A Nice Surprise!


A young, middle-aged woman is playing games on her computer; she is not wearing much at all, just a pink bikini as it is a very hot day. She is five foot eight inches in height with an amazing figure. She has light, brown hair, which drapes down to her mid-back; you can see part of her lovely tattoo Ma’at as it very low on he r tail-bone just above her petit ass. The bikini shows of her breasts pretty damn, nicely as she has 36 D bust.

Suddenly, she looks at the clock and realizes her husband is late home from work; she looks worried about it and thinks to herself ‘what the fuck is he doing, why is he so damn late!’

So she decides to phone her best friend Hayley; the phones ring a few times and she answers, “Hello?”

“Hi Hayley, have you seen husband Andy, he has yet come home I think he is cheating on me he has never come home later in 5 years we have been married!?”

“He has just left my bedroom, Karna,” she said jokingly!”

“Do not joke about such things, Hayley!” answered Karna.

“No seriously he was here; he was asking me for advice about you,” replied Hayley

“oh, what kind of advice?” asked Karna.

“He was worried about the both of you drifting apart and he is afraid of losing you,” said Hayley.

“Wow, he is an idiot I love him and would never leave him, so he should be coming home now. I will go back to playing my game and this conversation never happened okay? However, I will show him otherwise that is wrong.” demanded Karna

“Sure Karna, bye!”

“Bye Hayley and thanks!”

She then hears his car pull up in her drive way literally after she put the phone down; two minutes later the sound of porch door opening. He then opens the front door and enter the house. he then takes off his shoes and he then makes his way up the stairs to come see her. He is wearing navy, blue shirt with a matching tie, black trousers and black shoes. He is six foot and two inches tall and has short brown hair and he has smoothly shaven face.

“Wow, you are late; you better have a fucking good explanation!” she demanded.

“What if I don’t,” replied her husband.

“I am sure you do have one,” she said softly as she no longer worried or angry and kisses him on the lips.

He kisses her back deeply as he looks past her eyes and sees that her game is paused, “Are you busy with your game?”

“I was because you was not here, but I am no longer busy with it, hence why it is paused, sweetie!”

“Good!” He picks her up suddenly and cradles her as he looks into her eyes.

Next, she replies with, “Why good?”

“Because I am going to make your dreams come true,” Andy says as he starts to slowly walk towards the bedroom.

She holds onto him as he cradles her to the bedroom, she smiles gracefully; he gets to the bedroom and kisses her deeply on her lips as he looks into her eyes and smiles at her while he is still holding her in his arms. She kisses him back and slides her tongue into his mouth while she holds him around his neck on top of the bed as he climbs onto it. He smiles at her one more time and kisses her again deeply before throwing her onto the bed. The bed is coloured white and has red roses on sheets with two large white pillows also with red roses on them; there are metal bars at the top of the bed for the headstand.

“Mmm, your not usually this aggressive, baby!” said Karna liking it.

“I hope you do not think we are making love today, I am going to fuck you like I have never fucked you before!” He looks at her not with the love that he has, but with an immeasurable amount of lust.

Karna licks her lips seductively and looks at him with lust in her eyes and her eyes say, “come get me.”

He gets on top of her quickly as he roughly starts to rub his hands over her bikini-clad breasts.

“mmm, baby!” she moaned as he caresses her large 36D breasts.

He looks at her again. “You have wanted me to treat you like a little slut, haven’t you? Instead of asking you things, you want me to tell you, to just take you.”

“Yes I do!” she said smiling devilishly

He pulls both her breasts out and sees her hard nipples as he starts to rub over them, “Good, because tonight you are my slut. You are going to take my cock in all three of your holes!”

“Wow, you never talk like this, what has gotten into you,” replied Karna, but she loves it deep down.

“Quit complaining or I will treat you like a princess instead,” He warns her as he starts to suck on her nipples.

“Mmm baby love the way you suck my nipples!” replied Karna as she then strokes his hair with her hands.

