A Party To Remember Ch. 02

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Angela White

~~~~~~Part I – The Offer~~~~~~

He watched his precious slut as she walked around the room, being the hostess at another of his parties. She seemed confidant, at ease with herself, with her place in his house, and in his heart. She was so different than the shy, demure woman he had taken into his life just a little over a year ago.

She had been in a rotten marriage for 20 years before her husband left her for another woman. She hadn’t dated in high school or college, and her husband had been her first and only love.

He smiled to himself as he remembered how she blushed crimson when she revealed she had been a virgin until two weeks before her 29th birthday. She had been so embarrassed but so forthcoming with any information he asked of her.

The moment he met her, he knew she was going to be his. He just had to take his time. He didn’t want to scare her. She was like a deer in the headlights. She was frightened of men and ready to bolt if approached too quickly.

He had been the one to hire her, and the moment he shook her hand hello, and she looked down and blushed, he knew. She instinctively called him Sir. The first month they worked together he spent just trying to gain her trust. He loved to hear her laugh. Her face lit up when she smiled, and so did his heart.

He was shocked when he found out she was 49 years old. She looked like she was in her mid 30’s. She didn’t wear make-up, and her face was fresh and unlined. She was a little plump by some people’s standards, but he loved her curves.

Her laughter brought him back to the present. He focused and saw her talking with another submissive, Kandi, who was an old friend of his and had become a confidant to her. She had come so far in just over a year.

His little slut had her hard limits, and he wouldn’t push her on them, well, most of them. He chuckled to himself as he remembered how he had sort of cajoled her into making the decision to be pierced. He knew it was something she was forcing herself to deny, and he just kind of gave her a little help in admitting what she really wanted. He didn’t feel guilty about it, well, maybe a tiny bit. But it had been a pleasurable night for them, and nothing but pleasure ever since.

As time had gone by, the hard limits were falling by the wayside. When they first discussed her limits, she hadn’t wanted him to touch her ass, but that was the first to go. In their second week together, after licking her tight little rosebud, she begged him to stick his tongue inside. From there, it really wasn’t any time at all before she was asking him to please fuck her in the ass.

There was only one of her limits left that he really cared about her shedding. He was deep in thought when she came to his side and kneeled obediently next to his chair. He looked down at her and gently stroked her hair. “Are the guests happy pet?”

She looked up at him, and he could read everything in her eyes, her love, her devotion. “Yes Master, but they are all wondering why you’ve asked them here.”

He watched her intently, knowing she was wondering why as well. He hadn’t said a word to her about what what was going to happen tonight. He certainly hoped it wasn’t going to backfire. He smiled at her, and when his eyes met hers, he knew it would all work as he had planned.

He walked to the middle of the large room and stood there quietly until his friends noticed him. They knew there was something important going on, they just didn’t know what it was yet. The Masters and Mistresses took their seats, their submissives kneeling silently near them.

As he looked around the room, he realized what good friends he had. They had been with him through good and bad. They were there for him when his first collared submissive asked to be released, and he was too naive to realize it had been his fault. They had taught him to be more responsible, stronger, and confidant in his own abilities. That’s why it was so important to him that they be here now. tekirdağ escort

“Friends, I’ve asked you all here to share in something very special. I’ve known most of you since I found this lifestyle, and you’ve helped me through the bad, and shared the good. I want to share something wonderful with you.” He looked to his precious little slut and motioned for her to come to him.

She immediately walked to him and gracefully dropped to her knees at his feet. She had no idea what was happening and hoped she wouldn’t embarrass him. His hand stroked her jaw as he tilted her face to look up at him. He could feel the love emanating from her, he knew she wouldn’t disappoint him.

“Lynn, you have truly pleased me as you’ve progressed in your training this last year. I know that you would willingly do anything that I ask. Tonight, I will ask for the one thing that you had told me you could never do. Until now, I hadn’t been concerned about it, but now it has become an issue for me.”

She was stunned as she looked into his eyes for what he could possibly be talking about. What was it? She couldn’t think. Her brain was muddled as she tried to remember. What did she tell him she could never do?. Fuck her in the ass? She had begged for it. Piercing? She had multiple rings in her flesh since the last party. Whatever it was, if she refused was he going to release her?

For the first time since he had closed his training collar around her neck, she had fear in her eyes, and her heart. What would she do without him? She couldn’t even picture her life without Master. She looked up into his eyes, pleading silently with him.

He looked down at her and smiled. His smile relaxed her, and the fear left her face. She still had no idea what it was, but she already could tell that he had faith in her. If he had faith, then she would too. She squared her shoulders and looked up into his face, waiting for whatever test he had for her.

He looked into her eyes and stroked her cheek. Neither of them were aware of the others in the room, only each other. “On the day we went over our contract, and you checked off your hard limits, I knew that some of them would be discarded over time. And you have pleased me with each one.”

Her heart swelled with love for him as he looked into her eyes and held her chin. Being at his feet was where she wanted, no, needed to be. No matter what he said her task would be, she would do it. She could feel the moisture beginning to accumulate between her legs.

Looking down at her face, he felt a need for her that he had never felt before. He’d had many submissives, but none that had brought him to this point in his life. He could feel his cock straining to break free. He smiled to himself knowing it would just be a matter of time now. He had to control himself and his needs for the moment. Not much longer.

The room was silent as they watched each other intently, their love and desire for all present to see.

“Lynn, you had listed as your hardest limit, being permanently marked. You had said it was partly the pain that was involved, but also, you felt it dehumanizing, to mark someone like an animal.”

He had to move. He couldn’t stand over here for another second. He wanted to grab her in his arms and not let her go. Would his words scare her? Would she want to run? He had to let her go if that’s how she felt. He couldn’t try to persuade her one way or another. It had to be her choice.

As he walked around her, he watched her face intently. She was biting her lip. He knew that meant she was thinking.

“Lynn, I have never given a formal collar to any of my submissives. I never felt the same as I feel about you. I am offering you my collar, but if you accept, I will also mark you as I see fit, as mine, my property. You will have no choice in the manner, placement, or design. If you wish time to consider, I understand.”

He watched her intently. As far as he was concerned, there wasn’t another trabzon escort person in the room, only her. He could hear her heart beating, and it beat in perfect rhythm with his.

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. For a moment he thought she was going to say no. But then her smile filled her face, and he felt his heart leap with joy. “Master, I accept your offer, with all my heart, my soul, my love, and undying devotion. I have never been more sure of anything in my entire life.”

He grabbed her wrists, lifting her easily to her feet, swept her into his arms and hugged her as tightly as he could. She was crying with happiness. He was laughing as his friends came up to slap him on the back and congratulate his lovely submissive on having such a wise Master to keep her to himself.

