A Daring Reporter Ch. 05


(This is a continuation of the story of a TV anchorwoman Lisa Marvell. Reading the first four chapters will provide more background.)

Friday Night Special Edition, the name that TV anchorwoman Lisa Marvell and her producer Bill Reinhart had given to the 11:00 broadcast at the end of each week, continued to grow in popularity. And there could be no doubt that the ratings were the result of only one thing – the fact that the audience now understood that the reporter would appear in a state of undress at some point during the half hour show. The challenge for Bill was to continue to come up with ideas for segments that would appropriately showcase his lead anchor, and the challenge for Lisa was to find the time to tape and edit the special reports while handling the pressure of anchoring two daily news programs five days each week.

So, once again, Lisa found herself working on her days off, arranging to meet with the camera crew at the station early Sunday afternoon. “Hey guys, I’m sorry to make you work on the weekend. But we’re not sure how late this shoot will run, so Bill and I decided we better do the filming today. And we’ll be meeting our model at the photographer’s studio.”

It had been announced at the end of last Friday’s broadcast that the following week’s “dare to bare” segment would involve a visit to a photographer who specialized in taking revealing photographs of women, some for professional use and some for private entertainment. Somehow knowing what the last two shoots had been like, the crew didn’t seem to mind giving up their Sunday for another chance to see the “unedited” version of Lisa’s report. “Why all the mystery about the model?” Clayton asked. “Don’t you trust us?”

“Whoa guys,” Lisa chuckled, “I wouldn’t trust you for a second. But the fact is that I don’t know either. So, we’ll all find out when we get to the photographer’s. But for now, just remember what you’ve promised Bill – not a word to anyone about this. Absolute complete silence. Got it?”

It was a quick drive to Jill Santos’s studio, a converted loft located in a newly renovated part of the downtown area. As they were unloading the equipment outside of the building, a car pulled up and out popped Natalie Johnson, the channel’s weather girl. “Hey Natalie,” shouted Clayton, “Bet you didn’t expect to come across us working on a Sunday.”

“Um, actually I did Clay,” she replied coyly. Clayton stared uncomprehendingly at her, so finally Natalie said, “Well, didn’t Lisa tell you?”

“Tell me what?” he responded.

“Tell you that I was going to be here,” she replied.

“No, she didn’t. You know, we really don’t need the help. And I thought Bill wanted this all kept top secret.”

“It is, silly. And clearly he’s done a good job of keeping the secret.”

“What secret?” George, the young assistant sound technician, chimed in.

“That I’m going to be the model,” Natalie blurted out.

George and Clayton both stood speechless, their mouths hanging open. Lisa looked equally stunned, and perhaps a little annoyed. The men’s eyes lit up. “You mean that Natalie…”

“Well, it would have been nice if Bill had let me in on the secret,” Lisa added, cutting them off in mid-sentence.

“Actually, Lisa,” Natalie explained, “I asked Bill not to tell you. I was afraid you might say no. And I really want to help out with this series,” she continued, lowering her eyes with a somewhat hurt look.

“Oh, I’m sorry Natalie,” Lisa replied. “I’ve just been working such long hours lately, I feel like any little thing can set me off. It’s actually great to have you here.” She picked up her make-up bag and grabbed Natalie by the arm. “So let’s get going. We’ve got a lot to do today. If you’re going to be our model, then let’s get you ready for an interview about how it feels to pose for nude photos.”

Just the mention of “nude photos” caused George and Clayton to run back to the van and hurriedly complete the unloading of their equipment. Inside the studio, Lisa introduced them to Jill, who showed them where they’d be shooting and how the lights would be positioned. The guys then feverishly began to set up the cameras, all the while whispering to one another.

“Jeez,” Natalie said, “I can just imagine what they’re saying right now.”

“You better get used to it. There will be a lot more whispering after we air this piece on Friday. That is, assuming you’re still okay going through with it.”

“I am,” said Natalie. “You know, the only reason I’m willing to do this is because I knew you’d be around. And, just for insurance, I brought along a little liquid courage,” she said, pulling out a bottle of wine.

Jill had been standing nearby, and glancing at the bottle in Natalie’s hand, she chimed in, “Don’t worry, you’re not the first to feel that way. I’ve already got a nice Chardonnay chilling so it will be ready whenever it’s needed. But for now, let me show you around the studio while your camera guys finish setting up.”

