Amateur Photography


It was nearly 2 p.m. when the doorbell rang. Mike sat on the couch and did not move. The mix of excitement and nervousness was almost too much to bear. Two weeks previously, he has placed an advert in a local paper looking for “Special Amateur Models – glamour – all ages welcome!”. He didn’t think he would get any response and was surprised when he received a call from a female called Jane. She had done some modeling years ago and called to find out more information. Mike had no photographic experience to speak of. He had a basic camera with flash, a keen eye for detail and a few rolls of camera tape. That was it. No studio, no elaborate lighting. He had just always fancied himself as a photographer and thought it could be a way to make money.

The story he told Jane was slightly different. Mike informed her that he had spent years studying photography at college and that he had many years experience with amateur models. Although he told he that he had never had anything published, he did say he was in contact with a lot of worldwide publications who he regularly sent photos to. He also said that he was interested in a different type of model. Someone with something a bit unusual. Maybe a particular fetish or turn on, mature people, or those into sexual experimentation. The last bit was the only true part! Jane said she would call round and see what he was all about and maybe let herself be photographed.

When the doorbell rang for the second time, Mike got up and opened the door. There stood a long-haired blonde woman of about 45/46, 5 foot 8 inches tall with a voluptuous build.

“You must be Jane,” he said, “come in.” She shook Mike’s hand and walked into the front room. She was dressed in a black coat, with a white jumper underneath, a long blue skirt and high heels. “Did you manage to find me okay?” he said.

“More or less!” she laughed ,”Although I did take a few wrong turnings. I set off early just in case! Do you mind if I take off my coat?”

Mike shook his head and took the coat from her and went to hang it up. “Fancy a drink?” he said as made his way to the kitchen.

“Love one,” Jane replied, “Anything to calm these nerves!”

Jesus, Mike thought, she’s as nervous as me! He didn’t have much available except for vodka, whisky and gin. He asked Jane what she preferred and returned with two gin and tonics. He handed one to Jane and sat down.

To break the ice, he asked Jane about her previous modeling work. Jane started to talk about how she had done some modeling work years ago and had even had some work published. As she did this, Mike started to look closer at her. She had lovely dark eyes and her hair fell beautifully around her shoulders. Moving down he saw how she had large pair of tits that were encased in her white jumper, while the long blue skirt had a slit up the side and was revealing a large part of Jane’s right thigh. Mike gulped his drink down and continued to look at Jane. Soon he could be seeing this sexy woman naked! He got up and got another drink, offering another to Jane. He went back in and sat down again.

“Mike, I don’t mean to be rude but will you excuse me a minute, I’ve just got to go to my car.” Mike said that was fine and she got up and left the house. For a moment, Mike was unsure if she would come back. Maybe she had realised he wasn’t a proper photographer or the fact that he kept staring at her body and her large tits imparticular. Shit!

Two minutes later she did return. “Mike, this is Elizabeth, a friend of mind,” she said.

“Hi,” said the new visitor and shook Mike’s hand. Elizabeth was similar to Jane in that she was about 45, 5 foot 8 or 9 inches but with long black hair. She had a grey sweatshirt on, with blue jeans and black pumps. Like Jane she had a wonderful pair of tits that bulged out towards Mike as he moved towards her. He couldn’t believe his look. He also thought he had seen her somewhere before.

“Elizabeth wanted to come with me to find out what it was all about. She hasn’t done any modeling before. She may do some or just watch if that’s okay?”

“Sure,” said Mike, “that’s fine. I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before. Where escort bayan bursa do you live?” Elizabeth explained that she lived a few miles away in a nearby town. She had lived there for 20 years and was married with a son and a daughter. “What’s you surname Liz?” Mike asked. “Stapely,” she replied. Jesus! That was it! Mike remembered. “Is your son John?” he asked her.

“Yes! Why? ” said Liz.

“I know him! In fact I was at school with John!” Liz began to blush. “It’s okay,” said Mike, “I haven’t seen him for years. Things have changed and moved on. That was then.” He remembered how he had been at school with John who was one of those lads who had a sexy mother, even though she was 20 years older. Now here he was, aged 28, face to face with her again. Many a time he had jerked off to her, imagining her seducing him and fucking her in her house, in her bed., coming over her great, white tits, watching the spunk drip off each nipple. Now she was here.

“Fancy a drink?” he said to Liz. Liz asked for a Vodka. Mike got everyone a drink and said that they may as well make a start with the photography. They all went upstairs into the front bedroom. The curtains were drawn and the room was mainly empty except for a large rug on the floor, a small couch and a few lamps Mike has brought in an effort to make it look more professional! Liz sat on the couch and watched Mike and Jane discuss how this was to begin.

Jane wasn’t that impressed. She asked Mike if he knew what he was doing and he told he that he had been doing it for years. The drink had made him more confident and Jane didn’t want to argue anyway. She had had a few drinks and wanted to get on with things. Mike picked up his loaded camera and said that they would take it one step at a time. Liz sat on the couch to Mike’s left and sat back, drinking from her glass.

