A Friend’s Girlfriend Gets Frisky

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Solo Male

It was 1978 and I was sharing a house with six other people. We were all young, struggling, and being in our twenties we were exploring our sexuality. This was on the East Coast and AIDS was not even on our radar then. It all started when my girlfriend at that time Kathleen decided she wanted to be fucked on the bar we had in our recreation room. We went down to the rec room, it was dark, most people in the house were out, since it was Friday night. I lifted Kathleen up onto the bar, not difficult with her being 5’1 and weighing about 100 lbs. She had on a light sweater that tightly fit her 32B cup breasts. She was wearing a denim skirt and as often was her wont, was not wearing any panties. I peeled off my jeans, and using one of the barstools climbed up on the bar.

She was already very wet, and I was hard, so I just plunged right in. She was moaning underneath me and we were fucking at a fast pace….when suddenly the door from the kitchen opened up and my friend Mark stood there looking very surprised.

“Sorry”, he said, and opened the refrigerator and took out a six pack of beer and went back into the kitchen. Needless to say this little interruption broke our concentration. I had pulled out when Joe walked in, not sure why since what else was he going to see?

“Damn him!” Kathleen exclaimed. “I was just about to come.”

“Well, ” I said, ‘he is trying to seduce the girl he has been dating, Carleen.”

“Oh he is….” Kathleen pondered for a moment. “Well, let’s go up and screw with his plan since he screwed with mine”. With that Kathleen jumped off the bar and opened the group refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of wine I had, some sort of burgundy. Since it didn’t seem we were going to continue with the fucking on the bar fantasy, I was game and went upstairs to Mark room.

Kathleen pushed the door open without knocking. Both Carleen and Joe looked startled.

They were sitting in Mark’s room drinking gaziantep escort beer and talking while Mark got up the nerve to make a move on her. The record player had a Crosby Stills and Nash album on.

“So what are you two up to?” Kathleen inquired as she took a swig from the bottle of wine.

“Not much.” said Mark, trying to hide his annoyance.

“Well mind if we join you? Kathleen said and plopped herself down on the bed.

” No of course not.” said Mark…but you could tell he wasn’t telling the truth.

I had never met Carleen before, so I stuck out my hand and said “Hello Carleen, I’m Michael and this is Kathleen. Carleen put out a soft hand and said “Pleased to meet you Michael, Joe has told me a lot about you.” As she was talking I was looking her over, and I liked what I saw. She was about 5″6″ with short brunette hair, nice toned body and some nice 32C breasts that stood out proudly from the t-shirt she was wearing. The way the nipples were so visible I surmised that she was not wearing a bra..

“Well don’t believe everything you hear”, I said smiling.

We proceeded to drink wine, listen to music and smoke some grass. After a while Kathleen said she was tired and was going to bed.

“I will be down in a few minutes”, I told Kathleen. I was enjoying myself too much to go to bed.

After Kathleen went downstairs I suggested to Joe that we listen to the Gato Barberi album I had brought up with me. Soon the sexy and passionate sounds of his South American saxophone were filling the air and the three of us began to spontaneously start dancing. I soon became too hot and shed the t-shirt that I was wearing. Mark soon followed suit. We were both more than a .little surprised when Carleen took her top off. She wasn’t wearing a bra so I was immediately greeted with the delightful of her small firm breasts….the nipples already erect. Mark and I dance closer to her and the dancing hatay escort soon involved kissing and touching those wonderful and delicious breasts. Before long we had migrated to the bed and we all began feverishly removing our clothes.I started kissing Carleen on the lips while Mark worked his way down, kissing her breasts, stomach, thighs, and finally he was between her legs licking her pussy with a passion. She moaned and said “I want to suck your cock.” I was only too happy to comply. I move on the bed so she would have easy access to my cock which was rock hard by this time. She moved her tongue delicately around the tip, flicking it with her tongue and then suddenly engulfed me with her mouthy.

“Oh yes….keep doing that”, I encouraged her.

She sucked hungrily…moaning softly as Mark continued his efforts. She continued sucking on me and the took me out of her mouth as she began to writhe under Mark’s ministrations.

“Oh…my god…you are making me cum….” , she moaned as she took one hand and grabbed Mark’s head and pulled his head tight against her pussy. I stroked my cock as I watched her orgasm wash over her. She finally let go of Mark’s head and he came up grinning, his face wet with her juices.

“Mark, let’s switch.”, I said. Mark was eager to comply. He moved up and I moved down. Carleen began eagerly sucking his cock. Meanwhile I slipped between her legs and began to taste her pussy. Mark soon became impatient with oral sex and began kissing her and was thrusting his cock against her leg. It was only inches from my face and I couldn’t resist taking it into my mouth and sucking on it. Mark moaned as I sucked him. Carleen looked up to see why I had stopped licking her and smiled when she saw what was going on. I alternated licking Carleen’s pussy and sucking on Mark’s cock. They both were moaning with pleasure. Finally I moved away so that Mark could mount Carleen which he did with one thrust. hatay escort Soon they were both moaning in unison. “Oh god Mark fuck me”, Careen moaned and Mark replied with “I’m going to fill your pussy up with my hot cum.”

It didn’t take long before they both were moaning and cumming together. Mark collapsed on top of her for a minute and then rolled off her. I could see his cum leaking out of Carleen’s pussy.

I got Carleen to get on all fours so that I could fuck her from behind. She positioned herself so that she could suck on Mark’s cock as I fucked her. I put just the head in and moved it in and out.

She turned around and looked at me. “You are driving me crazy, give me all of that big cock.”

I did not comply but instead moved just a little bit more into her. I continued this until I was all the way in, with my balls gently slapping up against her clit. She moaned and sucked greedily on Mark’s cock, quickly bringing it from it’s former limp state until he was again had a raging hard on.

I told Mark he should join me in fucking Carleen. He pulled her head away from his cock and slid down so his cock was lined up with her pussy. I pulled out so he could get his cock into her and then slid my cock back in. Her pussy was so slick with Mark’s cum and her juices that we both fit into her pussy with no problem. We both started moving, alternating strokes so that she was always feeling a shaft moving in her. It felt so good to move my cock up against her pussy and Mark’s cock.

“Oh fuck me” Carleen moaned.

“I am going to make your pussy even wetter”, Mark replied.

“Oh fuck both of you….I’m going to cum” I said.

With that the cum erupted out of my cock coating the inside of Carleen’s pussy, making what was already very slick, even wetter and slicker.

“Oh god,” moaned Carleen and Mark together as the both came simultaneously.

I could feel her pussy clamp down on both of our cocks and the hot flood of Mark’s cum as it spurted from him.

I pulled out and lay next to both of them as they stayed motionless and gasping..

I got up and dressed and kissed them both goodnight and then went downstairs to cuddle up with Kathleen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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