A Mother’s Dilemma Part 4


The next morning William arose to the smell of sizzling bacon and freshly brewed coffee. He entered the kitchen to see his stepmother in a silk robe and tending to the bacon.”Morning, Sunshine,” she greeted. “Did you sleep well?””Yeah. Slept great,” he lied. He had been awake for much of the night beating off to the images of his stepmother plying herself with a dildo, and then fantasies of her riding on top of him, his cock buried in that red bush. His cock was sore from the abuse he had given it.”Me too! I had some wild dreams, though.” Vivian giggled. “The kind I can’t talk about with a horny young man–in case you are wondering. Want some coffee? Sit down and I’ll pour you some.”William took a chair at the kitchen table as Vivian grabbed a mug and set it in front of him. She fetched the carafe from the coffee maker and brought it to the table. As she bent to pour it into the mug, her robe opened enough that William could see she was still wearing the see-through top. Her breasts hung down over the table and he wanted to grab them and press his lips to her, but instead, he just said thanks.His stepmom noticed him staring at her opened robe and quickly covered herself.”Oops. Sorry, Honey. I’m exposing myself, but then you saw plenty of tit action last night, didn’t you?”William nearly choked on the coffee as he momentarily assumed she was talking about his spying in her doorway.”But those women all had fake ones. Mine are the real thing. Same difference, I guess, but mine came from mother nature and not a plastic surgeon. Although, I’ve thought of having mine cut down to a more comfortable size. What do you think? Are they too big?””Oh, please don’t do that,” her son added just a little too enthusiastically. “I mean, your boobs are fine, Vivian. I don’t think they’re too big.””That’s because you don’t have to lug them around making your back sore and have lechers stare at you. But no worries. I’m attached to them–if you get my drift.” She giggled and threw her shoulders back in a shimmy making them jiggle from side to side. “But watch out, I could knock you out with my knockers! Get it? Ok, bad joke. Enough talk of breasts.”She turned to finish the bacon and cook up some eggs. “Breakfast will be ready in a few. Just enjoy the coffee and wake up. We’re going to clean the pool today, remember? Big job ahead so eat heartily.”After breakfast, both mom and son changed into pool clothes–a pair of surfer trunks for William and a two-piece for her. Vivian explained that she was too old for a thong and too young for a one-piece “granny suit” as she called it, so her old-style suit would have to do. As it was, the top revealed plenty of cleavage. William secretly prayed that the thin string tied around her neck and supporting the top would break and release those beautiful globes.The forecast predicted a sunny, warm day with highs in the mid-eighties: a perfect day for cleaning the pool and patio, both of which had not been serviced in some time. The pool and adjacent spa utilized solar panels for most of the heat, so they could be used late spring through early fall, but once the days grew short, it became too cold for swimming and too expensive to keep the spa heated. And with Dave’s illness and subsequent death, the pool had been a low priority. Both the spa and pool needed some serious rehab.Vivian tested the water with a toe and after removing the bulk of the floating detritus with a long-handled net, she jumped in with a scrub brush for more rigorous cleaning. After a few barks from his stepmother, William joined her. Together they scrubbed the perimeter starting at opposite ends and working toward one another. The filter had to be repeatedly emptied, but the result was that after a couple of hours of cleaning, both the pool and spa looked presentable.Standing next to one another mid-pool, Vivian raised her hand in a high-five salute. William smiled and high-fived his stepmother, but she grabbed his hand instead and pulled him off balance, dunking him. He came up spitting water, his head and hair resembling a wet Q tip.”Gotcha,” Vivian laughed. You needed cleaning anyway. All those youthful hormones were starting to smell türbanlı gaziantep escort a little gamey.”William smiled in concession, and then without warning, grabbed his stepmother around the waist and lifted her out of the water before turning her sideways and dunking her in return. He savored the second or two that her breasts were in his face, but when she emerged, she affected an evil grin and proclaimed “war.”William turned to flee in mock terror, but his stepmother attacked him in a bear hug from behind and knocked him off his feet. Together they fell forward in three feet of water. Laughing, William managed to spin around and get back on his feet despite her grip on him so that they were now facing one another with her arms wrapped around him. He enveloped her in his arms as he regained his balance.Only then did he realize that in the melee, his stepmother’s top had come untied and was dangling from her waist, held in place only by the friction between their two midsections. Her large boobs were mashed against his chest.His face turned suddenly serious, not so much in horror but in surprise.”Uh…Viv, don’t look now, but your top came off. He loosened his grip on her and looked down to see two fat boobs poking into him, the prominent nipples standing at attention from the cool water.”Oh my gosh!” his stepmother screamed. But then she started giggling hysterically at their predicament. She looked down and realized that not only were her bare breasts mashed into her