A Woman’s Pleasure Bk. 01


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This book is fiction, and all names, places or other known materials used for this story and any likenesses with reality are purely coincidental.

A disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains explicit sexual content. The intention of this book of erotic literature is for the enjoyment of those aged 18 years and older.

Author’s note: All characters portrayed in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


Desire is a human trait that leads us to do some irrational things. However, most of the time we hold our cravings in check. Then as we move on with our lives, we look back and consider the what-ifs of some of those path’s we chose to bypass.

As a writer, I can create some of those fantasies for you. What my words portray might not be exactly how you would have liked your forbidden fantasies to play out. However, they are my version of some that most of us can relate to in our lives.

I’ve written a few of those fantasies, in a series of books called, ‘A Woman’s Pleasure.’

Book Description:

Adult content 18+

I’ve written this erotic romance story, ‘Make-Up Sex,’ in the 2nd person. It’s the 1st book in, “A Woman’s Pleasure Series,’ of erotic short stories.

The theme of this erotic series is to bring women pleasure. By writing it in 2nd person, it allows the reader to slot into the character. Be warned though; you’ll feel like you are having a sexual encounter as it’s written in a cyber-sex chat format.

As the title suggests, the theme is of a couple having ‘Make-Up Sex.’ I’ve used very detailed and descriptive words to depict a picture of the action as it unfolds. The story is a hot, erotic and steamy sex chat. It’s between a couple who are embracing in the act of sensually seductive foreplay and copulation.

Do enjoy the theme as you immerse yourself in the story. It will bring you into the world of sensual pleasure and orgasmic bliss …

This series of short stories describe sex or love making as one would hope couples interact. I take quite a deal of time to describe a sensual and pleasurable experience for both. As we all would hope, sex shouldn’t be a mundane chore.

Table of Content:

Chapter 1: – Prelude.

Chapter 2: – Setting the Scene.

Chapter 3: – Erotic Power Exchange.

Chapter 4: – Cock Play.

Chapter 5: – Sucking Cock.

Chapter 6: – Deep Throat.

Chapter 7: – Sweet Pleasure.

Chapter 1: – Prelude.

It’s been a full week since I’ve spoken to you or had a sex chat with you. These have been the longest seven days. I’ve been spending my time simply hanging around home. I’ve been waiting for your profile name to flash up on my screen.

The flickering of the screen draws my eyes to the right-hand corner. I note the time, and it’s the same time that we used to chat each day. Having now lost faith that you’ll contact me, I decide to focus my attention on a few of my work projects.

???? . . . • ° * “”””” * ° • . . . ????

Despondent, I’m on my laptop writing another story when suddenly that familiar, “Ping-Ping,” sound of a chat message grabs my attention. I switch to my Gmail page. I’m so excited because I know in my heart that it’s you.

My heart skips a beat in anticipation that my cyber lover has returned. I open the page, and the chat box lights up your name. Again, my heart jumps, and I can feel my chest tighten with sheer delight.

“Hi! Sorry, I’m not exactly sure what we were arguing about, but this is ridiculous. We’ve been so comfortable with each other and enjoyed each other’s friendship, so much that I just can’t live without you anymore. The fact is, not only do I want you, I need you,” The message reads.

The time on my computer screen says eight p.m. and I know that’s when you’re usually free. We have always saved that time for each other. It’s our time, the time we reserve for our daily sex chats.

“Wow! What a lovely surprise. Sure, Pet! I’m fine with that,” impulsively, I type back.

“I know you’ve been struggling with your emotions and the intensity of our online relationship. Let’s have a sex chat first. Then we’ll discuss what’s been troubling you later. You do know that I’ve missed you?” I again type those familiar words.

“I’ve missed you as well, Sir. I can’t wait, to read your words, I so want them to stir my desire. Bayan Escort I’m so glad you suggested we have a chat, I’ve been a bit worried you might be mad at me and moved on.” I choke up when I read the text.

“Pet, I could never be mad at you. Hell, I look forward to our time together. It’s addictive; you’re addictive, the emotions you express to my words are addictive.” I send my reply.

“Those feelings are mutual, Sir. I spend all day craving your words and what they do to me. What kind of chat do you have in mind; outdoors, public display or a bedroom scene with our usual dominant/submissive relationship?” your incoming message reads.

