Agent of Lilith: Chapter 11


James sat in the car outside his house and reflected on his options. He needed to fix his mistakes and change the husks back to their original state, but he was unsure about how to do it. He considered giving them the sexual energy he’d taken from them when he’d turned them into husks in the first place. But he had no idea how to give his energy to anyone other than his mistress. Besides, Lilith had recommended avoiding sexual magic for this task, as it had been that magic that got him into this situation.

James let out a deep breath and closed his eyes as he attempted to concentrate on his own magic. Focused as he was, James didn’t see the unfamiliar car pull into the driveway behind him and block his car in. He reached out and touched the power that lurked within him, slowly drawing it out in preparation for the task at hand. In his mental state of supreme concentration, he didn’t hear the car door close somewhere behind him.

It took a considerable amount of patience and skill to carefully separate his own power from Lilith’s sexual magic. The two energies seemed to seek each other out inside him; drawing on one without the other following was something James would need to work at. Unfortunately, this time he was unsuccessful in completely dividing his magic, and a small amount of lustful energy tagged along for the ride as he gathered his magic.

CLACK. CLACK. “Hey, James, I-“

The tapping at the window shattered James’ concentration and his grasp on his power was quickly lost. The magic that had been at his fingertips moments ago, primed and ready, now surged forth from him. In a panic, James reached out mentally and attempted to suppress his power before it did any damage. He succeeded in restraining it and drawing it back into himself.

The sexual energy that James unwittingly summoned along with that magic, however, shot out from James and sought out its target – the only target it could find.

Two minutes earlier:

Lindsay sat in her beige sedan, parked behind James’ red sports car. Struggling with her own emotions, she tried to deal with her conflicting thoughts. “What are you doing, girl…” she said to herself. “You’re obsessed with this guy, and now you’re following him home from school? Get a grip.”

She watched James’ motionless silhouette in the car in front of her. Had he fallen asleep or something? Lindsay, growing impatient and beginning to second-guess herself, shored up her resolve and stepped out of the car. She walked slowly up the driveway; James still didn’t move. “Okay, just talk to him. Ask him why he hasn’t texted you. Don’t get clingy, or needy… or horny…”

Fighting subconscious desire, the brunette bit her lip and approached the red coupe. Inside, James sat with his eyes closed, chest rising and falling evenly. “Wow he really did fall asleep,” thought Lindsay. “I’ll just wake him up…”

CLACK. CLACK. She tapped her knuckles against the window to get the man’s attention. “Hey, James, I-“

The words died on Lindsay’s lips as an oppressive wave of heat and lust fell over her. Her hand fell back to her side and her mind began to grow heavy. “What did I come here for…?” she asked herself slowly, all reason being forgotten. Wetness grew between her now-trembling legs. Hard nipples strained against layers of fabric. She stared blankly forward, through the window, at James. The man looked back at her, surprise on his face. That surprise turned to confusion when he saw Lindsay’s worsening state.

When he opened the car door, she took a few shaky steps backward to make room. But as soon as James stepped out of the vehicle, Lindsay stumbled back into him, pinning him against the side of his car. Her hands went straight to his groin, feeling the outline of his dick and fumbling with his belt with numb fingers.

“Master,” she whispered through full lips, “I need you so bad… Fuck me, please.”

James pushed the teen off him carefully and held her at arm’s distance. He regarded Lindsay with concern as her face flushed and a visible wet spot appeared between her spandexed legs. Her arousal was evident, and James realized he was the cause. His lack of control over his new power had created a rather unfavorable situation.

Lindsay moaned involuntarily, her pussy grew wetter with every passing moment, and her nipples hardened to the point of discomfort. She needed to be fucked. Her big eyes pleaded with her master who was just out reach. “Please fuck me,” they begged. She licked her lips absentmindedly as she stared at James’ body, at his broad shoulders, muscular arms, and the sizeable bulge in his jeans.

James was growing aroused. He didn’t necessarily want to, but he couldn’t exactly help it if his body reacted to a beautiful girl begging him to fuck her. He knew he should be more worried about his lapse in magical control, or about Lindsay’s current state of mind. But his powerful lust had taken hold of him, and he was warming up to the idea of ravishing the pretty young brunette.

