A Fantastic Night


My girlfriend and I have just spent 4 months apart. She went abroad for the semester, and I was just left alone in the states. But she just came back yesterday. And needless to say, we are both extremely horny. She is still a virgin, and wants me to be her first, but only when the time is right.

We have just come home from a nice night out. We went to a nice dinner, then saw one of the many movies we both missed while she was gone. We end up at an ice cream shop afterwards, feeding each other some ice cream. She thinks it’s a perfect end to a perfect night…but is it?

We come back to my place. We go downstairs and walk into my room. It’s pretty late and she is starting to get tired, so she starts getting undressed and changed for bed. I just sit down, checking my messages, allowing her to strip a little. She takes off her jewelry, her shoes, her pants, her shirt…and that’s when it happens.

I spring up from my desk and totally catch her off guard. She is standing in only her bra and panties, and is very surprised to see me moving towards her. I grab you, and sit her down on the bed. She still doesn’t quite know what’s going on, but is happy to play along. I reach over the end of the bed, and grab a bandana, which will now serve as her blindfold. I tie it around her head, and make sure she can’t see anything, which she can’t. I tell her that she has to listen and do exactly what I say, or nothing will happen and we’ll just go to bed. Since all the surprises and action of a minute before have got her blood going, and since she is really horny, she agrees. I lay her down on the bed, but she doesn’t know what’s happening. The next thing she feels are some small pieces of rope on her wrists and ankles. She’s now had all 4 of her limbs each tied to different corners of the bed. She is blindfolded, wearing only her bra and panties, and tied down to the bed…now she is really starting to get wet and totally horny. Then the room goes really black.

She could see a little light under the blindfold before, but I’ve turned off the lights now, so its pitch black to her. Then you hear some sexy love songs I’ve turned on to get you even more in the mood. I leave her laying there, totally vulnerable for a few minutes. She has no idea what I am doing while she lays there alone. Then I start kissing her.

I start at her head and face, and I kiss every inch of skin I can find. I move down to her arms and neck, and do the same thing. I take one finger and draw circles around her nipples over your bra, so they get nice and hard. She wants to squirm, but she can’t, and it is killing altyazı porno her. I kiss every inch of her stomach and sides. I trace my finger over her crotch gently. She feels the cotton of her panties getting wet as I’m pushing it against her moist slit. I trace the elastic on each leg of her panties. She is really trying to squirm now, but she still can’t, and it is making her so wet and so horny. Her nipples are still fully erect, and I haven’t touched them in awhile. I move down, kissing every inch of her thighs and legs. I proceed to suck on each toe individually, making her all the more crazy.

Once I’ve kissed her head to toe, I then move myself on top of her. Then she gets a surprise. What she doesn’t know is that when she was just laying there alone before, I was stripping down. I’m now straddling her stomach, totally naked. She doesn’t realize that, until I sit down on her stomach and she feels my balls rubbing up against her. She wants to grab me, suck me, stroke me…but she can’t. I move up and I gently touch my hard penis to her lips. She tries to lick, but I quickly pull away in time. I tease her a little, letting her get so close, maybe even letting her get one lick in. Then I’m gone again. I’ve moved off of her and she is laying there alone, but this time only for a few seconds.

I give her the first instruction then. I tell her that I am going to untie both her hands, but that she must keep them at her side and sit up. Her legs are still tied down. I untie her hands and she does what i told her. Now I am behind her, kissing her shoulders, licking her neck, and undoing her bra. I just unhook the clasp, nothing more. Her breasts loosen up a little bit. I start running one finger underneath the bra strap in the back, just tracing where it was. She is quickly melting, and as she does, one strap falls off her shoulder. Then the other one falls off too. The only thing keeping her bra on is her erect nipples. I reach around her sides, right where the bra goes around her chest, and I am now cupping her breasts in my hands. I have one in each hand. I’m still kissing her neck, softly blowing in your ears. I pinch her nipples a little, and then I’m gone again. She is still blindfolded, so she doesn’t know where I am. I tell her to lay back down, arms by her side and she does.

