Alliah’s Belly Dance!

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Rehearsals were complete, tickets sold, volunteers arranged and the night had finally arrived.

I knew she would be nervous even before I rang the bell to her apartment. The performance to raise funds for both the church roof and the local amateur dramatics society was quite a task. The number of budding actors and performers that were involved in attempting to make it a success was quite alarming. The whole night was scheduled to last for well over a couple hours.

Alliah was tasked with quite the role. She had to perform a belly dance routine. She had been working on for months to perfect, between the two key parts of the whole night. She would be on stage, alone, for almost fifteen minutes, with the responsibility of keeping the audience entertained whilst the rest of the ensemble performed costume and scenery changes.

As the last remnants of the chime rescinded, the door opened, her nervous smile greeting me. The moment I saw her I couldn’t help but smile back, the glimpse of her deep blue eyes and her soft golden hair always had the same reaction. “Thank God you’re here” she spluttered, “I was worried you wouldn’t make it.”

Pushing into the hallway, I leant forwards to kiss her softly, only, to see her turn on her heels and walk into the living room, “am I going to be alright doing this?” I heard her mumble as I followed.

Coming close behind her, my hands slipping firmly to her hips, gripping her, leaning in and kissing the side of her neck softly, “You, my darling, will steal the show, you are perfect for this and you know it! Plus, I’m here to help you get ready. Remember?”

Feeling her soften, and melt a little in to my hands, the stiffness that was holding her back seemed to evaporate as I kissed her. I could feel her head tilt, allowing my lips to caress the skin and the soft sigh, “yes my love, thank you.”

Slapping her backside playfully with the palm of my hand, chuckling. “Now, go and shower, I have to get my bag from the car, I’ll make you some tea for when you have washed and dried.”

Watching her as she skipped off to the bathroom, I hurried out to the car and grabbed my overnight bag and the small package I had specially purchased on my recent visit to the more seedy streets of London. Returning to the flat I could hear the cascading sound of the shower, my mind picturing her under the soft torrent of water, making me smile, contemplating just going in and watching her, I thought better of it and instead, turned left into the kitchen and filled the kettle before flicking the switch for it to boil.

The kitchen was always kept neat and tidy, reaching into the cupboard and getting her tea caddy, I popped a fresh tea bag into a mug I had retrieved from the cupboard, before scooping a spoonful of instant coffee into another next to it for myself. Waiting for the kettle to finally boil, I could hear her moving around in the bathroom, pouring the steaming hot water across her tea before finally repeating and adding the hot water to my coffee. As the tea finally brewed and I removed the spent tea bag, before adding the few grains of sugar she liked and pouring the milk into the mug, I could hear the bathroom door being opened, slipping into the living room with the two mugs, I called, “teas ready my love.”

Placing the two mugs onto the coffee table, I turned, to see her enter. Her long natural blonde hair still wet as it laid back across her head, teasing down her back, the pale green towel wrapped around her, the top just revealing a hint of her cleavage as it pressed her full, C cup bosom tight, the bottom just caressing down across the top of her thighs, revealing her long, slender, lithe legs. My smile was instant, as was the slight tingle that shot through me. Her deep blue eyes glinted as she caught me staring, “I meet with your approval kind Sir?” She asked as she reached down and picked up the mug of tea, softly pursing her lips as she raised it to her lips and blowing across the steaming hot liquid. Chuckling lightly, “do you ever disappoint my love?”

Admiring her as she sat on the sofa, the towel raising up a little along the curve of her thighs. Her soft sensual smile beaming across her face as she sipped her tea, the sun caressing across her still damp hair, reflecting the blonde locks and making her deep blue eyes sparkle. Slipping across to her, lowering to my knees in front of her, whilst holding her gaze, smiling, before leaning right down and just kissing the cap of both her knee’s, “I have a couple of special presents for you for tonight my love, I’m sure you will approve!” Giggling a little as I looked her in the eye, winking, “go and dry your hair, before you catch a cold and then I’ll get you ready for your performance.”

“Oh yes!” she laughed, “anything I should be worried about?” Taking her hand and helping her up to her feet, before delicately kissing the tip of her nose.

“Go, dry your hair, I’ll be in shortly, and then all will be revealed.” Slipping my hands to her shoulders and turning her, before tapping my hand oral seks porno across her firm ass cheek, “off you go!” Laughing as she threw a glance back, before scurrying out of the door and across the hall into her bedroom.

