A Romp in the Car Outside Home

Hello Folks,

I am Sameer!

Let me begin by saying that this a true story, one of the numerous experiences that I have had with multiple women in my life.

Ayesha! She is my soulmate and you can say a friend with benefits. Sex with her has always been fun and pleasurable, especially because of the variety that she adds.

She is a beautiful woman, stands 5’3″ tall with a 34B-28-38 stats. Her derriere is the most enticing part of her that makes me want to squeeze her at any given opportunity.

One day, my wife was out of town for official work, and kids were away. I decided to go for a drive and the next thing I knew I ended close to Ayesha’s place like all roads lead to her place.

She did not have a clue about my arrival, and she gave me the look of shock. She, and her husband had just started their weekly partying, the food was spread all over the table. I sat with them and enjoyed a couple of beers too.

The evening passed and quickly turned into the night. As the midnight struck, Ayesha and her husband retired to bed in one room, and I took the kids room.

Although, there were numerous occasions that we have had sex before, I wasn’t expecting it tonight since it was her house and husband beside her.

At around 1 am, while I was fast asleep, she sneakily came into my room and woke me up. There was a naughty smile on her escort bayan face that told me, she was in the mood.

She slid her hand into my jeans and started stroking my dick, it quickly came to life smelling of the opportunity. Both of us were definitely scared of getting caught, but that sort of gave us an extra kick, an adrenaline rush.

The dick that sprang to life quickly went into her mouth, she gobbled it up and licked it up like there was no tomorrow. I was about to cum when I asked her to stop.

I said “let’s go downstairs”, and she was all game for it. We slowly sneaked out of the room by the stairs and stopped at the end of it. Fucking on the stairs has been our favorite pastime since a long time.

I made her lie down with her back on the stairs, pulled her leggings down swiftly along with her underwear. The undies were wet with the juices, I love the aroma of her juices. I put my thumb on her clit and playing with it, with the other hand I took my erect dick and started slapping it on her wet cunt. The stimulation got her high and she was begging me to enter her.

I love to tease her. Next I know is that I buried my face into her pussy, she caught her breath for a moment. My tongue swirled inside her love hole, licking up all the juices that flowed. I began to write alphabets with my tongue, that’s the best feeling altıparmak escort bayan she ever has, the tease gave her an all time high and she was about to cum, while I stopped.

She cursed me calling me a ‘bastard’!

But that’s how I treat my girl, I wait for her to get the best orgasm, ever. I never give her an easy orgasm.

I turned her around and entered her in doggy style. We feared that the noise of my thighs slapping against her butt would wake her husband up, so we stopped. We went up and checked on him, he was in deep sleep, snoring.

We closed the room door and came downstairs. Being the adventure freak she is, she said “let’s go for a drive”, I was like “what the fuck!”

We took the car keys and sat in the car. The car would be visible from the room her husband was sleeping. We started the car and parked in the next street, which was a dead end.

She was so in the nood that she didnt wait for me to stop the car, she unzipped the jeans as I drove and took my dick into her mouth. I simply love the way she brings it to life. As I sat in the driver’s seat, she gave me a blowhob while enjoying the taste of her owj juices in her mouth. The thing I love about her is that she is never hesitant of the odour or the taste of it. In a few moments, the jeans went all the way down and I pulled nilüfer eskort my seat back.

She moved in on me on the driver’s seat to sit on my lap. The lips got locked and the tongues explored each other, deeply. My arms encircled her waist and I pulled her close to me as she grinded her crotch against mine. Her pussy was oozing of juices and my dick was fighting hard not to enter her.

I slid my hands from her waist down to explore her asshole. As the juiced flowed, I lubed my finger with the juices and slid my finger up her ass.

She wanted me, desperately!

Suddenly, a vehicle approached the car with flashing lights, we feared if it was the night patrol police. She was still grinding her pussy against my dick and my finger was deep in her ass.

I slid the seat back and we both lay flat on the seat so that they would not see us, fortunately the night was dark and the street lights weren’t that bright.

As the vehicle passed, she slid down and took my cock into her pussy. She gyrated her hips as the hormones drove her into a bombastic orgasm. I wasn’t quite far away, shot my cum deep inside her as I pulled her hips to cum deeper inside of her. We never use a condom since we know each other’s sexual history.

We lay on each other exhausted, enjoying the flood of juices and the hormones inside of us. We breathed each others breath and it felt like heaven. It was a mix of lust, desire and love.

As I went limp, we pulled up our clothes and went back inside home. We quickly sneaked into different rooms and went to sleep.

We woke up the next day and behaved like friends, as if nothing ever had happened last night.

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