Adventures with Hank

Nothing beats my Mini Cooper Clubman. At least not around here. I’ve named him Hank after Hank McCoy because he’s a blue beast. I love this car. The only reliable thing in my life and I control him completely. He seems to like it that way.

We, Hank and I, were headed out for a training for work. About a three-hour drive. I’d been cruising at a mostly legal speed for most of the trip. Now there was another mini coming up behind us, fast. He caught up in no time and I looked over at him as he tried to pass me. I couldn’t see much of the driver, he was wearing a hat, but I could see his smile. I blew him a kiss and it was on.

For the next hour we wove in and out of cars as we raced along, taking turns in the lead. I’d never driven this fast this far. I hadn’t gone under 100 mph in at least thirty minutes and my panties were soaked. There was something about the danger of it all, the adrenaline. I wasn’t worried about any kind of accident; we could both clearly handle ourselves and there was basically no traffic. I was also too young and dumb and horny to think these things through. My issue was more practical. If we got pulled over, we’d both lose our licenses though, suspended at least, no questions asked.

I’d dressed comfortably. Black leggings that made my ass pop and a peach-colored ribbed tank with an excessive amount of cleavage. I’d worn flats but taken them off when I got behind the wheel. I liked feeling my bare feet on the pedals as I shifted. I liked feeling the engine, the vibrations, everything.

My exit was coming up and I wanted to let him know I’d be bowing out of our fun ride together. I slowed and he did the same, getting in the same lane behind me. For the last while the routine had been that one of us would slow and the other would take the lead, waving to one another as we went. I’d wanted to let him know that I was leaving. A moment of panic crossed my mind as I signaled to exit and saw him do the same.

I hadn’t meant for this to go anywhere besides the mostly barren highway. I wasn’t dumb enough to speed through the city like this. Besides, the hotel my company was putting me up at was all of seven minutes off of the highway. He kept following me. I thought about driving in a circle, so he’d know I was aware of him following, but thought better of it. I’d be pulling into a parking lot in a busy hotel soon enough.

I pulled in and he did so as well. I parked as close to the entrance as I could. If my adrenaline had been going before, now I was about to have a heart attack. I didn’t see if he’d parked or where. I stayed seated. I thought about calling the hotel and asking if someone would come out and walk me in. I realized I was being neurotic. What was he going to do? Grab me by the hair and drag me back to his place? I don’t know if I’d mind that really…

A gentle tap on my window made me jump as the man in the hat stood outside my car. I put the window down a miniscule and safe amount. “Hey, didn’t want to freak you out. I swear I wasn’t stalking you. I’m staying here for the week. My name’s Josh, by the way, and that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

I could feel myself blush for many reasons. I rolled my window up and got out of the car. He was tall, taller than I’d expect, maybe 6’4″, he was about a foot taller than me. He took his hat off politely like in an old movie and smiled at me again. I felt my pussy quiver when I looked into his deep brown eyes. There was a sliver of gold in them when the light Porno hit just right and it made my mouth feel dry as I tried to speak. “I’m Mel. Yea, it was a lot of fun. I’m actually staying here for the week too.”

“You seem a bit nervous, I really am sorry. I wasn’t trying to freak you out.” I was mostly speechless looking at how his hair curled ever so slightly around his head like a Roman god. He was wearing jeans, boots, and a flannel shirt that I knew would look better on the floor in my hotel room.

“I’m okay! Don’t apologize, it’s just, never mind.” I tried waiving it off and I moved away from my door. I wanted to get my bag from the back when he took a step towards me.

“Tell me.” His voice had gotten deeper, darker and I felt my heart start to race. I decided to be unabashedly honest. Doing so had served me well before.

“Driving like that makes me exceptionally wet and I find you very attractive so I feel the need to move this along and get checked in so I can take care of myself.”

