A Good Man Tested


All characters are of legal consensual age. To all intents and purposes, the following adult story is fictional. Written in UK English but using some Americanisms.

An uneven, but well-intentioned, tale for those that care to read it. My first complete story for this site. Apologies for the plot loopholes, unrealistic sexual positions, and no doubt the many other mistakes. I will try harder next time.

A Good Man Tested

Unexpected houseguests are only the beginning.

Chapter 1

The married couple sat together on a couch in the lounge of their home. They were watching a DVD on the television screen

‘So, which one’s Danielle?’ he asked his wife, scrutinising the throng of guests at their wedding night party.

She grabbed the remote control and slowed down the film, pausing it as an auburn-haired young woman entered the shot. She looked pretty. He was impressed.

‘There, that’s her, Danielle Keely,’ she declared, before glancing at her husband’s intrigued expression. ‘Stop drooling, Simon.’

‘Not me, Missus Lomas,’ he said, grinning at his attractive wife. ‘Though, I must admit, she’s almost in your league, Cassie. So, if she’s going to be staying here for the summer, tell me more about her.’

‘She’s the younger sister of my best school friend, Laura,’ she explained. ‘Remember, she was my maid of honour. Okay, so wind three years on after our wedding and I received a call from Laura. She was phoning on her sister’s behalf. Danielle wondered if we knew of anyone in this area who could recommend some decent accommodation.’

‘Why this area?’ he asked. ‘It’s damned expensive.’

‘Because Danielle has won a dance scholarship to State,’ she replied.

‘Good for her,’ he declared. ‘Wait, then how old is she in that DVD?’

Cassie laughed at his grimace.

‘Only sixteen, perv!’ she gleefully exclaimed. ‘I know, she looks older wearing make-up. She’s been a photographic model since adolescence, but her first love is dance. Anyway, she’s nineteen now and is incredibly grateful for a temporary place to stay, until she can find an apartment to share.’

‘As I said earlier, she’s welcome,’ he assured her. ‘I seem to recall your parents showing me photographs of you dressed in a leotard.’

She stood while laughing again.

‘Yes, I did my fair share of dance training as part of the gymnastics program at school and, later, at college,’ she conceded. ‘That reminds me, I must prepare the guest bedroom for Danielle this afternoon. She’ll be arriving tonight.’

‘All this talk of dance has put me in a choreographic mood,’ he suddenly announced, before standing to face her.

He began to hum an unidentifiable ditty while slipping his arms around her narrow waist.

‘No, don’t you dare,’ she warned him.

Simon effortlessly lifted his petitely figured wife into his arms and joyously danced around the room, as she squealed with delight. After setting her down in front of the window, he kissed the nape of her slender neck. She turned around to face him, gazing with love into his hazel coloured eyes, as he lowered his handsome face to hers. They kissed passionately, oblivious to all else, until Cassie broke the moment.

‘I like that you’re working from home more often these days,’ she said, warmly gazing at him. ‘It gives us more opportunities to be intimate.’

He smiled and nodded. ‘Yes, it seems I’m a home-hubby now.’

‘Too right, Mister,’ she humorously chided. ‘Why are you still smiling?’

‘I just remembered how lucky I am to have married you.’ Simon affectionately replied.

Cassie giggled a response. ‘Don’t you ever forget it,’ she said. ‘Now, I’m going to fetch a drink. Want anything from the kitchen?’

‘No, thanks,’ he said, watching her leave before making his move.

Simon grinned to himself as he followed her.

As she bent over to retrieve a soft drink from the fridge, he moved behind Cassie and grasped her by her narrow waist.

She immediately straightened up and leaned against him.

‘I thought you didn’t want anything,’ she said.

‘A guy can change his mind,’ he said, as she turned around to face him.

She reached up, sliding her willow arms about his neck, as he gazed down at her.

‘You’re sexy and I want you,’ he said with a smile.

‘Then, it’s just as well I want you too,’ she said, while pulling his head closer to hers.

Their lips met in an enthusiastic kiss.

Moments later, he broke the kiss. ‘Dare we do it right here and now?’

She suddenly grinned at him with a look of mischief in her eyes.

‘Who’s going to stop us?’ she replied. ‘You can start by fucking me on the kitchen table, right now!’

He hardly had time to undo his belt before she had discarded her nightshirt. She leaned against the table, sighing impatiently while watching him undress.

‘Unfair,’ he said, accusingly, while admiring her neatly shaved pussy. ‘You weren’t even wearing panties.’

‘Huh, like that would make a difference, kuşadası escort slowcoach,’ she gleefully retorted.

