A Trip To Remember


the daydream beginning after.. Her thoughts began to race.. and ending with… Her own breath was quickening as his fingers inched closer and closer to her private region.

What the hell else could go wrong screamed through her mind as she glared blankly at her monitor? The mesmerizing starfield screen saver had replaced her charts but she continued to stare…

“Stephanie, Stephanie!” Marsha called out with a hand waving wilding in the air, “Over here! Over here!”

They agreed ahead of time that if they should get separated at the security check point they would just meet-up at the gate. With all the terrorist threats, security guards were no longer tolerant of people loitering in airline terminals.

Stephanie was slowly making her way through the oncoming tidal wave of passengers. She felt as if she were paddling against a raging tide with her carry-on reluctantly in tow.

“Where are all these crazy people coming from?” Stephanie asked with a frazzled look as she finally reached her friend and co-worker at the gate.

“Who knows? Who cares?” Marsha answered with a big toothy smile. “We’re out-of-here for seven days and I don’t wanna hear about work, home, kids or husbands. Deal?”

“Deal!” Stephanie answered with a wink.

“Good grief girl friend!” Marsha gasped looking to the large bag half-hidden behind Stephanie. “I thought we agreed to travel light?”

“Well, I have this one project I need to finish.” Stephanie confessed before lowering her head.

“NOOOOO!” Marsha screamed out with a reddening face.

A multitude of bodies turned towards them, including a security guard.

“What’s the problem here?” The muscular uniformed man demanded.

“Oh nothing.” Stephanie answered stepping in front of Marsha.

The crowd was dispersing as Stephanie over-flowed with information about their flight and eventual cruise out of Miami.

Marsha stood there in silence, angry at Stephanie for bringing work along on their much needed ‘girls only’ vacation.

Stephanie was still flirting with the handsome security guard when the flights pre-boarding was announced.

“Well, you two ladies have a safe flight and a great cruise.” The friendly guard said before turning to leave.

In all her excitement Stephanie had forgotten about her carry-on. When she turned to retrieve it, it was gone.

“Oh my God!” She screamed out. “Where’s my bag? My ID? My money?”

She and Marsha frantically surveyed the adjacent area but her carry-on was no where in sight.

Hurriedly the security guard wrote down all the information Stephanie could give him about her baggage including her phone number and address as the last boarding call was announced.

“Don’t worry Ma’am. Get on your plane. I’ll do what I can to locate your luggage. Here’s my card. Call me when you get back in town.” He said with a smile ushering Stephanie off.

She looked at the card while dashing toward the empty boarding area.

“Thank you Darnell!” Stephanie called back as the agent closed the door behind her.

Once on the plane Stephanie found Marsha half way down the aisle, seated on the left by the window. Lucky for them the middle seat in their row was vacant so they had some comfortable distance between them.

“Don’t say it Marsha!” Stephanie warned adding a nervous chuckle as she settled into her seat.

Marsha just grinned before turning to look out the window.

Little did Stephanie know… while she was flirting with the sexy security guard Marsha briefly slipped away with her carry-on, removing Stephanie’s ID and money before taking it to the desk asking to have it sent downstairs for Stephanie’s husband to retrieve later!

Nothing was going to spoil this vacation!

The short flight to Florida was uneventful. Marsha cuddled silently up to the window closing her eyes. Stephanie was quiet; upset at her baggage having been stolen and wondering if Marsha was still angry with her for trying to bring work on their vacation. The last thing she wanted to hear out of Marsha right now was, “That’s what you get for bringing it.”

It troubled Stephanie to think of her laptop with all the sensitive information on it in the hands of a stranger! She closed her eyes envisioning that handsome security guard as she clutched his card in her hand.

“Darnell…” whispered in her mind.

What a sexy name for one sexy guy. He could have been Denzel Washington’s twin. He looked just like him!

Her thoughts began to race…

Darnell was standing on her doorstep returning her carry-on.

“Oh you found it! How can I ever thank you? Come on in. You can leave it here in the foyer.” Stephanie said softly in her seductive voice while standing aside to allow him entry. “I can get it upstairs later.” She added coyly.

“Nonsense!” He insisted heading towards the staircase with her luggage in hand. “Just tell me where you want it and I’ll put it there.”

The muscles beneath his tight black shirt were bulging and his pants were snug showing off his pumped thighs.

Stephanie kuşadası escort watched almost speechless as his nice round ass rocked from side to side in those snug jeans.