son’s chest, but a substantial tent had formed in his knee-length swimming trunks and was pressing into her stomach.”Looks like you won,” she said. “What now? I guess we have no more secrets, hmmm?” She loosened her grip and created a space between them as she looked down at her chest. “So now you’ve seen your mother’s tits. And judging by your reaction, I’d say you are not too disappointed!” She reached down and playfully squeezed the tubular shape running down his leg.”I certainly hadn’t planned on this when I suggested we get together to clean the pool.” Vivian looked into her son’s confused eyes and smiled. “I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you, Honey. I just wanted us to do a project together and get in a little bonding. I guess that’s what we’re doing–quite literally. Oh, don’t look so serious. They’re only a couple of middle-aged boobs. Now let me put my top back on and let’s get out and dry off.”William backed away a step as his mom tried to reattach her top only to discover that one of the strings had broken off at the cup. William continued to stare at her globes as if hypnotized by them.”Looks like an equipment failure here. Too much weight for the old bikini top it seems. Back in the day, they supported themselves, but gravity and age are taking their toll.” Vivian smiled as her son could not take his eyes off her chest. “Might as well get a good look while you can, you perv. Here, see for yourself. Wanna cop a feel while you’re at it?”Vivian grabbed her son’s hands in her own and placed one on each breast. “I hadn’t planned on getting this intimate with my stepson, but we crossed the Rubicon when my top fell off. This is your lucky day! But we did get the pool clean. Call this your reward.”William’s eyes were glazed over and glued to his stepmother’s full mounds. Other than a brief feel of a one-time girlfriend’s B-cup tits, he had never laid his hands on a female’s breasts, and these were beyond his wildest dreams. His hands barely covered those huge nipples that he had fantasized about.”Not bad for an old gal, huh? Still pretty firm! OK, that’s enough. I don’t want you to have a heart attack…or more than likely, pass out from all the blood rushing from your cute little head. But do me a favor. Let’s keep this little accident just between us. I don’t think your friends need to know that your mom showed her boobs and let you cop a feel. OK? Now let’s get a couple of towels.”Vivian removed his hands and kissed William on the cheek before patting his ass and heading for the atrium door to the house. She held the dysfunctional top loosely in her hand and did not attempt gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan to cover her breasts, now bouncing freely with each step. William followed her, his eyes glued on his mom’s form, especially her shapely ass. His erection felt like it was about to burst and once inside the house, he raced to the bathroom and locked the door.Inside the bathroom, he dropped his trunks and started stroking his meat furiously. Within seconds, his cock was shooting sperm into the toilet and over the seat. He looked at himself in the mirror, mildly disgusted that he couldn’t control his urges with his stepmother, but also proud…his cock looked bigger than ever in the reflection before him.How could anything top this day and the peep show he had last night?Vivian got out of her wet bottoms and dried herself off. ‘Things had been going so well today and now this.’ She wondered how this would affect their relationship. William was her son, but he was also a horny young man who had never treated her like a mother–more like a distant aunt if anything. ‘Is this incest? Not really, but then what is it?’She had to admit that her performance the previous evening had been surprisingly guilt-free, not to mention pleasurable. The “Goat” had performed as advertised, but she still preferred the real thing. And the real thing slept right across the hall from her, although sleeping with her stepson was a whole different thing. Not that he would mind, but what psychological trauma could it possibly inflict after they had both just gone through the grief of losing a husband and father?As it was, William was no doubt beating off regularly with visions of his stepmother as a prompt. In a way, Vivian was proud, but how would this all end? For just a moment, she pictured William kneeling between her spread legs and sliding his cock in and out of her. It had been so long since she felt the real thing.It was dizzying to think about it. But the more Vivian did think about it, the more she rationalized her next move.She dressed in a loose white cotton t-shirt and a pair of navy-blue nylon shorts. She deliberately omitted one item of clothing, however: her bra. “Women go braless all the time. Nothing illegal about it. And it’s more comfortable as well.”She went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of white wine. Dinner would be easy–she had a pizza in the freezer, and she would make a big green salad to go with it. She checked the mail and was going through it when William joined her.”How’s pizza sound? And a big salad. We have some gorgeous Romaine–I just need to throw it all together.””Great! Sounds good. How can I help?””No help needed, Honey. Listen, I hope you don’t think I was too crude out there this afternoon. I didn’t mean to flash my breasts at you…I think you know that. But honestly, you’re a man now and I think we’ve made some real progress in the last couple of days. I feel much more comfortable around you–I used to walk on eggshells worried I would offend you or something, but you seem to