He reaches for her hands and holds them sokkan.org down before stopping, “You stay right there!” he says as he gets off of the bed and goes to the dresser to the right of the bed. He comes back with a set of pink fluffy handcuffs. Next, he comes back to the bed and looks at her body with her breasts hanging out as he gets back on top of her and kisses her roughly before handcuffing her to the bed. He uses the metal bars to securely keep her handcuffed, although it allows her to move her arms, but she can cannot go nowhere. She kisses him back with her mouth and tongue as she slides into his mouth.

He sucks on her tongue as it enters his mouth before pulling away, “I know just how strong willed you are, but tonight you are going to beg me for what you really want.”

“I want you to fuck me hard tonight,” begged Karna.

“Oh, no. You don’t want it enough yet. Just wait for what I have in store for you. Your pussy is going to be beyond soaking wet. Speaking of that.” He moves his hand between her legs as he rubs her over her bikini bottoms between her legs.

“Mmmm, Baby!” moaned Karna.

Andy then pulls her bikini bottoms off as he spreads her legs to look at her already wet and perfect pussy; Karna’s pussy is fully shaved without single hair on her smooth mound, it looks amazing as her petals open up. He starts to kiss her neck roughly as his hands roam all across her breasts and pussy. Suddenly, he slides a finger into her.

“Mmmm, baby you know what I love, finger my pussy!” she moaned as she closes her eyes as she leans back on her soft pillows.

He pulls his finger out to strip his clothing off quickly. She sees his fully erect cock and knows it is just for her, knows that it is her own body that has gotten him so excited. He starts to slowly stroke his cock as he looks at her gorgeous body. She smiles as she sees his erect eight inch cock in front of her she then licks her lips seductively wanting to taste him in every major way. He keeps slowly stroking as she squirms, “You want to taste it don’t you and you want to rub your wet pussy as you think about this cock filling it up?”

“Mmmm, yes I do… give it to me now!” said Karna demandingly.

He grabs a fistful of her hair and pulls back on it gently, “No, you are mine now. You will get my cock when I say you get my cock.”

He then puts it just in front of her mouth to where she cannot reach it, but she can smell him completely now.

Karna struggles to get free to suck his large cock, although she is not able to.

“I told you that you are my slut tonight; you get things when I say so, “He pulls back on her hair tighter so she is looking into his eyes.

“You are under my control now, all of you. Your mouth, breasts, ass, and pussy are all mine.”

she simply moans, “mmm, I love this new you!”

“You want a taste?” He shakes his cock in front of her face again just out of reach.

“YES!” she Screams.

“I still do not think you want it enough!” He strokes it right in front of her as she can see the small amount of precum that oozes out.

“Mmmm, give me that large cock please, baby,” she moans.

He places his cock right in front of her mouth allowing her to suck him now, “Get it nice and wet for me, baby.”

Karna needs no second invitation to suck such a nice and large cock; she begins sucking him gently as he then holds two handfuls of her silky and shiny, brown hair.

“Let us see how deep you can take my cock, baby,” he starts to slowly fuck her mouth pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust.

She begins to gag as he pushes it all the way into mouth to where she is sucking balls deep; he quickly takes it back out so she does not choke on his cock.

He stands up and straddles her chest, “That was a good girl, baby,” he places his cock between her large breasts and presses them together.

“Oh, baby, titty fuck me like the slut that I am!” moaned Karna.

He starts to thrust his cock in and out of the valley between her breasts, “Your tits are the best, baby.”

“Mmmm, you really know how to make a girl feel good don’t you?” asked Karna moaning.

“Maybe, but, I have not even licked your perfect, tight pussy yet,” he moans as he continues thrusting his cock.

“Mmmm baby I cannot wait!” she moans excitedly.

“I want to taste your sweet juices and I want you to squirt all over me. Then you are going to be a good little slut and clean up after yourself!” said Andy.

“Mmmm!” replied Karna.

He pulls his cock out of her lovely breasts as he leans over her and kisses her neck. He continues to ravish her body with görükle escort kisses as he sucks on her breasts momentarily before he continues his kisses down past her pierced naval until he reaches her wet pussy. Next, he spreads her legs wide as he looks up into her eyes. She looks back with her gorgeous hazel eyes and nods at him to lick her.