“I haven’t given much consideration to a theme. Any suggestions?” I reply.

“Make-up sex. I’ve always liked makeup sex in real life. Does that sound good? Of course, it doesn’t matter; you know it’s just your words.” Your incoming text reads.

“You have to know that your words stir the emotion within me. It’s as if you are here in my bed with me. It’s the intensity of your very graphic depiction of what we are doing that get to me. I get so immersed in them, what we’re saying feels so real to me,” you send another message.

“Okay, ‘make-up sex,’ cyber style it is then. We’ve been through such a difficult patch. I just don’t know what happened. If we were in the real world, that’s what we would be doing now, having intense, passionate makeup sex.” I reply.

“Sounds great, Sir. I’d like for us to make up. Give me a few minutes to get comfortable. Let me know when you’re ready to begin!” flashes back in my chat box.

After getting a coffee, I settle into my chair and start striking the keyboard. “Let’s get started,” I send back.

Then I receive your response. “I’ll go first, Sir, with the theme.”

Chapter 2: – Setting the Scene.

“We have a secure connection that keeps drawing us together, even though we’ve only been on a few dates. The past week has been hard with our real-life demands, so I’m particularly pleased to receive your text, Sir.” Your incoming text reads.

“My mind is searching for the cause of our break up. Oh, yes, that’s right; it was that hot buxom blonde in the apartment below mine. Nevertheless, I’m sorry, and I will not even talk to that blonde again. I’m all yours, Kitten.” I reply.

‘Oh, Fuck! I can never resist a one-night stand. Well, not when someone has laid it out on a platter and served it up, just to me,’ I’m thinking.

“Sir, I know you were lured in by her, and I believe you when you tell me it won’t happen again.” Comes your reply.

Wanting to set the scene, “My mind flashes back to the vivid purple hues of your bedroom décor. The way the gold candles flickered and created a romantic ambiance throughout your room.” I send my text.

“You know, that was the last time we had wild, satisfying, hot sex. That was over four weeks ago. My cock is already stiff remembering our all-night session.” I respond.

“Oh, fuck Sir. I need you tonight. I always want you. I’ll be waiting upstairs. Love you, Sir,” your text reads.

“I’ll be there at ten p.m. be waiting for me, Pet. But most of all, be hot.” I contemplate your invitation for the shortest moment then type back. With the message sent, I place my iPod back into my pocket.

Chapter 3: – Erotic Power Exchange.

While driving to your home, I’m so distracted by my thoughts; I run a red light.

With my desire to have your body for my pleasure again, I’m revved up and anxious to see you. I’m visualizing you’re lying there ready for me, naked within the soft luminescence of your bedroom.

Coming to your street, it’s not long before I’m turning my old silver 2004 Porsche, Cayenne S into the underground garage of your apartment building. It’s just a few minutes before ten p.m., and I take the elevator to your floor. I let myself into your apartment with the key that I thought I’d never use again.

Once inside, the distinctive aromas of your home overwhelm my senses. Those are the smells my mind has connected with you. Then I move down the hallway to your bedroom.

‘Fuck! I love the scent of this place.’ I’m thinking as I get closer to where you’re waiting for me.

Pausing at the doorway, I absorb the glorious sight of your body clad only in pink panties and an oversized T-shirt. Your sitting on the bed with your legs crossed reading something on your iPhone.

Whatever it is you’re reading, it’s causing your nipples to push against the T-shirt as they harden. It appears that you have become absorbed in your story.

Because of that, I’m able to enter, and you don’t notice me. Out of your view, I remove my shorts and polo shirt before moving towards the end of the bed.

You turn, seeing me, you hustle along the bed toward me. By the time I’ve made my way to the bottom of the bed, you’re there waiting. You give me a beautiful smile, as you squat back onto your knees.

Sliding your hands down, you take hold of the hem of your T-shirt. As you are raising it up, you’re seductively teasing me. Then you stop slightly below your nipples. You’re watching for my reaction, and a cheeky smirk creases your lips.

You’re making me wait as you stretch out my anticipation. You’re teasing has me anxious to enjoy the sight of your amazing breasts.

Once you see where my gaze is focused and my lips salivate, you continue raising your T-shirt over your head. When the shirt is free of your breasts, you present me with a fantastic view. I know that I will never get used to that sight, ever.