be warming up to me, and I’m so happy. I’m so comfortable I’m not wearing a bra, something I wouldn’t have considered before today, but you’ve seen my puppies bare so this is not too offensive. I hope you don’t mind…if you do, I’ll put one on…but it is so much more comfortable without one. I feel freer this way. Is that bad of me?””Of course not. Dress the way you like. You’ve got a great body so flaunt it…even if you are my mom. It’s no big deal, and technically, you’re my stepmom. No law against going braless or going naked for that matter, at least while you are home. I wouldn’t go to the store naked if I were you. People might stare.” William smiled at his joke. But secretly he was thrilled that his stepmother was braless. Her jiggling breasts were the source of a continuous erection for him.”Oh, Honey. That means so much to me. You’ve been so sweet lately. I don’t want us to have any secrets. Come here!”William walked over to his stepmother, and she hugged him a gave him a lipsticked kiss, leaving a red smudge on his mouth. He didn’t bother gaziantep türbanlı escort to wipe it off.After dinner, they once again relaxed in the den. Vivian had watched her wine consumption, and William only had water with his dinner, so they were clear-headed. Vivian grabbed the remote and accidentally jumped to channels in the 900 range where the off-color channels resided. A promo for Vivid, a porn channel flashed on the screen. It showed a busty blonde dressed in a schoolgirl outfit sucking on a huge penis. The male actor playing the role of her father encouraged her fellatio while reminding her she needed to finish her homework.Vivian stared, disgusted at first but then mesmerized by the scene and the possibilities it presented. The trailer was replaced by text and a warning sign flashed on the screen advising that all actors were at least eighteen years of age and all scenes conformed to a list of legal requirements.”I knew this stuff existed, but I’ve never actually watched it.” Vivian was tempted to tell her son about her dancing days but thought better of it despite her promise of no secrets. She bit her lip and looked over at her son. “Do you watch this kind of stuff?””No…listen, you probably realize that like most men, I look at a certain amount of porn. It is so accessible, but not this kind of stuff. Regardless, you name it, and you can find it. Seems like nothing is taboo unless it is illegal. No kiddie stuff, of course, but this thing you just saw pushes the boundaries. It’s like pretend kiddie porn””I mean, that was supposed to be a daddy and his daughter. I get it. Is there porn with mothers and their sons as well?””Of course. That stuff is hugely popular. Moms and sons–yeah. Although it’s pretty phony. Most of the sons look like they’re the same age as their moms. Not that I’ve watched any of it myself,” he lied.”Let’s find one. I want to watch one!” Vivian handed William the remote. “Will you do that for me? I’m curious. I’ve never looked at this stuff before. I want to see what the attraction is.”Her son shrugged and flashed through the titles on various porn sites: the Playboy Channel, Penthouse, Vivid Entertainment, etc. Finally, he found several short videos listed under titles like “Mom’s Birthday Present” or “Mom’s Date Night”. They settled on “An X-Rated Birthday Present”.Within minutes, “mom” was in her son’s bedroom dressed in a silk robe and wishing her son a happy birthday. The perspective was from the son’s point of view and only his legs were visible on the bed as his mother crawled seductively toward him. She pulled down his boxers, found his engorged cock, and slowly stroked it for several minutes before wrapping her lips around it, all to her “son’s” surprise and delight.”Happy birthday, Honey,” she finally said after she had replaced her mouth with her pussy as she climbed on top of him.Vivian watched intently, occasionally looking over at William and giggling nervously or adding color commentary. “Wow, her little boy sure has a big penis. She can barely fit it in her mouth.”Later, when mom disrobed and worked her son’s cock in her shaved pussy, Vivian added, “Oh, come on. Those big fake boobs don’t have a bit of sag to them, and her son looks to be in his late twenties at least so she’s not a spring chicken.””It’s not real,” William added. “It’s just porn, Vivian. But this is what people like to watch apparently.”The scene soon ended with the mom taking her son’s climax on her perfect breasts. Vivian got up to get a glass of wine–she felt she needed one after watching that, and when she returned, another one had started. This one was older and depicted another beautiful and buxom woman bidding her son good night as he watched tv. The mother decides to take a long hot bath before going to bed, masturbating in the tub.The son, meanwhile, is spying on her in the bath and playing with his cock. When she finally goes to bed in her silk sheets and falls asleep, her son joins her, and she wakes up as he is performing cunnilingus on her perfectly trimmed pussy. Within seconds they are in each other’s arms and soon copulating. The scene ends with the obligatory cum shot over the mother’s chest and face.”Now I have to admit, William, I find that kind of hot. This is sort of romantic–at least compared to the previous one. It looks like true love between those two and not just sex. What do you think?””Not to be a bore again and over-analyze this, but this is just porn. It’s not real and you have to consider the audience. I don’t think it is geared toward middle-aged women although women watch…

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