He leans down and parts her pussy lips with his fingers as he slowly starts to lick her. Slow licks from her entrance all the way to her clit ending with a light sucking on her swelling clit.

“Mmmm, baby, you lick my pussy so fucking good!” moaned Karna

He keeps licking faster after hearing Karna’s sweet words and then his tongue flicks over her clit quickly while he slides a finger inside of her tight pussy.

“I bet you wish that was my cock right now,” He smiles as he starts to finger fuck her pussy while sucking on her clitoris.

“Oh god baby, mmm!” she moaned.

He adds a second finger as he starts to suck on her clitoris harder.

“Mmmm, Baby, I am going to cum soon!” she screams.

He pulls away just for a second to say, “Yes, cum for me you naughty little slut. Squirt all over my face,” he immediately turns his fingers and starts to rub her g-spot as he continues to suck on her clitoris.

She begins to shake wildly on the bed and her back spasms as she arches her back; she then squirts hard as liquid pours out of her wet pussy all over Andy’s face.

“You are going to clean me up now,” he says as he takes the handcuffs off.

Karna starts to lick the juice off of Andy’s face with her tongue and tastes herself, “Mmmm, I taste lovely don’t I?”

“The best tasting woman ever,” he states as he pulls her in and kisses her deeply allowing his tongue to part her lips and invade her mouth.

She kisses him back passionately and smiles afterwards; he grabs her by the hair pushes her mouth back to his cock and she starts to lick over his head and suck the tip again. She slowly sucks his cock deeper into her warm mouth inch by inch until all of it disappears from view. He moans deeply, “Mmm!” as his cock disappears between her luscious lips.

He then holds Karna’s head tighter as she starts to suck him slowly moving her mouth backwards and forwards as she kneels before him.

“You taste delicious, baby!” moaned Karna as she continues to suck him, she then increases her pace.

He starts to thrust his hips towards her to feel her even more, “That’s it, suck my cock deep baby. Be a good little slut.” moaned Andy.

“mmm!” she moans as she holds her head still now allowing Andy to face fuck her nice and good.

She then spits on his cock after he takes his cock out of her pretty mouth as she then watches the saliva drop down his cock making it even wetter.

“Rub your pretty pussy while you suck me, baby, I want to hear you moan all over my cock.”

Karna begins to stroke her cute and wet pussy touching her swollen clitoris, which forces her to moan in pure pleasure, “Mmmm, Andy your cock is so hard and ready for me; I want it inside me soon, I cannot wait much longer!”

After he heard Karna say those words; he then pulls her head back by her hair and looks deep into her eyes, “You will wait until I am ready to give it to you!”

Karna just keeps on sucking like a good girl; she feels him begin to throb inside of her mouth so she stops suddenly. Karna then licks her lips and then simply smiles as she looks up at him with love and lust in her eyes, a deadly combination.

He suddenly rolls her over onto her back as he gets on top of her and starts to rub the head of his cock against her swollen clitoris.

“Mmmm, Baby!” Moaned Karna.

e keeps rubbing against her as he looks into her eyes. His eyes are filled with lust as he looks at her face. She looks at him back and her eyes tell the bigger story that could ever be told, that she is ready for him. Andy suddenly lowers himself and presses his cock as deep as it can go inside of her, “Mmmm, Andy, fuck me!” she moans in pleasure. He holds himself up as he presses her arms down into the bed, holding her down. No matter how hard she would try, she won’t be able to move now. She can just lay there and take his cock. He knows this as he smiles and begins to fuck her slowly first to get his cock all wet with her juices before starting to pound into her.

“Oh God, mmmm, Baby!” screamed Karna as Andy starts to pound her and she interlocks her fingers underneath his hands not even trying to get free.

“You are mine, Karna… if I wanted to I could cum deep inside of you right now to get you pregnant with my child!” He looks into her eyes like he is seriously considering it.

After hearing him say that she locks her legs around his bum and crosses her feet over and locks them in please, “Mmmm, FUCK ME!” she screamed loudly.

