A Night of Dancing

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Slowly making my way across the crowded room to you, feeling your presence more than seeing you. Finally I am standing in front of you, feeling you eyes trace up my skin, the bare feet with the silver chains around my ankles, the short skirt barely covering my sex, a silver chain around my belly, the half demi-bra cupping my breast offering the nipples into the cool air of the room, the collar around my neck…. Your collar…

“Have I pleased you Master?” Carefully you look over my body, reaching one hand forward and squeezing a nipple between two fingers.

“Lovely,” is the only word you utter. Suddenly I feel myself become very damp in a room full of people my breath catches.

Watching my face you grip the chain around my belly and pull me too you, kissing my lips roughly before turning from me, pulling me by the chain to a chair by the bar. Picking me up slightly you set me on the stool, I try to cross my legs and you just chuckle and step between my legs.

“Oh no pet, your legs are open for the night.” Nervous cause I have no clue what you have in mind I sit as still as possible watching you order our drinks. The bartender brings our drinks over and sits them down, looking over my body as he does and than looks at you and just smiles, I blush a deep red.

Slowly taking a sip of my drink, I watch as your hand moves to your pockets and pull out a vibrator; smiling over at me you place your hand between my thighs and slide it in me. You present a remote control, my eyes widen in shock, and you turn it on the lowest setting, and inform me that if I please you in my performance I will be rewarded at the end of the night.

Shortly after we finish our drinks you grab my belly chain and drag my to the center of the dance floor, wrapping your arms around me you whisper into my ear. “Pet you will dance with anyone who walks up, do not be afraid, I will never be more than arms reach from you. But you are not to fight them in anyway.” With a terrified look at you, you disappear from my view as a rather large man comes up behind me and wraps an arm around my waist. I feel him start to grind his hips against mine. Knowing I am protected by you, I allow myself to close my eyes and get lost in the music.

I feel another body come up against the front of me and open my eyes to a beautiful blonde. Rubbing against me face to face, she reaches over me and pulls the hulk of a man forward and kisses him on the lips over my shoulder. I feel her hand come down and slide up the very short skirt and flick my clit. Shuddering I feel the vibrator inside of me turn up a little more and I sink against the man behind me, the blondes mouth coming down to bite on a nipple as she continues flicking my clit with her finger.

Slowly you turn the vibrator off, I know I am not allowed to cum yet and bite my lip. Looking around slightly I wonder where you are, I feel another body come up behind me, leaning back slightly I feel it’s you.

“Enjoying your self pet? I know I’m enjoying the show.” I nod my head. I feel you yank up the back of my skirt and smack my ass lightly, before rubbing it. “Remember pet, they are allowed to do anything, but fuck you… That’s my pleasure.”

All of a sudden you are gone and I feel a soft female form come up behind me, her arms around me and on my breast, I feel her softly tease my neck. I feel the vibrator inside of me turning up and I moan, my mouth parting and taking in the pleasure as you would wish of me. Turning in her arms, I place my lips against hers and she deepens the kiss, grinding her hips mardin escort to mine. Sliding one hand down my back and pulling my skirt up over my ass, exposing it for the room, gripping it with both hands, and parting the cheeks slightly. She slaps my ass and breaks the kiss before dancing away.

Heaving in breath as I feel the vibrator turned down again, when all of a sudden two men come up to me one on either side of my body. I look around for you, unsure what to do. The men grind against me, dancing, almost fucking through their clothing. I feel the vibrator turned up again in me and I know you are near and watching me, I give myself over to the dance. Slowly twisting and winding our bodies together. Sweat beads long since have formed on my skin and a moan escapes my lips, and I feel the vibrator turned down again as I feel you hand clamp down around my waist and pull me too you.

“Pet, you look a little parched; let’s get you some thing to drink.” You pull me to where you have been hiding and pull me onto your lap, removing the vibrator and sitting in on a silk handkerchief. “You might wear it again tonight, but for now you will rest.”