~~~~~~Marking his slut~~~~~~

She never moved as she watched the preparations for her marking. Her heart fluttered in her chest. She didn’t think it would happen this fast. She expected at least to have some time to digest what was going to happen. But after the congratulations were over, and the champagne glasses drained, he swiftly walked away, calling her to heel.

They walked into the room, and she saw Master Kevin standing near the table. She started shaking uncontrollably. As her Master did the piercings for everyone in their group, Master Kevin did the brandings. Her face went white, but she carefully knelt where her Master pointed, and waited patiently.

He watched her carefully, worried about the fear he could see. He had to ask. “Baby, if you want to change your mind, I’ll understand.” He held his breath.

“Master, I am ready to carry your mark forever.” She smiled up at him and took a deep breath to steady herself.

“My precious little slut, you have made me so happy. Now strip and get your pretty little butt up on this table so no one tries to steal you before I get you branded.”

She laughed at her Master, who knew how to calm her fears, then slowly, removed her clothes. She had never been nude in front of Master Kevin, but knew it didn’t matter. Master was there with her and she was safe.

Her Master pointed to the table, and she laid down on her stomach and tried to steady her breathing as he strapped her down. She tested the bindings and found she couldn’t move at all. She was firmly bound to the table. She couldn’t run now even if she had wanted to.

Master surprised her by producing a blindfold and slipping it over her eyes. She breathed a huge sigh, relaxing every muscle. She hadn’t realized how tense she had become. She concentrated on breathing slowly and regularly, willing herself to let go of the tension.

He smiled when he heard her sigh. The blindfold always helped her though her fears, blindfolds and bondage. He stroked her hair and spoke soothingly to her. “I am so proud of you little one.”