Darnell stopped at the base of the stairs turning as Stephanie almost collided into him.

“Where to Stephanie?” He asked with a grin.

Stephanie was melting inside as she stammered out a reply.

“Top of stairs… bedroom… on right.” She answered with a girlish giggle.

“Not a problem.” He sighed mounting the stairs two at a time like a flighty gazelle!

Stephanie scurried up the stairs trying to catch up.

Darnell was all the way inside her bedroom as she reached her doorway.

“Right here okay?” He asked setting down the bag as he looked around the room. “Your bedroom’s awesome.” He commented before looking to the corner seeing a bow flex machine. “You work-out Stephanie?” He asked with added enthusiasm.

“My hu… actually I just got it.” She corrected herself as her cheeks began to flush.

“They’re great! I have one myself.” He added walking towards it. “I’m actually a personal trainer and masseuse. I just took the security job at the airport while I build up my clientele.”

Stephanie could not believe her ears. Her Doctor recently suggested she find a good masseuse and personal trainer. Was this her lucky day or what?

“Let me give you a demonstration?” He asked guiding Stephanie over to her bed.

“What are you doing?” Stephanie demanded with nervous excitement.

“Well, whenever possible you should start with a good warm-up. Get those muscles limber. Let’s start with a massage.” He answered confidently.

Reluctantly Stephanie slid onto her stomach on the edge of the bed while her thoughts raced illicitly, envisioning him standing naked behind her. Her heart was pounding as his strong hands grasped her shoulders firmly.

An excited moan escaped her sealed lips as her eyes closed in anticipation.

Slowly he mulled the tense muscles across her shoulder blades.

“Relax this is supposed to feel good. You’re still all tense.” He leaned forward now whispering. “Just let go Baby. I promise I’ll make ya feel real good.”

Stephanie felt his warm breath on the nape of her neck and his hardness pressing into her outer thigh… before his talented fingers began working up and down her body.

Her sex was tingling as his strong hands massaged in and out, back and forth, up and down her legs. She could smell his faint manly scent as he worked up a sweat while his talented hands moved methodically over her quivering body. Her own breath was quickening as his fingers inched closer and closer to her private region.

A loud ‘ping’ startled Stephanie from her daydream.

“Please fasten your seatbelts, lock your trays and bring your seats to their upright positions. We will be landing in Fort Lauderdale shortly. Thank you.” sounded over the intercom.

Stephanie with a flushed face took a deep breath before following the attendant’s instructions.

Marsha was adjusting in her seat looking over to her friend. She really wanted to let Stephanie stew about her bag until they were out-to-sea but she knew Stephanie needed her paperwork to board the cruise ship…

“Enjoy the flight?” Marsha asked with her pixie grin.

Still in the thralls of arousal Stephanie answered with only a twisted smile.

By the time the two had disembarked Stephanie was once again agitated over her loss at Dulles Airport.

“Don’t even say it!” Stephanie warned again as they stepped onto the flat escalator in the terminal. She felt naked without her luggage.

Marsha was annoyed at Stephanie’s attitude but just smiled trying to prolong Stephanie’s punishment as long as possible.

When they reached the baggage claim area Stephanie’s cell phone began ringing while she plucked Marsha’s luggage off the carousel.

Marsha’s heart began pounding. She hoped it wasn’t Keith calling to ask why he was summoned to the airport for his wife’s carry-on!

Frowning Stephanie pulled the phone out of her jacket. Looking at the displayed number she sighed. “Already? What the hell does he want?” Groaning under her breath she just shut it off before tucking it back inside her pocket.

Marsha breathed a sigh of relief before thanking Stephanie for retrieving her luggage for her.

The short burly attendant, who had been standing close-by watching their every move, asked if they needed assistance.

“We’re going on the Carnival Cruise today.” Stephanie offered.

“Well then. Your shuttle is already waiting at the curb.” He answered while boldly loading their bags onto his flatbed cart.

The girls reluctantly walked behind the squatty porter, eyeing all the scurrying summer clad passengers in the terminal as they were led outside.

“I don’t have any money to tip him.” Stephanie whispered.

“Don’t worry I got it covered.”

They both watched as he clumsily loaded their luggage into the bus.

“Thank you.” Marsha said reluctantly placing a crumpled dollar bill in the guy’s open hand.

“Cheap broad,” He mumbled turning to leave.

“Next time ask, Asshole!” Marsha retorted with a satisfied expression.