Looking into her eyes and sensing her need, James could tell Lindsay’s desire was too great for her to handle. If her lust grew any more, it might do serious damage to her psyche… With this justification, James decided it would be irresponsible not to fuck her. He let go of the teen.

Lindsay was on him immediately, peppering his neck and face with desperate kisses as her hands reached for his hardening cock. She moaned against him, getting off on the contact. She rubbed him through his pants and started to lower herself to her knees, but James grabbed her wrist and pulled her back up.

“Not here,” he said, and led Lindsay up the steps to the house. While he unlocked the door, she continued to rub and grind against him, letting him feel her desire and heat. James swung the front door open and pulled Lindsay in after him. That’s when he noticed another complication.

Mark sat on the couch, studying one of his textbooks. He looked up and smiled when he heard James come in. He greeted Lindsay, “Hi, I’m-“

“Can I fuck him too, master?” the brunette interrupted, addressing James while she rubbed her neck and squeezed her tits through her shirt.

James didn’t know what to say. Which was fine for Lindsay because she was already moving in Mark’s direction. The thin man put down his book, stood up, and held up his hands defensively.

“‘Uhh…I think I should just leave…” he said, his gaze moving between James and Lindsay. But the pretty teen was already on him. Tackling him to the ground with surprising speed and strength, Lindsay pinned Mark under her and pushed her lips against his.

“Mmf!” Mark protested weakly as the pretty brunette explored his mouth with her tongue and slid a hand beneath his pants. James watched in surprised arousal, his cock rigid and his interest piqued. He decided to follow Lindsay’s lead.

With little more than a thought, James focused his sexual magic on Mark’s libido. Washing away all inhibitions and doubts, James ensured that Mark had no qualms about accepting Lindsay’s advances. His body language changed instantly. His hands landed on the brunette’s ass with a resounding “SMACK,” and his tongue began to do some exploring of its own. James pulled his shirt over his head and approached the two.

Lindsay broke off her kiss with Mark and began working her way down his body. She dragged her manicured nails down his torso as she went, a sensation that gave Mark pleasant chills and aroused him further.

The sexy teen took a moment to take off her shirt and bra, tossing them out of sight and out of mind, before lowering herself to her prize. She loosened Mark’s belt and yanked down his pants and boxers in one swift motion, revealing Mark’s hard cock. With heavily-lidded eyes, Lindsay gawked at his stiff manhood, taking in its masculine scent and licking her lips. Those lips soon descended onto the man’s dick, kissing the tip lightly. Mark’s hands went to her head, an involuntary reaction to the sudden sensation.

Lindsay’s ass squirmed as her pussy grew hotter. She was beyond excited; she’d never been so horny in her life. She lowered her mouth again and stuck out her tongue. With one long caress, she licked her way up the length of Mark’s cock, before taking the head into her mouth. As she did, her mind erupted in vicarious pleasure. She just couldn’t take it any more.

“MMMMM,” she moaned around the man’s dick. Pure ecstasy radiated out from her, the product of raw sexual energy and time. Breaking down her defenses easily, James’ magic had amplified her lust beyond what her body could handle, and now it burst forth twice as strong, causing the teen the cum just from sucking cock.

James staggered and halted as Lindsay’s sexual energy filled the air. He breathed deep, taking in her essence and empowering his magic. “What a return on investments,” he thought, feeling the energy that now surged within him. It was easy enough to keep in check now that he knew how, so he needn’t worry about losing control again.

Dropping to his knees behind the brunette, James’ grabbed her spandex-clad ass and gave it a hard smack. Another muffled moan rang out from the cute coed, whose desire for cock had hardly diminished. She continued sucking Mark’s dick as James admired her shapely ass. But he could only do so much admiring with his hands and eyes. Pulling down her pants and thong, James exposed her bare, glistening lips. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and licked up her wet slit, tasting her arousal and eliciting yet another moan.

On his knees, James shuffled into position behind Lindsay and pushed his cock into her waiting pussy. She groaned in bliss as his tip parted her petals and pressed against her opening. She gripped Mark tightly as she was penetrated. And when James’ cock came to a stop, fully sheathed inside her tight pussy, she started to cum for a second time.