Jill was an attractive if somewhat severe looking brunette in her early fifties, slim figured görükle escort with closely cropped hair. She was dressed in black slacks and a pull over top. She’d been a professional photographer for thirty years, initially on the west coast before moving back to this area to care for her elderly parents. She maintained her ties to the coast and was able to do a fair amount of commission work with local models, chiefly lingerie and clothing catalogs. Occasionally she’d get a call to do test shots for men’s magazines, which in turn led her to develop a specialization in “private” sessions, taking photos for non-professionals who simply wanted to surprise their husbands or boyfriends with some naughty pictures. “Boudoir shots, we call them,” Jill explained. “Word gradually got around, and although I’m not cheap, I think my customers have always recognized that I bring something special to the work. This is not just your mirror shots and selfies. I describe my work as classy and erotic.”

By now, Clay and George were ready to film, so Lisa had Jill repeat her history as she interviewed her for the camera. “And now,” announced Lisa, “it’s time to introduce our model, someone who’s well known to our viewers. Today, Jill’s customer is none other than Channel 4’s weather girl, Natalie Johnson.”

With that introduction, Natalie, who was dressed casually in blue jeans and a tee shirt, joined the two women seated on the sofa and the interview continued.

“So tell us, Natalie, have you ever modeled before?.”

“Absolutely not,” replied Natalie. “In fact, I never even considered it.”

“So what brings you to Jill’s studio today?”

“Well I wanted to do something unexpected for that special someone in my life. I thought about buying a sexy outfit or maybe going to dinner at a nice restaurant. But then I overheard some friends talking about Jill’s work and that got me thinking that this might be a better way to express my real feelings. So I guess you could say I volunteered for this assignment, but it’s something I was considering doing anyway.”

Jill chimed in at that point to add, “Natalie’s experience is pretty typical. People hear about us and out of curiosity, they’ll call or stop by for a visit. But it can be a great way to surprise your lover or just rekindle the romance.”

“I guess Valentine’s Day is always a busy time for you,” Lisa added.

“Definitely, with Christmas a close second. But we’re pleased to have Natalie with us today.”

“So, let’s get started,” Lisa suggested. The women proceeded to browse through the various outfits that Jill had on hand, with Natalie picking out a few items and playfully holding them up for the camera.

For her first outfit, Natalie picked out a little black cocktail dress that in fact she had brought with her. For the better part of an hour, Jill adjusted the lighting, tried out different colored backdrops, and worked on Natalie’s make up. The camera crew took a few random shots but basically they stood by watching. The short dress showed Natalie’s legs off to great advantage. At 5′ 6″, the dark haired weather girl was a little shorter than Lisa and a few pounds heavier. The curve of her hips was a little rounder and her butt nicely filled out the tight black fabric of the dress. The scoop neckline of the dress showed off her cleavage to full advantage, with just a hint of the lacy black bra that contained her size 36D breasts. Jill spent some time applying makeup and using liner to accentuate Natalie’s cleavage, something that Clayton and George seemed to find amusing.

“Come on, you two, you’re supposed to be working here. Let’s record a little narration,” Lisa said. So standing off to the side while Jill worked on Natalie, Lisa explained the extra time and care needed to get the lighting and colors just right. “As Jill works with her, you can see the model growing more relaxed and learning to give the camera just the right look or move her shoulders just the right way to get the pose that she wants to see captured in the photos.”

After taking the shots of Natalie in the black dress, Jill quickly moved her through a series of outfits – the slit dress from the “Oscar night” broadcast, a simple yellow dress, and a tied-off shirt and pair of daisy dukes that nicely revealed the bottom of her ass cheeks. Lisa felt her competitive instincts growing as she noticed the amount of video the guys were shooting of Natalie.

“That’s a great start,” the photographer exclaimed. “Let’s take a short break and change things up a bit. I’ll ask the guys to move the lights so we can switch over to the bedroom set that’s in the other corner of the studio.” She turned to give Clayton and George some instructions, and then looked back at Lisa and Natalie. “Care for a glass of wine, girls?”

As the two broadcasters sipped their drinks, Jill turned on soft background music and suggested that Natalie change into some of her lingerie that she had brought along. When she emerged a few minutes later, she was wearing a black lace teddy, garter belt, black stockings, and a black thong that bursa sınırsız escort bayan proved only minimal coverage in the front and none in the back.

