A Letter of Apology

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I can feel you standing behind me as I write this, your gaze burning into the back of my head, stern, painful. The tap of the ruler on my sore arse is enough to keep me writing, a constant reminder of how bad I’ve been.

This is an apology about my behaviour. I realise that it’s unacceptable and cannot continue. If I want to live here I must obey the rules.

I can’t offer any excuses. I know I shouldn’t have looked at you in that way, the lustful look, the one that starts in my loins, deep burning. I thought you were doing it deliberately. Your clothing was getting more and more provocative; you must have noticed me looking at your legs when you sat down in the living room. The long skirt you had on with the split then went all the way to your thighs, showing your stocking tops. The bulge in my trousers got bigger every time you crossed legs, balanced your high heel mules on the end of your feet. You must have noticed how big I was, how hot I’d become. I was filthy, I wanked myself off three times that night thinking about your long, graceful legs. I felt guilty, but so aroused, like nothing before.

From then you changed. Your skirts became shorter, tops tighter. I would just sit there, watch you walking about in front of me, day-dreaming about roaming your breasts with my mouth, running my tongue up your legs, between your arse cheeks. Your arse… I wanted to kiss it, lick it, fuck it. When you bent down in front of me and exposed yourself, as you knew you were… I fantasised about ramming my cock in between those sweet cheeks, bending you over the kitchen counter and arse fucking you like a whore.

Yes, I know. A filthy, dirty thing to think.

And now to the scene of my undoing. This afternoon, the heat, the frustration. I’d already been hard all day. You insisted on walking around in a tiny pair of cut off shorts and high-heeled sandals, your t-shirt a size too small. You were making me work in the garden, no opportunity for me to relieve my frustration. As I finished bagging the weeds you came outside to sunbathe. The top and shorts had gone leaving you in a white bikini thong and those heels. My cock strained against my jeans. I instantly had flashes in my mind of arse fucking you in the garden. I tried to keep working, keep my mind on picking up the weeds… But every time I looked up… You were putting on sun tan lotion, stroking and caressing your body. Rubbing the oil over your legs, mardin escort one at a time, lifting them and bending them. My mouth felt dry. Doing my best not to look at you I hurried in to the kitchen and grabbed a glass. As I looked out of the window on to the patio, you undid your bikini top and began to slowly, seductively oil your breasts. I couldn’t contain myself. I quickly undid my jeans and released my throbbing member. I rubbed myself wantonly, squeezing and pulling on my cock. Wanting so desperately to be inside that gorgeous body of yours… I should have realised you could see my reflection in the window. I tried to place my cock back into my jeans, but I was so hard it just wouldn’t go. As I fumbled, you stormed into the kitchen, face like thunder.

“What the HELL do you think you’re doing?!”

I stammered, didn’t know what to say. You strode forward, your heels clicking loudly on the floor and grabbed hold of my cock.

I gasped as you squeezed. Half in ecstasy at the touch, half in shock, praying I didn’t come.

“You go to your room right now!” You gave my cock a painful little twist as you said the last word. I blurted out a “Yes!” as I ran back to my room, struggling to hold my jeans.

I sat on the edge of my bed and waited. I tried not stroke or touch myself, but the image of you striding towards me, the lingering feeling of your touch, wouldn’t let me go. In the darkened room, I undid my jeans and pulled out my throbbing cock.

I now that this was one of the worst things I could have done.

As the door flew open I opened my eyes, cock still held in my hand. Once again I was speechless. Your hair was tied back, giving you a severe appearance. You wore a tight black corset that was cut-off leaving your breasts bare. A suspender belt held up sheer stockings. On your feet were very high stilettos, shiny and black with a little hole cut in the toe. My first instinct was to stick my tongue into that hole and lick your toes, but I dared not to. A half gasp finally came when I realised your cunt and arse were completely exposed.

You slapped my hand away from my cock and pulled me up by it. You squeezed hard.

“If you must insist on being filthy, we should at least not let this go to waste…” A further squeeze. “Things are going to change around here from now on. If you give me what I want then I’ll fulfil your disgusting desires.”

I marmaris escort couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I watched your eyes wondering if this was a dream.