“Mmm,” she moaned, removing her mouth from around Mark’s dick. “Ohhh fuck! Yes, master! Yes!” James had barely Sex hikaye done anything, and Lindsay was already lost to the maddening pleasure his cock brought. Filling her completely and pressuring her most sensitive spots, James sent the teen spiraling into the euphoric abyss of her second orgasm. Her walls pulsed around him rhythmically, squeezing him as she bucked her hips, pushing back against him. She howled out her pleasure and tossed her hair back and forth as she came.

“Fuck yes! Fuck me, master! I’m cumming!”

It took a lot of willpower for James to extricate himself from Lindsay’s pussy long enough to be sure that he wouldn’t sap too much of her essence. After all, he had come home to solve his husk problem, not make another. Once the brunette had calmed down again, James reinserted himself into her intoxicating depths and began thrusting. This time, Lindsay managed to take his length without cumming on the spot. She returned to blowing Mark, moaning around him each time James sank his cock into her.

Mark groaned and swept Lindsay’s hair out of her face so that he could watch her suck his dick. Her full, glossy lips bobbed up and down on his shaft while his cockhead touched the back of her throat. Suppressing her gag reflex, she attempted to deepthroat him. Soon enough though, she came up for air. She let her drool drip onto Mark’s cock as she caught her breath, and then she returned to blowing him.

James, meanwhile, continued to thrust quickly inside the young woman, bottoming out inside her every time. He gripped her ass tightly and gave her the occasional smack as he fucked her. An idea came to him. Licking his fingers, he decided to test Lindsay’s limits. Placing one finger against her sphincter, he pushed it inside her. He was rewarded with a low hum from the teen as he delved into her asshole. A second finger soon followed, and before long James was finger-fucking Lindsay’s ass at the same fervent pace with which he fucked her pussy.

His intruding fingers clearly didn’t bother Lindsay enough to slow down her blowjob, because James heard Mark grunt, “I’m cumming!” a moment later. The brunette kept sucking his cock as he came, accepting his load and slurping down his semen as James pistoned mercilessly inside her.

Now, there are few positions more compromising in which one can be found, than with your dick in someone’s mouth, or someone’s dick in your mouth, or your fingers in someone’s ass. In these severely compromising positions, Mark, Lindsay, and James looked up as they heard the click of a key turning over the lock to the front door.

“-second best cappuccino in town. Maybe James knows what… oh.” Brianna trailed off as she walked through the door and found her boyfriend’s roommates in these most compromising positions. David followed her in, his hands full of shopping bags and food.

“What’s up, babe? …Oh.”

With a loud “POP,” Lindsay released Mark’s cock from between her lips. She swallowed a mouthful of cum and looked over her shoulder at James, a lewd look in her eyes. “Them too?” she asked.

James nodded. “Them too,” he answered, having already made up his mind the moment the couple walked in the door.

Allowing his magical aura to whip around him in a lust-fueled frenzy and fill the room, James watched as the expressions on Brianna and David’s faces changed from shock and embarrassment to wanton desire. They dropped their belongings in the entry way, shut the door behind them and marched dutifully toward the trio, shedding layers of clothing as they went.

What had begun as an accidental release of a small amount of sexual energy on James’ part was now a full-blown orgy. In a whirlwind of carnal need, lust raging out of control, the five college students writhed together on the living room floor. They traded partners left and right, everyone sharing in their mutual desire.

Lindsay ate out Brianna, who moaned ceaselessly at the attention, stuffing her mouth with David’s cock all the while. James and Mark watched from the couch, where the latter blew the former, neither caring if their bi-curious secret was out in the open.

Shifting positions, James found himself sixty-nining with Brianna, who had long been an object of desire for him. Slim and fit, with small breasts and graceful curves, James had always found the blonde attractive. But now, with his tongue penetrating the delicate petals of her pink flower, he understood just how beautiful she was. He lapped eagerly at her pussy and gripped her ass tightly as she masterfully worked his cock, stroking up and down in a slow, twisting motion. Her lips followed her fingers, making sure to smother as much of James’ dick as possible with her greedy mouth.

