A Christmas Present Not From Santa


This story originally posted in 2015, after many requests to provide a follow up to the original ending, I edited the story and added a new chapter.

Kate, the receptionist at one of my clients was remarkable for someone so young. She was a “find”, not only did she know computers and Office software; she could actually carry on an intelligent conversation with visitors.

The client was a non-profit animal rescue, specializing in reptiles. They had a small aquarium room that held many rescued species recovering before returning to the wild. Everything was nursed were back to health from lizards to turtles by their staff of biologists.

Kate’s job was to answer the phone, greet visitors, type letters and be a gatekeeper for the staff. Every day someone was bringing an unfortunate reptile that was injured and needed help. Over time, Kate became the triage person, deciding what they would accept and who would be the “case worker”. Some were beyond the facility’s capabilities and referred to a local veterinarian.

I would always take a few moments on my way in or out to talk with Kate. Sometimes she would help me by taking extra tools out to the truck and we would talk on the way. Over the course of time, I learned that Kate was nineteen and moved here from upstate Pennsylvania coal country. She described it more as an escape than a casual decision to move here. She had a girl friend from high school that moved here a year ago and offered to share her apartment with Kate.

Kate was somewhat petite at about 5′ and busty as far as I could tell, she always wore somewhat bulky tops and slacks that camouflaged her true figure. Her light brown hair always looked the same, short and neat. I never saw her wearing makeup; she had a natural perfect complexion that did not need makeup.

One day I was at the facility to repair an electrical system problem; they might have known everything about reptiles, but electricity was not their strong suit. The aquarium area had many pumps, filters, heaters and such to keep their “guests” comfortable for their stay. The staff was constantly adding a heater here or a pump there and if they did not have an outlet nearby, they just ran an extension cord across the damp floor, often exceeding the circuit capacity. It was a safety hazard, nothing like an exposed electrical connection in a water-filled area, I fully expected to find one of them electrocuted one day.

When I had finished the repair, I stopped by to talk to Kate on the way out and to wish her a Merry Christmas. She said it was not going to very merry this year because she could not go home for Christmas, because there was supposed to be very bad winter storm and she did not want to travel by herself in a snowstorm. Even her girlfriend had left for Christmas with her boyfriend, so she was going to be all alone, eating a turkey TV dinner and watching some old movies. I agreed with her, no sense taking a chance of being stranded on the road or having an accident. Sensing her despair of being all alone on Christmas, I suggested to her that she could spend Christmas with us.

At first, she said “No, thank you”

Then I said, “We have plenty of food and would welcome the additional company. It’s only going to be my wife and myself.”

“Well if you are sure your wife would not mind having me, I’ll come.”

“I am sure she would love to have you; here is our phone number, call me for the exact dinner time.”

Kate called Christmas Eve to see if she could bring anything for dinner, fortunately I had told my wife about inviting Kate.

My wife told her, “Just bring a good appetite and come early, say 2 PM.”

Christmas day arrived and the weather prediction was for light snow latter in the day, while snow makes it look more like Christmas, it is a pain to have to shovel it.

About two in the afternoon, Kate arrived with a shopping bag. She had brought some gifts for us, I had not thought about gifts for her, but unbeknownst to me my wife did.

As I helped Kate off with her coat, I noticed that she was not wearing her usual bulky clothes; she had on a tight light blue sweater that really showed off her curves. It appeared that she was wearing a push up bra because her breast were just popping out of her sweater. It was also the first time I ever saw her legs; usually she wears slacks at work, now she was wearing a short skirt just above her knees. Beverly, bursa escort my wife, ushered Kate into the kitchen and left me behind watching the parades on TV. Beverly opened a bottle of wine and shared it with Kate while she cooked dinner.

Right after we sat down to dinner, it started to rain, then it changed to snow, then back again. That made a dangerous combination to drive in latter. I was thinking of Kate driving home in that mess, however before I could say anything, Beverly told Kate, “The weather isn’t going to be safe for you to drive back home. You can spend the night, if you like.”

Kate looked pensive at that invitation, but then said, “Well, that means I can have more wine if I am not driving.”

After dinner, I started a fire in the fireplace so we could enjoy watching the snow falling and relax. We opened the gifts that we had under the tree and Kate started to look like she was going to cry because being forgotten. Beverly handed her a couple of small gifts from under the tree and her face lit up as she found out she was not.

Kate brought us a tree ornament shaped like a turtle and a dragonfly pottery piece, Beverly marveled at the dragonfly and asked how she knew she loved dragonflies.

“Tim told me you loved dragonflies.”

“He did? Well that is right, if you notice I have dragonfly stuff all over.”

As the fireplace and maybe the wine warmed Kate, she started to unbutton her sweater. Her breasts were straining to be free; I could not stop looking at them as she unbuttoned the first four buttons creating a nice view of her cleavage. I was hoping she would go further but she stopped, damn.

