An Earthday to Remember


For those of you reading, I don’t jump right into the sex you will have to follow the story to get to the sexual parts.

Earthday was here and I knew that it was going to be a whopper. It seemed I had been the on the unlucky side of the draw this year. Normally I would have taken a leave day and avoided this celebration like the plague but now it seemed that I would be not only working the main epicenter event but also be in full control of the patrol working.

Let me briefly explain here that normally these events are held and go off without a hitch, but seeing the state of the world and our engagements overseas the DC police department wanted all aspects covered for either a riot or possible terrorist attack. Being the senior member, one of the few that weren’t behind a desk I may add, of the police force I had been chosen to head up all points for this day’s massive celebration and events.

At 5:45 A.M. there I was pulling out the crispest uniform I had and adorning it with the usual name badge and gear. As I buckled on my utility belt I had a faint stirring down below. The one thing I could look forward to today was the normal array of participants to the Earthday celebrations. As a rule a few celebrities spoke near the Lincoln monument and then a concert was held in the park. Of course among the crowd would be the little college cuties, you know the ones, those that are vegans or something of that nature, and dressed in some type of hemp clothing and sans bras.

Ah the site of unfettered breasts always would bring a smile to my face. I looked in the mirror sizing myself up making sure I was in tip top inspection form. I thought I was at least remotely handsome still even though I was rolling down that hill of old age now. Standing a modest 5’10”, weighing in at right around 210 and still in peak physical condition even for an old fart like me I still turned a few heads. My once thick black main was now greying at the temples and it seemed to give me that edge certain women still related to. That whole mature look that reminded them of some one like there fathers or grandfathers.

I headed out the door to go and meet the detail and lay out the day’s game plan and position every one before anyone showed up besides the usual overnight campers that were allowed for this event. The one item missing from the uniforms today would be our handguns. Today was supposed to be a peaceful day and we just wanted to enforce a presence only. Not a threat to the good natured crowd that regularly attended Earthday in DC.


Trisha looked in the mirror, today was the day. She had her little picket sign ready, “Blow up the oil, Destroy the soil”. She was planning on protesting with a large group of her college sorority that was up in arms about the war going on over in Iraq. Every one feared the same only these girls were trying to get their message heard. They all had the same dark worried feeling that Iraq would destroy the oil reserves over their just to spite our attack on their country. That or they would destroy the oil fields in Kuwait and either way the eco harmony would then suffer severe repercussions.

The plan was to protest with their signs and not get rowdy or anything of that nature. Plus this was an opportunity to see some of the most outspoken and earth friendly celebrities as well as a kick ass concert. So either way Trisha looked at this as a win-win situation. She headed out to her car and headed down to the railway system so that she would be able to get a quick ride home tonight and not have to sit in traffic.

Trisha felt the nip of the air rip through her tiny T-shirt with a picture of the earth on it and the midriff bare. Her shorts were perhaps a little too short she realized as she sat down in her car and felt the cushion on the bottom portion of her exposed ass cheeks. Oh well it won’t hurt to give some of the guys there a few glimpses of skin she figured.


At noon the sun was high above and I could scarcely stand the heat as I stood there next to the stage listening to one of the guys on stage giving his speech. The crowd roared appreciatively after every pause the guy gave and although I had no idea who he was apparently everyone else around me did.

“Captain Mead,” my earpiece crackled startling me out of my heat induced mind wandering.

“This is Captain Mead, over,” I replied.

“Um sir, I think we may have a situation brewing over near the side of the monument,” Sargent Davis chuckled.

“Oh really what is it?” I inquired.

“Well, sir, I think that some of these little college girls that are protesting might have irked a few of the drinking frat boys somehow and it seems like tensions are mounting quickly.” In the background I could hear some yelling but nothing abnormal about that in a crowd this size.

“Ok, Davis, are you just pulling my leg,” I asked with some reserve, “or are you serious and need assistance with some cute coeds?”