He took another step towards me. “Let me,” was all he said as he pushed my back against Hank, kissing me deeply. I paused for just a second before my tongue began to match his. My hands around his shoulders, my fingers digging into him. I could see the entrance as his mouth worked down my neck. He bit me just above my collar bone and I moaned into him. He brought his mouth to my ear and said, “mine” as he grabbed me by waist.

I was well aware of at least one pair of eyes on us as I said, “maybe we should take this inside.”

“Not yet,” and I could feel myself quiver. He began kissing down my chest. He got to the tank and worked it down, shielding my exposed nipple with his mouth. I held onto his head for dear life as I could feel the heat on my face as it turned, I’m sure, a dark crimson. “Now,” he whispered as he tucked my breast back into the bra and put my tank back as it had been.

I was nearly out of breath from the rush of pleasure and adrenaline, not to mention a fair bit of embarrassment. He told me to wait there as he went and grabbed his suitcase. He took mine when I pulled it out of the back. My mind couldn’t make peace with this man who had just pulled my top down and sucked on my tit in broad daylight after driving nearly double the speed limit for almost an hour and then carrying my bag for me.

He led the way and I gladly walked with him. He had me check in first and I waited patiently as he checked in. He had my bag and knew my room number besides. It wasn’t like I wanted to run, but I always tried to have an exit strategy. He led the way again to the elevators and went to my floor. He found the room and waited for me to open the door. He carefully laid my bag down as he left his suitcase by the door.

I put my room keycard down and felt myself start to blush. He put his hat down on his suitcase and turned to me. “Come, take a shower with me.” I bit my lip and nodded. I took his outstretched hand as he led me into the awkwardly shaped bathroom. I wanted him to kiss me again. I think he knew that. Instead, he began to undress himself, slowly, as he kept his eyes on me.

I held his gaze as much as I could as I pulled my tank over my head and threw it in the corner. I felt his eyes go to my tits and saw his hands pause on a button he hadn’t quite managed to unbutton yet. I unhooked my bra and tossed that as well. He clenched his fists for a second before he started to undress more quickly. He pulled off his flannel Altyazılı Porno and ripped his undershirt off over his head. I’d started pulling down my panties and leggings together as he fumbled with his belt buckle and pants. I was done before him and took my hair out of the bun I’d put it in for the drive up.

As my hair fell down, covering my breasts, I heard him clench his jaw and I couldn’t control the smile that flew across my face. He kissed me now, pushing me up against the wall. His hands exploring everywhere as mine did the same. He groaned as I stroked his cock and all I could think of was how much I wanted him to take me, to fuck me, to fill me up.

He pulled away and smiled at my shocked expression. How could he have this level of self-control?! I know I didn’t. He turned the shower on and motioned for me to get in. I glared at him as I did, and I swear I heard him laugh softly.

I stood in the hot water, enjoying the sensation when I felt his hands on me again. Finally! I thought. I needed his cock in me and I needed him to know this. He was rubbing me all over with a soaped-up washcloth as I backed myself up to him. I felt his cock at the top of my ass. Even on my tiptoes this was going to be difficult. He groaned as I reached behind me and rubbed his cock against me.

He held me around the waist with one arm as his other hand found its way down to my pussy. One finger at first and then two found their way into me, and then a third as his thumb found my clit. I was annoyingly hard to make cum, but he was determined. I could feel myself building and his grip tightened on me to support me as my legs began to shake. He stopped suddenly and removed his hand entirely away and out of me.

To say I was pissed would be an understatement. I was used to taking care of myself. Fuckbois did nothing but change my plans and I’d long been done with them. Now I was done with this. I finished washing up and got out of the shower. Again I heard him chuckle as I threw the shower curtain back in its place.

I dried myself and went to leave the bathroom. “You’re not allowed to cum until I say so.” His voice pierced through me and I tried to shake it off. Who the hell did he think he was?! I dug around my bag until I found my vibrator. I threw myself on the bed and turned on the vibration function. I inserted it into my very wet pussy as far as it would go. It had bunny ears for my clit, and I felt myself arch as it hit all the right spots.