Swallowing the last dregs of my coffee before sauntering into the kitchen and placing the used mug on the draining board, I grabbed my special parcel and slipped into her bedroom. The sound of her hair drier was echoing around the room as she stood at her full length mirror, her long, flouncy, golden hair shimmering to life as the heat caressed the moisture from it. Her fingers combing through her locks as she dried it thoroughly, the towel clinging tightly around her naked frame beneath, her smile greeted me in the reflection as I slipped up close behind her, watching her in awe, my eyes taking in every part of her, absorbing each and every feature.

Smiling back to her in the reflection, I made sure my eyes held her gaze, before slowly lowering to my knees behind her, her towel clad body hiding me from the reflected view. Her long legs feeding from the bottom of the towel, her feet, planted firmly, flat to the carpet, parted about hip width. The first soft, sensual glance of my finger tips along the inside of her lower leg making her quiver slightly. Teasing the fingers like a feather tip, brushing up, circling so delicately, the fingers almost dancing their way up the sensitive curve of the back and inside of her lower legs before glancing across the back of her knees.

The sound of the hair drier dwindling as she flicked the switch to off, lowering it to the table top beside the full length mirror, my eyes were solely focused on the way my fingers were navigating their way slowly and softly to the edge of the towel, the curve of her lower leg shifting as she twisted, peering back at me, her words disturbing my focus, “you having fun?” The soft giggle gesturing her approval as I looked up to her, smiling, my fingers just lifting along the back of her bare thigh, teasing to the towel, then brushing back down. Her backside just inching back, as I heard the soft sigh from her as my fingers almost teased beneath the towel making me tingle. Allowing the flow of my finger tips to continue, slipping back down the outside of her thigh, then across the back of her knees and slowly, gingerly, up along the quivering curve of her inner thighs. Reaching the soft cotton of her towel and lingering for a moment, before teasing the tips of my fingers higher, reaching up beneath the protection of the cotton and just teasing the delicate curve of her upper, inner thighs, the gasp from her audible as she responded.

My hands feeding from the inside of her thighs, caressing softly across the curve of her shapely bottom, the back of my hands drawing the clinging towel back as they moved across to her hips, before I lifted, teasing the heavy cotton up, revealing her bare naked backside. Leaning forwards on my knees, my lips parting as I drew closer, inhaling a deep breath as I did, before exhaling, a long, slow, deep, full and so very hot breath along the bare curve of the bottom of her ass and the very top of her slender, slightly parted thighs. The tensing of her muscles along her thighs and the soft moan emanating from the depths of her feeding my own desires, though, knowing I had to maintain my self control.

Raising up from my kneeling position, my hands lifting the towel as I stood, until the delicate wrap of the towel began to unravel in my hands, tilting my head and pressing my lips to her neck, kissing the flesh firmly, as I peeled her from the heavy cotton and tossing it to the floor beside her. “I’m supposed to be getting dressed to dance” she protested. My lips caressing her neck, before lifting, whispering to her ear, “believe me my darling I have it all in hand.”

My eyes peering across her shoulder, taking in the full curve of her heaving bosom, the curvaceous 34c cup bust, her delicate pink nipples, before falling down across the flat of her trim stomach and that perfect little golden blonde thatch. The back of my finger nails teasing up from her hips, brushing along the soft curves from them to her slender 22 inch waist, glancing across her tummy, my fingers spreading out across her, the touch as soft as I could muster like a feather dancing across each little goose bump, her body beginning to melt into my torso as I pushed firmly behind her, before the sensual glance of my finger tips brushing along the underside of her bosom. The sensation causing her nipples to respond as I was wishing, springing to attention, hard, pert, erect, the back of my nails teasing along the curve and glancing up the sensitive sides, making her groan out loud and her bare breasts quiver with delight.

Smiling as I drew my hands from her and lowering them to her waist, slowly turning her to face me, my eyes taking in the look of her upturned face, the sensual smile and the bright blue eyes gazing back. Reaching to the package I had brought in with me, I found the two small playboy porno flexible rubber band type rings that I needed and raised my hands to the curve of her breast. “I picked a couple of things up in London my love that I know will help you stay focused on your performance this evening.” With that I allowed the palm of my hand to cup the underside of her right breast, squeezing gently, making the nipple push out even more. Her eyes closing with the sensation, I rolled the small band over the tip of her nipple bud, squeezing it right to the very end, making the nipple stand pert, her eyes opening as she felt the slight compression. “Oh my God” she gasped.