Mike told Jane to throw some posers for him. She duly did, making use of every inch of her. Jane looked into the lens, licking her lips, running her fingers through her hair and then began rubbing then up and down her body. She rubbed them over her jumpers, caressing the firm tits that were underneath. Then she turned round and bent over, giving Mike a good view of her big ass, wiggling it through her skirt. What a dirty bitch, thought Mike, and continued to snap away. Jane then took off her high heels to reveal a pair of sexy feet, with painted toes. She tossed the shoes to Liz and began to lie on the rug. Mike came and stood over her getting a closer look at her face and clothed body. The way she rubbed her hands over her body was such a turn-on. She sensed Mike was getting into the mood and started to put her hands up her jumper and touch her nipples. Mike snapped away furiously as she wriggled on the rug, her skirt revealing more and more leg, until it reached crotch. At this point she laughed and said that this was just for starters.

“Hold on,” Mike said , “I’ve got to put some more film in. What do you think Liz? ” Liz was not sure what to say. She was too busy watching Jane on the rug. “Would you like to be photographer?” he asked. “Erm, no, I think Jane’s a natural! I’ll just watch! ” she replied. “Okay, but if you change your mind, just join in,” Mike said, wishing that she would join in as he longed to see his friend’s mother naked and begging to be photographed. He knew he was getting hard and wondered if Jane and her friend would notice.

He returned to photographing Jane. “ something off?” he said to her. “Oh I don’t know! ” she laughed, “Are you sure? ” Mike just nodded. With that Jane stood up and slowly pulled her white jumper up. Mike stood there and felt her dick growing harder. Jane’s two massive tits sprang free, There was no bra and the big white melons stood proud. She had large brown nipples, the kind that beg to be sucked (do you know what I mean? ) and her titty flesh looked as smooth as silk. She tossed the jumper away. “Like them?” she asked.

“Fuck, yes,” Mike replied, “They are gorgeous tits. Fuck!” She was now naked except for her skirt. Mike continued to take pictures. Jane began to fondle her great melons. She knew she was turning bursa sinirsiz eskort Mike on and loved it! She began to fondle her left nipple which soon stood erect. Next thing Mike saw was Jane putting the nipple into her mouth. She sucked it whilst playing with the other tit. Mike motioned for her to lie on the rug, doggie – style. He kneeled in front of her as her massive udders hung down. He wanted to take out his cock and come over her face there and then, but he still wanted to see Liz naked. Jane shook her tits and licked her lips, then closed her eyes and opened her mouth as if she was sucking cock. He mouth grew wide and she made sucking sounds, whispering, “Cock..hard dick..spunk….” over and over again to Mike.

Liz was still on the couch and on seeing this display, got up, excused herself and went to the bathroom. “Ha! Seems it’s too hot for my friend!” Jane said. “Shame hey Mike!”

Mike agreed.

“Do you like older women?” Jane asked.

“I love older women,” Mike replied, “and you two are gorgeous. Older women with beautiful big tits always get me off!” Jane then stood up and removed her skirt. There were no knickers. By now, Mike’s cock was fully erect and bursting to get out. He looked at Jane, fully naked. Big sexy tits. Lovely rounded hips and a small tuft of hair around her cunt. Her sexy, musky scent filled the air. He didn’t say anything. Jane bent over in front of him. Shaking her big, sexy ass.. For an older woman, that was one beautiful behind. Bigger than normal but firm and inviting. She opened her ass cheeks with her hands, giving Mike a view of her succulent cunt and puckered arse-hole. What a sight. Mike walked round her, snapping away, getting a view of her hanging tits and firm ass. Christ! He had to do something. “Jane….er… would it….,” he began to say, wanting to make a move on this sight of sex in front of him.

He didn’t finish his sentence, as the next thing he heard was Liz coming out of the toilet. She walked into the room and stopped. “Hey Jane! Will this do?” she shouted. She stood there in just her bra and knickers. Mike turned from Jane and stared at Liz. She had a white, lacy bra that barely covered her monster tits and a skimpy pair of white briefs. Mike looked her up and down, letting out a gasp of air. Her tits were better than he expected, bigger than Jane’s, fuller and juicier. She was slightly overweight, but Mike didn’t mind. She was a sexy, voluptuous woman who had had 2 children and who was 20 years his senior. She was also his friend’s mother and that made him even hotter.

Jane motioned for Jane to come over to her. Mike watched her fat ass sway through her knickers as she walked. He then began to snap away, trying to keep his mind on the pictures but doing anything but. Both ladies stood together, Liz resting her elbow on Jane, whilst she Jane fondled her friends tits. Mike finished another roll of film and put another in. Then Jane pushed her friend over and began to mock wrestle Liz. “Oohhh..Jane! You bitch,” she shouted as her friend sat on top of her. Jane looked over at Mike and then pulled Liz’s bra off to more squeals from her friend. Mike walked over to see the women at close range. Liz’s tits were unbelievable! Smaller nipples than Jane’s but huge! Each tit would need 2 hands.