“No Captain, Maltepe Escort for once I am dead serious I don’t want to end up letting this one go and a riot starting.”

“10-4 Davis,” I responded, “All available units proceed to vector 3, use persuasion guys not your mace,” I chuckled. As soon as I placed the mic. back on my hip I was quickly moving around through the section taped off to gain quicker access to the needed area. _____________
Trisha and her friends were dripping with sweat by noon and the crowd of frat boys near them seemed in the mood to pick a fight today. Even if it were with girls as the case may be here. Trisha stood in the front of her group trying to calm every one down well aware that her sweat soaked T-shirt was proudly displaying her chest and the dark aureolas and nipples against the wet white material. She had hoped maybe a little shot of titty would subdue the immature boys who had somehow smuggled in some beer but so far she had not had any luck.

“Come on boys,” she pleaded, “we just want to enjoy the day and show off our signs in quiet protest.”

“You damn hippy tree hugging cock teases are all the same,” one boy slurred, “you think you can show up and do your little protest thing and then go back and take a shower and use your hair spray and destroy the ozone and things will be all right.”

Trisha had to laugh at this remark just simply because it was so stupid. This guy was making no sense and she hoped that he wasn’t the so called leader of the fraternity or they were destined for the bottom of the barrel. “Look dude,” she said with a smirk, “you have your thoughts and that’s fine but we didn’t bother you guys you came over here and started picking on us. Why don’t you just got get another beer and enjoy the concert coming up next and we can forget all about this pencil dick.”

She wasn’t sure why she had added the last remark but for some reason she felt a bit better having added it too her reply. She could see the guy fuming and his face turning red and his fists balling at his side and she knew she had either hit a sore spot or just offended his manliness in front of all his friends and now he would have to do something to one up her or save face. He quickly stepped towards her and cocked back his arm like he was going to smack her when she did the only thing she could think of. She kicked him squarely between the legs dropping him to the ground in pain as she connected.

From there things spiraled downhill quickly and the other guys stepped in to try and get at least one of the girls. Just as one of them did manage to slap Trisha a uniformed cop slid through the boys and grabbed a couple of them by the back of the neck as other officers swarmed in on them.


As I moved through the crowd swiftly I saw one of the boys rear back to slap the a brunette in the front of the girls and just before he could swing she brought her foot up and kicked him full on in the balls. He dropped like a sack of potatoes and in the time it took him to hit the ground his friends closed the gap between themselves and the girls and they were starting to slap the girls and latch onto their clothing.

I saw through the brief gaps as every one moved around that the center of the fight was growing quickly more intense. Pushing bodies to the left and right as I made my way closer I could sense that in the next minute or two this could erupt into a full riot if other crowd members saw what was going on. This had to end and it had to end now. Crossing the last few people in the way I grabbed the two men starting their assault on the brunette and locked my hands around their necks.

Quickly I pushed them to the ground before they could react at all and within ten seconds other uniformed officers were separating the rest of the combatants. The girls were still on one side now shouting at the guys and vice versa. I was surprised the boys pinned below my knees with their faces to the ground weren’t struggling any more than they were but it appeared that the brief separation they had been given had helped them back to reality. Just as I started speaking to them the little brunette that had been getting pawed and slapped stepped forward and kicked the one of the boys in the face.

After slipping the boys wrists into quick tie cuffs I stood up and grabbed the brunette and spun her around so her back was to me. As soon as I pulled her arms behind her and cuffed the girl she was immediately apologetic.

“I am so sorry officer,” she whimpered, “I’m not sure what just got into me.”

“Well, young lady, even though you were being assaulted earlier you are going to have to face assault charges yourself,” I said to her angrily, “if you had just let me arrest those two and not kicked one of them it would have made this much easier and you wouldn’t have been in any trouble at all.”

I watched as the other officers subdued the remaining members of this little crowd and nudged them away ordering them Ümraniye Escort to disperse. The two boys I had cuffed were already being led to one of the officers cars and were going to be heading down to the station for a few hours until their buddies could bail them out.

