An Offer He Can’t Refuse Ch. 06


Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features incest and anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Biting her lips while straining not to moan, Julia had a very hard time staying focused enough to listen to her sister Jennifer talking to her on the phone about their imminent stay at their friend Erica’s spa resort for the weekend.

“It’s gonna be awesome, Jules! I always loved that place and it’s been like six months since we last went there! Gosh, I can’t believe that Erica is going to sell the whole thing now that she and Craig are getting divorced, it’s really too bad… Oh well, at least she’s having all of us girls there for free one last time, yay!”

“Uh-hu… Yeah, great… Mmh, so great…” Julia mumbled into the phone, her head thrown back in pleasure under the incessant flurry of lapping licks and suctioning kisses that Mike was unleashing on her pussy and asshole.

Minutes earlier, as she was standing in the living room and distractedly talking on the phone with Jennifer, Julia had just smiled and sighed languidly when Mike had come up behind her and wrapped his arms around her curvaceous frame. As he cupped her huge mommy-boobs through her light summer dress and placed sensuous butterfly kisses on her neck, the thrill of pleasure that Julia felt running down her spine had prevented her from even attempting to tell her adored boy to stop. It was so naughty and risky and insanely hot to let him tease her and get her all worked up while she was on the phone with her sister, Julia just couldn’t resist her handsome son.

When Mike had dropped to his knees behind her, hiking up her dress over the protruding curve of her plump bubble-butt and peeling down her panties with practiced deftness, Julia had looked over her shoulder at him, feigning shock while actually loving his uncontainable lust for her. As mother and son locked gazes, a glint of shared delight and complicity was evident in their eyes, as was their mutual desire. Julia’s knees had shook and she had been forced to pin herself up against the wall as Mike parted her fabulous round asscheeks and buried his face between them, starting to orally worship both her holes with deep, lascivious tongue-swipes and long wet smooches.

Now, as her son pleasured her lovingly, making her pussy drool with juices at each flicking pass of his tongue on her clit and causing her pink little rosebud to twitch whenever he lapped sloppily all around its rim, Julia felt as if Jennifer’s words were fading away in the background, superseded by the thumping orgasmic roar building up inside her. The kinkiness of the situation, coupled with Mike’s incredible pussy-munching skills, turned Julia on so much that she felt her climax rush at her incredibly fast.

While Jennifer’s voice kept droning on and on into Julia’s uninterested ear, Mike clamped his mouth on her soft pussy and eased his index finger gently into her tight yet ever-eager anus until he was knuckle-deep inside her warm smoothness of her rectum. As her son voraciously french-kissed her slit and sawed his digit in and out of her asshole, Julia felt suddenly dizzy, hit by the first wave of what she knew would be a deliciously powerful climax. Her big sister’s words receded further into the background as Julia instinctively pushed her sumptuous mommy-rump back into her boy’s cunt-slurping face, her whole body trembling as her orgasm coursed through her like a lightning bolt.

“I already talked to Rose and Trish. We were thinking about meeting here at my place tomorrow and then going together in my car. What do you think, Jules, sounds good?”

“Mmhh yes, sooo good…” Julia sobbed, her voice breaking while thunderous waves of orgasmic bliss crashed into her, unavoidably breaking her residual restraint and forcing deep guttural moans to erupt from her O-shaped mouth. “Uuuhh! Ooowwhh yesss… YEEESSS!”

“Wait… Was that… Are you cumming, sis?!” Jennifer said, her voice ringing loud and bright with excitement through the phone.

“Uhh no, Jenny, of course not… Ooohh!” Julia lied, panting heavily and biting her thick lower lip, her eyes rolling back in her skull as Mike sucked her clit deliciously while masturbating her asshole with two nectar-lubed fingers, all the while drinking down her gushing juices. Redoubling the intensity of his snatch-licking attentions, the horny teenager determinedly prolonged his mom’s climax and feasted on her girlcum with renewed gusto, not caring in the least that his aunt had just heard her cumming. “I’m ooohh god… I just… I stubbed my toe on something… Uhhh fuuuck!”

“Oh my god, you ARE cumming!” Jennifer exclaimed. “I know those sounds very well, Jules! They’re the sounds you make when someone is licking your pussy, and I’d say that whoever is eating you out right now is doing a pretty Casibom good job too! Wait, is that your secret young lover!? The one you don’t wanna talk to me about? The young stud you’ve been trying to hide from me for weeks now?”

“Nooohhh… Oohh fuuuckk… Uhhh! Ahhh! Yeesss!” Julia wailed incoherently, still climaxing on her son’s mouth and way past caring about letting her sister know that she was having sex while they were on the phone. In fact, having her sister listening in to her amazing orgasms was enhancing Julia’s pleasure, adding a kinky exhibitionist nuance to her bliss.

