A Wicked Little Spanking Story

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She sat on the couch, her hands trembling, staring at her purse. Her purse held a little bomb, the clock ticking down. Escape seemed unlikely.

Looking quickly at her watch, she hoped with all her heart he would be late. Please please please… That might save her for a bit. They had dinner plans with several friends, and if he got home too late, the bomb wouldn’t go off until after dinner. And then, if dinner ran late, maybe she’d put it off until morning. There wasn’t much hope beyond that.

Too nervous to sit, she walked out of the living room, down the hall and into the bathroom. She peed. God, what a day. The bomb had happened on the way to work. She really should have texted him right then. But she just couldn’t. All day she’d thought of nothing except the ticking bomb…

She washed her hands and then checked herself in the mirror. After getting home, she’d dressed for him, hoping that would get her some mercy. Please him. His favorite skirt-a black pin-stripe with a nice, high slit that showed off her ‘lovely’ legs. Her four inch pumps that he loved her in-often making her wear those and nothing else around the house. Stockings and a garter belt. Her hands adjusted her deep blue blouse, no bra, and then she touched the pearl choker around her neck.

Hatch had bought every stitch of clothing she was wearing. The pearls, too. He took such care of her, only asked her to follow a few simple rules…

Her face turned red. She hated disappointing-

His key rattled into the lock on the front door. Her heart leaped up into her throat. Shit. She looked quickly at her watch. It’s really too late. There won’t be time before someone arrives.

Too nervous, she couldn’t leave the bathroom.

“Pet?” Normally his rich, kind voice comforted her.

She tried to speak but nothing came out.

“Baby, you here?”

She stepped out of the bathroom. The big smile on his face faded. He came up close to her, his arms wrapping around her, holding her. “What happened?”

“I’m sorry,” was all she could say, barely a whisper.

He helped her back into the living room, near the bomb, and sat her on the couch, still holding her. “It will be okay. Tell me what happened.”

God, she didn’t want to… Hand still trembling, she reached for her purse. Moving in slow motion, she opened the top snap. Reached inside. Pulled out the blue piece of paper. Handed it to him, tears running down her face.

“Oh…baby…” She could hear the disappointment in his voice.

She nodded.

“Eighteen over?”

She nodded again. Her second ticket in two weeks. She felt his anger-always cool and in control-build up and begin to fill the room. Her knees started to shake. Oh shit.

“I’m sorry,” she said again.

“We’ve talked about this several times. You’ve been spanked for it several times.”

“I know. It…” She almost said it wouldn’t happen again, but knew that he wouldn’t like that. She was always late, and always speeding. Often she got out of them – played the sweet little innocent girl. It worked more than he knew…

He looked at his watch.

Please say we’ll take care of this after dinner…

“We don’t have much time. I’m going to give you a few now, so that you’re thinking about it through dinner, then we’ll finish it when we get home.”

“Two spankings? That’s not fair.” Her brat came out; she couldn’t help it. She stood up. “And there’s no time. What is someone shows uuupppppp??” Sometimes her whining worked, or at least got him to smile.

He didn’t even stand. Instead, he calmly stared at her. She wanted to run from those damn eyes. With utter calm, his voice low, he said, “Take off your clothes, pet. Everything. Now.”

She stamped her foot. The corner of his mouth turned up, just a tick, but he didn’t quite smile. He stared, waiting, looking like he’d wait all day and not budge an inch. She wanted to run. Turning around, she looked for a place to hide.

“That’s extras.” Still his voice was quiet; his confidence sent a shiver through her body.

Facing away, she started undoing her blouse. Her heart pounded loud in her chest, and she could feel the sweat on the skin above her ribs. It’s going to hurt.

She mumbled, “It’s not fair…” She put her blouse on the arm of the couch, and unzipped her skirt before letting it slide down. He loved her ass, though the redder the better. And it was about to be very red.

“Sir, can I leave my stockings on? And my panties?”

He didn’t answer. Finally she turned and stared at him. He only stared back. Punishment spankings were always given naked. Completely naked. She unsnapped one garter, slid the stocking down her leg, then stepped out of her shoe and pushed the stocking off her foot. After sliding down the other stocking, she took off that shoe, then undid the garter. She arranged them neatly on the arm of the couch, having been spanked more than once for not taking care of her things.

She looked at him one last time, her best puppydog look. He flicked one finger at her, a bit of annoyance finally appearing on his face. She said, Kartal escort bayan “Please, it’s only a thong. It won’t protect anything.”

