her even more tightly.

I knew that she could feel my hardening member pushing into her thighs. She parted her legs and ground against my ever-growing cock. She ground her hips against my now hard cock like a stripper moves her hips.

Her lips still on mine I reached to unbutton her blouse. Her breasts spill into my waiting hand. Her nipples were a bright rokettube pink with a darker 2-inch areola. Her nipples harden to points as my fingers rolled over them and pinched them. I had to taste them, I broke away from her lips and I bent down to take at least one in my mouth. Her head went back as my mouth inhaled her nipple. Her hand on the back of my head fingers in my hair, my tongue circling her nipple. I sucked and mouthed it to a hard pleasure point. My hand dropped down to the top of her skirt. I edged it under her belt line and panties to feel her warming pussy. She was as wet as can be, and hot to the touch. My finger entered her pussy to feel her clit sticking out like a ridged mast. With my thumb on her clit and my middle finger inside her. She started to shake and shiver. She was on the brink of having an orgasm. With a few more motions of my hand she let out a muffled moan and came on my hand. I never felt a woman cum like the way she did. I could feel her wetness flowing over my hand making it all gooey.

It only took a second and her clothes were on the floor in a rumbled pile. I quickly pulled off my clothes. I pushed her down on the plush carpet that covered her office. I position myself between her legs and I bent down to taste her canyon of joy. Her legs moved themselves over my shoulders as I stuck my tongue into her pussy. With my hands holding her ass my mouth went down on her pussy. I licked the sides of her pussy, kissed her thighs then back to her pussy once again. I pushed my tongue deep in her quivering crevasse. Sucking and licking all that I could reach. Her clit fell into my mouth like it belongs there. My tongue making circles around it. It only took a minute but this woman was ready to cum again! I could feel her body as it tighten and could see her toes point, I knew she was having another orgasm! All this and I haven’t even entered her yet.

As she calmed down I moved up her body. I first made a stop at her breasts, where I sucked on her nipples once again and fondled seks filmi her breasts. My head went from one breast to the other. All this time other than the first words she said to me, she hadn’t said a thing. She began to mumble something. As I slowed my actions on her breasts I could hear her say in a low voice, “fuck me, fuck me please.”

I had a vasectomy when I was young and was not worried about the consequences of making love to her. I slowly pushed my cock against her wet pussy. Not entering but rubbing the sides and outside surface of it. With my hand I moved my cock up and down her pink and quivering pussy. I placed the head at her honey pot and pushed, my cock entered her ever so slow. Her pussy was very tight and pulled at my cock as it went in. I pushed as hard as I could until my groin came against her blond bush. Our hairs mingle and intertwine as I was as far inside her as I could get. I pull back only to push forward again. Her legs crossed themselves on my back and pulled me back into her as I pulled out. It was like she didn’t want me to pull out.

We got into a cycle and were soon bucking like a pair of horses. In and out, it went on for what seem like hours. But I know, in real time it may have only been a few minutes. I was on the brink of having an orgasm. I could tell by the faces she was making that she was close too. A few more pushes and I plunged as deep as I could go. I stopped…she raised her hips up to match my plunge and with body shaking she started to cum all the time crying out “oh God, oh God.” With that I came. It seem like my cock was spewing out a gallon of cum. It went inside her and spilled back out over my cock. After my first ejaculation I continued to pump my cock in and out of her hot pussy until I started to get limp. Her pussy was still sucking on my cock even as it became flaccid. I collapsed at her side, out of breath and gasping for air.

I had just had one of the best fuck sessions I had ever had. And you know I didn’t even know her name! As I got my breath back I looked over at her and said, “Hi, my name is Carlos glad to meet you.” At that she turned and laughed, ” Hi, my name is Tiffany glad to meet you too.”

This match may have been over but I could tell that there was more to come. I knew this was going to be a long and pleasant night.

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