A Quickie

Big Tits

She crossed the room silently, reaching up and placing her hands on my head, pulling my lips down to hers. We kissed softly, sweetly. Our lips caressed each other and then our tongues, mutually, sought each other. It was a soft caress, but the heat generated was no mere warmth. It was like a flame and suddenly we had our arms around each other, holding on to each other as the passion swept through us. Our kiss had deepened and I was no longer conscious of anything except the feel of her body in my arms, the press of her bosom against me, and the stroke of her tongue on mine.

The kiss broke hesitantly and we both sighed. I smiled and she grinned. Despite the desire that was flowing through me I chuckled at her devilish grin. I pulled her close and whispered into her ear, “Wow, that was…”

“I know,” she answered just as softly.

She nuzzled closer and kissed the hollow of my neck. Then she softly licked up to my Adam’s apple. “Kisses like those don’t come along that often.” I grunted agreement as I closed my eyes and enjoyed her kisses on my neck. I buried my face in her soft hair. Her hair had a scent that was at once familiar but somehow strange as well. Vanilla I thought.

Her fingers twisted the hair on the back of my head as she separated a little to look me in the eye. Her face was flushed and I could see the beat of her heart under the skin of her neck. I didn’t even think, I just moved my face so I could kiss that pulse. She sighed as I did what she had just done to me. Then I slightly nipped her.

She yelped in surprise, and then snapped, “No marks, or else buster.” Her eyes sparkled belying her sharp words.

I grinned and kissed her lips again. Once more we melted into each other. I could feel her hands on my shoulders holding me tight. I caressed her back sliding my hands down to her waist. My fingers crossed the short hem and touched her hot bare skin.

Leslie broke away from me but didn’t let go. Her left hand slid down my arm and grabbed my hand. She smiled at me and took a step away pulling me in her wake. She led me away from the living room and down the hall to her bed room. She pulled me in and then turned to shut the door.

I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her pulling her close. My erection was hard and I know she could feel it against her ass. I kissed her neck and she swayed a bit, settling her ass against my member. My hands lightly ran across her stomach and then worked their eskort bayan bursa way up. Leslie didn’t stop me, she just sighed happily and one hand came up and caressed my scalp though my hair while the other hand leaned against the door for support.

Just as my hands reached her bra-clad boobs, Leslie turned and pulled me down for another soul-searing kiss. We took a step backwards, then another, and then my legs bumped against her bed. I nearly lost my balance, but recovered though it broke the kiss. Leslie giggled and then stepped away from me so I couldn’t touch her.

“Sit,” she ordered, grinning.

I slowly sat down, mystified. It had taken us weeks to get to this point. Now what?

“I’ll be back in a moment,” Leslie said, grabbing a towel off a shelf near the door. She opened the door, said, “Don’t start without me,” and closed the door leaving me alone in her room.

I sighed and lay back on the bed, my feet still on the floor. Leslie was driving me crazy. Of course this was nothing new, but my cock was truly aching, throbbing with the need for relief. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something, anything, other than Leslie. Easier said than done I quickly discovered. I slid up on to her bed, kicking off my shoes. As I lay my head down on her pillow I smelled the vanilla scent of her hair.

What was taking her so long? I heard the door open and I opened my eyes to look at Leslie. Gone was the pseudo-Goth chick, the tough street child she liked to mimic. Leslie was now wearing a black fishnet body suit, French cut up over her hips, with a plunging neckline that enhanced her cleavage. Leslie smiled at me and I returned her smile, my penis now several times harder than it had been a few minutes ago. She turned and grabbed a lighter from her desk. Then she moved around the room, lighting small candles. The candles illuminated the room in a soft warm yellow light.

Leslie paused, then turned and went to the corner and bent over. My breath caught in my throat. The back of the body suit was thong style, and the way she bent it pulled the strap between her ass cheeks up into her crotch. The strap neatly separated her labia majora. She had no hair on that part of her genitals. Leslie looked between her legs and saw me staring. I colored and looked away.

“Hey, I’m wearing this for you. You had better look. I want you to,” she said.

My gaze returned to her legs and what I could see between those altıparmak escort legs. Leslie finished lighting that last candle then straightened up, turned around, and came towards me. She tossed the lighter over haphazardly on the desk.