A naturally arousing picture of your hard, erect, and aroused nipples, crown a set of 36 C breasts. I can never resist the allure of twisting a nipple.

With you proudly pushing yours out towards me, of course, it’s too much of a temptation for me to resist. Reaching out, I grip each nipple between my fingers and my demeanor changes to that of a dominant. As you wince at the pain from my first twist, you look up and see my, ‘I’m in control here,’ smirk.

That’s when you reward me with a lustfully hungry look on your face. Still, I’m compelled to twist your nipples hard and then release once again.

I repeat this twist and release action, stimulating your pleasure-pain response ever higher.

You’re moaning, as sharp jolting shocks shoot through you with each hard twist. With each twist and the resulting jolts, your clit and pussy receive an electric shock that’s more pleasurable than painful.

“Ahhhhhh, fuck!”

“You’re a bastard, Sir. You could’ve warned me.” Finally, you curse me and submit, as your body flinches.

“Ohhhhh …” Then, “Yess … ahhhhhhh, yes, yessss” you moan.

“Where would be the fun in that? Anyway, it serves you right for teasing me, my Pet.” I respond.

Now that I’ve established who’s the dominant and who is the submissive, I release your nipples. I lower my sight toward my boxers.

Chapter 4: – Cock Play.

When you see what I want you to do, your mouth salivate as you lick your lips. Then you reach out and move your hands onto the waistband of my black boxers. Gripping the edge, you pull the elastic band out to expose my seven-inch erection.

Without further delay, you yank my shorts down over my hips and playfully let them fall to the floor. That sexy smirk has returned to your face when you look up to gauge my reaction.

Sliding your right hand to my hip, you work your way lower and grab my steel-hard cock. You’re quick to coat your fingers in pre-cum. Then with a soft touch, you’re actively rolling your slick fingers all over the crown and behind the head of my cock.

“Ahhhhhhh … fuckkkk …,” my body tenses at the pleasant sensations you have unleashed within me.

“Mmmm, Pet, that feels wonderful,” with a tingling sensation coursing through me, I’m moaning.

All the while, your piercing blue eyes maintain eye contact with me. You are looking intently at me, looking for my reaction each time you try something different.

“Ohhhhh … ahhhhhhh, you handle my cock so well, Pet.” I’m crying out at your skillful attentiveness.

“I love the way your small fingers feel as you’re stimulating my throbbing cock,” I tell you as my body shivers from the arousing chill that surging through me.

Wanting to give you better access, I shift and position myself hard against the bottom of the bed.

Once I move, you drop down and flop onto the bed. Now you’re stretching out, as you lay on your stomach.

With your body in a better position to work on my cock, you slide your hands along my shaft and down onto my swelling balls. You grip my testicles in your left hand and lightly fondle one and then the other.

“Ahhhhhhh, fuck Sir. they feel so, so good.” You croon.

It seems you are enjoying the feel of my balls as you play with them. Then I watch as you dip your head toward the crown.

“Yum, you taste delicious,” I hear you murmur.

My sexual arousal is rising fast. I’m relishing in the skillful way you’re dragging your tongue through the eye of my cock.

It feels so slow and sensual to me, and I’m enjoying it immensely. You do it several times before swirling the tip of your feisty tongue around the rim of the crown.

“Ahhhhhhh,” you moan with delight, as you lap up my precum.

“Ohhhhh, ahhhhhhh,” I’m groaning and moaning at the salacious pleasure you’re giving me.

Then I hear and feel your spit onto the crown. Only a second before you use the fingers of your right hand to wrap around the shaft of my cock.

As I look down, I can see that you’re wearing your unique look of determination. To me, that’s revealing your lusty intent.

You turn all your attention to what you are doing as you start sliding your hand up and down my rigid shaft. It’s not long before you’re vigorously pumping my throbbing veined cock, as you dribble your saliva onto the taut skin of my steel-hard erection.

After several minutes of your provocative playfulness, your attention shifts to another pleasurable task. You lower your soft wet mouth to the head of my cock.

When you have my engorged crown between your lips, you’re hungrily rolling your sublime tongue around the helmet. Then you adjust to flick your avaricious tongue across the sensitive nerves behind the crown.

You settle into a steady rhythm, and you’re working your tongue with your avid need to taste more of me.