I heard him turn the water off. I could make myself cum quite quickly, especially with this toy, and I knew I shouldn’t waste any time. It wasn’t happening though. What the fuck?! I was so frustrated. He came out of the bathroom, drying his hair with his towel. He stopped when he saw me. His eyes narrowed as he dropped the towel and came over to me. I could feel myself finally getting close again as he watched me.

He grabbed my vibrator and for whatever reason I let him. I gave him that control over my pleasure. He began moving it back and forth. Letting it hit my g-spot just long enough for me to feel that wave of pleasure rush through me. I was so close…and he pulled it out of me completely. I yelled in frustration, and he simply smiled at me. “I told you, you aren’t allowed to cum until I say so.”

Fine! If he wasn’t going to give me what I wanted, then I was going to take it. I pushed him down on the bed and kissed him as I straddled myself on top of him. He put his hands Brazzers on my hips as I sat up on him and he looked up at me mischievously. He knew what I was planning. I kissed him again and began kissing down his neck, his chest, stopping to bite one of his nipples. I felt his hips jerk as I did so and made a note to return to this later. I kept kissing down until I had to move my body between his legs.

My hands were on his inner thighs when I looked up at him, meeting his hungry gaze. I began to suck his cock, playing with his head at first as I swirled my tongue around him. I kissed down his shaft, sucking as I went. I made my way back up, cupped his balls, and began slowly working my mouth down his shaft as I massaged the veins in his throbbing cock with my tongue.

He grabbed my hair and held my head down as I deepthroated him before I felt him pulling me off of him. I could see his chest heave as he stared at me. I started kissing up his body again. I was beginning to straddle him as he grabbed me and pinned me down to the bed. I was vulnerable underneath him and the euphoric feeling of giving my control to him sent another ripple of pleasure through me.

He crashed down onto me, kissing me passionately, intensely. I felt his cock find my pussy and my entire body quivered as I took him all in. He began to thrust into me and took his mouth off of mine. “You’re mine, do you understand? Mine. Your pussy, your mouth, your orgasm. Mine.”

My eyes had glazed over from the pleasure as he fucked me and kept telling me I was his. He bit my neck and I screamed. As I screamed, he pushed himself into me as far as he could. I began to cum as he pounded into my pussy. He kept thrusting into me as my body convulsed around his cock. It was too much. I’d never been a fan of edging but FUCK. If it was like that every time, I might have to reconsider my position on it.

My orgasm faded slowly and I was finally able to focus again. “Are you ready for your punishment?” I tilted my head, confused. He pulled himself out of me and flipped me over. Then I heard it, the hard slap on my ass. Next came the sting. Another slap, harder this time. What the fuck was he doing?! I’d never been spanked like this and I was surprised at how it felt now, right after I came.

After a few more slaps to my ass he kissed where he’d been spanking me. “Next time, you ask to cum or wait for me to tell you it’s okay.” I blinked, unbelievingly, and he took no note of it or had no patience for it. He positioned himself behind me and pulled me up on all fours. Thrusting into me I nearly collapsed. He fucked my pussy for a while as he played with my asshole, stretching me, making me moan and scream and forget everything else but us. I was exhausted when he pulled his cock out of my pussy and slowly worked it into my ass. The new sensation worked its way through my body and woke my nerves. He grabbed my toy and worked it into my pussy, turning the vibrate function on.

I was getting close to cumming again from the sensation of being so utterly full. “I need to cum. I’m about to cum.”

“That’s not how we ask.” Fucking asshole…

“Can I come? Please!”

“Can you?” I turned my head to look at him in disbelief. All I could see was an evil smile as his cock fucked my ass and he angled my toy just right.


“CUM!” he commanded, just in time, as we came together. I could feel him shooting his load into my ass. He collapsed on top of me. After a moment he pulled the toy out of my pussy and gave me one more hard slap on my ass, making me jump. I felt his cum begin to trickle out of me.

“What was that one for?!”

He bit the back of my neck and then whispered, “because I like you. And you’re mine.”

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