An Hawaiian Vacation Surprise Ch. 03


Notice: if you are underage, please don’t read this story. If you are easily offended by gratuitous sexual acts performed consenting adults, please don’t read this story. This story is entirely a work of fiction. Editing and Polishing are all thanks to RF-Fast. The bad grammar that remains is all mine.

After returning from dinner the family of eight split into their separate groups for the evening.

Alley went to the beach with both Stan and Ollie.

“It’s getting late, I think I’m going to turn in. Y’all just wait until tomorrow night. I’ll be ready for whatever you party animals got in mind. This hangover has taken the wind out of my sails tonight.” said Denver.

“It’s fine Denver. I suppose Trent and Cristian just have more practice with hangovers than you do, no problem. You can catch up tomorrow night.” Alexandria said looking at Christian and Trent with an eyebrow raised.

“What the fuck Alex…”asked Christian.

Denver went back to the villa. Trent, Alexandria, Francis, and Christian decided to enjoy the night air.

“Let’s go to the pool! Skinny-dipping! Yeah, it’s going to be fun!” said Francis twirling with her arms outstretched, like the free spirit she was feeling like.

“Skinny-dipping? Are you fucking kidding me? We are not teenagers?” asked Trent.

“No. We all know you’re fifty and now you’re starting to act like it. Did you remember to take your stool softener today? You’re acting a little backed up.” Francis said with a condescending sneer.

“Easy now, we don’t want to start talking about folks being backed up. Do we Francis?” asked Trent.

“I’m sure that I have entirely no idea what you are referring to.” Francis dismissed.

“That’s okay it’s locked away right here.” Trent said tapping on his temple. “In the steel trap.”

Alexandrea and Christian were just watching this all play out. Wishing that they had popcorn while they watched the drama unfold.

“Ok Mr. Steel Trap; give them what you got.” Francis said with a wave of her hand.

“When we were in med school, Christian and I were frequent patrons at the open all night buffet of Cinnamon and Spice.” Trent said.

“I was Spice.” Alexandria said to Christian with a sigh like she was remembering the good ole days.

“One night Francis, I mean Cinnamon needed to clear an impaction she had for whatever reason. She came to me for something to help right away. I gave her some gentle laxatives to try at first and told her to give them twenty-four hours.” Trent said.

“Cinnamon was impatient in those days. If one pill works in twenty-four hours then six had to work in four hours. Right? Wrong. I took those fucking pills right after he gave them to me and went on stage to dance.” Francis added.

“I happened to be at her show when she was on the pole fucking naked as a jaybird. And let’s just say the shit hit the fan. The mirrors, the other patrons, the bouncers, and even me. That was a shit show for sure that night.” Trent said.

“I got cleaned out for sure. And fired.” Francis said

“Shit! So that’s what happened! ” Christian and Alexandria said at the same time.

“I see why you changed your name from Cinnamon to Caramel Latte. And also why you talked me into switching clubs with you. I finally get it, and it’s funny now.” Alex said.

“I had to sort of make a private joke about it between Trent and me. And I made Trent swear to me he would not tell either one of you.” Francis said giving Trent a playful shove like she was angry, even though she was not.

“That’s news to me.” Alex said.

“Me too.” Christian said.

“Well, I’m ready to get naked and frolic like I’ve lost my mind in this public place.” Trent said.

“Ok, now when you say it like that; it sounds creepy.” Francis said.

“Well, I vote that we go back to the room and let me get some comfortable shoes on, and let’s go dancing.” Alex said.

Alexandrea and Francis were both former exotic dancers, whatever shoes they happened to be wearing were just fine to get the job done.

What the ladies actually meant was they were needing to put on their special ‘going out’ underwear. That is underwear that is the most flattering to their figures. Bras that put the tits up on full display, without actually showing their nipples, along with thong panties or no panties at all. Francis liked no panties at all. Alex was on the fence because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to fuck Christian in the ladies room, or wait until they got back to the room after dancing. She went with a thong. Thongs push to the side easily.

When they got back to the villa; Frances found the flyer that was left by housekeeping.

“Tuesday night in The Hula Lounge at Kahuna Bay Resort: Live band: The Wave Riders, A classic tribute band to all surfing music of the nineteen sixties.”

“Hey, everybody! Looks like they have live music tonight in The Hula Lounge.” Francis said.