“I think that’s just the look we’re after, Natalie,” Jill pronounced, as she directed Natalie over to the new set and began snapping picture after picture. “I want you to walk slowly to the bed and sit down, then curl up your legs and recline on the pillows.” Jill continued snapping away, with Clayton and George also following her every movement with their camera.

Lisa stood near to the crew and resumed her narration. “Having grown comfortable in front of the lens, our neophyte model is now ready for the pictures she came to take. The lights, the music, and the wine all help to set the mood, and Jill gets her to make love to the camera as if it were her boyfriend.”

And indeed that’s what was happening. Jill coaxed her model through the first stages of undressing for her lover. “We’re going to start with the stockings, so stretch out your leg. Unhook the garter, that’s it. Start to push the stocking…not so fast. Now roll it down…perfect. Grab the toe and slowly pull. Stretch it out…this is for your boyfriend, remember. Tease him, tease him,” she said, arching her eyebrow. Jill continued with the instructions as Natalie removed her other stocking, this time with less prompting. “Now let’s get up on your knees and turn sideways. Unsnap the garter belt, that’s right. At this point, Natalie was getting into a rhythm of her own, swaying her hips gently as she tossed the belt to side.

Under Jill’s expert direction, Natalie moved seductively toward the camera, leaning forward to reveal more of her ample cleavage. “Now let the strap slip off of your shoulder,” Jill commanded. “Turn to me, that’s right, that’s good. Lift your chin up. Now let the other strap fall. Good. That’s perfect. “

The effect was mesmerizing, with Lisa and the crew watching intently as Natalie continued to obey Jill’s instructions. “Now reach behind and unhook the teddy. That’s it, one snap at a time. Now cross your arms in front to keep it in place. Turn, let me see your back…more, more. That’s it, good girl.” As the teddy parted, all of Natalie’s back was revealed to the camera with just the tiniest string of the thong visible cutting across her waist and disappearing into her butt crack.

“Now face me again, that’s it, glance down, now raise your eyes…no just the eyes, keep your head down. Let me see those eyes. Good girl. Now lower the teddy…slowly, slowly.” Lisa glanced over and noticed the growing bulge in Clayton’s pants. She could feel her own breathing growing shorter and her heart beat increasing. Slowly the large dark areolas of Natalie’s breasts peeked into view over the descending top of the teddy, the tips of her nipples flicking against the lace at the top of the garment. “With your right hand, I want you to take the teddy and move it away from you. Keep going. Now hold it off to one side. That’s it. Now, let it slip slowly from your hands…slowly, slowly…keep the arm extended. Let it fall.”

Natalie faced the camera, completely exposed from the waist up. Her eyes half open, she gazed at the lens as if in a trance, her hands slowly moving up the length of her body, gently lifting her pendulous breasts, then letting them fall as her fingers continued their downward movement toward the tiny triangle of fabric covering her womanhood. Lisa, feeling she was somehow witnessing a private act of intimacy between the girl and her unseen lover, cast her eyes down but then felt compelled to gaze again upon the newly revealed Natalie. For Clayton and George, they had long ago set down their equipment and were simply gazing slack-jawed at the display of feminine sexuality. Natalie’s fingers slid beneath her thong, her eyes closed, and her hips began to rock.

It was Jill who finally regained control of the situation, putting down her camera and reaching over to touch Natalie on the shoulder. The spell was broken; Natalie opened her eyes, and smiled. “That was fabulous,” the photographer assured her. You’re a natural for this, and if your boyfriend doesn’t enjoy his gift, you better find yourself someone else,” she said smiling.

Natalie blushed, perhaps from the compliments or maybe from the dawning realization of what her coworkers had just witnessed or perhaps from both. Lisa approached her and Jill and said, “I think we can all use another glass of wine.” With that, everyone started to breathe normally again and the guys stepped outside while Jill handed Natalie a robe.

“Now,” explained Lisa, “this is still my report, and I have to say I’m a little jealous with Natalie getting all the attention here.”

They all smiled, and Natalie replied, “Well, you’ve certainly gotten your share of attention the last few weeks.”

“Hmm, speaking of sharing,” Lisa grinned mischievously. “That gives me an idea.”

“Oh, what’s that?” asked Jill.

“Well, as you probably know, I like to share in the activities of the people I’m interviewing. bursa otele gelen escort bayan And I was thinking we might have time to model one more outfit for the camera. In fact, I’d brought something along…just in case,” she said with a wicked smile. She grabbed the small bag that she had brought along with her make up case, and reached into it to extract a large pleated black skirt and a simple white top, along with a black lace bra and black teddy boy panties.

