A Special Afternoon With Mom And Amanda


Mom walked into my bedroom naked and said, “Let us take a bath and get ready for a special afternoon.”We went into the bathroom where the tub was already full of warm water and bubbles. I got in and mom got in with me and leaned back with my hard cock between us. I reached around and with my warm soapy hands, I began to fondle her sexy large breasts and enjoyed the feel of her nipples.I took my time soaping her from top to bottom. She stood in front of me and had her pussy right in my face.She then said, “I want you to shave my pussy and ass completely smooth, along with my legs.”I replied, “No problem will you also do me, so we are both nice and smooth for the ladies.”She looked at me, “So you want to have the same experience as last time?”I replied, “Yes, it was an extremely hot and erotic afternoon, and I enjoyed the experience. I look forward to being dominated again.”Mom said, “Amanda, will be happy to hear that you are coming with me. She had asked if you would be joining me this afternoon.”Mom continued, “I will be dressing you specially for the afternoon. You will already have black thigh-high lace stockings and I have a garter belt for you. I have some very sexy thong panties and an incredibly beautiful gown for you to wear. Since you will be treated like a lady, you will dress like one.”She was smiling as she held my gaziantep manken escort cock and was shaving my cock and my balls. She had me bend over and spread my ass cheeks to make sure my ass was also shaved smooth.We got out of the bathtub and dried each other off. Mom and I went into her bedroom to finish getting dressed. She put on her black lace thigh-high stockings and attached them to her garter belt. She then helped me into my black lace thigh-high stockings and garter belt.We both put on matching black lace thong panties.Mom said, “We do not need to put a bra on either of us since we will be removing them, in just a little while.”With that, she went to her closet, where she had bought a gown for me to wear this afternoon. It was an incredibly beautiful gown and was red in color. There was a slit on the side up to my hip. It matched mom’s gown which was a deep red color.She then applied makeup to herself. She had me sit as she put makeup on me.She said, “It makes you look very hot and sexy in that gown.”I could tell that she was getting excited about this afternoon as her nipples were hard and poking at the top of her gown.Mom put on her black high heels, and then gave me some flat shoes that were also black.She said, “Later on if you keep coming with gaziantep masaj yapan escort me and enjoy being dominated, I will teach you to walk in high heels.”I had to admit to myself that I did not look half bad, except for the bulge that was showing in my gown from my hard and erect cock.We went out to the car, and I held the door for mom to get in and then we headed for that special farmhouse on the outside of town.As we pulled up, I saw a lady friend of my mom and her sexy daughter who was about my age going in the front door of the house.I parked the car and we also walked up to the door, holding hands and kissing just before we got to the front door. Amanda opened the door to greet us, giving mom a long and passionate kiss. As she did she also reached up and squeezed her breast and smiled.“I see you brought back someone very special to join us this afternoon.”, said Amanda with a big smile.She then grabbed me and gave me a long passionate kiss as her tongue slid into my mouth, searching for my tongue.She took both of our hands and said, “I am going to put you two in the special room to strip down and remember to keep your shoes and stockings on. Please remove all other clothing.”Amanda also said, “I have the agreements you signed last week. gaziantep masöz escort I will be back to take you down to the playroom. Remember you both are now our subs and will do as you are instructed and when.”We went into the room and mom was the first to remove her gown and then helped me out of my beautiful gown. I reached over and slowly slid mom’s thong off as she removed the thong panties that I was wearing.Amanda came into the room with latex in her arms. She handed one to mom and then gave me another.Amanda commented, “Today is your lucky day as both of you will be our submissive but, you will have to be in latex this afternoon.”Amanda offered to help dress mom first and then help me dress. I watched as she was dressing mom and getting her into the very tight latex body suit. I did sneak a peek of Amanda’s sexy-looking ass the one time she bent over and noticed that she did not have anything on other that her thigh-high stockings and a garter belt.She had mom stand after she got it up to her hips. Mom stood up and then I helped pull the latex past her hips and we both squeezed mom’s breasts into the suit or out of it depending on how you looked at it.The latex body suit was designed to expose mom’s pussy and ass. Then there was an opening to let her large sexy breasts come through the latex and we got mom’s head into the suit and stuffed her hair inside and zipped it up.Mom had a round opening just big enough for a cock or dildo. The eyes were open as well as two little holes to breathe through. After mom was in her suit, Amanda turned her attention to me. As she worked to slide the legs up, I looked down her gown and admired her beautiful breasts and how sexy her nipples looked as she did not have a bra on.

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