“Ten extras.”

She whined and danced in half a circle, then slid the panties off and added them to the couch. She stood before him naked. Without her panties, her brat was nowhere to be found. “Please, please, pleeaasssse spank me after dinner? Please Sir?”

His eyes stared past her. Closing her eyes, she knelt next to him. One finger lifted her chin. His eyes bored down into hers, peeling her walls back like a surgeon peeling an apple, until she was naked and vulnerable before him.

“Why do we have your rules?”

The brat almost reappeared, because you’re mean and a tyrant. She managed to swallow the words. Maybe she was getting better. “To help me be a good girl for you.”

“That’s part of it. But more for me to take care of you. So you know your boundaries and limitations. Do you remember when we met? Were you taking care of yourself back then?”

Her eyes closed, she said, “No, Sir, not very well.”

“Are you doing better now?”

God, yes. So much better. She was happy. Never felt that before. Didn’t even know what it was before she’d felt it with him. She whispered, “Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, you are. Much better. An amazing young woman.”

Even knowing she would be crying soon, she beamed. Her heart soaked up the pride in his words.

“You are doing better because of boundaries. Rules. And consequences.” A scared rabbit in her heart started beating its leg against her ribs. Consequences was a scary word. “Pet, is speeding dangerous?”

Not reeeeeaaaaaally, thought the brat. No one else was around me. Out loud, she said, “Yes, Sir.”

“And you’ve been spanked for this before? How many times?”

“I…I don’t…don’t remember. Sir.”

“Well at least once in the last two weeks.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“So clearly that spanking didn’t work.”

“Oh, Sir, it did. I just wasn’t paying attention…” Her words sounded pathetic even to her own ears.

“Go get three of my old ties and the Wicked One.”

Her heart plunged. “Sir, pleassssseee not that. Please.” The Wicked One was his heaviest belt, soft and thick. He’d only used it twice on her before, and it had been days before she came anywhere close to sitting comfortably. It hurt.


Even the brat knew not to argue with the Wicked One so immediately in her future. On her hands and knees, she crawled to their bedroom, past her walk-in closet to his. She picked out three ties, careful not to grab one of his good ones (that had cost her one time, though she’d done it on purpose). Standing on her knees, her fingers ran across all of his belts. She’d felt all of them. Near the back, her fingers felt the weight of the One. It sent a shiver through her, including her pussy.

With the heavy belt in her mouth and the ties in one hand, she crawled back. The hallway wasn’t nearly long enough, considering what was waiting for her at the other end, but she knew he didn’t have much patience during these moments. All too quickly she was back in the living room. Her hand shook as she handed him the ties. He didn’t take the belt from her mouth.

“Move the chair into the middle of the room.”

She nodded and mumbled, “Yes, Sir,” around the belt.

It was an old banker’s chair. During fun spankings, or days when he just wanted to play all day, she liked the chair, being tied over it, helpless and vulnerable, his fingertips playing, his hand spanking, his cock doing what it pleased. Not tonight.

After getting a nod of approval from him, she stood and moved the chair to the middle of the room, belt still in her mouth. She couldn’t bring herself to bend over the chair, so she stood helpless next to it.

He stood, then moved close to her. “It will be okay baby. We’ll get you spanked, and all will be forgiven.” He kissed her ear.

A tear streaked down her face as she nodded.

He guided her over the chair, bending her forward and so low, guiding her hands down to the front legs of the chair. Automatically she went up on her toes. She knew he liked that-her straining and arching up, even when it hurt. Her straining to please him.

Using one of the ties, his strong hands gently tied her left wrist to one leg of the chair, and then her right to the other leg. She tested his knots and knew she wasn’t going anywhere until he let her. Her ass would feel much different then…

He spread her legs wider, his head not that far from her pussy. On other days, he might… Still, she was very wet. He tied the right to the back leg of the chair, then the left. She was helpless, exposed, vulnerable. A hard whipping was coming.

His sock-covered feet padded away, leaving her there; she didn’t like it. She wanted him close, even when it hurt. She almost said something, but then he came back, a black blindfold in his hand. Without a word, it went over her eyes.

His hand found her lower back, caressing it, then the cheeks of her ass.

“Pet, I’m going to punish you hard. Escort Kartal I don’t like you speeding. If anything ever happened to you…I don’t know what I’d do.”

She could hear the pain in his voice. The love. “I’m so sorry, Sir.”