Alliah’s head dropping to take in the small ring at the base of her nipple, taking no regard of any protest, my other hand cupped her left breast and squeezed repeating the procedure and rolling the nipple ring to the very base. Chuckling at the look of surprise across her face, I leaned forwards and kissed her forehead. “My nipples are going to stand out all night with these on” she exclaimed.

“I know baby, but, that’s not all, I have to finish yet. I told you I would help you and make it extra special.” I jauntily laughed. Her eyes lifting to take mine, a quizzical look falling across her expression, her head tilting a little as if to say, what does that mean?

My rummaging back in the parcel brought out a small, golden hued, metallic claw like object. Small, perfectly formed, with three almost ‘S’ shaped like hooks, the end spring loaded, something like the jaws of a clamp. Smiling as I saw her look at the little prongs, I once more cupped the curve of her breast and squeezed my fingers beneath the curve of her nipple, before presenting the little claw across the bud. Feeding the little curled tips just under the tightness of the band at the base, the hooked claw clamped firmly across her swollen nipple, the “ahhhhh” that slipped across her parted lips and the flicker of her eyelids suggested she was taken. Repeating the process with her other nipple. Before standing back and admiring the end result. The pair of her nipples hard and erect, her bosom full, the golden miniature shackles encompassing the sensitive buds. “They look amazing! They feel amazing!” Alliah spluttered as she perused them.

“Just twist a little to the left then to the right” I instructed. Without hesitation she rolled her hips and twisted, the groan that came from her was so sensual I felt myself twitch.

“Oh my God, the pull is unbelievable, I feel on fire!” she gasped. Smiling as I saw her excitement and pleasure.

“You know there is more my love, I need you to relax and just allow me to prepare you, we have to make sure you are all dressed and set so we can get there in good time.” Her eyes wide, the smile full, she nodded and inhaled deeply, the bands obviously pinching her nipples as she did so, making her moan softly.

Teasing the tips of my fingers across the soft sensual triangle of her bush, the glance only caressing the very tip of the soft hairs, the tickle causing each one to shift and gently tease and pull as they moved. I loved the way that it made her shiver, as if in anticipation of my next touch. Leaving her stood, perplexed for a moment, I went to the hanger she had prepared her dance costume on. Taking the padded bra top from it, I returned and presented the cups to her bosom, allowing my hands to linger and mould the cups to her, before I fed the straps across her shoulders. Slipping around her as I drew the back strap together, ensuring the hooks were held securely, shackling her bosom in the glistening golden weave. The bra top was specifically designed and made for belly dancing, low cut at the cleavage to enhance the full shape, yet narrow, causing her breasts to push up and together, the cups were well padded, yet, even so, you could sense the push of her swollen nipples as I stood back to ensure the fit was perfect.

Reaching to her dressing table, I gathered the small, bright blue sapphire belly button jewel she treasured. Pressing it to her navel as I lowered to my knee before her and pushing it, twisting it in place. Alliah rolled her hips back to the pressure, purring almost as she felt it push to her flesh, her pelvis tilting and swaying in motion, as if already becoming the dancer!

Looking up from my vantage point, smiling, seeing her losing herself in the moment of it all, I pushed my lips to the soft flesh of her tummy, just below her belly button and kissed, firmly. My hands reaching down and grasping the delicate chain in the package I had brought. Wrapping the delicate links around Alliahs slender waist seemed to highlight just how trim she was, hooking the clasp together, the golden chain just clung across her, slipping beneath the shimmering jewel in her navel. Grabbing the sensually fitted skirt to her costume, I lowered my hand to her ankle, holding it softly. Feeling her hand drop to my shoulder, she raised it as I held it so I could slip the material beneath her foot and allow it pornhub porno to come back to rest in the foot hole before repeating on the other side.