“You are a little slut in secret, aren’t you? You want my cum inside of your tight pussy!” He says as he starts to fuck her even harder.

She screams even louder as he fucks her harder, “GOD GIVE IT TO ME!”

He pushes her down removing her legs that were wrapped around his bum, “No, you aren’t going to get my cum inside of your pussy tonight. Not yet at least, I am not even close to being done with you.”

She smiles and says, “you better not be done already with me!”

He pulls out of her and flips her over onto her hands and knees so that she is doggy style, which happens be her favourite position. He spanks her ass hard so it stings a little.

“MMMM!” she screams as she loves to be spanked.

He pulls her hair as he gets behind her, his cock is rubbing against her pussy. Karna then smiles even though he is pulling her hair as she loves it dearly while in doggy style; next, she speaks softly, “MMM, I can sure get used to this new you!”

“You’d better, I ma not going to treat you like a princess in this room anymore. You are my slut when that door closes from now on!” He says as he slides his hard cock inside of her.

“MMMM, BABY!” she moans as she already starts to rub her clitoris from behind encouraging him to fuck her harder.

He pulls her hands away and holds them together behind her back so that she is just on her knees now, completely at his mercy as he pounds her deep and hard. Every time he thrusts inside of her, their bodies slap together, “MMMM, YES!” screamed Karna.

He keeps fucking her deep and hard as lets go of her wrists but presses her body down into the bed. He enjoys being in control now and is so turned on that he is ready to do anything with her now.

“BABY, I AM CUMMING!” She screams.

“Cum all over me, Karna!” He commands her as he pounds her relentlessly.

Karna begins to squirt all over his hard cock drenching him in her love juice, which makes her go crazy as her body finishes shaking, “YES, YES, BABY!” she screams at the top of her lungs, she then smiles happily after she comes down from her climax.

He pulls out of her and lies down next to her. “On top of me, be the naughty girl I know you are and ride me.”

“With pleasure, honey, but I am going to do something I have never done to you before, it still involves riding!” giggled Karna devilishly.

“Then do it baby, ride me.”

Karna then climbs on top of her lover and husband and faces him and then instead of placing him at her pussy entrance, she places the head of his cock between ass cheeks. Next, she rubs her pussy and makes her ass nice wet so its all lubed up before she pushes herself down on his eight inch, hard cock; she sinks down and he enters her full as she moans out, “MMMM, I love it when you fuck my tight little ass, baby!”

Karna’s ass feels so tight around his cock, which forces Andy to moan out, “Oh, fuck, Karna, it has been while since you let me fuck you in the ass, baby!”

Karna begins to ride him faster, but softly as she does not like her ass fucked too hard as it becomes un-pleasurable for her; this way it hurts a little bit, although she gains much more pleasure from it and starts to scream out, “MMMM, I love fucking you, we need to fuck more often!”

“I am going to fuck you everyday Karna, just like this!” He starts to slowly thrust up against her to make it better for both of them but not to hurt Karna.

“MMMM, that is the spot right there! Cum deep inside of my ass, Andy!” shouted Karna.

“No, I will pick where I am going to cum,” He pushes her off and rolls her onto her side and gets behind her so they are spooning before quickly pushing into her soaking and warm pussy.

“MMM, BABY, CUM INSIDE ME!” screamed Karna as Andy cuddles her closely now.

“Yes, I am going to impregnate you today Karna,” He whispers into her ear as he spanks her ass.

“YES, Let us make Vasanta our, Baby girl!” She screamed Happily!

“Karna, I am going to cum deep inside of your pussy. My white seed is going to fill you up.” screamed Andy.

“MMM, GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING CUM NOW!” screamed Karna as she begins to cum for a third time tonight.

He feels his orgasm oncoming as he pushes deep inside of her. “KARNA, I AM CUMMING!”

Karna reaches back to cuddle him as she feels his white, hot liquid fill up her soaking and hot pussy; after he finishes cumming inside of her she kisses him and cuddles him and then rests her head on his chest. They then drift off to sleep as the computer goes into sleep mode that was left on.

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