A few feet away, David stood, holding Lindsay in his arms. Facing away from him, she was held by her legs, which were spread wide open. Which was ideal, as it gave Mark access to her tender sex. While he fucked her pussy, his roommate used his position to his advantage and guided his cock into the teen’s ass. Sandwiched between the two men, Lindsay hung on Mark’s shoulders and pressed her mouth against his neck, suffocating the rapturous screams she let out every time she was thrust into.

Brianna looked up from her expert blowjob and stared longingly at the display. Cheeks flushed and pussy throbbing, envy surfaced with her arousal. She wasn’t jealous because David was fucking another woman. She was jealous because it just looked so damn good…

But her thoughts of envy were lost when she was flipped on her back by James. He immediately drove his enormous member into her waiting pussy and began fucking her with the force of two men. He pumped into her vigorously, digging his fingers into her waist as he slammed into her over and over again. Brianna had no complaints. She twisted and squirmed beneath James, filled with his cock and propelled to new euphoric heights due to his magic. She moaned loudly, harmonizing with Lindsay’s ecstatic wails. The two women were being fucked like never before, and then they were cumming like never before.

The men weren’t far behind, and soon everyone was groaning with pleasure as orgasms overtook their minds and paralyzed their bodies. Like an ethereal sphere of pure euphoria, the sexual energy of all five students filled the air. Only James was aware of its existence, but the effects of such powerful lust and released pleasure was felt by all. Experiencing climactic bliss hitherto undreamt of, the other four succumbed to rapturous delight and reveled in their shared ecstasy. James too was reeling from his own orgasmic pleasure, but he had to focus on the matter at hand and ensure that the situation didn’t spiral out of control any further.

Tackling the massive amount of sexual energy with all his mental might and magical power, James attempted to compact and contain the pure lust that the orgy had generated. He drew it inward, breathing deep, as if he was inhaling from a balloon filled with raw magic. It was more sexual energy than he’d ever taken in at once, but with the aid of his own magic he was successful in capturing and suppressing it, locking it within himself. The act was surprisingly effortless, and James was pleased to know he could rely on his inherent magical power.

The mood in the room changed quickly after that. Relieved of their lustful burden and drained physically and mentally from their powerful orgasms, the others collapsed into a tangled, naked mass. Lying on top of one another, they drifted off to sleep peacefully, a smile on every one of their faces. James remained conscious, though he had to admit that a nap did sound nice after such an exhausting ordeal. But he now had the time to himself that he’d sought, so he got to his feet, shook off his fatigue, and walked down the hall to his bedroom.

Inside, he found Claire and Sam right where he had left them over 24 hours before. The two husks hadn’t moved an inch in that time, compelled by their master’s command to stay put. They stared vacantly at James, his presence only barely registering in their simple minds. “Let’s give this a shot…” James thought to himself. Shutting the door behind him, he climbed onto his bed and sat down cross-legged. He mentally ordered Claire and Sam to do the same, and they followed his example, moving slowly and mechanically.

Face to face with the two husks, James revisited his options and decided to try using his own magic instead of Lilith’s to revert Claire and Sam to their original state. Reaching out with his hands, he placed a palm against both husks’ foreheads and closed his eyes. He resumed the calm breathing and careful channeling of his magic that had been interrupted earlier by Lindsay. Focusing his energy and dipping into the vast reserves of power that dwelt within him, he tried to look into Claire and Sam’s minds.

There was very little to observe; the husks had no real thoughts in their heads beyond a blind devotion to James and an endless yearning to fuck anything they could. With James’ growing understanding of magic, he could tell that the husks had no power of their own, not even the faintest trace of sexual energy. They were completely empty, fueled entirely by James’ power. He could tell that if something ever happened to him, Sam and Claire would pay the price too. James frowned; he couldn’t let that happen.

Probing deeper, James found the remnants of his own sexual energy that drove and sustained them. Intertwined with the husks’ identities, James’ magic had bonded to their very souls, suppressing everything they were. His power over the two went much further than the extreme obedience or sexual responses he could command over others; the husks were physical extensions of his magic. Sexual energy given form.

“If I separate my sexual energy from them, will that fix them?” James wondered. He opened his eyes and pulled his hands away from the husks. Was such a thing even possible? Could he meddle with their souls without Erotik hikaye harming them? If he failed to safely remove the magic, he could leave them braindead or worse.