Without looking back, the porter flipped the bird as he pushed his flatbed cart back inside the terminal!

“I can’t believe he did that!” Stephanie gasped.

“I’m over it!” Marsha laughed. “Let’s get our asses on that shuttle!”

The bus was full so the girl’s squeezed together onto the last available bench seat.

A disturbed expression washed over Stephanie’s paling face.

Marsha knew it was time. Reaching into her handbag she pulled out the envelope containing Stephanie’s ID, ship’s boarding pass and money.

Stephanie’s eyes widened as color flushed back into her cheeks.

“You Shit!” Stephanie sneered.

“I’m sorry Stephanie, but no way was I letting you ruin our trip by bringing work along!”

“But where’s my bag?” Stephanie asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“I asked the attendant at the boarding desk to call Keith to come pick it up.” Marsha answered proudly.

Breathing a sigh of mixed relief Stephanie suddenly flashed back to her little daydream of Darnell. “Too bad he won’t be coming to the house after all” she thought with disappointment.

“I don’t know if I should thank you or be pissed.” Stephanie grinned.

“Ya, I’m sorry I let you give your phone number and address to that security guard.”

“Hey, no big deal. Wasn’t he a looker? I’m sure he’s trustworthy!”

“Oh you are, are you? Well, you can never be too sure these days. Just because he could have passed for Denzel’s twin you trust him?” Marsha rebutted with a raised brow.

“Girlfriend, you read way too many suspense novels!” Stephanie answered with a grin.

They sat in their seats both relieved as the bus lunged away from the curb. The driver appeared to be in a hurry the way he dodged and swerved in and out of traffic. By the time they reached the dock their arms were tired and their hands were sore from holding onto the bar to brace themselves during the ride.

They didn’t relax until they were comfortably onboard ship, situated in their suite with all their luggage in sight.

With wide grins they both collapsed back onto their beds.

“We made it!” Stephanie chirped.

“Yip, seven days of freedom. I’m in heaven already!” Marsha sighed before taking in a deep breath.

“There will be a mandatory evacuation drill on the Promenade deck in fifteen minutes” blared over the loud speaker.

Stephanie slowly pushed up onto her elbows with a frustrated expression on her face. “I need a nap.” She sighed before collapsing back.

“What’s the matter Stephanie?” Marsha laughed. “They always do these drills first thing. Don’t you remember?”

The next few days were bliss. The girls slept in every morning, laid by the pool sipping on their umbrella’d drinks during the day and stayed up late every night; gambling, attending musical revues and even viewing a new movie release! The movie they should have avoided. It was a real steamy story which had Stephanie squirming in her seat fantasizing about Darnell again.

“I’ll run a hot shower for you Stephanie. Your first work-out went great! I’m really proud of ya girl!” Darnell called out.

Stephanie was slowly undressing as she sauntered towards the misty bathroom. To her surprise there was Darnell standing nude, facing the mirrored wall. A pleased expression covered his face as he flexed his muscles admiring his reflection in the clouding mirror.

Stephanie’s mouth began watering as her eyes surveyed his beautiful defined body. His gorgeous ebony skin with its mounts and valleys of firm toned flesh was driving her crazy!

With her work-out attire puddled at her feet she stepped out and over them through the doorway. Darnell felt the gush of air precede her and turned about.

Stephanie gasped at the sight of his bobbing erection. Her sex tingled as she imagined her nether lips hugging his thick shiny shaft.

“Like what you see Stephanie?” He whispered in a low sexy slur while walking slowly towards her until their naked bodies touched.

Electricity streaked through Stephanie’s quivering flesh as her jetting nipples gave way to her excitement!

A squeak escaped her lips as Darnell gently scooped his arms under her legs, lifting her off the floor carrying her over to the shower.

Stephanie could not believe this was happening.

Inside the shower Darnell dropped to his knees methodically soaping her body from neck to toe slowly lathering up and down, up and down…

“Relax Baby.” He whispered inching her beneath the cascading water.

“Ohhhh Darnell…” She gasped leaning back against the cold wet wall as his fingers lightly caressed her tingling petals.

With clasped hands she gently cupped his head for support. To her surprise he buried his face in her groin piercing his tongue inside her sweet garden. She moaned and arched as his slippery hands inched there way up to cup her breasts. She was tingling from head to toe as his tongue toyed with her sex.

“Ohhh Darrr nelllll…” Stephanie screamed out as the first wave of release swept through her.

“Shhhhhhhhh…!” Marsha whispered elbowing Stephanie in the side.