“I know, baby. Time to teach you a lesson. Ask for the first dozen.”

Like a good girl, she arched up high. “Please whip me, Sir. A dozen. Please.”


She’d forgotten how much the Wicked One hurt. It took her breath away. Oh shit.

CRACK. Low and on her sit spot. He wasn’t fooling around – both had been hard.


Her body came alive, the pain pulling her hard into the moment. Her senses sharpened – she could smell the chair, her own skin, and even Hatch’s wonderful scent. Panting, she both struggled against her bonds and arched up for him.


Loudly, she cried out.

The doorbell rang.

He draped the belt over her ass and back.

“Please, Sir, please don’t.”

“Please don’t what, baby?”

God, she couldn’t say it. “Please don’t…”

“Did the last spanking work?”

“I… I…”

“Perhaps someone watching…”

“Please…” she whispered, but he was already walking away.

She tried to pull free, but couldn’t, part of her knowing it would be much, much worse if he had to retie her.

The front door opened.

“Hi Lucy,” he said.

“Hi,” Lucy answered, always peppy. “You guys ready to go?”

“I’m afraid we have a problem…”

“Really? What’s going on?”

Knowing what he was about to say to Lucy, she could feel her face getting red.

“I’m afraid she got another speeding ticket.”


“Do you know that when she’s bad…that she gets punished?”

Lucy laughed. “What do you mean?”

“She gets spanked. And in cases like this, when she’s shown poor judgement repeatedly, she gets spanked hard.”

There was a long pause. Bent and tied as she was, she could feel the blush in her face, probably surpassing the red of her ass. At least for a bit.

Lucy said, “Wow.”

“She knows the rules and has agreed to them. It is consensual.”

“You know, one day she joked about you spanking her, and I always wondered…”

Hatch chuckled. “Lucy…the real question is, would you like to watch the rest of her spanking?”


“I’m hoping that someone watching her get spanked will finally teach her-“

“Oh no, I want to watch. This’ll be great.”

She heard Lucy come into the living room. Felt her face blush hard, again.

Lucy said, “Oh…my…God…” Lucy’s fingertips touched her ass. She jumped. “Damn.”

She realized she liked Lucy’s fingertips on her ass. Liked the embarrassment.

“Lucy, don’t touch her without permission.”

The fingertips disappeared. “Oh…sorry.”

“It’s okay.” She could hear the smile in Hatch’s words.

Lucy asked, “What about Carla and Drake? Aren’t they supposed to be here soon?”

“Any moment now. They’ll get to watch too. Carla knows about the spankings and how often my pet misbehaves.” Hatch stepped close, his hand running over her ass. “Baby, tell Lucy why you’re getting spanked.”


The weight of the belt disappeared from her back.


It took her breath away.

“Oh my God,” Lucy said again.

“Pet, do I have to give you extras?”

She swallowed and closed her eyes inside the blindfold. In a whisper, she said, “I got a ticket for speeding. The second in two weeks.”

“And how many times have I spanked you for speeding?”

Her eyes close. She was still breathing hard. “Four or five times, Sir?”

“At least five times.” The belt ran across her ass. “Lucy, if you’d like to have a seat, we’ll get this taken care of. She’s only getting a dozen now, and she’ll get her real spanking after we get home.”

Christ this is embarrassing. But she could also feel the wetness trailing down her thighs. Could Luce see it? Probably…

“Baby, what number are we on?”

Oh God. She had no idea. “Six, Sir?”

“Did you forget the count?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And what happens when you forget?”

“You start over, Sir.”

“Good girl.” His hand caressed her ass again. A finger trailed down to her pussy, and she knew he knew how wet she was, but he didn’t say anything about it. “Arch up. Ask for the first one.”

God, it was already hurting. And another set of 12 or 24 after dinner? She wouldn’t be sitting right until Tuesday or Wednesday. Stealing herself, wanting so so bad to please him, especially in front of Lucy, she arched up. “Number one, please Sir.”


She cried out. Lucy let out a low, little squeal. “God, I would never go one mile over if I knew that would happen.”

Hatch chuckled. “She doesn’t…”


That one surprised her and got her good, on her sit spot. She gasped.

“…learn that easily.”


“What’s the count?”

“Four, Sir.”

“Good girl. Don’t forget it again pet. It would Kartal Rus Escort be a shame if we had to start over again.”