“Ohhhhh, my God … Fuck Pet. That feels unbelievably good.” I’m quick to tell you and my body tenses. I’m watching your face and eyes as you connect with mine when you look up at me.

Then while you hold my gaze, you move a hand down to fondle my balls, yet again. You’re stroking my shaft, sucking my cock and fondling my balls all in harmony, as you watch me.

You’re waiting to gauge my reaction. You are looking for that pleasured expression to appear on my face.

When my face breaks with pre-orgasmic delight, I look down and your smiling. It’s as if you knew it would be coming soon.

I’m very content in the way you please me. It’s hard to hold back with so much attention directed towards my erogenous zones.

“Ahhhhhhh, fuck, Pet. That’s amazing.” I just surrender, as I moan and shudder.

When I again look down at you, I can see that lusty look in your eyes. Then when you see me looking, a cheeky smirk appears on your face.

I decide that you’re having way too much bold fun and such an enjoyable time with me.

Chapter 5: – Sucking Cock.

Although I’m thoroughly enjoying your skillful ministration, I choose to retake the control in this tryst by flipping you over onto your back. I forcefully grip you under your arms. Then I pull your body in my direction until your head rests on the end of the bed.

You’re smiling up at me once you realize what I’m doing when I’ve put you in this position. Your broad grin is because you certainly remember what it is that you like when we play. You know that you’ll be receiving what you desire very shortly.

“Yes, you’re right! I intend to wipe that smirk off your beautiful face. You know I’ll soon be fucking your hot mouth with my rock-hard cock.” I’m quick to tell you as I see your eyes brighten.

Then I straddle your head and lean forward. I grip a breast in each hand and squeeze your supple orbs, firmly. My action causes you to moan as you feel my cock pressed against your face.

“Pet. suck it …” I demand.

Timidly you begin to slowly and surely spread your lips as you draw my cock into your salivating mouth. Then for the briefest of moments, you relish in the taste of my salty excretion.

However, your carnal need soon intensifies, and you’re just as aroused as I am. With an avaricious hunger, you greedily suck the head of my pulsing, hot dick further into the warm cavern of your mouth.

It’s not long before I can hear your muffled moans of pleasure vibrating around my cock. Made all the needier as I squeeze, and knead your bust.

After a few minutes and wanting to titillate you further, I release your breasts. However, my fingers are quick to capture your hard, erect nipples.

Now that I have my favorite toys at my mercy, I’m alternating between tweaking, flicking and rolling the little buds. As I do, I can feel your physical response from each jolt that surges through you.

As I look down, I can see you with your mouth full of my cock. I love seeing a beautiful woman consumed with sexual lust as she devours my manhood.

With you taking more and more of my cock into your mouth, I want to stir your desire further. To that end, I move my fingers around the tips of each nipple and grip them tightly. Now I’m squeezing and releasing the very tips of each nipple.

Your body reacts to the constant flow of electrical stimuli, with a series of sharp jolts. Although the effect on your clit and pussy is pleasurable, you fire up and squirm uncontrollably.

Now you have a passion for consuming my throbbing manhood. You want to stir my desire as high as I’ve stirred your carnal craving. That becomes evident to me as you suck my cock further into your mouth.

However, now you have changed your tactic. You’re sucking my shaft in hard and then withdrawing with a pop as your lips break the suction. Then you quickly draw my rock-hard length back into your hungry mouth. You’re not doing it once but repeatedly.

“Ahhhhhhh, fuck pet, you have me close.” I murmur as I feel my blue veins filling tight with blood. I can feel my balls filling as my body builds toward a climax.

My body is tensing each time you withdraw as I listen to the pleasant sound of you consuming and pulling back. Just when I thought I’d go mad with your carnal ministration of my cock, you change your tactics, again.

As you do, thankfully, it lets my arousal fall back from the brink, and I can see that you’re looking up at me.

Then you move slowly and teasingly as you suck and lick along the full length of my member. It’s apparent that you’re getting pleasure out of watching the gratifying expression on my face.

Moving off my shaft and down onto my balls, you take the right testicle and encase it within your soft lips. Your tumbling and rolling your tongue around its surface for a few moments. Then you hold it firmly against the inside of your mouth and hum, knowing the vibrations will arouse me.

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