“There’s no other option…” he thought. James had a general idea of what he needed to do now, though he was not terribly confident in his ability to successfully salvage the husks’ souls. He decided that no matter how he did it, it would be best to do it one at a time. Replacing his hand on Claire’s head, he focused his energy and delved back into the girl’s shattered psyche. Returning to the deepest, most vulnerable corner of her mind, James’ magic entered Claire’s soul.

Once vibrant and full of life, the husk’s consciousness was now muted and dull, simply existing in the vast, dark emptiness of her being. The embers of a beautiful soul still flickered in that dark space, but they were encompassed and suppressed by a heavy, swirling mass of James’ sexual energy. This was the point of no return. James steeled his resolve and pushed forward with his magic, careful to keep back any trace of sexual magic and use only his innate power.

As he touched her soul, Claire’s body went rigid, tensing involuntarily at the mental contact. Her reaction gave James pause, but he pressed on all the same. With careful control, he began separating the sexual energy from the girl, siphoning away the dense magic and restraining it within himself. James found the sensation oddly familiar and realized that the feeling was almost exactly the same as when he had unlocked his inner magic. With a new understanding of the situation, James slowly removed the sexual energy from around Claire’s soul, pulling on and unraveling the string that ensnared her, just as he had done to himself.

The magic James now pulled from the husk was much weaker than the power he’d unlocked within his own soul, so it was easy enough to contain. But the added pressure of knowing one misstep could kill Claire added a healthy amount of caution to the process. Soon enough though, James had exposed the rapidly-warming energy of Claire’s being. Tearing away the last strands of the magic that impaired her, James freed the girl’s soul and released her mind. He removed his hand from her head.

Claire gasped, filling her lungs greedily as though she had just surfaced from a perilously long dive. Blinking rapidly, her dark eyes regained their former light and life. From within her, heat spread out and returned to her extremities, her cold body surging back to life as healthy color returned to her chocolate skin.

“Wha-… Where…?” she mumbled groggily, her mind slowly waking up after its deep sleep. She held her head in one hand as she readjusted to consciousness. James watched with relief and smiled. He’d done it; he’d succeeded. But he didn’t want to freak Claire out after she’d just survived one tiring ordeal, nor did he want to have to explain the situation. So, reaching out again with his magic, he touched the girl’s mind and, with much greater ease, flipped a switch and put her to sleep.

Turning his attention to Sam, who still sat motionless next to the slumbering woman, James prepared for round two. More confident with one success already under his belt, he slowly but surely began the task of purging his magic from the other man’s soul. As the last vestiges of sexual energy vanished from Sam’s mind, he too came to his senses. Groaning tiredly, he shook his head and dispelled the heavy haze that had taken hold of him. Body and mind back under his control, Sam turned to James with a confused expression, but before he could speak, the other man knocked him out with a snap of his fingers.

James exhaled slowly, attempting to calm himself and even out his ragged breathing. He wiped sweat from his brow and leaned back. “That was exhausting,” he muttered. Still catching his breath, he decided to share his victory with Lilith.

“Mistress,” he thought, “you’ll be happy to know that our husk problem is taken care of.”

After a brief period, during which the only sound was the even breathing of the former husks, Lilith’s response broke the silence and echoed through James’ mind.

“James!” she exclaimed. “That’s wonderful! You’re truly amazing; I can’t wait to hear how you did it! Are you okay? Oh, I wish I was there; I could kiss you!”

The incubus smiled as his mistress’ praise lifted his spirits even higher and brought warmth to his heart. “I’ll hold you to that later,” he thought back to her. “I’m fine; I’ll tell you all about it tonight, okay?”

“Okay,” Lilith answered. “I love you, James.”

“I love you too.”

With a smile, James broke off the psychic connection and returned his focus to the pair of naked people asleep on his bed. He realized that it may have been premature to pat himself on the back and proclaim the husk problem “taken care of.” James still needed to get Sam and Claire back where they belonged and deal with the fact that they’d been missing for two days.

