A More-Men Wife Ch. 01 Pt. 03

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As my husband, Ray, and I were eating lunch, he asked me what it was like for me to get gangbanged the night prior. I asked him if he’d ever been the center of one. Ray paused for a moment, smiled and told me that he’d had trains pulled on him, and he’d done what he called blow bangs. He explained to me that having trains pulled on him were special memories for him.

I asked Ray, since I was his wife, if I was supposed to feel guilty for liking sex with multiple men. In response, Ray asked me if he should feel guilty for liking the same thing. I told Ray that if doing that made him feel good, and no one was getting hurt, then who cares. Ray smiled and asked me if I wanted him to care. I had to think about that.

Although I was married to Ray, I really didn’t know him. What I knew was that he wasn’t very good, sexually, and he had a very small penis. And he was gay. I didn’t really know Carl, either. What I did know was that he had a huge, very thick cock, he’d been my first sexual partner, on my wedding night. And I liked that he was older and shared me with other men.

At the time, I wasn’t looking for love. I was already married. I had a boyfriend/lover. And four other men had already had sex with me and taught me the joys of anal sex. Hell. I was only eighteen, for God’s sake. I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of life, but I damn sure liked what I already had.

I asked Ray to tell me about the two other girls he’d been with. He said that the first girl liked to be fisted. He told me that was kind of a turn on for him. She’d been with numerous men, and, because he was so small, she asked him to fist her. He said that his hand easily fit inside of her vagina, and feeling her pussy tight around his wrist was an intense feeling.

The other girl, Debbie, was the only girl he’d ever really had feelings for. Ray said that he enjoyed feeling Debbie up and fingering her, but they never had intercourse. As a matter of fact, he never even kissed her. Ray told me that he never even thought of having intercourse with Debbie, but he liked knowing that she lived with two other guys that she did have intercourse with.

Ray told me that he envied me. He said that he had enjoyed sucking Carl in the bathroom by the bike shop, and he’d always wondered what it would be like to get fucked by him. I told Ray that Carl’s cock was amazing. And he agreed. I told Ray that the first time Carl entered me that it hurt like hell, but I wanted him in me. I told Ray that was what made it possible for me to take him, even though I had never had another cock in me.

I told Ray that the night prior had been surreal. It was like I was the only girl in the world and Carl, Ken, LaShaun, Darius and Marcus acted like they were never going to get to have sex again. I told Ray that getting all that attention made me feel like I was somebody. I added that Carl and the other men had made me feel special.

Ray told me that he’d had a train pulled on him three weeks before he and I met. He said that most of the men had been good. There were a couple of men that were small and not very good, but the majority of the men that fucked him were good sized and that he’d enjoyed them. I asked Ray if getting a train pulled on him made him feel special. He said that it made him feel really good, and that it was always a good experience, even though a few guys weren’t that good.

I asked Ray if it bothered him that he had such a small penis. He told me that it really didn’t matter when he was with other guys, because he was always a bottom. He said that the other men didn’t care how small his penis was. What they cared about was getting to fuck him.

I asked Ray if he felt that because I was his wife that I would have sex with him. Ray told me that he was happy that I married him, but it had made him happier being able to see me with the other men. He admitted that we would never really have a sexual relationship, but that he hoped we could both be happy.

I told Ray that Carl’s cock was probably too big, but that I would never turn him down. Ray told me that few men are as big as Carl was, and to enjoy him as much as I could. I told Ray that Darius felt best in me. Ray reminded me that Carl lived with us and that I would more than likely be having sex with him on a daily basis, if not more often. erzincan escort I told Ray that I liked Carl, but I really liked Darius. Ray told me that was something I would have to deal with.

I asked Ray what his best sexual experience had been. Ray smiled and said that there was a Navy doctor that he’d met in a gay bar downtown. They went to the doc’s apartment, they drank a couple glasses of wine, the doc slowly undressed him and he undressed the doc and they made out. Ray went down on the doc and then the doc would take him to the bed and suck him and lick him from his cock to his neck and then the doc would kiss him as he entered him.

Ray said that was the most romantic experience of his life. He said that the Navy doc treated him like he was a woman, and he liked that. Ray admitted that he liked to suck and get fucked, but that he really liked being romanced and being made love to like a woman. He said that he and this Navy doc dated for almost six months and that he actually cried when the doc got transferred.

Ray asked me what I liked most about Carl and the other men I’d been with. I told him that what I liked most was being wanted. I told Ray that my mother had dated a black man, and that she was in-love with him. My father was the kind of guy that just wanted my mother to be happy. So, when she found her boyfriend, and my father saw how happy he made her, he loved her for loving herself enough to be with another man.

I told Ray that I really liked that Carl made me and my happiness a priority. And the fact that Carl shared me with other men told me that I meant something to him. I told Ray that I trusted Carl, because he said he would bring men home to fuck me, and he fulfilled that promise. Ray admitted that seeing me taken by Carl on our wedding night was a sight. And he admitted that the entire time he had wished it was him that Carl was fucking. Ray also said that seeing me gangbanged was amazing. He said that I looked like I’d done it a thousand times before.