“Come with me miss,” I instructed the little brunette. She hung her head down and let me lead her straight to the car I had behind the monument. As I led her that way I realized I hadn’t read her rights to her or even frisked her for the possible weapon she could be hiding.

Gently nudging her in the direction of the hood of the car I instructed her to “assume the position.”

“But officer, I don’t have anything to hide no pockets, no weapons, nothing sir,” she exclaimed.

I figured I could take this one girl at her word but that would be against protocol for even the most innocent looking law breakers sometimes had weapons or ill intentions. I leaned her down over the hood of the vehicle and noticed her shorts riding up. The soft well toned flesh of her ass cheeks peeked out from the bottoms of her shorts and I wondered just how much flesh would be exposed if she bent all the way over. What the hell am I thinking I wondered to myself, I am an officer of the law and should just be doing my job not wondering just how much flesh I can make this girl show.


Trisha felt the cold metal of the hood of the car against her nipples and she wondered just how much of her ass was hanging out of her shorts as she got frisked. The cop was attractive enough maybe she could work out a deal with him if she apologized for kicking that asshole in the head. But a chill ran up her spine even as she worked out her plea that she was going to make. The officer had run his hands up the insides of her legs and right to where her shorts cut off. His big strong hands seemed to linger there just a bit too long and for some reason neither of them could move from this predicament.

“Sir,” Trisha finally managed to find her voice, “I have never had so much as a parking ticket and you saw those guys hit me and try to do more. Isn’t there some way I can get out of having to go to jail this afternoon.”

Even as she spoke she wiggled her little ass back against his hand making sure that his fingers would feel the taunt muscles of her ass. She was sexually aroused, maybe by the uniform, maybe by the rugged mature handsomeness of the officer she wasn’t sure what it was or why but she was definitely horny. She hadn’t failed to notice the dark head on his hair as he had led her away from the ruckus nor the slight greying at his temples. His tall body thick with muscles and surely he might have a bulge or two somewhere in his advanced age but that made him sexier to her in her mind.

Trisha was starting to wonder if he liked little innocent college girls bent over the hood of his car. She figured if he did maybe he would like one naked and bent over other things for him. Just as she thought this REM could be heard on the stage playing one of their most well known songs and the crowd erupted in its appreciation.


God this girl would look so much better naked right now James Mead thought. No one else really saw this girl for sure so if she happens to not turn up later maybe no one will miss her. Captain Mead hesitated a moment longer with his hand on her flesh and then pulled her up and opened the rear door to the squad car.

Grabbing his microphone, “Listen up guys I am going to have to run home and change uniforms that little punk we just arrested tore this one and got blood on it and you know how I feel about that,” he said as he stood outside the vehicle.

“Ok Captain,” one of the officers responded, “We can take it from here on out if we need you we can just beep you or call the house old man go cool off and have a beer.”

James opened his door and slid in behind the wheel as he looked in the rear view mirror he could see the scared look on the girl’s face and he knew she was frightened by the thought of going to jail for the evening. Little did she know he had other plans for her. And even if his suspicions were wrong about her being into him, he would let her go and drive her home at the least after cleaning her up and putting some ice on her face.


Trisha watched as they wound around the capitol and then down the side streets to a nice gated community. “Sir, where are we going?” she inquired. Even as she asked her little pussy was tingling inside her shorts and she felt her nipples harden against her shirt. Her body felt flushed at once and she hoped that this officer had some deviant sexual intentions because she could use a good release right now.

“Well, miss, um by the way what’s your name?” James asked. “Oh, it’s Trisha Hearst.”

“Ok, then Trisha, I am going to take you to my home and clean you up and then your free to get a cab or call a friend to get a ride home,” James said İstanbul Escort with a smile.

“Oh thank you officer,” Trisha cooed, “I had hoped you might let me go but you really don’t have to clean me up first you can just drop me off where ever is convenient for you.”