“Ooh, I love live music. I’m going to leave the kids a note. We may be getting back early in in the morning.” altıparmak escort Alex purred.

Trent and Christian didn’t mind the tribute band. They really didn’t mind that the girls were feeling playful tonight.

Alexandria emerged from the bedroom.

“Ok, I got my dancing shoes on lets go.” She smiled

Trent and Christian noticed four things instantly. She was wearing the same shoes. Her enhanced thirty-six D cup tits were certainly greeting the room with pride.

“Oh, I get it, dancing shoes doesn’t mean shoes at all Trent! It means put their tits on display.” Christian observed.

“I knew the plastic surgeon would notice.” Alexandria said.

“She’s wearing shoes? I specialize in Neurology, we usually don’t look at feet.” Trent mentioned.

Francis entered the living area from her bedroom. She had already been wearing a strapless dress. Her contribution to the tit parade was to wear a type of bra that is adhesive with no straps.

“Are you wearing the same shoes too?” Trent asked.

“Of course. Why would I change shoes?” Francis asked looking at Alexandria very puzzled.

“He’s a Neurologist and he doesn’t look at feet.” Alexandria said with a shrug.

“Trent. Shit bro, this pit stop was not about shoes. It was about tits.” Christian said.

“Tits, yes they certainly have them. We want to put our cocks between them.” Trent said.

“Take us dancing.” Francis said.

“Ah, negotiations begin now. Correct?” Trent asked.

“Already started.” Alexandria countered.

“I’m in.” Christian offered.

“Already established.” Alexandria said.

“It seems that you have some serious ground to cover here Trent.” Francis pointed out.

“Fuck, it looks like I may have to stop depending on my good-for-nothing wingman and fly solo tonight.” Trent said.

The group left the villa and walked toward The Hula Lounge. Alexandria and Francis already had negotiations concerning Trent and Christian tonight at dinner.

“Tonight at dinner Francis and I were talking while you boys were talking about cars or sports. We were in negotiations about tonight.” Alexandria said with her arm looped in Trent’s arm.

“Ok, so that’s what you meant about negotiations were already started.” Trent said.

“Yes, and Alexandria and I have decided that we are going to give all four of us a treat tonight.” Francis said.

With that Francis and Alexandria exchanged husbands. Alexandria looped her arm in Christian’s arm. Francis looped her arm in Trent’s arm. Each new couple shared a deep passionate kiss. Then each couple walked arm in arm into The Hula Lounge.

The band was as advertised, a sixties style tribute band of surf style music. Throughout the night there were different surfers introduced from around the world that were going to be competing in a surfing competition over the next few days in another location on the island. The winner would be awarded forty thousand dollars.

“Forty thousand not too bad for a day’s work.” Christian said.

“I’ve done better.” Francis said.

Both Christian and Trent took a drink of their cocktails, trying to seem like neither heard the comment.

The lounge closed at two in the morning and the amorous crew was once again high on life.

“Christian, I want you to take me back to the villa and treat me like a dirty cunt.” Alexandria said with a naughty grin.

“I’ve been wanting to put my cock inside that pussy since you started teasing me tonight.” Christian said

“Trent, I want you to do the thing we did when we were dating, I miss that.” Francis whispered to Trent.

“With pleasure. You gave the best blow job I have ever had. What do I need to do to get that first?” Trent whispered.

“Eat my pussy, and make me cum like you once did, of course.” Francis said.

Just as Alexandria opened the door she saw Alley wearing a silk robe with a large green dragon design wrapped from one shoulder across her back to the opposite knee.

“What the fuck? You just scared the shit out of me. I thought y’all were asleep. I just up to get a glass of water.” Alley said.

If by ‘glass of water’ meant ‘fuck in the shower with Stan and Ollie’; bingo, big tall glass of water it is.

“Did you pour it over your head?” Alexandria asked.

“My head?” Alley asked feeling her head while she was thinking. “Oh I took a shower. Goodnight.”

Curiosity was eating both ladies alive. Why did Alley feel the need to take a shower at two in the morning when Denver was asleep and had been for hours? Did she go to the pool and get hooked up with something strange and come back after sex and wash off? She was the sister-in-law. She was Denver’s choice not theirs.

Curiosity was also eating Alley alive. Why was Alexandria so chummy with Christian? Why was Trent so chummy with Francis? She desperately wanted to find out what was up with that paring.

