A Weird Story

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People this is a story, where it came from I know not. It isn’t real, its figment, read it as such. Don’t take it to heart; if any one can imagine this happening, I want to know about it. But it did give me a hard on, sometimes! Lol. It just poured out of my finger tips.


Nikki Cinque was on her hands and knees on her own bed. She was naked, and the young blond beauty was inwardly gasping for breath, her nostrils flaring, were just about delivering the right amount of oxygen if she breathed in and out severely.

In her eye line she could see her new wedding ring, accompanied by her diamond engagement ring; her arms were perpendicular to her body, her knees were parted for easier support. Her fingers were splayed out easing her balance.

She was having difficulty breathing properly because she was sucking a big black prick, and her mouth, which was stretched to its almost limit by the cock in it, was being forced up and down on it by the big black prick in her pussy from behind.

Her long blond hair was softly swishing around on the man’s thick muscular black thighs as she was moved back and forth. And much to her consternation, she was mesmerised by the contrast of her soft blond hair as it slithered across him, her mind was saying to her, ‘look at that, what a difference, didn’t know about this did you?’ She was also taking in the black hairy balls swelling and moving as she did.

They were right under her eye line; he was under her in the classic 69 position. And when she looked elsewhere, that’s when she caught her hair and the massive contrast between that and his skin. When she looked away from that sight that was when she could see her wedding rings.

Nikki was fighting the sensations being caused by the two black cocks that had her pinioned between them, but it was getting more difficult not to give way, but she was determined to outlast them, and not give them the pleasure of taking her virtue from her.

The cock in her pussy was causing the most damage, it was bigger than Vic’s, her husband’s cock, it was touching and going into places he hadn’t, and probably would never find. The friction from it was almost unbearable, she was dripping wet, and it gave him the freedom to plunder the young beautiful blond wife’s nice and tight, to him, pussy at their mercy.

Nikki’s pussy was being pounded, not painfully, but methodically and so insistently, it was if the man behind her knew that if he as patient. Then she would release herself from the self inflicted bonds holding her back from the enjoyment he knew she was feeling, but was systematically denying.

As a young beautiful blond woman, she had grown up being pursued by men and boys of all ages. She had heard, and read, and even seen a DVD of a blond being thoroughly screwed by a big black man. It had made her shiver seeing it, but it hardened her determination never to go down that route.

But here she was, she had recently got married, only one month, and she was being screwed by two of them. And they both had the customary, and for these instances, big thick black and meaty cocks, and they were both in her! And there was nothing she could do to stop it. The man behind had a hold of her hips and he was screwing her out of her beautiful blond head. If Nikki could have gritted her teeth, then she would certainly have done so. But the bulbous purpled head of the black cock she was sucking prevented that.

Directly behind the man who was directly behind Nikki screwing her long and steadily was Vic, her husband of one month. He was sat tied and gagged into a chair. He was naked also; he had been forced into his now invidious position by the two men he had thought were his friends, as well as his employers.

They had been until Vic had started poking his nose into where he had been told not to poke it. He had been warned obscurely of collateral damage if he persisted. But Vic hadn’t picked up on the quiet threats, and in the long run, it was this that had been the cause of his wife’s up and coming seduction, wanted or not, agreed to or not.

The two men had moved to the city and set up an international sea trade company, involving container movements. Vic had been employed after much searching, for whom they regarded to be the right man. There had been two candidates, both of whom had similar abilities, But Vic had his beautiful wife, and they had met her, so he had got the job.

The pay was brilliant, and they actually told him what to do, and how to o it, even though he could do the work stood on his head. Vic started to believe that he was someone special, that the work they gave him was so easy, it wasn’t really easy, not to them. ‘They must be a bit dumb when it comes to money,’ was his basic thoughts. In fact they were nothing of the sort, they were smugglers, usually drugs, but mostly money laundering. And that’s where Vic’s downfall started.

He realised after seeing some paperwork, and a couple of other ledgers that he was being kept deliberately out of the loop, or out of a niğde escort loop. There were two safes, he used one, and never got to see in the other except for one day when he had walked in and seen the door open. In there he spied, before Obi closed it, sheaves and reams of bills of lading, ones he had never seen nor touched. And what appeared to be huge bundles of money, lots of money.