I feel you sliding your hand between my thighs and pull on my clit a little as we wait for our drinks, your hardened cock against my ass. I squirm a little to nestle against you and you chuckle in my ear. “Pet, is there something you desire?” I whisper to you, “Master, may I please taste your cock?” I hear you chuckle again and you tell me to slide from your lap, standing for a moment, you turn me around and tell me to kneel. I quickly move to my knees, and you slide the zipper down on your pants and unbutton them your cock springs from your pants.

I lick my lips and lean forward, keeping my hands behind my back. I lick the head of your cock softly before wrapping my lips firmly around the head and slowly work my lips down the length. I hear you softly moan as my lips descend on the hard flesh. Your hand comes to the back of my head and runs through my tresses, winding into my hair as your hips begin moving. Moaning against your cock as I slowly move my mouth up and down the length, feeling you swell to full hardness in my mouth, your hand tightening in my hair. Thrusting yourself into my mouth one last time as your seed spills into my mouth and down my throat. I quickly swallow and slowly pull off your cock. Sitting back on my heels, I look up at you. You reach over, and grab my drink. Holding to my mouth, you allow me to sip from it before you sit it back down. Reaching down and pulling me back into your lap, wrapping your arms around me your lips meeting mine. Your tongue thrusts into my mouth I match you with a heat of my own.

“Pet, you did very well, I am pleased.” I hear you whisper against my ear. Your hand drops to the front of my skirt and rubs my moist slit. My back arches under your touch and your mouth descends to my breast, your tongue teasing a nipple to erection before moving to the next. I moan softly, my head falling back. My body at your mercy, as you slowly enter my sex with one finger. Slowly feeling you move it in and out, I feel your thumb roll around my clit. Shivering at your touch I feel your arms tighten around me as my hips begin to move against your hand. My breathing labored as I feel my body tightening. My hips rolling against you with abandonment. My juices flood all over your fingers.

Slowly pulling your fingers from me you bring them to your mouth and tighten your arms around me, holding my head to your chest. I watch you slowly licking my juices nevşehir escort from your fingers. You hold me to you as my breathing returns to normal, stroking my back as I recover.

“Very well pet,” you whisper into my ear patting my ass. I see you reach over and grab the vibrator and slide it into me again.

I moan against your chest, “Please Sir, no.” I hear you chuckle.

“Pet, you will dance more tonight for me. Take another drink and ready yourself love,” you say. I reach over and take a long drink and stand. As I straighten my skirt, I can feel your eyes on me. You stand and placing yourself back into your pants before grabbing my hand and leading me to the dance floor.

You wrap your arms around me and slowly move with me to the music. Slowly you inch the front of my skirt up over my hips, exposing me to the room. Leaning my back against you, my eyes drift shut. I feel your hand cup my breast and play with my nipple, feeling your fingers tighten down over the swollen nub. A moan escapes my lips as I feel warm soft lips touching my pussy. My eyes fly open and look down to see the blonde who was dancing with me before, on her knees. I feel you turn the vibrator on low while this beautiful blonde slowly snakes her tongue out across my slit. Moaning softly, I turn my head to kiss you on your lips, my hand drops down to her head, holding her to me. I feel her tongue slide between my lips before going to my clit, swirling around the hard nub as you slowly turn the vibrator up. Her tongue swirls around my hardened clit, before slowly sucking it into her mouth. I can feel your cock press against my ass. I feel you flick the vibrator on high.

My breathing becomes shallower as she continues to pleasure me. I slowly feel the pleasure come to a peak and I cry out, falling apart in your arms. She slowly stands before me and kisses me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, my cream covering her lips. I moan into the kiss as you reach forward and stroke her hair. She looks over to you and continues the kiss, her eyes twinkling. You turn me in your arms and I kiss. Still you weak from the orgasm, you’re holding me up. I see you snake one arm out around her and pull her in kissing her on the lips to taste me on her. Keeping your arms tight around us you pull us back to the table.

Once we reach the table, my legs are still shaking. You help her sit down in the seat across from where we were sitting. You pull me onto your lap, wrapping your arms around me. You finally turn the vibrator off. You reach down and remove it. Sitting it again on the silk handkerchief, you wrap it and slide it into your pocket.