“Such a filthy boy, wanking in your room all the time… bring me my hairbrush. You need to be spanked.”

I stumbled out my jeans and ran to get your hairbrush. When I came back into my room you were sat on the edge of my bed, legs crossed, foot tapping in impatience. I’m sorry if I stood and stared too long, I had never seen such terrible beauty. Nervously I walked towards you, arm outstretched, holding the brush. In one swift movement you grabbed the brush and pulled me over your lap, clamping my cock in between your thighs.

The spanking I got, I deserved. It was wonderful. You called me ‘slut’ and told me I was a ‘dirty little boy’ – I am, even in my twenties, I know that now. The brush rained down onto my arse with such ferocity that I couldn’t think. Thought had been replaced by emotion; guilt, desire, longing, fear. As you told me how bad I was for looking at you in the way I did the brush stung me, turned my arse red. My cock swelled as it rubbed against your stocking clad thighs, my balls ached. As you chastised me about my wanking the brush came down harder. You ignored my pleas, my crying and my apologies. “How dare you have wanked off over pictures of me? Bad boy!” The brush slammed down on to my arse once more.

I was then granted a moment of respite. Your assault ended and you pulled me up next to you. You held me, gently wanked my erection and kissed my forehead. I thank you now for what was the most gorgeous feeling of relaxation and comfort.

“That’s enough,” you said and pushed me to the floor. I fell down at your feet, arse still smarting from your punishment. “Kiss my shoes, show me how sorry you are.” I immediately leaned down and began to lick and kiss each of those gorgeous high heels. “You like me in these shoes, in any kind of heel, don’t you? You like the way they make me taller, make my arse stick out, make me dominant.” I grunted agreement as I sucked on the thin heel. “I like these ones with the little open-toe. They’re very slutty… I think I’d like to be fucked in them…”

I nearly choked as you said those words; you quickly grabbed my face and forced me to make eye contact with you.

“If you dare to come before I let you, your punishment will be more severe than a nevşehir escort spanking!”

I nodded in agreement. You were and are in control. I am yours.

“You understand… Now be a good boy and fuck my cunt.”

I froze, amazed and a little scared. You moved on to the bed and got on to all

fours, sticking out your arse, displaying your cunt to me. I apologise if I wasted time, this will not happen in future, when you demand cock you shall have it immediately.

I took up my position behind you as you urged me to get on with it. After some fumbling, I pushed my cock deep in to your hot, wet vagina. I have never felt such pleasure, such raw desire. The heat and sweat of our bodies combining drove me into a frenzy. I grabbed your arse and pulled you towards me, finding our rhythm. I panted and gasped, crying out. I heard you do the same, I hope I pleasured you well. With each movement forward I pulled back and then met your body again as the pleasure ran right through my body, my balls tingling, cock on fire, on the edge of coming… but I remembered your words.

You stopped me, said you wanted me on my back. I pulled out of you and turned over, my cock sticking bolt upright. I didn’t take you long to lower yourself on to me. I cried out with pleasure as you began to slowly, wonderfully fuck me. You pinched my nipples hard making me gasp in pleasure and pain.

“From now on you belong to me, you’re my dirty little boy. When I come home from work I want you on your knees ready to lick my cunt to orgasm. If I come into your room demanding cock I expect to get it. You will be spanked whenever I see fit and if I catch you wanking at all you’ll be punished severely. In return I’ll dress in that slutty, provocative way you love, comfort you in times of need and give you some of the most mind-blowing fucking you will ever have…ohhh!”

You screamed as you lost control, telling me I could come, that we could come together. I felt the pleasure feed back to and from us as I grabbed your breasts and shot my spunk in to your cunt. I felt the walls of you vagina grab hold of my cock, milking every last drop of come from it. I have never been happier and knew then that I would never leave you. You kissed me on my lips once and then came off me.

After that I was placed in the corner and told to write down this apology. I can hear you in the background now, you’re putting handcuffs on the bed posts. I will lay, face buried in your cunt, lapping for at least an hour now, collared with a dog lead for you to jerk my head back towards your wanton sex.

This is my first apology I hope it has lived up to your expectations.

Yours, as always.


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