Taking my time, enjoying the pleasure of dressing her, I began to slowly lift the bottoms along the curve of her lower legs. My fingers fanned out, dancing across the smooth sensitive skin of her lower legs. My face hovering just before the natural curve of her beautiful blonde bush, smiling as I just glanced the tip of my nose across her, inhaling the sweet sensitive musk. The softness of her pubic hair and the heady scent teasing my senses, encouraging me to lean deeper into her, pressing the tip of my nose firmly to the base of her folds. Feeling her hands drop to my shoulders for support, I began to tilt my head up and along the curve of her slit, my nose invading her, feeling the silken moisture caressing me as I dragged the bridge of my nose firmly up and along the roof of her pussy lips. The sigh of desire from her filled the air with an erotic tone, my curled tongue tip slipping past my parted lips and replacing the tip of my nose. Burying into the soft welcome of her juices and allowing my mouth to taste the deep kiss from her wet pussy. My tongue circling as it drilled deeper within her, feeling her hips responding as she pushed and swivelled back into my hunger, groaning deeply and loudly as my tongue swirled caressing the ribs of her inner walls, feeling her almost collapsing across my tilted head, literally impaling her on my tongue.

My hands still holding the waistband of her costume bottoms, knelt before her, almost as if in worship, my tongue embedded within her semi collapsed state, feeding from her silken juices. My hot wet tongue moulding into the roof of her pussy, pressing along the curve of her pubic bone as I pushed my top lip deeper and more firmly into the flesh. Feeling the throb of her swollen clitoris pressing into my open mouth and the soft delicate hairs of her bush damp from my saliva, my lip pursing firmly, tongue almost kneading as I began to suckle, intensifying the pressure surrounding her pulsing pearl.

The two of us locked together, my mouth clamped tightly between her long slender thighs, rocking and twisting as I hungrily feasted from the sweet tangy juices coursing through her. Her hands gripping my neck and shoulders as she bucked and humped her pelvis hard and deep into my tongue and suckling mouth. The sounds of her moans combining with my groans and snorts of air through my nose as I refused to release, sensing her reaching that point of eruption. The grip on my shoulders becoming tighter as her fingers clawed into the flesh. Raising up on the balls of her feet as she arched her pussy into my tongue and lips, the spasm like an eternity, the whole world stopping for that singular moment, then the gasp of her release and the warm wet gush engulfing me. My hands gripping her firmly, so she did not fall, allowing my tongue and mouth to relax from the spasm and letting me lap slowly and deeply to savour that sweet tangy silken wet coating my mouth.

Slowly regaining her composure as her orgasm subsided. Looking up, smiling, “You okay darling?” I asked, simply.

“You know I am,” she beamed, “but, we shouldn’t have done that.” Her smile suggested she was happy, her eyes looked a little concerned.

“You needed to be relaxed my love, certainly before the final surprise I have for you,” I muttered. Seeing her concerned look turn to quizzical, I reached into the parcel and removed a small, shining silver, sapphire tipped, butt plug. Pressing it to my mouth and sucking the small bulbous plug, smearing it with a coat of saliva as my eyes glinted at hers. The look altered to surprise as I slipped it from my lips, lashing my tongue across the tip, before smiling. Slipping the bejewelled plug beneath her parted thighs and gently pressing it to her rose bud.

“What!” She exclaimed, the wet plug just pressing to her and pushing softly.

“Just relax baby, the final touch before I dress you completely” I explained.

“You want me to dance with a butt plug in?” Her voice a little shrill as her rim relented and the small bulb of the plug slipped in to place, smiling as the finishing touch slid home, I looked up, smiling as I nodded. My hands falling to the waist band of her costume still held around her legs just above the knee. Gripping it firmly as I lifted it and peeled it across her upper thighs and firmly across her ass, tugging the material firmly into place, trapping the butt plug in situ and ensuring the fit was perfect.

Raising up from my knees and standing back, admiring her as she stood, bare foot, her pale skin almost glowing with the shimmer, her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and upper back. The golden bra top fully enhancing her already fabulous bust. The lingering trail of the fringe dangling from beneath the bra top just caressing in a triangle pointing to the shimmering blue sapphire embedded within her navel. The skirt of her costume hanging from her hips, the stitched in golden pants clinging to her, trapping her ass and sex firmly in place and ensuring the butt plug would not shift as she moved. The flow of the skirt trailing down her slender legs and the string like fringe just wafting as she trembled slightly before me, “You, my darling, look stunning!”

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