“First things first…” he said to himself. Returning to the ex-husks minds for what he hoped would be the last time, James carefully and methodically removed any and all memories of the last two days. He replaced them with vague, artificial memories of being very sick and bedridden. While he was in their heads, he searched for a little information. After retrieving their addresses from their memory banks, James released his mental grip on the two. Then he went about dressing the pair in old clothes of his before dragging them, still sleeping, to his car. He had to borrow Lindsay’s keys in order to move her car, but he didn’t think the sleeping brunette would mind. Once the husks were crammed into the James’ car, he took off.

Getting into their homes was surprisingly easy thanks to a little magical lock-picking. James was grateful that both Claire and Sam lived alone; he didn’t think he could explain the situation to a roommate or significant other, and he’d had enough meddling with people’s memories for one day. First one, and then the other, he put the one-time husks to bed, completing the illusion of their sudden and mysterious illness. Confident that they’d be all right and that their temporary absence from work and school wouldn’t be traced back to him, James returned to his car.

Checking the clock, he remembered he was supposed to be meeting Ashley right then. After firing off a quick text to let her know he was running late, James headed for the hotel.

He found his sister in the hotel restaurant, a fancy little bistro that made James feel underdressed. Ash, however, definitely looked the part. Wearing stylish heels and a short black dress, she left little to the imagination, and there were more than a few men checking out the sexy redhead. She stood up from the table when James arrived and met him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

He joined her at the table, and the food and wine soon began to flow. They chatted casually, going over the day. James decided the leave out the orgy; that story might be better suited to somewhere more private. The pair of attractive siblings were already drawing attention from other diners just by virtue of their looks.

“So,” James whispered, ready to get down to business, “What did you learn at the museum?”

Ash leaned forward and tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear. “The statue arrived today. It’ll stay in storage for a while before it’s moved to the exhibit, which opens next Monday.”

“Shit…” said James. “That’s so soon.”

Ashley nodded and continued. “The security over there is serious, and there’s no way I could sneak you in or sneak the idol out. I think we should wait until it’s set up in the exhibit before we make a move. It’ll be easier to get to then.”

James shook his head. “Not an option. We can’t give Ishtar time to return to the Temple; we have to strike while she’s unaware. The sooner the better.”

“Okay…” Ashley began tentatively, speaking as she lightly swirled her wine glass. “But what do we do then? The storage area is under constant surveillance, and guards patrol the museum after dark. I have access during the day, but so do a dozen other people. Even if I could get you and the statue in the same room, do we actually have any clue how to destroy it?”

James, admittedly, had not given much thought to the matter. He knew that destroying the idol couldn’t be easy, but he just assumed he’d figure something out. “No…” he answered honestly. “I’ll talk to Lilith about that; she might know something. In the meantime, you try and find – or create – a lapse in security we can take advantage of.” Ash nodded and drained the rest of her wine. James grabbed the bottle and refilled their glasses.

Shifting the conversation back to light banter and casual flirtation, the two siblings ate and drank in comfort until it was late. It was apparent to James that, despite living in France, Ashley was a bit of lightweight when it came to wine. Enjoying his own pleasant buzz, James supported his sister and walked her carefully out of the restaurant and through the hotel. She leaned on him, her slender hands holding on tightly to his strong arm.

Giggling girlishly and slurring her words, she let James pull her into the elevator. As soon as the doors glided shut and the two were alone in the lift, a predatory look came over Ashley’s face. She stepped in close to her brother and pushed him against the wall. Her hard nipples pressed against his muscled abdomen through her dress. Her hand found a rapidly-growing bulge in James’ pants and gave it a light squeeze.

“Ooh… Shomeone’ss happy to shee me…” she mumbled, looking up at her handsome brother. James leaned down and kissed the horny redhead. Her breath smelled like the sweet wine they had been drinking, though he supposed his breath must smell the same. Tongues dancing frantically, they tasted each other while their hands groped every inch of the other’s body they could find.

They lurched when the elevator Porno hikayeleri came to a halt, unprepared for the sudden stop. Ash, in her drunken state, was unstable on her heels and nearly fell over, but James caught her. Holding her in a dip, as though they had been dancing, he looked into her deep brown eyes, which shined with blatant desire.