In response, he just pulled his trousers and boxers down to his ankles. ‘Fuck it,’ he panted. ‘I’m ready.’

She laughed as he hopped over to her. ‘A lady loves to hear such a romantic turn of phrase from her man,’ she sarcastically quipped.

Simon reached down, holding her firm ass in his hands before he lifted her onto the table. Cassie raised her knees and placed the heels of her feet on the edge on the table. Spreading her thighs wider, she soon felt his erect length prodding her moist nether mouth, as he stooped over her.

‘You’re already wet,’ he said, with some surprise.

‘I trimmed and moisturised, after I took my shower earlier,’ she revealed, to his delight.

She reached between their bodies and helped guide his readied length to her pursed netherlips.

‘Ugh,’ he grunted, thrusting his hips forward, as the hard flesh invaded her yielding channel. ‘God, you feel so good, baby.’

‘I try to please,’ she remarked, smiling at him, while embracing his slender torso.

Simon was excited and knew he would be unable to last long. He marvelled at the sexiness of the slim feminine body lying across the table below him. Caressing her firm diminutive breasts, as he found his pumping rhythm, Simon lowered his mouth to her erect nipples and began to suck on them on turn. Her body arched slightly off the wooden surface when she felt his lips on the darker delicate flesh. Anchoring her hooked feet on the table edge, she used her bent legs and thrusting pelvis to push back at him. She moaned in appreciation while her arousal intensified.

‘Mm… more… harder… No, there… Yes…’ she enthusiastically declared, from beneath her zealous lover.

The young woman could feel that his pumping cock was at just the right degree against her swollen clitoris to, hopefully, ensure their mutual gratification. The rhythm of his strokes began to quicken as his hard flesh continued pistoning inside her.

‘Cassie… I’m… almost there…’ Simon gasped, before smiling at her.

She gazed up at him while wrapping her slender legs around his vigorous torso, enjoying the expression of abject lust upon his face.

‘Hold on… for just a little longer, lover,’ she pleaded, her diminutive feet crossing behind him as they rested above his thrusting rump.

‘Now, baby… Now!’ she excitedly declared.

She heard him roar as he climaxed. It appeared that the primal urge to deposit his seed inside her had caused him to momentarily lose his senses. Then, he collapsed onto her, exhausted from the efforts of his carnal release.

‘That was fantastic…’ he groaned, while using the table to push himself off her. ‘Did you… enjoy it?’

She smiled at him before sitting up. ‘Of course,’ she replied. ‘Couldn’t you tell?’

‘I’m glad,’ he said, while pulling up his pants.

‘Now, I’m going to take a shower,’ she said, grabbing her nightshirt, as she padded toward the door. ‘We can continue to talk after I’ve changed into something more appropriate to wear.’

He nodded, watching his beautiful wife’s cute little butt sway as she sauntered down the hallway.

The Following Morning

He heard Cassie groan as she awoke next to him in their bed.

‘Morning, babe,’ she croaked, stretching out her lithely figure and turning on her side to face him. ‘I think we had a bit too much wine yesterday.’

He laughed at her comment.

‘Hmm… some of us imbibed more than others,’ he jovially reminded her.

‘Aw, sorry…’ she bemoaned, rubbing her eyelids, while sitting up.

Simon waited for her to recall the events of the previous evening, which happened moments later when he heard a gasp of realisation.

‘No!’ she cried, gawping at him, with an expression of incredulity. ‘Last night… Did I make as much a fool of myself as I vaguely remember?’

‘Not as much as you embarrassed me,’ he jovially chided. ‘I did warn you not to drink anymore after the fifth glass of wine, but that’s when you called me a party pooper.’

She blushed guiltily.

‘What must Danielle think of my immature behaviour?’ she lamented.

‘Well, as you’re only six years her senior, I doubt she’ll condemn you for the occasional drunken outburst last night,’ he remined her.

‘Outbursts?’ she gasped. ‘There were outbursts?’

‘Those… and your insistence that Danielle is the exact likeness of someone you knew in school, but is a bit taller and even more beautiful,’ he reminded her.

‘Oh, hell!’ she exclaimed, her hands hiding her blushing face. ‘Simon… Make it go away.’

‘Sorry, can’t help you this time,’ he said, chortling at her discomfort. ‘Though, to be fair, Danielle thought your outstanding Melania Trump impersonation was hilarious.’

‘So, what else did I do to embarrass them and myself?’ he nervously asked.

‘Well, after telling Danielle and I that you loved us, you passed out on the sofa,’ he replied. ‘I carried you up here and our entertained guest also went to bed. The end.’