Both were just being safe right now not venturing into the sexual realm of their thoughts vocally yet. James turned the car into his driveway and turned off the engine, as he stepped out of the car he glanced down and realized he had a protruding bulge beneath his utility belt and it wasn’t because he had to pee either.

James opened the door for Trisha and led her out of the back of the squad car and nudged her towards his front door. “Sir, aren’t you going to take the cuffs off me now?” Trisha asked inquisitively with a impish little smile.

“Well I had to make sure you wouldn’t struggle yet dear and I also want to clean you up without a fight,” James teased.

Trisha made sure to put a little more wiggle in her walk as they slipped through the door and she walked towards the kitchen that lie directly ahead of her. The older officer was near her and she could feel the searing heat radiating from his body. She was afraid to turn around now feeling just a bit too vulnerable still tied in the quick cuffs and at his very mercy.

James could wait no longer to touch ths little brunette beauty, he reached for her and his hands locked on her shoulders gently as if preparing to massage her and then they slid down her back to the heart shaped bum beneath her shorts. “Oh god yes,” he sighed contently. His hands squeezed her tight ass cheeks as he pressed forward and pushed his erection against the center of her shorts. He kept her back to him refusing to turn her around yet, if she decided to reject his advances now would be the time.

James leaned forward and kissed the back of the Trisha’s neck as he brushed away her hair and in an instant he felt her little fingers squeezing the head of his shaft as her hands were still secured behind her back.

Trisha was now aroused and on edge, she was going through a mixture of emotions here. This guy could be some wild pervert, she thought that could be good though. And on the other hand he was old enough to be her father and almost if not her grandfather. That idea alone sent more chills up her spine and she threw caution to the wind. She wiggled her little ass back against him and breathed a sigh of lust as he kissed and nibbled at the nape of her neck. Trisha had one request though.

“Sir, I have two questions, oh my goodness that feels, um so incredible,” she teased, “first since today is earthday can we please venture outside somewhere? And secondly I would like to know who’s name I should be calling out in a little bit.”

James chuckled to himself realizing he hadn’t told this little vixen his name yet. “James is the name you will be screaming later Trisha,” he told her.

Then without further words he led her through the house and out onto the back patio which was surrounded by high fences all around and she figured no one would be looking down into his yard nor did either of them care at this moment. Trisha felt James’ hand on her hips and she spun quickly to look into his eyes as she raised up on her toes to kiss him.

A bit surprised but pleased nonetheless James responded to Trisha’s kiss and pressed his own lips against hers. It only took a second or two before he felt her pink little tongue slide against his lips and he opened his mouth to reciprocate the action. It was intense for more than one reason. Here was a girl young enough to be his granddaughter he was sure and also she had a little metal stud through her tongue and it was a whole new feeling to him.

Trisha was dying to see the cock beneath this older hunks pants and she dropped to her knees as she broke the kiss and leaned forward. She knew the old guy would love the next thing she was about to do, every guy did. She opened her mouth and pressed it against his crotch and with her teeth she found the zipper to his trousers and pulled it down. As soon as the opening was made she pushed her tongue into the gap and probed his boxer shorts for the opening she knew she would find there. Upon finding this one she pushed her tongue through the hole and tasted flesh and salty precum.

James was amazed at the girl’s oral skills and she hadn’t even gotten his cock in her mouth yet. He reached down and pushed her away slightly only to reach inside his trousers and boxers and pull out his large cock. As soon as the head was through the opening she dove back on it like a hungry little slut and started running her studded tongue around the head and pushing it against the little slit. She was moaning and purring as she sucked in each exposed inch now and within seconds James could feel the urge to cum starting to overwhelm him.

“Trisha please,” he started. She looked up into his eyes silencing him with her smile as her lips framed his cock and she lowered her lips to the very base before sucking hard and sliding them back up his long, thick shaft. She knew he was going to cum and all the better for her. Then even if he was old and it took a while to get this throbbing monster back up he would last longer.

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