The elevator door opened as James pulled his sister carefully back to her feet. A housekeeper stepped into the lift, pushing a cleaning cart. The older woman gave Ashley a subtle, knowing smile. The redhead blushed and stifled a smile of her own. Without looking, she found her brother’s hand with hers and interlaced their fingers. James looked down at Ash fondly, and they completed their ascent in silence. When they reached their floor, the two walked down the hall to Ashley’s room still holding hands.

Once they were alone in the suite, James pulled his beautiful sister back into his arms and descended on her lips once again. Ashley leaned into him and clutched at his collar. James lowered a hand between her legs and found, to his pleasant surprise, that she wasn’t wearing panties. He dipped two fingers between her folds, wet with lustful anticipation. While he stroked Ash’s lower lips, he found her clit with his thumb and flicked it lightly.

Ash broke off their kiss so that she could moan properly at her brother’s touch. “Mmm, fuck…” Whether due to arousal or to the alcohol, her flushed face was almost as red as her hair.

James pulled his hand free and brought it to his lips. Sucking his fingers slowly into his mouth, he savored his sister’s sweet, musky flavor. Watching him taste her, Ash let out a tiny, excited gasp at the display. She bit her lip involuntarily as her desire grew. She reached up and pulled James’ fingers away from his mouth before returning to their kiss so that she could taste herself on his lips.

They continued to make-out for a little while longer before their urges outpaced them. Parting once again, the two began to strip off their clothes. Once free of her tight dress, Ash started to move toward the large sectional couch, but James caught her hand in his and stopped her. She turned to look at him in confusion, but he just nodded his head toward the sliding door to the balcony. A smirk split the woman’s lips and she followed her brother’s lead.

James slid the glass door open and stepped into the cool night air, pulling his sexy sister across the threshold to join him. A light, chill wind swept through the corridors of the luminous city and over the naked siblings. The hotel was one of the taller buildings in the area, and the windows of the offices in the neighboring skyscraper had largely gone dark. There was little chance that anyone would see the two exhibitionists.

“Brr,” Ash shivered as goosebumps rose on her pale skin. “It’s cold out here.”

“Don’t worry,” spoke James as he pulled the redhead back into his arms and held her against him. “I’ll keep you warm.” Ash shivered again, but not because of the cold.

James spun his sister around so that she was facing away from him. Taking his cue, Ashley placed her hands on the balcony railing and leaned forward. Thrusting her beautiful ass toward her brother, she spread her shapely legs and awaited what came next. She didn’t have to wait long. James placed the head of his large cock against Ash’s pussy and gripped her narrow waist with his hands.

Holding her tightly, he moved his hips forward. Without penetrating her, James ran his cock along his sister’s moistened slit. His tip rubbed against her clit and sent red-hot pleasure coursing through both of their bodies. “Mmm…” Ashley hung her head and shut her eyes, savoring the contact.

James pulled back and pressed his cockhead against her entrance again. This time he pushed into her, sliding through the hot resistance of her inner walls and nestling his dick inside his sister’s pussy. He grabbed her voluptuous ass and held on tight as he withdrew his cock before slamming into her again.

“Aah!” Ash moaned, a high-pitched, startled sound full of want and need. The noise was lost to the cacophony of the city below and scattered by the wind. With a free pass to be as loud as she wanted, the redhead vocalized her pleasure with every thrust from her sexy brother. “Fuck! Yes! Yes! Yeeessss!”

The chill of the autumn air was forgotten, replaced by the inner heat of fiery passion. Ashley’s hair fell like curtains before her beautiful face, tossing around her as she shook her head and moaned in ecstasy. Her pussy was on fire, set alight by taboo pleasure, the flames fanned by her brother’s hard cock.

With faster and faster strokes, James thrust inside Ash’s pussy and caused the fire to spread out and engulf her in searing, orgasmic bliss. Mouth agape, Ashley was overwhelmed with euphoria fueled by wine and incestuous fucking. Her pussy spasmed around James as she screamed out her climax.

“Ohhh fuuuck, James! I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming!”

James groaned as well, his cock gripped tightly by the pleasantly pulsing walls of his sister’s pussy. Ash’s ecstasy took the form of pure sexual energy, transmitted to James through her orgasm. He pulled out of her as she came, trying not to drain her too much. He looked down at her as she gripped the railing with white knuckles and fought to stay on her feet under the weight of her pleasure. While Ash came down from her sexual high, James moved back into position behind her and pressed his cock against her asshole.