Kate got up to get some more wine, as she bent over she displayed her ample cleavage her push up bra was doing its job. She returned to sit on the sofa, as she got comfortable, she put her feet up on the ottoman in front of her, letting her skirt fall open and flashing me a view of her panties.

Every time I looked at Kate on the sofa, I noticed she would move her legs back and forth each time opening her skirt even more. Her skirt kept moving aside leaving an excellent view of her upper thigh and panties.

Beverly was sitting right next to Kate and I wondered if she had any idea that Kate was flashing her pussy every time I looked at her.

We enjoyed some pleasant conversation, Christmas music, and more wine. After a while, Beverly got up and said, “I’m going to take a shower and get ready for bed. Kate, the guest bed is made up for you, do you need pajamas?”

Kate, replied, “I don’t sleep in pajamas … they are too restrictive for me.”

“Oh … Well … there are guest towels in the bathroom if you want to take a shower.”

The fire was fading and everyone seemed to be ready for bed so I decided to get ready myself. Kate’s response to pajamas had peaked my interest; did she sleep in the nude? I wanted to ask, however I did not want to embarrass her.

As I lay in bed under a heavy comforter, I tried to imagine Kate across the hall sleeping nude; it was getting me hard just thinking of her like that.

About 1 AM, I awoke for some reason and noticed Kate coming out of the guest bathroom across the hall illuminated by the night light; she was nude except for panties. Her tits were bouncing as she walked back to the bedroom, it was brief look, but she had a hot body. I wished it was a longer view but it was just a quick snapshot, I was beginning to think I was dreaming until Beverly started snoring. I barely drifted back to sleep when I awoke again to almost complete blackness, the clock on my bedside radio wasn’t illuminated, however the battery powered night light emitted a dim glow in the room. At first, I thought maybe a breaker tripped but when I got up and looked outside, I noticed the whole street was dark we had a power failure.

Beverly awoke and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Probably the storm took out the power, it should be back on shortly, go back to sleep.”

Maybe a few hours later, I awoke again to see Kate’s nude body shivering next to the bed.

“Tim, I’m freezing, there is no heat.”

“We had a power failure, but it should be back on shortly.”

Before I could say anything else to her, she asked, “Can I get in bed with you to get warm?”

I was going to get up and start the fire again so she could keep warm, but next thing I knew she was climbing in bursa üniversiteli escort bed between my wife and me, Beverly didn’t wake up, as if by instinct, she just rolled over to make more room.

Being the good host, I hugged Kate close to me to keep her warm. Her tight teenage body was cold as I wrapped my arms around her; I could not help but to feel her hard nipples as I pulled her close to me. Damn her ass was rubbing my crotch as she struggled to get comfortable. I was sure that my hard on was going to poke her in the ass.

She was still shivering when I said in a low voice, “I’ll rub you to help get your circulation going.”

I started to rub her arms, then her side, and then I slipped my hand onto her chest making sure to rub each tit carefully. I could feel every bump around her areola, as I circled her hard long nipple. She became aroused, her breathing became heaver the more I played with her nipple.

She grasped my hand and whispered, “Its cold down here.” as she pulled my hand to her moist panties.

As my hand was on her panties, I remembered where I was, in bed with my wife and a hot or cold, naked nineteen year old. Not sure what to do next; sure, I wanted to play with her pussy, but what if Beverly woke up. Then again, how many chances would I get to play with a young pussy?

Young pussy won the argument; I decided I was going for it as my fingers moved her panties out of the way to explore. Feeling her wet bush as I explored her swelling labia trying to find her clit. Her breathing was getting heavier and she started to do a low moan as I fingered her hardening clit.

I could feel her body warmup as those young teenage hormones raced through her body, she was warming head to toe, and my cock was growing harder with each stroke of her clit.

Kate’s heavy breathing sped up as she reached a climax, I hoped she was not a screamer; Beverly surely would not sleep through that. Kate tensed up and shuddered a few times, she whispered, “Thank you.”

My cock ached and my balls were hurting, I needed relief, but I cannot fuck her while I am in bed with my wife. Kate put her hand behind her to feel my hard on, I just had to scoot up a little further in the bed, remove my cock from my pajamas and she could stroke me. She seemed to know what to do without prompting, she started stroking my cock and rubbing it on her hot ass.

The combination of having a young woman stoke my cock while my wife was in the same bed was more erotic than I could have imagined, soon my cock had the relief it needed as my hot spunk shot on Kate’s ass. I kissed her neck softly, cupping my hand on her tits, and snuggled in to fall asleep.

As dawn started lighting up the room, the power still had not come back on. Kate was nestled into Beverly and her hand was cupping Kate’s tit. Beverly yawned and smiled at me, and then she started to kiss Kate’s face.

As Kate awoke, the two of them started kissing passionately; this was something I had not expected. I had to pee like a “racehorse” but I did not want to get up and miss the action, but as my cock started getting hard, I had to get up before my bladder exploded.