Denver brought his stethoscope, as he always does when he travels. Alley went to the room Christian bursa anal yapan escort and Francis sleep in, and placed the stethoscope on the door. She very plainly heard Alexandria’s voice. Just to satisfy her curiosity she did the same thing to Trent and Alexandria’s door. She very plainly hers Francis’ voice.

Not only was she in there but she was taking it in the ass. Alley knows a few things about giving it in the ass. And taking it in the ass. Francis was taking it in the ass and from the sounds this cunt was making, she couldn’t get enough.

“Trent, after you eat that pussy I want you in that ass. It’s been so long, I need you to abuse me like you did before.”

It was taking everything Alley had not to open the door and show Trent how to ass fuck this woman like she needed it. She wanted to be abused so fuck it, abuse the bitch. Put marks on her in places no one would see. Only you and she would know they were there. Make her remember. Don’t let her forget you.

Alley’s pussy now was so wet it was running down her leg. Alley needed some quick dick. If it was in her ass, that would be good too.

There was only one thing Alley wished she could do with Johnson, that Denver does with his cock. That is cum. When Denver shoots his load in Alley’s pussy or her ass it is a feeling of completion. But of course she doesn’t get that with Johnson.

Alley went back to her bedroom and slipped between the sheets with Denver. He was snoring softly. She began to rub his dick, it sprang to life arousing Denver in the process.

“Denver I had a sexy dream baby, I need you to give it to me good. Like I’ve been bad.” Alley told Denver.

“How bad?” Denver asked.

“Bad!” Alley inhaled his cock until it was fully erect.

“Please, I need you to cum in my ass. Now!” Alley demanded.

Alley felt the white hot pierce of Denver inside her ass. The pain slowly subsided but never completely went away until he emptied his load inside her. Denver held her hips and pounded her ass until he emptied his load deep in her inside her.

She felt a feeling of fullness as the white hot pain was subsiding. She went to the bathroom and returned to snuggle next to Denver, falling fast asleep.

When Alexandria and Christian went into his room Christian shut the door.

“I must confess I am glad that you wanted me alone tonight.” Christian said.

“I was going to take you to the ladies room and fuck you in there but I figured I could wait until we got back to the villa.” Alex said.

“You could have but I’m glad that you waited until now. I can enjoy being in that pussy in here.” Christian told her.

“You know who this package belongs to tonight, you can unwrap it.” Alex said.

“Hmmm; where should I start? Here?”

Christian started by taking off her shoes.

“Thank you so much, I was hoping you would start there.” Alex exhaled in relief.

“I remember when you would come home on those rare mornings when I was off after working all night dancing. You took your clothes off all night at work, but never your shoes.” Christian said

“Made good money though.” Alex remembered.

“Y’all took care of us then. We decided no matter what, the least we can do is take care of y’all for the rest of your lives. We don’t know what y’all had to do but we suspect it was not pleasant.” Trent told her.

Christian took off her skirt to reveal that she was wearing a lacey thong.

“Alex you know I have always loved to fuck you in a lacy thong. If I didn’t tear it off of you, I would just push it to the side and fuck which ever hole was the easiest to get to.” Christian told her

“Trent has never tried to fuck me in the ass.” Alex said

“I never tried to fuck Francis in the ass.” Christian said.

“Wives don’t have to take it in the ass? Is that what you brothers are telling us?” Alex asked.

“That’s why I let my brother marry you. So I could soil you guilt free whenever I wanted.” Christian said.

“What the fuck? It took you over twenty-six years to ‘get around’ to me?” Alex began to get dressed. She was a little more pissed about it than she had been.

“Wait, shit, that came out all fucked up. That was a bad joke, sorry. I meant to say: You married Trent after the pregnancy. I was respectful of my brother. There was a question the twins were mine and wasn’t settled until the DNA test proved he was the father. I was heartbroken, because we were a couple at the time but still respected his family. I asked Francis to marry me because she was as heartbroken as I was, because she was a couple at the time with Trent.” Christian said.

“We were in a relationship yes; but our relationship was understandably open. You knew what I did. No, what Francis and I both had to do to put both of you through med school. You both did. I had sex with lots of people…” Alexandria froze and put her hand to her mouth.

It sounded different when she finally owned up to her role in it after twenty-seven bursa bayan escort years. It almost sounded dirty.