Then she was on the bed, slithering up my body. I wished I had taken the time to undress while Leslie had been gone. Leslie kissed me and we cuddled together on her bed, lying side by side.

When we came up for air, she said huskily, “You are wearing too many clothes sweetie.” I chuckled, and she smiled, then said, “So c’mon! I want to see some skin!”

I blushed, but moved to the edge of the bed and stood up. I pulled my polo shirt off and dropped it not bothering to keep track of where it went. Leslie had rolled over so she was facing me and her fingers were busy unbuckling my belt.

I watched her deftly pull the leather through the buckle and she smiled, looking up at me, “You were going too slowly,” she said. She unbuttoned my jeans and then slid the jeans down over my hips to my knees. She moved closer and I felt her breath on my penis through my underwear.

“I like your smell,” she whispered and then her fingers hooked over the elastic of my underwear and slowly pulled them down. My cock popped out, ready to play, bumping her on the bottom of her chin. She giggled and pushed the underwear down. Then with one hand she grabbed my butt and pulled me closer. She buried her nose in the pubic hair over my penis and inhaled. “You smell like ‘Man.’” She leaned back and smiled up at me.

“That’s a good thing I think,” I replied.

“Oh yes,” she said. Her tongue came out and its pink tip ran across her upper lip. “A very good thing.” She leaned forward again and kissed the head of my penis. It throbbed in response.

She looked up at me and with desire plainly in her eyes, opened her mouth and with her tongue, corralled my cock and pulled in between her lips. I caught my breath as she closed her mouth around my cock’s head and she lightly sucked. Her eyes sparked as she saw the effect this was having on me.

She looked back down at my crotch and pulled away. Her hand came up and stoked my penis. A drop of pearly liquid oozed out of my cock and Leslie used the tip of her tongue to catch it and smear it around the bulbous head of my cock. She looked up at me and the slowly slid her mouth down my penis. I moaned as my cock went deeper and deeper into bursa türbanlı escort her mouth. Leslie had to stop when it hit the back of her throat, but she had taken about three fourths of it into her mouth. She exhaled and then sucked, applying suction as she pulled her head back. My knees almost buckled at this and unconsciously my hand came up to caress her dark red hair.

Leslie pulled back until only the head of my cock was still in her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock, then propping its underside, at that very sensitive spot. Then with a quick motion, the suction of her mouth intensified and Leslie’s head moved back towards me, my penis sliding smoothly into her throat. This time she took the entire nine inches in. No one had ever done that to me that quickly before. Usually a girl who tried to deep throat me gags, complains, and then finally gives up. I closed my eyes relishing the tightness of her throat. Leslie was breathing deeply, but steadily, through her nose. Then she swallowed and it felt as if a velvet vice had wrapped itself around my dick and hugged it as hard as it could.

I felt the stirrings of an orgasm coming and coming quick.

“Leslie,” I tried to said, but nothing came out.

I tried again, “Leslie.” This time I made sound, it was a hoarse voice, roughed by desire and need, and I barely recognized it as my own. “Baby, you pushing me towards the edge. Slow down.”

Leslie shook her head as best she could with my cock buried to the hilt in her throat. Then she pulled back, pulling a stream of spittle between the cock’s head and her lips. She licked it free then said to me, “Good. I want you to come in my mouth. I want to feel you come, taste your cum, hold you as you shoot down my throat.” Her words were having the predictable effect. She smiled wickedly and then started to swallow my cock again. This time she took about half of in, pulled back, then pushed forward so another inch more sank in, pulled back and then slid all the way forward, burying her nose in my pubic hair.

I groaned as the cum built up inside of me. I tried to hold it back but the magic Leslie was creating with her mouth was just too much. I clenched my hands, trying not to hold her head on me. I felt the sperm rise and I groaned as I started to spurt. It felt as if every muscle in my body went taut and I rose up on my tip toes.

The next thing I remember is lying face down on the bed, Leslie lying beside me, caressing my back, tracing designs in the perspiration that had popped up when I had my orgasm. She chuckled and bent forward, tracing my ear with her tongue. Then she whispered, “I take it that you enjoyed that?” The laughter was in her voice and it was all I could do to nod.

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