It was cold once I got out from under the comforter; the trip to the bathroom was as quick as I could make it. I wanted to get back in bed to see what was going on between Kate and Beverly, but Beverly called out, “Tim is the power back on?”

“No, it’s still out.”

“Can you start a fire to warm us up?”

So much for going back to bed, I will just have to wait and see what happens next when then come to warm up by the fire.

Once the fire was going Beverly and Kate came into the living room wrapped in a blanket and sat down beside the fire. They were still kissing each other, something must have happened between the two of them while I was asleep.

“Tim, can you drive up to the McDonalds and get us breakfast and coffee? We’re hungry.”

I looked outside and we had at least a foot of snow. I had to shovel my way out to the car and then I had to clean off the car. Not something, I relished doing after leaving the warmth of the fireplace,

“Sure, anything for you girls.” I said trying to sound cheerful.

Back in the bedroom, I started putting on my clothes when the power came back on, great, now I do not have to go outside. The furnace kicked on and karacabey escort the heat is soon on the way.

“Well girls, we are snowed in for a while.” The girls just hugged each other and giggled, as if they had a secret.

Thank you Santa. I am sure we can find something to do to pass the time away.

Chapter 2

Beverly suggested they get a quick shower before getting dressed. I was making breakfast and they still had not come to the kitchen. Going back to the bedroom, I found them in the shower together. Through the fogged shower door, I could see the naked outline of them washing each other and giggling like two little girls.

“Hey, you two breakfast is almost ready.”

“OK, we will be there shortly.”

They came into the kitchen blushing but said nothing about what they did in the shower.

Later that afternoon, Beverly said with a wink. “Tim, why don’t you see if your friend Steve can plow the driveway?”

I was not sure what the wink was about, but not shoveling sounded good to me.

Steve was able to come just before dark and plow out the driveway and shoveled a path to the front door. Beverly suggested that I ask Steve in for some hot chocolate. Now I understood what the wink was for, she wanted him to meet Kate.

The blowing snow had melted on Steve’s full beard then froze into icicle. He looked like a character from an Alaskan story; all he needed was a team of huskies and a sled.

He accepted the offer and stomped around on the porch trying to remove the snow on his boots before entering. Once he removed his jacket, his lanky body clad in tight turtleneck sweater highlighted his athletic build.

He stood in the foyer trying to remove his damp boots before coming into the kitchen. Kate heard all the commotion, but was hesitant to come to the foyer. Beverly escorted her to the kitchen to meet Steve.

Kate froze as she saw Steve; his young bearded athletic body was quite a contrast to ours. Beverly, “Steve this is Kate, Kate this is Steve.”

Steve extended his hand to shake Kate’s; when they touched, you could almost see the electricity surge through them.

They held hands for a long time before either of them said anything. Beverly broke the silence, “Kate can you help me make Steve’s hot chocolate?”

Kate and Beverly were whispering something while making the chocolate. Steve stammered trying to make some small talk while all the while staring at Kate.

Beverly had Kate serve Steve; she wanted them to make a connection.

Kate sat across from Steve and the normally articulate Kate could not seem to talk to Steve. Steve bumbled along trying to keep the conversation going.

Beverly asked me to help he do something, so we could leave them alone for a while thinking we were stifling their conversation.

I remember thinking this is going to be the end of our playing with Kate. Once hooked up with Steve she will forget about us.

After Steve left, Beverly and Kate went off to talk about Steve. Kate asked Beverly for everything knew about Steve; clearly, she was intrigued with him.

Kate came over about two week later and spent the night; we ended up in bed together not because the heat was off but she and Beverly wanted another tryst. Kate was sexually frustrated because Steve had not made any moves on her. They would make out but Steve would not go any further, it only made her hornier.

Kate asked Beverly if she could show her how to suck cock, she always wanted to try but never had the opportunity. I was going to be the practice dummy, Beverly started first showing how to hold and where the sensitive parts were located. She continued until she put my cock in her mouth, then she had Kate try. Teeth, she forgot to mention not to put teeth on my cock, “Ouch”

“Sorry, I didn’t know that hurt.”

My poor cock went hard then soft, giving a lesson sounded cool until it happened, I forgot that a novice working with my living tissue could be painful.

Finally, Beverly got to the good part, deep throating. She had Kate suck in my cock down to my balls. She practiced until I shot my load down her throat, Beverly coached her to swallow then lick off the remainder. Kate watched in amazement as my cock went flaccid, then later she could lick it and watch it grow hard; her tongue was an on-off switch controlling my cock.

Kate’s lessons completed for now; we have worn ourselves out for the time being. I hoped we could get more practice in the future.

My fears came true; Kate and Steve finally had sex so she does not need further practice with us. Steve just has to keep her satisfied sexually; I hope he is enjoying his blowjobs as much as I did.

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