She moaned as his hands slid over her body, helping to calm her further. She heard a click and the table started to move, bending her in half at the waist and now her legs were perpendicular to the floor, her body parallel. She felt her Master’s hands massaging her body, and she moaned, feeling herself respond to his familiar touch.

She was suddenly startled by his tongue gently lapping at her pussy. She hadn’t realized how wet she was until she heard the sound of her juices being sucked in by her Master. Her thinking became muddled as she forgot what she was here for. Her thought was focused on the heat emenating from her cunt. “Ohhhh yes Master, please, please let your slut cum for you.”

He smiled from underneath her. “Not yet you greedy little slut. Not yet. You have a long way to go.” He continued his minstrations to her pussy and motioned to Kevin to begin his work.

Kevin cleaned the area on her hip thoroughly and surprised Lynn for a moment when he laid the cold metal on her skin. He wanted to be sure of the placement before he heated his implements.

Her Master felt sivas escort her muscles tense and slid his tongue over her clit to distract her. She almost forgot her training and came right then but forced herself to hold back. His hands caressed her ass while he continued to drink from her well. She couldn’t believe how hot she was, how much she needed him to fuck her.

He was watching Kevin closely, wanting to know the exact moments to keep her attention focused on him, and not the iron. He felt her tense again when the propane torch fired up. He savored the taste of her utter submission to him as he watched the molded iron turn red hot.

Kevin held the first brand close to her skin to place it perfectly, so close she could already feel the heat. But her Master had turned up the heat on her clit and was steering her perfectly towards an orgasm.

His mouth left her cunt long enough to whisper. “Cum for me my little slut, cum for your Master.” And with the iron touched to her skin for a few seconds, she felt the searing heat as her Master brought her over the edge, She bucked against her bonds, every muscle firing as she screamed in pain, and in absolute pleasure.

Her body’s spasming continued for several minutes, Master never taking his cool hands off her body. She trembled uncontrollably, never having experienced anything like that before, her body striving to regain control. There was no pain in her hip. The nerves had burned away.

She felt his words in her brain as he spoke to her. “I love you baby, its almost over, I promise.”

Almost? Wasn’t that it? She laid there, feeling like she was floating out of her body. And then she felt it. She felt him, sliding his cock into her depths. She moaned as he filled her. Trying to move with him, it took her a second to remember she was tightly bound to the table.

He tried to control himself. God she was tight around him, tighter than normal he thought to himself. He slid slowly in and out. Letting her become accustomed to his movements. Kevin watched, waiting for the signal to continue.

“Mmmmm, oh Master, your cock feels so good. Please fuck me harder Master, please, fuck your slut.”

He grinned as he drove his cock in and out, again trying to time things so she had the maximum pleasure at just the right moment. He knew her body so well, and this was the ultimate test of his knowledge. He looked at Kevin and nodded.

Kevin readied the second iron, and held it steady over her skin. She felt the heat as her Master quickened his pace. And then he drove himself hard and deep into her cunt and commanded her. “Cum baby, cum hard for me NOW.”

He held her tight, his cock buried deep as she started cumming, just as hard if not harder than the last orgasm, maybe harder than in her entire life, just as the iron came down on her pale skin. Again, a white hot, searing pain as her pleasure hit heights she had never felt before. She could hear her Master encouraging her.

“That’s it baby, cum hard, cum for me, cum for me.”

She couldn’t stop, she couldn’t breath, she couldn’t think, she couldn’t move. All she could do was feel, his cock buried in her pussy, her clit throbbing, and then she felt him start to shoot his seed deep inside her and she soared to even greater heights. She was dizzy from the feeling. She never wanted it to end.

She gasped for air as her heart pounded in her chest. Her Master slowly pulled from her, and she felt their combined fluids dripping down her thighs. She strained to hear him. She felt him first, stroking her face, licking the tears from her face as he removed the blindfold.

“I love you my greedy little slut.” He smiled at her. She had never felt so loved and adored in her life. She knew she was exactly where she belonged. He kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth, claiming her tongue as he had just claimed the rest of her body.

She heard Kevin as he moved around the room. The laptop computer was on a table in front of her face. She recognized the webcam feature and was confused at first until she realized she was looking at her freshly branded skin.

The stylized “M” and “P” were perfectly placed. Anyone seeing the brand would know she belonged to Master Paul.

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