Stephanie’s eyes shot wide-open as she adjusted in her seat. Her face flushed with embarrassment. She was happy for the darkened hall.

By the forth day at sea Stephanie decided to phone home. To her surprise a stranger answered.

“Who is this?” She demanded.

“Who is this?” retorted back.

“This is my house.” She answered defiantly.

“Hello. This is my house…” echoed through the receiver.

Stephanie’s thoughts were racing wildly. Where was her husband, her daughter? Who was this and what were they doing in her house?

Seeing her distress Marsha asked, “What’s the matter Stephanie?”

Pressing her trembling hand over the receiver Stephanie stammered. “Someone’s in my house.”

With renewed composure Stephanie removed her hand and asked. “Where is Keith?”

“Keith who?”

“Keith, my husband!” She nearly screamed into the receiver.

With a laugh the person answered, “Lady, you got the wrong number.”

Stephanie sighed deeply, flipping her phone closed before breaking into laughter.

“What was that all about?” a confused Marsha asked.

“A wrong number.”

“And you accuse me of reading to much!” Marsha laughed. “I’m going to the pool. You going to be all right?” She asked grabbing her book off the bed on her way out.

“Yeah I’ll meet you there after I phone home.”

Marsha was lounging in the sun, peacefully reading when Stephanie finally joined her.

Stephanie was trembling and looked pale.

“Are you all right?” Marsha asked looking up.

Stephanie eased down onto the chaise lounge beside her before answering.

“You’re not going to believe this.” She whispered in a daze.

“Your house was robbed.” Marsha blurted out.

Stephanie’s mouth dropped open.

“I told you, you can’t trust anyone these days! Bet it was that security guard at the airport!”

“It couldn’t have been him!” Stephanie said defending her daydream lover.

“And why not?” Marsha prodded. “It’s to coincidental not to be. Just because he’s a hunk doesn’t mean he can’t be a thief too!”

Stephanie sat there in stunned silence not wanting to believe it could possibly be true.

Marsha put her book down and with closing eyes the girls eased back into their lounges before Stephanie expounded on the conversation she had with her husband.

“And when did this all happen?” Marsha asked.

“Monday night!” Stephanie answered.

“Well then, see? It could’ve been that airport guy.”

“I wish you’d stop saying that.” Stephanie whined thinking of all the sexual daydreams she’d been having about him. “Darnell wouldn’t do something like that!” She added in a raised voice.

“Did I hear my name?”

The girls’ eyes darted open to find a shadowed frame standing at the foot of their lounges! The afternoon sun radiating from behind him cast rays of light in every direction. All they could distinguish were the bulging muscles of a very well built male…

“Well, well. Isn’t this a surprise?” Darnell said flirtatiously.

Oh my God, how long has he been standing there screamed through Stephanie’s thoughts?

“How… Uhhhh… when… What are you doing here?” Stephanie stammered with embarrassment straightening up in her seat.

“I got a call from Carnival saying they needed a Trainer on the Paradise for the remainder of the season so I jumped at the opportunity! I came onboard at the last port! What a frigin fluke to find you here!” He answered with a wide grin.

Stephanie felt relieved but Marsha was silently calculating when he must have left Virginia.

“I need to get back to the gym.” He said nervously. “Why don’t you and your girlfriend drop by later?”

With a flirty smile Stephanie nodded yes before he turned sauntering off.

“Damn, doesn’t he have a nice ass?” Stephanie sighed while her eyes raped him.

“He must.” Marsha answered with a chuckle. “You haven’t stopped thinking about him since we left Dulles!”

Stephanie laughed settling back into her lounge chair, having forgotten all about the intruder back home. No belongings were reportedly taken; Marsha thought that was odd…

After several hours in the sun Marsha wanted a dip in the Jacuzzi and a short nap before dinner while Stephanie decided to check out the gym!

“Meet you later back in the cabin. Behave yourself.” Marsha teased as she left her seat heading for the pool.

Stephanie sat for a moment struggling with herself over whether or not to visit the gym. She didn’t care about exercising. It was the trainer she wanted to see or so she thought!

With renewed energy she sprang off her lounge letting out a loud squeal as a pinch in her lower back returned her to the cushion.

A passing deck waiter, seeing her distress suggested she visit the ship’s masseuse for relief.

“That’s a great idea.” Stephanie said appreciatively as he helped her to her feet. “I was going to schedule a massage while onboard anyway.”

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