I told Ray that if anyone would know he would that sex is easy when you’re the girl. It’s the guys that have to do all the work. I told Ray that it’s the guys that have to get and stay hard. All we girls have to do is let the guys do what they want to. Ray argued that cock sucking was an art. I argued that I was sure that most guys are happy any time they get their cock sucked. I told Ray that I may not know much about sex, but I knew that guys like their cocks sucked and they love to fuck. Ray lowered his head and admitted I was right.

While Ray showered and got dressed for work, I realized that what just happened had been fun. He was my husband, after all. I felt that even though Ray and I weren’t sexual, we could at least have fun with each other. And we had, or at least I thought we had.

When Ray walked out of his bedroom, he asked me if I was sore from the night before. I told Ray that I was sore, but it was okay, everything had been worth it. Ray reminded me that Carl would probably be bringing more men to the house after he got off from work. I told Ray that I couldn’t wait. When Ray left for work, I realized that I really couldn’t wait. I was horny.

We only had one car, and Carl had his. I called Claire, my sister-in-law, and told her what had happened the night before, and that I was horny as hell. Claire chuckled and told me that Carl would be getting off work in about four hours. She told me I could wait. I told her that I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to get laid again. I told her that I was lonely. Claire told me that I had to get a hold of myself. I told Claire that I would and hung up.

I was horny as hell, but I was also hungry. So, I walked to the Burger King that was just a few blocks from the house. While I was eating, I noticed these two guys. They kept looking over at me. I had on shorts and a button down top. To see what they guys would do, I unbuttoned two buttons on my top. The guys saw me do it and seemed to like what I was doing. Then I unbuttoned another button. I noticed that one of the guys had started rubbing his cock. So, I put one of my hands into my top and began rubbing my breast. And that was all it took.

The two guys that had been watching me approached me and asked if they could sit with me. I said sure, and they erzurum escort did. These guys were Chamorro, locals. One guy said his name was Kitiqua, the other introduced himself as Kala. Kitiqua asked me if I was horny, and I said I was. Kitiqua told me that he and Kala only lived two blocks away and that we could go there. Kitiqua asked me to pull my top aside so that he could see my breast. So, I did. Kala Said, “I could suck on them all day.” I told him I didn’t have all day, and I’d do the sucking.

As we walked to their house, Kitiqua asked me if I was married, because I was wearing a wedding ring. I told him that I was married and that my husband was at work. Kitiqua asked if my husband was in the military, and I told him that my husband was a K-9 cop on the Air Force base. Kitiqua told me that his uncle was a cop, too, ans that he was also K-9. Then Kitiqua surprised me. He said that there was an Air Force guy that had helped the local police train with their K-9. Then he described my husband to a T.

I asked Kitiqua if he knew my husband. He said that he did, and that his cousin had fucked Ray. Kitiqua told me that his cousin was a cross dresser and that my husband had picked him up one time, and his cousin ended up fucking Ray. I asked Kitiqua if he ever fucked my husband. He said he hadn’t, and that he wasn’t into guys. Then he asked me if me and my husband had fucked. I looked at Kitiqua, cocked my head and said, “He’s my husband.” Kitiqua laughed and retorted, “That’s doesn’t mean you two have fucked.”

Kitiqua told me that his cousin told him that Ray prefers to get fucked to fucking. Kitiqua told me that it didn’t surprise him that, being married to my husband, I would be looking for other men to have sex with. Kitiqua then asked me why I married my husband, considering that he was gay and, as his cousin had told him, had a little boy sized penis. We were almost to their house. So, I asked Kitiqua if he was more interested in my husband or fucking me. Kitiqua cleared his throat and said, “Like I said, I’m not into guys.”

Kitiqua and Kala led me to the bedroom once we were in the house. Kitiqua began kissing me and unbuttoning my top. While Kitiqua and I were kissing, Kala pulled my shorts down, got between my legs and started eating me out. I have to admit that Kala knew what he was doing. And that Kitiqua was a pretty decent kisser.

Kitiqua led me to the bed and had me lie down. Kala got between my legs again and Kitiqua straddled my face and let me suck his cock. Kitiqua wasn’t huge, but he was pretty well sized. And he smelled and tasted good, too. Kitiqua was uncut, like Carl was. And I liked that.

When Kitiqua got between my legs, Kala started sucking on my breasts. I was so wet from Kala eating me out that Kitiqua had no problem sliding his cock into me. Kitiqua told me that he was going to fuck me better than I’d ever been fucked. I didn’t want to tell him that I’d had bigger, but I did. Kitiqua told me that size wasn’t always important, if you know what to do with what you have.

Kitiqua’s cock had an upward curve, and he was able to hit areas that felt amazing. Kitiqua wasn’t as big as the men I’d already been with, but he had a way of moving his hips and kissing me that really turned me on. Kitiqua slammed his cock in and out of me as hard as he could, then he’d slow down and move his hips in his way. He got me off pretty quickly. And he wasn’t anywhere near ready to cum. Kala still had his pants on, and his crotch was damp.