The next thing I tell her is that her arms have to stay by her side until I say so, or she will get tied back down. I trust she will do this, and she says she will. Now I tell her I’m going to untie her legs, but she can’t move them…they still need to remain amatör porno spread out. She agrees, so I untie them and she doesn’t move. The next thing she feels is a slight breeze on her inner thighs. I’m just breathing lightly on them, enough for her to be totally aroused. Suddenly, the cotton panties in her crotch are being lifted and I am rubbing the recently shaved skin right around her most sensitive of areas. I plunge two fingers all the way in her, as deep as I can, then quickly pull them back out….just a quick tease. Then my hands move down a little, and one finger slides all the way in her ass, as far as it can go, and then right back out…just more of a tease. Now she is sopping wet, and I know it’s time to have some fun. I tell her I’m taking her panties off and she can move her legs to help me out, but then they need to go back to where they were. She obliges, and her panties quickly come off, and her legs return to their spread position. I move away to admire her for a second. She is still blindfolded and has no idea what’s going on.

I’m now standing next to the bed, but she doesn’t know. My penis is very hard, and I take her hand, and allow her to grab me. She starts stroking slowly, and I let her play for a minute…just one hand, a few strokes, a little fun. And then I take her hand away.

She is still lying there, not knowing what’s going on. Then I lay on top of her, both of us totally naked. I rub my penis right against her clit and she immediately responds. I don’t go in, just grind up against her. After about a minute of that, I can tell she are getting close to an orgasm, so I move…such a tease. I slide down and start kissing and licking her inner thighs. Then I plunge my tongue deep into her virgin hole. It probes deep into her, lapping up all her sweet juices. I go up and down her as far as I can. I almost reach her ass, and go all the way up to her bellybutton. Up and down, up and down, just licking back and forth. I plunge my tongue deep into her again, but this time a finger finds its way into her ass at the same time. She is in heaven. The finger stays in her ass, going in and out, and I quickly move my tongue up to her clit, while I insert two fingers into her hole. Both her holes are full, and my tongue is lapping her clit. And she is soooooo hot. She begs me to finish her and she starts letting out little shouts. I can’t have that, as people will hear, so I have to stop immediately.

But I slide right up her, take the blindfold off of her, and we start kissing. If she can’t be quiet on her own, I will kiss animasyon porno her to keep her quiet. All the time we are kissing my penis is rubbing back up against her clit, and she is practically shouting into my mouth as we kiss. I lean over to blow in her ear a little, to tease you more, and she begs me to get her off. I can’t hear her, so she says it again…”fuck me…go in…i need you…fuck me hard…deep…inside…now”. She is practically out of breath and it’s one word at a time.

I hear her that time, and I keep grinding my penis into your clit…harder, faster. Slowly the thrusts become a little bigger and because she is soooooo wet, I slide right into her moist virgin hole. She feels a little pain as I pop her cherry, but the feeling of having a penis inside of her nearly gives her an orgasm. “Come on…FUCK ME…hard…now”…she is practically begging me. And so I do. I thrust deep into her. Then almost all the way back out…deep in, deep out. This may be her first time, but she is so hot and horny. Her vagina has loosened up and we are both rocking rhythmically. I go deep in, then, as I pull almost all the way out, she surprises me. She’s had her hands on my ass the whole time, but now she’s just put one finger into me. This really gets me going, and I thrust even deeper this time. She is so close to an orgasm, but needs one more good push. I go in and out once or twice more, as her finger is going in and out of my ass.

Then I reach with one hand and I stick two fingers into her ass. She goes crazy! She now has my penis in one hole, and two fingers in the other. She is yelling now. She is sweating. She is out of breath. We both go crazy now…just thrusting each other around…my penis going deep inside her…deeper and deeper each time. Both of our hands are fingering the others asshole…deeper, deeper, and we are both floating. The thrusts continue…the fingering continues. In her panting and yelling, I hear “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’M COMING!!!”…and with that, I give one more massive thrust…my penis goes in as deep as it can go, my fingers as deep as they can go…and we both come at the same time. I release a massive squirt into her, and her whole body goes limp as she has the most massive orgasm of her life.

Neither of us can move. I keep my mostly erect penis deep inside her and my two fingers deep in her ass. She leaves her finger in my ass, as she cannot feel her hands anymore. We lay there, me on top of her, for a few minutes, before either of us has any power to move. I remove my fingers from her ass, as she does to me too. I pull my penis out of her, both of us still very red from the orgasm. We both roll onto our sides, laying naked together after a long sex session…we look each other straight in the eyes, say we love each other, and just fall asleep in each others arms. This will definitely be a night neither of us will ever forget.

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