“Fuck Liz! I always wanted to see you naked! I’ve wanked over you many times. Your tits are beautiful!” Mike exclaimed. “Hey Liz! Did you hear our young friend? He loves your tits! ” said Jane and began to squeeze them, “They are beautiful mind.” This was too much for Mike and he put his camera down and took out his aching cock. His underwear was soaked with his pre-come and he gasped as his 9-inch tool came free. ” Take it all off! shouted Liz, “Yeah,” agreed Jane, “and I’ll take these off!”. She yanked Liz’s knickers off and threw them over her head.

In minutes, Mike was naked, sporting a large erect cock. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Both women were kissing each other. Not small, light kisses but full on French kissing, tongues locked together. He walked over to them and grunted, stroking his length. Jane released escort bayan herself and looked at the dick in front of her. She knelt and wrapped her left hand around the thick manhood and began to lick it. “Oooh! That feels fuckin’ great!” Mike whispered. Liz then came over and joined in the licking. Both women took it in turns to suck his dick, and almost began fighting over it, eager to please the younger man in front of them.

After a few minutes, Mike began to thrust it down Liz’s throat as she sucked hungrily. Jane then began sucking her friend’s tits. “Suck them Jane,” shouted Mike, ” suck your friend’s tits! Make her come!” Liz was now randy as hell. Her mouth was full with Mike’s thick cock while her friend was eagerly sucking her massive, milky-white hangers. Jane then moved down her body and began to tongue Jane’s juicy cunt. Mike could here the squelches as Jane probed the succulent slit. This was heaven indeed! He continued to stuff his cock down Liz’s throat until he felt he might come, at which point he withdrew walked around the rug.

“Kneel down. Both of you,” he said and motioned for them to kneel side my side. He stood behind them. “Move you sexy asses! ” They began to sexily sway them from side to side, reaching over to kiss each other. Mike bent down and looked ahead. Two sexy, big titted older women, naked, wiggling their asses for him. He took his cock, rubbed it up and down Jane’s slit and then pushed it into her dripping cunt. Jane let out a squeal and then began panting as Mike began to fuck her. Her ass looked so good as he fucked her, her mouth letting out long gasps punctured by cries of , ” Fuck me Mike. Harder. I wanna come on you dick! ” He fucked away, dicking her balls deep, over and over until she juddered and let out a long cry of pleasure.

He knew he was approaching his own orgasm but he needed to fuck Liz as well. He withdrew from Jane and inserted his cock inside Liz. She was not as tight as Jane but just as juicy. She squealed with excitement. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you Liz,” he shouted, “how does it feel? ” “It feels fuckin gorgeous you bastard! ” she shouted back, “Fucking your friend’s mother! How horny! Keep fucking me…..” and then began to gasp as he rammed he fast and hard. Jane reached over and started kissing her friend’s white hangers, sucking them as if they were full of milk, whilst massaging her own slit. “You never… told me this would happen Jane!” Liz said, “But…fuck…I love it…I want to do it again and again….” Jane nodded her head and watched as her horny pal came over Mike’s cock. She knew this was not the end of things!

Mike knew he could not hold back much longer. “I want to come over you,” he gasped, ” I want to cover you in my thick spunk! ” Jane got up and knelt by Liz’s ass, casually inserting a finger into her puckered hole as Mike fucked away. Liz gasped again. “I want your come Mike,” she shouted. Mike felt the spunk boiling in his balls and withdrew his dick, covered with cunt juice. Liz knelt by her friend. “Hold out your tits! ” Mike shouted, “I am gong to cover them! ” With that he began to pump his cock and then groaned deeply as he started to come. Large spurts of thick cream spurted over Liz’s face, covering her cheeks and catching her hair, then he edged towards Jane who opened her mouth eager for her share of come. She caught it on her chin and neck and more dribbled onto her massive tits. More splattered Jane as he moved between them. Mike then milked the last drops onto the tits of both women. They cupped their melons and gasped as he wiped the thick liquid over milky their milky tits. “Fuck! What a load! ” Liz gasped. “I’m a good comer! ” Mike moaned, ” you have really made me come more Liz, you sexy bitch. This is a dream come true!” With that Liz took his cock and sucked any last drops out of it.

Mike stood with his arms around his head, gasping and looking at the two women. He groaned as his dick was held in Liz’s tight mouth and watched as Jane began licking the spunk from her friend’s face and tits, making sure none of it was wasted. He was exhausted. He then reached over to his camera and finished off the roll of film, taking pictures of the come-splattered women who were continuing to enjoy each other.

He walked over to them and sat down, embracing them both. What an afternoon’s work! They all began kissing each other again, becoming hornier and hornier, All agreed that this must not be the last time this would happen.

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