He had been with them for twelve months, and his wedding to his beautiful blond girlfriend happened, his employers were invited of course, and the younger of the two, Obi, took a real shine to her. What he wouldn’t have given for a night with her, he thought, especially if she had been wearing her wedding dress.

Vic had begun to feel a more than a little suspicious about them; he had guessed by now that they were a little shady to say the least. He asked some pertinent questions, he had been told to mind his own business, but nicely. Then he had done a little delving, again he had been told to mind his own business, again rather nicely.

And as time had moved on, his nosiness got the better of him. He had decided, rightly, that they were into things they shouldn’t be. Money was rolling in and rolling out and not going through the proper books, books which he tended to. They had, unbeknown to him, their own books.

Then a small confrontation had taken place, whenever bills of lading came in from the ships, they checked them and marked of what was for whom. But when they went out Vic did them all and they weren’t interested in them at all. Vic was getting agitated by it, more warnings had arrived. Finally they told him that if he wanted to keep his job, then his invasion of what they regarded as their business was to be sacrosanct. He was the main man they assured him, just do what you are paid to do Vic, they had said, and everything in the garden will stay rosy.

But if he didn’t then he would have more trouble than he could ever hope to handle. Vic had backed off, but he knew something else, he had learned of an overseas contact, and it was in Antigua. And that was where he and his new bride would be honeymooning. And whilst he was there he had taken it upon himself to visit the offices of the firm in question. As soon as Vic had mentioned who he worked for, he was literally shown the door and told not to come back.

Back at work, Vic was a bit apprehensive now, he realised he shouldn’t have done what he had done. And sure enough a week later he was called in. There he was challenged about his interference, but the two men also had made a mistake, they knew, that Vic knew too much, and that he had to be dealt with one way or another.

‘We can have him topped, we can sack him and pay him off, we can appeal to him to stop nosying,’ they tried every equation they could think of, but decided on none of them, for now. Vic was becoming his own worst enemy.

And then the younger of the two suggested a level of threat that would stop him in his tracks. We can hire some thugs to go around to his home. Threaten them physically, both of them, give him a little beating, tell them they are in severe danger of ending up in a swamp somewhere, lost forever.

But doing that would involve more people in their business, and further exacerbate their situation. “Okay,” said the younger one, “It’s gone on too long, we can’t risk him going to the police, we’ll do it ourselves! We’ll go there, pistol whip him, and make him know once and for all that this stops if he wants to live!”

And they had got the necessary guns, unloaded and useless for the task, they didn’t even work. But they wouldn’t know that would they? It was a Friday night, they didn’t knock, and they just walked straight in and pointed a gun at Vic’s head. The other one, who was the younger of the two, sought and found Nikki; he grabbed the beautiful young blond wife and silenced her.

The other man stayed with Vic, and said cutting straight to the chase. “Vic, you have interfered one too many times, you don’t know how close you came to being killed in Antigua, and now you are in the same position again. You don’t listen, but now you will, or you are both going to end up as dog food in a swamp! Other associates are wondering what is wrong in our four walls. At the moment we are containing your interference, but?”

Obi brought Nikki in, she had no idea what they were talking about, she looked wildly at her husband. “You have been given every chance, and taken none. Now it ends here or it will be over, for the both of you!” He cocked the pistol, Vic fell to the floor crying, begging, and offering the world.

And that was when the younger of the two began to think of the blond beauty he had a hold of. Her soft and warm curvy and terrifically formed body was tight against his, his prick hardened and he made her feel it with hers.

“Go into their garage Tom and find some rope or something, I have a plan, a good one too!” he told his partner. Tom left and found what he was looking for. “Come on, let’s get them upstairs, ordu escort bring him Tom.” He pointed at Vic. And he half dragged the struggling beauty, and Tom hit Vic with the gun to make him understand what predicament he was in.

In the bedroom, they made Vic lie on the floor, where they stripped him, grabbed a chair, and tied him into it, then he was gagged. “Now,” Obi, the younger of the two said, he undressed a struggling Nikki, now they knew what was going to happen, she pleaded, Vic could only mumble quietly behind the gag.