“Well, I’d be delighted to take some pictures of you, Lisa, if that’s what you have in mind.”

“It is,” Lisa continued, “at least sort of. We have this one outfit, but I thought that perhaps Natalie and I could share it. You know, kind of two girls, one outfit….”

Natalie looked puzzled at first, then suddenly burst into laughter. “You bad girl, Lisa.”

“Do you have a problem with that?” Lisa asked, arching her eyebrows in mock surprise.

“Not at all; I wish I had thought of it myself,” she grinned mischievously.

“And just in case anyone cares about my opinion, I love it too,” Jill chimed in. “Why, the possibilities are almost endless.”

“And we love it, too,” shouted George from the doorway, and then looking somewhat embarrassed, added “just in case anybody cares.”

“Well, we don’t,” teased Lisa, “But I hope you can still hold a camera steady so we can get some footage for the conclusion of my report.”

The two readily agreed they were up to the task, so Jill began to adjust the lights and changed to a more neutral backdrop to accommodate the paler skin tones of Lisa. “And you two can make yourselves useful and move that bed off to the side. We’ll keep these girls standing and moving around for this shoot.”

A few minutes later, the sound of loud giggles could be heard coming from the dressing room, and Lisa barked out a command. “Start the camera, Clayton, we’re just about ready.” Shortly thereafter, the two emerged, with the two guys dutifully capturing their movements. Natalie was wearing the white shirt, with only the top two buttons undone. At first, it appeared that she had nothing else on, but as she walked across the studio, the shirttails parted to reveal a partial glimpse of the black lace boy panties. Then Lisa came out, wearing the black skirt and bra.

“Now,” Lisa began her narration for the camera, “I want to get a sense of what Natalie had just experienced. Our photographer has insisted we have time for only one more outfit” (“not true,” Jill mouthed silently for the camera), “so we decided the only fair thing to do was to divide things up.”

“You know,” Natalie chimed in, “two girls, one outfit.” With that, Lisa provocatively stretched out her left leg and slowly lifted the side of the loose fitting skirt, allowing only the outside of her leg to be seen.

“See,” Lisa said, once her skirt had reached the side of her hip, “only one outfit,” and she let the skirt fall back into place. “No panties for me and no bra for Natalie.”

“Now, girls,” Jill explained, we’ve got to tell this story in a series of still pictures, so let’s work on some poses.” And with that she directed the two girls first to stand side by side, then to have Lisa stand behind Natalie but take some of the loose folds of her skirt and wrap it around Natalie’s leg. Then, she had Lisa kneel down beside Natalie so the bra and panties were on the same level.

With each new pose, the girls started giggling more. At some point, more glasses of wine were poured and the laughter increased. Now, Natalie and Lisa were acting without much direction at all. Suddenly Lisa began to spin around quickly, the skirt flaring outward and upward revealing her pantiless anatomy to both cameras.

“Oh my,” she deadpanned, “did anyone see my pussy?”

“Well I certainly saw your big old butt,” Natalie teased and both collapsed in laughter.

Walking over to Natalie, she snarled in fake anger and said, “You’ll pay for that my dear.” And before Natalie realized what was happening, Lisa reached in and tugged open the buttons on the weather girl’s shirt. The top hung open, clearly revealed the inviting curves of her breasts and just barely covering her large dark areolas.

Natalie could think of only one way to retaliate, and she lunged for Lisa’s skirt, grabbing at the waist and tugging it down. However, she was only partially successful in her efforts – the skirt, which had an elastic band, had come halfway down Lisa’s hips, offering a generous view of the top of her butt crack but still managing to cover her most intimate triangle. However, Natalie was fully successfully at exposing her own large breasts, which now swayed freely with her shirt wide open.

“Come on, let’s play fair girls,” Jill chimed in. “After all, we don’t want to rip the clothes. Natalie, you have to lose the shirt and Lisa, the skirt has to go. So Lisa, you help Natalie and she’ll help you.”

Following her directions, Lisa stood facing Natalie while directing Clayton to position himself behind Natalie with the camera. From that angle, only the weather girl’s back was visible as Lisa moved in closer and began to slide the shirt off her colleague’s shoulders. Still facing her friend, Lisa waited while Natalie knelt down in a position that shielded the lower half of the reporter’s body from the camera lens. The weather girl placed her hands on Lisa’s hips and gently starting to tug at the waistband.

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