The pain was going deep, now, both in her ass and in her mind. Stripping away all the black in her, all the guilt, baring her soul to him. What she needed and craved…

The doorbell rang again. She closed her eyes, the blindfold moist with her tears. Oh God…

“Luce, would you get the door?”

She laughed nervously. “Of course. Should I let them in here?”


Again, her face flushed and she could feel the heat of it against the blindfold. The front door opened. She heard the warm hellos, Carla’s warm voice and Drake’s quiet one.

“Hatch is spanking her! She got caught speeding, again!”

Carla’s high heels clacked into the room. “Oh, my, girl. You must have been very bad.” She wasn’t sure if she should speak or not, or even if she could. Her red ass was pointed towards the door. No doubt all three of them were now looking at her striped butt. Can they see how wet I am?

Lucy asked Carla, “Did you know?”

“Of course, dear. That’s how I met Hatch. Long ago he spanked me. But now I prefer to be the one that does the spanking. Isn’t that right, dear?” She said that to Drake. Drake didn’t say anything. “In fact, Drake has his weekly spanking tomorrow and he hasn’t been a very good boy this week. Have you?”

His voice very low, Drake said, “No, ma’am.”

Hatch cleared his throat. “I’d like to finish her spanking, then we can go eat. She’ll be getting another one after we get home.”

Carla said, “Well I hope we all get to watch that one, too.”

“Arch up baby, ask for the next one.”

She heard Carla move to the couch, Drake no doubt following her. And very soon, she’d be sitting around a dinner table, all of them knowing her ass was hurting and sore. Why it was hurting and sore. And that she was in for-


The Wicked One brought her back to the moment. Her ass on fire, three friends watching, her lungs pumped hard as the adrenaline flowed through her.

“Baby, I said ask. That’s three extras. Now arch up and ask for your punishment. To teach you.”

“Please…please Sir. Please whip me.”


Carla said, “Perhaps I should try that with you, dear. Wouldn’t you like to be helpless like that all day? Me playing with you when I wanted?”

The thought of Drake being tied up like this, watching him, made her wetter. Then she thought of being tied next to him, both of them getting whipped. Whipped by Carla. The juices ran down her leg.


Hatch’s hand found her ass. Damn it was tender. He rubbed it.

“Good girl.”

She beamed with his words. Somehow the others watching made it better.

“We do have your extras, though. How are extras given?”

She swallowed. Couldn’t speak. Her ass was hurting, deep. He patted her ass with his hand.

“Please don’t make me give you more.”

“Extra hard, Sir. Extras are given extra hard.”

“Good girl. Ask for them.”

“Please, Sir, please give me three extras for being a bad girl.”


She almost squealed. A little cry slipped out of her lips. Will I even be able to sit at dinner?


The same cry slipped out, a little louder. The tears were running. She felt so sorry, so bad having disappointed him.


She was sputtering now, her ass hurting, but part of her wishing it wasn’t over.

His wonderful hand caressed her ass.

“Have you learned your lesson, baby?”

Enthusiastically, she nodded her head up and down. “Yes, Sir.”

“Don’t forget, after dinner…”

His hand moved to her other cheek. Could everyone see everything? Her ass? Her asshole? Her wet, wet pussy? She was afraid she knew the answer.

Carla asked, “Can I try a few with that belt? I might need to get one of those. It looks wicked and effective.”

“Of course.”

Only then did she realize it was going to be tried out on her ass.

“Sir…please…” She almost said no. But that would embarrass him. Show that she wasn’t a good girl. He would not like that.

“Ask Carla to spank you. Six of her best. Please me, pet.”

Her face, and her shoulders, blushed again. Bright red, no doubt. She couldn’t. But she so wanted to please him. Wanted that more than anything.

“Please..please Miss…please give me six good ones.”

Hatch’s hand ran through her hair. He kissed her cheek and whispered, “Good girl.”

The wicked belt ran across her whipped and sore ass. Carla said, “I’ve been wanting to spank you for a long time, you naughty girl.”


Not as hard as Hatch, but still it hurt. “Oh, that wasn’t a good one. It shouldn’t count. Let me try again.”


She cried out, loud, straining against the ties. Her body shook.


“Drake, my dear, drop your pants. I want to try this on you when I’m done with her.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She heard Drake stand, then his zipper…


Still Hatch’s hand ran through her hair. It made the white, pure pain in her ass and filling her entire being bearable.


“Dang,” Lucy said.

Carla said, “Do you like Drake’s hard penis, dear?”

“Does he like it?” Disbelief filled Lucy’s words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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