Looking across the table you eye the blonde as I lay my head on your shoulder and lightly kiss your neck. She’s wearing a tightly laced corset top, a short tight skirt, and has her curly hair down around her shoulders. You whisper into my ear softly and I turn and nod to you, sliding from your lap to kneel in front of this lovely goddess of a woman. Sliding my hands up the inside of her calves I slowly massage her legs. Working my way up her legs, I caress her knees before sliding my hand up the inside of her thighs. Kissing slowly as I move up her legs, I reach the spot between her thighs. I place a soft kiss on her mound before looking up at her, my eye’s pleading. I feel her hand at the back of my head pulling me back to her sex again.

My tongue snakes out and licks up along her lips, teasing the soft bare flesh with the tip of my tongue. She moans softly, holding my head to her. She wraps her hand niğde escort into my hair and pulls me closer. Sliding my tongue between the warm moist folds, my tongue searches for the nub. Finding it I circle it with my tongue before sweeping up over the tip. Her hand tightens in my hair, I hear you move from you seat to stand behind me, lifting my skirt and rubbing my moist slit. Dipping my tongue down and back up along her sex, I move one hand up and slide a finger into her wetness as I feel you press the head of your cock against my opening.

Slowly you press yourself into me as I moan against her. Pushing yourself slowly deeper into me I feel your hand caress the length of my spine, my mouth continues licking and sucking on this beautiful blonde goddess before me. Sliding my finger in and out of her, her hips begin to move against my mouth and hand. Your hands grip my hips and slowly you begin pulling your hardness from my body. Whimpering against her, I slide another finger into her, her wetness coating my fingers, slicking them as I suck on her pussy lips. You start fucking me with short hard thrust; my moans grow in volume and intensity against her cunt as I continue fingering her. I hear you growl in pleasure as her wet warm hole clamps around my fingers and her juices flow from her to me. Feeling this and hearing you makes my pleasures intensify.

I pull my head from her and look over my shoulder, ‘Master, please may I?’

Your thrusts grow harder and faster as you meet my eyes’s and tell me, ‘Now.’ My cunt clenches your cock, spasming as my body collapses forward against the blonde, crying out in pleasure. Screaming out for you, my release hits. Your seed begins to spill from your cock, filling me up; you moan and lean forward against my back. Your mouth is at the blonde’s tit level, you reach out and wrap your lips around one of her nipples sucking as you finish.

Pulling your cock from me, you stand and pull me to my feet, wrapping your arms around me, kissing me hard on the mouth before leaning down and kissing her. ‘Thank you, you have made my pet’s birthday memorable,’ you say. She hands you a slip of paper with her number and name written on it. You smile to her as you take my hand and begin pulling me to the door. Passing a waste basket you toss the slip of paper away.

Arriving home you drawn a warm bath and begin undressing. Reaching out I undo the buttons of your shirt as you work on the button and zipper of your pants. You than turn me around so I am facing a mirror. Reaching around me you pinch my nipples softly smiling at me in the mirror. You undo the back clasp of my bra and pull it from my body, cupping my breast and massaging them lightly. ‘You did very well tonight my love. I couldn’t be prouder.’ You slide my skirt down over my hips and I step from it. You pull me to you kissing me. Grasping my hand you pull me to the tub and sit in it, helping me to sit in the tub with you, my head against your chest.

Slowly you begin washing my body. Pouring the liquid soap onto the wash cloth, you slowly wash my breasts, running the cloth across my breasts, around them, under them. You run the cloth down across my stomach, lower to my sex and slowly wash along my slit, the cloth rough against my clit. Your mouth kisses along my neck as you finish washing me. Helping me step from the tub, you wrap a towel around your waist. Reaching over and grabbing a second fluffy towel you dry me off before leading me naked from the bathroom to our bedroom. Pulling back the covers you help me into bed before walking around the bed and getting in. I curl against you; my hand on your chest, my hand on your stomach, draping a leg over yours as your arms comes around me holding me close to you. You kiss the top of my head as I thank you for my birthday present. Slowly we fall asleep together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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