Tom questioned the action, saying, “Do we need to do this Obi?” Obi grinned.

“I don’t know about you Tom, but I do. And I think the possibility of it happening again in the future, by us, or someone else if he shops us, we have friends who will exact worse revenge than we can think of haven’t we? It might just make idiot boy here, behave, what do you think?” He had hit the nail right on the head, Vic realised that he had gone too far. And that he should have kept his own counsel.

Now he was watching helplessly as the two big black men screwed his new wife. The tears blinded him, his heart was bursting, all this was his own fault and he knew it, he was to blame for his new wife’s debauchery, and utter debasement. From where he was sat, he could see the back of Nikki’s creamy thighs, her bare feet. He could see her upper arms, and occasionally her hair swept into view as she was made to move.

And most devastating of all, he could see the black prick sliding in and out of her slick pussy. The heavy dark balls swinging and slapping her ass. He could just see the top of the man’s head underneath her. And he was about to see her submission, and it was caused by one single, and then continuous movement.

He happened to be looking at the man’s bald shaven head, and he saw it tip back a little. Then he watched as his tongue came out and licks the full length of Nikki’s pussy. He heard her ‘yip,’ then she mewled around the thick cock in her mouth.

The man must have felt, heard or seen her reaction and went at her again. Vic saw her ass lift a little, then her thighs shuddered, another ‘yip,’ then more muffled mewls. She was being broken, neither man knew it, but they were guessing. The man behind reinvigorated his screwing of the beautiful blond young wife. And Obi attacked her clit, he sucked and licked.

Then Nikki did what she had been convinced she wasn’t going to do, she came. It ripped through her, it demolished her, the snaking tongue had found it’s mark, and was about to devour the flower that was Nikki. The cock in her pussy completed the task, in seconds Nikki was in their control, she wanted to be fucked more, she wanted her pussy licked and sucked, her mouth was at work on the thick meat in it, and now she was doing her own damndest to make it cum.

Her husband was totally forgotten, all she wanted at this moment in time, was to cum again, and again after that. And to make, if she could, both men cum, and deliver into her, that which her body now craved and demanded, hot, steaming, and creamy thick cum!

Nikki was granted her wish; she felt the cock in her pussy pulse and throb, then the thump of cock being jammed tight into her, to form a seal around her pussy, and she began to milk the burning and scalding cum as it started to pump into her volatile pussy. She could feel her pussy tightening around it automatically, sucking him and his cum in and up her love channel.

Then the man under her humped his prick hard in her mouth, Nikki clamped her mouth tighter over him, she formed her own air tight seal and felt the hot liquid ejecting into her mouth. Her soft hands went to his balls and held them; she was squeezing as gently as milkmaid milks a cow! Nikki swallowed hungrily, her throat expanding and closed as she gulped all she was worth.

Her nostrils could hardly keep up with her breathing rate but she didn’t give up, slowly the cum lessened and she settled on him, sucking all he had out of his cum hole. The thing she hated, and unbelievably, was when she felt each cock deflate in her. Then they slipped out, Nikki fell over, there was nothing to hold her up any more. There was no strength in her, she lay on her side breathing deeply, she saw the men move, but only vaguely. Then they were either side of her.

She lay between them, each had arms around her, she was facing Obi, the one who had made her suck his big black cock, and the one behind her cuddled right in. Obi kissed her, she didn’t refuse, she didn’t turn away, but the kiss was only half given back. Nikki was in turmoil, she knew what had happened, and she knew they had made her cum several times, and that they had make her take their cum whole heartedly.

She was thinking that they would leave now, now that they had humiliated her, and especially her husband. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Instinctively, as with any man who is in bed, or having just has sex with a beautiful woman, they wanted more. And both men, without saying anything to rize escort the other had decided just that.

They moved right up to her, she was sandwiched between them; fingers started exploring, kisses landed on her neck and shoulders from behind, on her lips, eyes, ears and nose from the front. Her nipple were tweaked, it irritated Nikki. She knew they were still hard, and still sensitive, a hand and fingers drifted to her leaking pussy. Obi’s mouth sucked a turgid nipple for the first time, Nikki’s whole body stiffened in arousal, it was inescapable, total.

