a night to remember_(18)


A Night to Remember
(My Young Lovers)

It’s 10:00 p.m. I’m anxious and excited. I have been waiting so long for this night. My fingers tremble as I text you….”He’s out and I’m ready!’ As wait for your reply, I replay the last few months in my head.

All the sexual innuendo, the sex stories I texted you and the days that we both got so turned on that we just had to hook up somehow, someway. The pictures we sent that amazing cock you have! The night I picked you up and we drove and talked…teasing each other mercilessly. Until we couldn’t handle it anymore and had to touch and taste each other. The way you grabbed me and started kissing my mouth, the heat and the urgency your hands roaming my body. The electricity as you kissed my neck while rubbing my pussy through my pants. I told you how wet I was getting and how we had to stop or I would be late getting home. It was so hard to stop. The night of my meeting I picked you up and we parked at the park. I grabbed you by the shirt and pulled you to me, kissing you hard swirling my tongue with yours, teasing you rubbing your dick. Kissing and biting your neck softly whispering in your ear “Want me to suck you off?” You gently pinching my nipples through my shirt saying yes, as you slide your hand down my pants and slide your finger into me making me moan. God, I’m so wet and I want it so bad, you find that special spot and finger me harder and faster hitting my clit….I’m moaning and breathing hard and loving the feeling of your finger as I start to cum. I grab Sex hikayeleri your arm and pull your hand away, shove you against the seat and undo your pants. I am amazed at the size of your cock. It is the truly the best dick I have ever seen! I lightly lick up your shaft and down again, then kiss the head, softly tonguing around the ridge, you sigh and moan. I take the head in my mouth and suck slowly working my way down, always swirling my tongue. You taste awesome and I just want to make you cum. I use my hand at the same time as my mouth, sucking and tonguing and jacking you off at the same time. I know you won’t last long…all the sensations are too much for your young body to handle. Faster and faster I move deep throating then stroking and sucking. Your cock swells in my mouth and I feel your balls tense up. Your breathing is hard and fast and you whisper “Oh god” as you shoot a huge load of cum down my throat. I lightly lick you clean, giving you a gentle kiss on the head of your dick. I really have to go I’m late for my meeting. I drop you off. Get to my meeting and my husband gives me a huge kiss….wonder if he tasted you on my lips? You and I joke about it the next day.

11:00 and finally you reply, you say you have to be home at midnight. I text you back and tell you I’m hot, wet, freshly shaven, no bra, no panties…and have a bottle of wine already gone! You reply “I’ll be right over” Doesn’t take much with a young guy to motivate them! You come in the door and sit on the couch. I bluntly ask Sikiş hikayeleri you what you want. I don’t wait for your reply I straddle you and kiss you rubbing my cunt on your dick making you harder and harder. You pull my shirt down and suck on my tits causing me to me moan and throw my head back. I suck on your ear and whisper how I want to suck your cock and tell you how bad I want you to fuck me. With your hands on my tits and you stroking my nipples, I undo your belt and slide down your legs pulling your pants off. I grab your dick and slowly stroke it while I run my tongue along your balls, taking one in my mouth. I suck it and then lick up underneath and then take the other one in my mouth. I run my tongue up in between and then up your shaft, around the head and down the backside. Then I kiss and suck your shaft teasing you, not putting you all in my mouth just yet. I suck the head, you are grinding against my mouth, begging me to put it all in. I suddenly deep throat you and you gasp. You grab my hair and move my head up and down, fucking my mouth. I stop you telling you I don’t want you to cum yet, you still have to fuck me! I slowly put a condom on you, jacking you gently as I do. I slide your cock between my pussy lips rubbing you on my clit. The feeling is awesome, your hard cock between my lips, sliding back and forth, my pussy so wet. I put the head in, it’s a little tight. Still using my hand, I stroke you up and down with the head of your dick in my pussy. I slide down on your cock, you fill me Erotik hikaye completely, I move my hips back and forth, up and down. I feel the entire length of you almost touching my cervix. I lean back and ride you. You have one hand on my hip and your finger on my clit as I rock. It feels so great….I’m moaning and your breathing hard. My eyes closed, you slam into me I feel my pussy contracting and say “Oh yes, ahh I’m cumming” I tell you I want it doggy style. We move to the floor. I say I hope this doesn’t scare you and grab my favorite pink vibe. I get on my hands and knees, ass to you and you slide your dick in. It feels so good. I reach my hand between my legs and yours and stroke your balls each time you thrust, you love it. You start thrusting faster as I’m moaning, I turn on my vibe and rub it on my clit. You feel the vibrations on your dick and electricity is slamming through my cunt. I grind back to you harder and faster making myself cum again. I slow down and ask you if you’ve came yet. You say no. I make you stand up and take the rubber off and proceed to blow you again. One hand on your cock, the other holding your ass pushing your dick into my mouth. I suck you until you are groaning and moaning saying “I’m gonna cum, oh yeah I’m cumming.” I lick you clean. You pull up your pants and I get dressed. You say you have to go. I say “ok suck ya later!” Your buddy comes to get ya and I go out to the car with you.

I ask your buddy “ What’s this I hear about a threesome?” He says “I’m game” I say “Ok, but it’ll have to be some other night!”

Fifteen minutes later I get a text. “You still up? Want me to come back over?” It’s your buddy! “Sure!” I say.

But that’s another story!

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