I asked Kala if he’d already cum, and he nodded. I looked at Kitiqua and told him that he had to do the job for Kala, since I was sure that Kala wouldn’t be doing much more. Kala did continue sucking my breasts, and that was nice. Kitiqua made up for Kala’s lack. And he ended up cumming in me three times. And he came a lot. When I sat up, Kitiqua’s cum began oozing out of my pussy. I told him that I liked that he came as much as he did. Kitiqua told me to remember where I could get more, when I wanted it.

Kala had me wondering what he had in his pants. So, I asked him to show me his cock. He was hesitant. Then he showed me. I couldn’t believe that he was a small as my husband was. Yet, I had to believe it, because it was a fact. I figured that was probably why he was so good at eating me bursa escort out. He had to make up for his tiny weenie. I have to say that Kitiqua and kala were a good team, Kala got me all wet and ready, and Kitiqua did the rest.

While we took a break, and Kala got us all water, I asked Kitiqua about his cousin, the one that fucked Ray, my husband. Kitiqua said his cousin’s name was Joseph, but he preferred to be called Josephine. Kala showed me a picture of “Josephine” dressed as a woman, and I have to say that he was a very pretty woman. Kala added that Josephine was pretty well hung, too. A lot bigger than he was, and about the same size as Kitiqua.

Kitiqua told me that Ray and Josephine had hooked up like twenty to twenty-five times, or so. Then he asked me how many men I’d had sex with. I told him that when I got married that I had sex with Carl, then I had four other men that were friends of Carl’s. Kitiqua asked me when I got married and I told him it had been just three days since Ray and I got married. As we talked, I was stroking Kitiqua, and he got hard again, fast. So, I laid back on the bed and told him that we had time if he wanted to go another couple of times.

While Kitiqua was fucking me and Kala was sucking my breasts, I looked over at the bedroom door. There was an older Chamorro man standing there, rubbing his cock through his pants. I whispered to Kitiqua that there was someone at the door. Kitiqua looked at the bedroom door and then told me that the man was his uncle, Mahoyu, and that he and Kala lived with him. I motioned for Mahoyu to come join us, and he did. Mahoyu took his pants off and he was already hard. He was uncut, too. That was nice.

Mahoyu got on the bed and put his cock in my mouth. He was thicker than Kitiqua, which was nice, too. Carl had been incredible, Marcus was amazing, Ken was really good, LaShaun did me really well, Darius was Wow, Kitiqua was surprisingly good, and now I was getting to enjoy Kitiqua’s uncle, Mahoyu. So many different men, all amazing in their own ways. Even Teenie Weinie Kala was amazing in his own way. Having Mahoyu in my mouth while Kitiqua fucked me felt so awesome. When Kitiqua came and pulled out of me, he and Mahoyu traded places and I got to taste my juices and Kitiqua’s cum on Kitiqua’s cock.

The blend of my juices and Kitiqua’s cum tasted yummy. And when Mahoyu slammed his cock into me, I was in another world. The harder Mahoyu fucked me, the deeper Kitiqua pushed his cock into my mouth. And Kala was still at work sucking my breasts. Being with Kitiqua, Kala and Mahoyu was just as good as when I was with Carl, Ken, LaShaun, Marcus and Darius. And this time there was only three guys.

Although Mahoyu was very rough, I liked it. And Kitiqua’s cock and the way he moved his hips was WOW! And even Kala and his oral skills were amazing! I didn’t know if it was these guys that felt the best or all the guys from the night before that felt the best. I liked it all. The anal the night before hurt, but it felt good at the same time. Mahoyu was in his mid forties, more than twice my age. And I liked that, too. I knew I Iiked older guys, but I didn’t know if that was what made Mahoyu so good, or the fact that he was so rough. What I did know was that the last seventy-two hours had been the best of my entire life.

When Mahoyu was about to cum, he pulled out of me and told me to suck him. And I did. I sucked him for about a minute, then he came in my mouth. I remembered Ray telling me that was the one thing that men really liked. And I have to admit that when Mahoyu came, it surprised me. Yet, his cum tasted really good. He moaned and grunted and then told me that I was a stunning lover. I felt bad for Kala and told him that I wanted to suck him, too. He seemed surprised and very happy at the same time. I didn’t have to suck him long before he came, and he surprised me by cumming as much as he did.

I asked Kala what time it was and he went to look. When he returned, Kala said it was almost five o’clock. I told Kitiqua, Mahoyu and Kala that I had to leave, but I wanted to get with them again, really soon. Kitiqua told me that he would be available whenever I want to get with him. We traded phone numbers, we all got dressed, I kissed Kitiqua, Kala and Mahoyu and told them that I could come back tomorrow at around one-thirty. All three of them said they would be available. I liked that. As I walked home, the inside of my thighs were getting soaked. Kitiqua had cum in me so much that his cum was just oozing out of me. I made a note to self, “Wear panties next time.”

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