The last waves of her powerful orgasm only just beginning to subside, Ashley was given no break. The head of James’ huge dick pushed past her tight entrance and began to slide into her rectum.

“James, wait! I’ve never-” she began as she looked over her shoulder with a shocked expression. Her complaints were silenced as her brother drove the rest of his length forcefully inside her tender sheathe. “MMMF!” Ash bit her lip hard as her virgin ass was filled with cock.

Experiencing fullness like never before, the walls of her ass twitched reflexively around the massive member inside her. The redhead groaned at the strange – but not unpleasant – sensation. James paused, letting his sister adjust to his size while he basked in the tightness and heat of the soft channel that enveloped him.

Ash breathed deeply, trying to get used to the pleasurable pain that accompanied her brother’s cock – now lodged in her anus. After close to a minute, she finally felt comfortable with the idea of being fucked in the ass, and her body was ready for more. She moved her ass forward, letting James slide partway out of her hole, then she thrust back into him slowly.

James’ reverie was dispelled by his sister’s movement. He grinned, happy to see that Ash was getting into it. He replaced his hands on her round ass, which jiggled beneath his grip when Ashley moved. As his cock came to rest inside her again, James gave one perfect cheek a hard slap.

“Ahh!” the woman cried at the stinging smack which caused her pussy to twitch and her breath to catch in her throat. James followed one spank with another, which he timed with a long thrust into his sister’s ass. Ashley moaned this time, unable to stifle the involuntary reaction to the sensation.

James picked up the pace and was soon fucking the redheaded beauty with quick, rhythmic thrusts that triggered loud squeals of tortuous pleasure. Ashley rested her head against her arms, which draped lazily over the railing of the suite’s balcony. She allowed herself to be used and fucked by her brother, happily accepting her anal punishment along with the spanks that created ripples of agonizing euphoria in her body. Her involuntary reaction to her brother’s treatment surprised her, but she wasn’t going to complain. She fucking loved it.

As did James, who was climbing steadily toward his orgasm. His cock was ensnared within Ashley’s tight tunnel. She gripped him mercilessly and pushed back against him every time he plunged into her. Every movement built him up and threatened to push him over the edge. He could take no more, and judging by her catatonic expression, neither could Ash. With one final thrust, James’ pleasure peaked and erupted in glorious climax.

He groaned loudly and squeezed the globes of his sister’s incredible ass as he came. His muscles tightened, his skin tingled, his eyes clamped shut, and for a few glorious seconds, pleasure became his reality. At the same time, Ash was inundated in pleasure of her own.

“Oh fuck yes!” she cried as her body was wracked with a second orgasm, courtesy of her first anal fucking. “Yes, bro! Ahhh! Cum with me!”

Hurdling over the edge of ecstasy, the two siblings gripped one another tightly. The walls of Ashley’s ass squeezed her brother’s cock desperately and her pussy spasmed violently as she came. James let his head fall back as his orgasm ended. Once he could, he pulled out of his sister, letting his cum spill from her asshole and dribble to the floor below.

The beautiful redhead sank to her knees, still gripping the railing above her. Breathing heavily and reeling from the pleasure, she turned her head and smiled groggily at her brother. James returned a tired grin of his own and extended a hand to his sister. He pulled her to her feet and dragged her inside, where genuine warmth replaced the carnal heat that was now passing. Still impaired and sedated by wine, and now debilitated and exhausted from fucking, Ashley was beginning to crash. She leaned against James for stability, but quickly began to nod off in his arms.

James kept Ash awake long enough to get her in the shower and clean her up. After drying off his sister with a giant, fluffy towel, he put her to bed. She mumbled a drunken “I lurv you…” and drifted off to sleep.

James was still slightly tipsy himself, not to mention exhausted from a full day of gathering sexual energy and information. Not wanting to drag his drunken sister into the Temple again, he grabbed a spare blanket and made his way to the couch. Sinking into the soft sofa, he surrendered his tired mind to the pull of restful sleep and his mistress’ waiting embrace.

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