“Don’t you know I love you Alex? Always have. Always will. That is why we decided to stay married to you ladies for the rest of your lives. We are the men we are, because y’all made the sacrifices you both did. We know that we may never be able to repay each of you for the disappointment or abuse that you suffered and never told us about. We certainly are trying.” Christian said.

“Christian so you are telling me that the reason that you married my sister Francis was to keep us together.” Alex asked.

“I spoke with them both after the pregnancy and they agreed that we should not break up the family. Francis agreed to marry me and all of us agreed we would never tell you until the time was right. We felt that if you had to be denied, then we all were going to be denied but cared for.” Christian confessed.

Alex and Christian made love for the first time in twenty-seven years. It was like they never missed a day. Christian remembered the way that she sounded when she came as he ate her pussy.

Alex remembered the way Christian felt while he was inside of her. They fucked one another until exhaustion overtook them and they collapsed in one another’s arms.

The sun pierced the blinds and the fluffy white duvet stirred and moved. Francis flipped back the covers and sat up on side of the bed.

“Ugh. It’s so fucking bright in here. Chris.” Francis reached back and slapped Christian.

“I’m not Chris, I’m Trent.” Trent said.

Francis spun her head back toward Trent. She smiled the biggest smile she had in years and attacked Trent.

While Trent had her heels in the air before he was about to shoot his load there was a knock at the door.

“Trent, Francis, can we come in?” Alex asked

“Of course, come on in.” Trent said.

Francis gave him the “What the fuck?” look. He shrugged. Alex and Christian walked in. Trent’s erection went away immediately.

“What the fuck?” Francis asked. Completely abandoning any attempt at modesty with her sister’s husband.

“I had a conversation with Christian last night.” Alex said.

“Awe, fuck Chris. We agreed twenty-six years ago that we were going to discuss that as a family BEFORE we told her.” Trent said.

Francis got up put a tee shirt on went to her sister’s side.

“Sis we haven’t been trying to hide anything from you, honestly.” Francis assured her.

“I believe you. Chris explained the whole story to me.” Alex said.

“Then he told you that they agreed to take care of us; for taking care of them back then.” Francis said

“Yes.” Alex said.

“Girl, you can blame your sister for that clause in the contract. Because these two motherfuckers almost ain’t worth forever.” Joked Francis.

“We love y’all and everything; but I didn’t get my nut just now.” Trent whined.

“I didn’t think Neurologists were concerned about stuff like that.” Christian said as Francis closed the door on him.

Francis closed the door threw off the tee shirt and slid between the sheets.

“How did you have my legs held before?” Francis asked as she placed herself in front of Trent spreading her legs wide.

Alley awakened next to Denver. His arm was laying over her in a protective loving way. She remembered last night returning from her new lover’s, the twins shower and meeting the group in the foyer. After meeting the group in the foyer everything else was just a series of flashes. She remembered grabbing Denver’s stethoscope and she remembers listening to doors. She remembers anal. Obviously Alley heard something behind one of those doors that made her blind with lust. Fuzzy Alley has done much worse. Fuzzy Alley can be a daredevil at times.

“Good morning Alley cat.” Denver said.

“What’s the time?” asked Alley with a yawn and a stretch.

“Six on the dot.” Denver said.

“How are you feeling today?” Alley asked.

“I feel like its time for me to take the reins for a while.” Denver said.

Alley knew what this meant. Or at least she knew what it meant when he said it. It excited her too. It was time for punishment.

She knew she had been bad. How did Denver know she had been bad?

Denver was not asleep last night at two in the morning, when she thought he was. She was with the twins, in the shower. Denver was standing in the doorway to the bathroom. Watching. Masturbating.

Denver was not one to tell secrets. Denver knew that Christian loved Alexandria. He also knew that Trent loved Francis. He saw everything play out as if he were watching through a window. Now he knew that the twins were into one another as well as Alley. She could keep it up. She would have to be punished each time she fucked him. And each time she fucked her. He counted one of each. He let her have the one he walked in on, not sure how many before that one. The Anal that he gave her last night was not punishment; it was for her pleasure. The next time would be punishment. Which she also likes, perhaps even more.

Denver knew Alex and Francis didn’t approve of Alley. He could give a shit what a couple of former stripper prostitutes turned Psychologists thought. At least he met Alley in med school. Not in a strip club where your fondest memory of her was shooting diarrhea around a stripper pole.

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