‘Although I’ve known her since she was born, I can’t face her ever again,’ she tremulously uttered.

‘You must and you will,’ he said.

‘I really did my First Lady impression?’ she said, incredulously, noting his confirming nod. ‘God, I must have been so out of it. Why don’t I have a stinking hangover?’

‘I made you drink lots of water before we came to bed,’ he explained. ‘Most hangovers are caused by dehydration. Plus, you hardly ever suffer the aftereffects of drinking a lot of alcohol. It’s like a weird superpower that only you possess.’

Cassie straddled his torso, gazing into his eyes, as she sat up and divested her nightshirt.

‘Are you calling me a weirdo, Mister Lomas?’ she asked, narrowing her eyelids with an exaggerated look of scrutiny.

‘An incredibly super sexy weirdo, Missus Lomas,’ he wittily corrected her, while embracing her adorable nakedness in his eager arms.

They laughed and then kissed passionately to initiate their impromptu act of early morning lovemaking.

As Simon drove his fleshy tumescence upward into her moist vagina, she groaned with the pleasure of accepting his physical love for her. Placing her hands upon his chest to steady herself, she thrust back to match the steady rhythm of his pumping pelvis. He enjoyed the skill with which she rode him in this position. The way she simultaneously wriggled her narrow hips and rocked her taut tummy whilst gripping his frenetic cock with the enveloping walls of her slick channel.

She’s such an amazing lover, he thought, whilst reaching up to caress her modest, perfectly sculptured, breasts.

He then began to play with the hardened nipples of her dusky pink areolas between his thumb and fingers.

‘Hmm… yes, pinch them harder,’ she gleefully panted, encouraging his deft stimulation.

While admiring the beauty of her flawless symmetrical countenance, he again pondered what Cassie had drunkenly let slip about enjoying her parents’ naturist vacations when she was younger. He noticed that Danielle appeared to know about it. The revelation bothered Simon because his wife had never divulged to him this family secret.

‘Incidentally, last night you disclosed that your family are naturists,’ he nonchalantly stated. ‘Why did you not mention it to me before?’

He felt her petite body stiffen slightly as she giggled like a mischievous schoolgirl.

‘Maybe because I knew you’d disapprove of such naked shenanigans,’ she teased.

‘Shenanigans?’ he reiterated.

‘I like that word and it’s not used enough in my humble opinion,’ she stated.

‘Why do you think I would disapprove?’ he asked.

She laughed at the question.

‘You? Seriously?’ she guffawed. ‘Remember, on our honeymoon, when we visited that topless beach in Cassis? You were so embarrassed by all the bare boobs on display that we had to leave within an hour. I recall someone saying that he couldn’t understand why people needed to display their bits and pieces all over the place.’

Simon laughed at her honest statement. He had felt that way.

‘Once a Catholic, forever guilt-ridden,’ he jested.

‘Now, are you ready, Mister Lomas?’ she knowingly asked.

He ginned at her, as she pitched forward to kiss him.

‘Almost there, babe,’ he confirmed.

‘Goody,’ she gleefully responded. ‘Fill me up with the batter in those bursting balls!’

They kissed fervently as the quickening pace of his jerking manhood signalled the imminent arrival of his deposits deep within her.

‘You’re such a gorgeous woman, Cassie,’ he lasciviously rasped into her mouth. ‘So, uh, sexy… ah!’

Simon hoped that the animalistic grunting sounds he made, while climaxing inside her, would serve to further convey his adoration for this remarkable woman.

Thank you,’ she muttered, rolling off him.

‘But, Cassie, you’ve not orgasmed yet,’ he reminded her.

She smiled in response.

‘This morning was all for you,’ she revealed. ‘A complimentary thank you fuck for allowing Danielle to stay with us.’

Several minutes later, as they showered together in the on-suite bathroom, Cassie suddenly turned to face him. Simon noticed his wife’s pensive expression.

‘I really did want to tell you about my nudism days,’ she tentatively began. ‘After your reaction on that topless beach, I knew you wouldn’t understand. It’s different for me. My parents raised me to respect and accept nakedness as being a completely natural state. Their friends, the parents of Laura and Danielle, were also naturists. We often vacationed together. It’s no big deal. Some weirdos think being naked automatically equates to sex, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s more about freedom of expression; the right to be as nature intended us to be…’

As his wife continued to elucidate, Simon was deliberately thinking about sex. Hot group sex with a bunch of nudists. He thought that he must be one of those weirdos, to which Cassie had just referred, because his idea of self-expression did involve sex… lots of sex… as nature intended.

He was suddenly aware of Cassie looking up at him with a questioning expression on her face.