The black shadow of Obi in front, the looming dark one of Tom behind, made her tremble with unknown fear, but incredibly, and inexplicably, undeniable excitement too. She was of course, still on a high after being made to cum but them, and for them. She had been made to fuck and suck right in front of her hapless husband, he was the root cause of all this.

Her mind was a plethora of emotions, far distant memories, her memory of seeing a blond woman being screwed by a big black man, her own determination never to go there. Nikki’s own determination not to allow them to make her cum, and then her cumming in a stream of electric spasms as they did just that. All these things ganged up on withering senses, real or imagined, she quickly fell into what they were doing with her.

Her nipples were hard, annoying, tickling, and beating her mind as the arousal they were creating within her defeated her totally, along with the fingers decimating her clit, they knew just where to touch, just where to rub. And now the soft, demanding, heavy, light and thick black lips were closed over her pouty full ones in a kiss she returned fully.

She collapsed into a world of sensuality she had never, as a twenty one year old bride experienced. And her body and extremities couldn’t refuse or reject any of it. She was being stoked back up, the funnel of her sexuality was smoking hot, and about to billow forth honey nectar at the hands of these two black men, who had her whether she wanted them to or not.

Her husband was aghast, he could see quite plainly what they were doing, and to his absolute horror, he could see what they were achieving. She was squirming, and she was beginning to moan in unison with their ministrations of her. She had forgotten about him, he wasn’t even in her periphery, nowhere in her thoughts, all she could feel was her body and its building fired up reactions to the two black men, who, at the moment were controlling her very life.

She felt something in her left hand; she squeezed, and knew she was holding the cock of the one in front of her. She tried to let go and couldn’t, her fingers wouldn’t open, her grasp was too strong, then she began to stroke it, her soft hand, wet with his cum and her saliva, started to move up and down. She examined it, felt it, tested it, it was hot and heavy, thick and long, and in her mind’s eye, she could see how black it was.

She shuddered, she remembered sucking it, how it had seemed to stretch her mouth wide open. Of how she had gasped for breath though her nostrils, it all played out in her mind as if she was watching a film on TV. Now she wanted to kiss it, and let the man insert it into her wanton newly married pussy.

A phone rang, and it broke the reverie that all four of them were in, especially Vic. His head dropped and he saw the most amazing sight he had ever seen. He had seen it a zillion times, but not like this. His prick was hard, it was angry, the head was red, the shaft stiff, his balls had tightened into a taut pack. Witnessing the two men, his bosses, screw his new wife had, unbeknown to him, turned him on. He needed to cum, he wanted to make love to his wife, he needed release desperately.

The ring tone told them it was Tom’s phone, he answered it, grumbled a lot, then said, “Okay I’ll come over.” He closed the phone, “problem, I have to go, unless you want to do this?” He asked hopefully.

“Nah Tom, you go, I’ll stay here and take care of things for the both of us,” and he grinned widely. Tow glowered, but he reluctantly got up, kissed Nikki, got dressed and left. He was miserable; he was going to miss out on feasting on the beautiful blond young wife of his employee.

Obi waited for the door to bang downstairs, then he swarmed all over the supple, sexy woman, he was intent on making her cum again, and he knew he could and would. All he had to do was get his prick into her. Nikki was making no attempt to make eye contact with her husband; it was as if he wasn’t there anymore. Obi could see the lust in her huge gorgeous blue eyes.

When he rolled Nikki on to her back and hefted himself over her in the dominant position, she sighed. She knew what was coming, he was going to screw her again, and Nikki knew she wouldn’t be able to resist it. Her will had been broken, her body’s inner desire and need to be rutted, conspired against her completely.

She also glimpsed Vic there in the chair before Obi loomed above her. She managed to gain some semblance of propriety. “Please,” she whispered so softly, that Obi hardly heard her, he stopped and listened. “Please take him out; I don’t want him to see me like this?” Obi kissed her passionately, Nikki kissed him back, “Please?” she repeated quietly.

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