‘Well what do you think?’ she asked him.

‘Uh… about what?’ he enquired, to a groaning response of dismay from his wife. ‘Sorry. My thoughts were elsewhere.’

She grinned at him, with a knowing expression.

‘You were just fantasising about having sex with lots of naked women,’ she accusingly stated.

Simon blushed guiltily. ‘Might have been,’ he reluctantly confessed.

‘Hmm… I asked if you might ever consider becoming a naturist,’ she said, adding, ‘if I were to lead by example.’

Her statement dumbfounded him for a few moments.

‘It’s just not for me, Cass,’ he replied. ‘Then again, don’t let me dissuade you from displaying a bit of nudity around the place.’

Cassie giggled at his remark.

‘No, I don’t think so,’ she jovially teased him. ‘Not right away. We have a guest to consider now. Oh, wait. Danielle’s also a naturist. Well, perhaps we might be able to arrange your fantasy after all, Mister Lomas.’

He laughed at her statement until she gave him a knowing wink and stepped from the shower

‘Um, Cassie, you’re only teasing me, right?’ he called after her. ‘Cassie?’

Having returned to the bedroom, the couple set about selecting their casual summer attire for the day. She continued to tease him whilst wiggling her svelte figure into a short close-fitting cotton dress. Simon had already finished dressing by the time she crossed the room to join him

‘I’m glad we talked,’ he said, glancing at her.

‘Me, too,’ she agreed.

‘Well, I guess we should make breakfast,’ he suggested. ‘Friends?’

‘Best friends, always,’ she confirmed, as they headed for the door…

Simon was already working at the desk in the study by the time he heard movement from the guest bedroom above. It sounded as if their new houseguest was stirring at last. He noted the time on his computer as reading 9:58am. Assuming Cassie would make her friend breakfast, he continued working through his digital schedule for the day.

Some twenty minutes later he heard a timid knock on the door.

‘Come in,’ he firmly stated, looking up from the screen, as the door slowly opened.

The first thing that caught his attention was a long honey hued leg, as it snaked around the door. The second was Danielle’s pretty face as she nervously peeked inside.

‘Morning, Simon,’ she cheerfully greeted him, while entering the room carrying a mug. ‘Cassie thought you might want a coffee.’

He smiled at the attractive young woman as she approached, wearing a short chequered pleated skirt and cut-off vest top.

‘Yes, thanks, Danielle,’ he said, motioning to a coaster on the desk. ‘Very kind of you to bring it to me.’

Placing the mug on the coaster, she leaned on the desk and gazed into his eyes.

‘I would like to thank you again to allowing me to stay here,’ she uttered. ‘You and Cass are my saviours.’

He chuckled at her comment.

‘Well, not quite saviours but we’re pleased to share our home with you for a while,’ he assured her. ‘Have you any firm plans today?’

‘I’m going to help Cass with the grocery shopping and, later, we’ll be using your fab gym to work out,’ she cheerfully replied. ‘We’re going for a run tomorrow morning. She regularly jogs twelve miles. I told her that I’ll be lucky to reach half that distance, so she’s offered to become my trainer.’

‘I see,’ he said, feeling proud of his wife. ‘Cassie is wonderfully tenacious when it comes to achieving something worthwhile.’

‘She’s an incredibly special lady,’ added Danielle, smiling at him, before turning toward the door. ‘You’re a lucky man.’

‘I can only agree,’ he said, watching the young woman saunter from the room.

Three Days Later.

Simon was again thinking about the changes in their living situation as he and Cassie spent some time together that afternoon. They were sitting on a couch in the lounge, relaxing after their earlier torrid lovemaking, while watching the latest Avengers movie. He heard her sigh serenely as she leaned her head against his shoulder.

‘It’s so nice to spend some time relaxing,’ she remarked, while snuggling closer against him. ‘I enjoy Danielle’s company but having to work out and run with her every day is exhausting me.’

‘Well, you did offer to train the woman,’ he gleefully reminded her. ‘Though she can be quite intrusive on occasions.’

‘I’m sure Danielle had no idea you were taking a shower when she walked in on you,’ she said, jovially referring to an incident in the bathroom earlier that day.

Simon laughed. ‘I’m sure she looked less embarrassed than me,’ he recalled. ‘Where is she anyway?’

‘Danielle’s visiting a dancer friend, someone named Logan,’ she replied. ‘She mentioned that they might take a dance class together at the leisure complex in town. Oh, I just thought of something.’

‘Me, too,’ he said, gazing at his wife’s slim legs and bare feet, while unbuttoning her blouse.

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