“Oh, Jules! You dirty little slut, you! So, tell me: who is he? I need to know!” Jennifer prodded her younger sister, thrilled by the notion of having just caught Julia in the act with her mysterious lover. “Just tell me, come on! I bet he’s one of Mike’s friends, isn’t he? One of those hunks he was talking with at the graduation ceremony, right? Come on, Jules, tell me! I could really use a young hard cock right now, and you know that I don’t mind sharing a dick with you…”

“Oohh Jenny, stop!” Julia whimpered, snickering despite herself at her big sister’s characteristic naughtiness. Meanwhile, Mike’s juice-slippery fingers in her ass and his voracious mouth on her gushing pussy were making her see stars, coaxing another flaring burst of delight from the molten core of her being. “Ooohh fuck! J-j-jenny, I gotta go now… Ooowwh! Uhh god… I’ll call you back later, bye-eeeeehh!”

Screaming out her toe-curling release, Julia leaned heavily against the wall, pressing her face sideways into its cool surface and squashing her huge jutting tits against it while her son’s whirling tongue and butt-poking digits took her breath away yet again. In a daze, feeling her legs wobble underneath her, Julia purred huskily as Mike straightened up behind her and swiftly pulled down his pants and boxers. The feel of his big strong boner nestling between her luscious asscheeks and his arms wrapping her soft gorgeous frame in a possessive embrace made the buxom mother whimper with anticipation as she turned her head to offer her panting mouth to her beloved boy.

After a deep passionate soulkiss, still sliding his massive erection in her soft ass-cleavage, Mike murmured into Julia’s succulent mouth: “Sorry, Mom, I couldn’t resist… You’re so fucking hot and your pussy tastes so good!”

“Mmhh baby, you’re such a bad boy! That was so crazy… But so good too!” Julia cooed into Mike’s mouth in a mock-scolding tone as they kept trading languid kisses.

The taste of her own juices on her son’s lips went straight to Julia’s head while the feel of his cockhead pressing urgently at the drooling, welcoming entrance of her slit made her shake all over. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the sheer thrill of sneaking a quickie right there in the living room in the middle of the day further multiplied her appreciation of her son’s bold move. Her voice was thick with lust and she was sexily wiggling her plump bubble-butt as she murmured: “Come on, honey, we’ve gotta hurry! Your sisters could come back from their run any minute now… Stick your big cock in Mommy’s pussy, baby!”

“Oh yes, Mom! Yeeeahhh…” Mike exhaled as he pushed his hugely swollen dick into Julia’s dripping slit, parting her soft folds like a knife slicing through butter and sinking to the hilt into the wet silky warmth of her vaginal channel.

The horny teenager held his mother tighter in his arms and pressed himself more firmly against her back as he bottomed out inside the engulfing heat of her slick honey pot. For a moment, Mike stayed motionless right there, buried balls-deep in the tender cock-caressing tunnel from which he had emerged into life, enjoying his perfect joining with his amazing mom. Then, urged on by her delicious moans and by his own rabid horniness, he pulled out and slammed himself back inside her, again and again and again, immediately setting a powerful cunt-drilling rhythm.

“Uuhh baby, ohhh yeees! Fuck yeees, sooo good…” Julia mewled in ecstasy as her sweet boy pummeled her needy snatch with all the vigorous enthusiasm of youth, making her heart melt with joy as her pussy bathed his rampant shaft with more and more of her liquid arousal.

As Mike filled her mommy-hole over and over again, holding her tight and kissing her panting mouth, Julia couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest woman in the world for having such a sweet, passionate young man for a son and a lover. Mike was so incredibly good at making her cum, he fit like a key in a lock inside her, he could play her like an instrument despite his young age, and, most importantly, he loved her as much as she loved him. As if that wasn’t enough, Mike genuinely seemed to always want more of her, all the time, even when she was on the phone with her sister!

Whimpering with joy as Mike’s huge pussy-plowing truncheon sent sizzling shivers all over her body, Julia abandoned herself to Casibom Giriş the fantastic sensation of having her handsome son relentlessly ramming himself deep inside her. His big sperm-laden balls were swinging against her clit at his every in-stroke, his precum-oozing cockhead was pushing amazingly far up into her quivering wetness and his thick meaty dick throbbed incessantly within her sensitive slit, ready to fill her womb with his warm, creamy seed. The very thought of being pumped full of her boy’s delicious cum yet again pushed Julia ever closer to another climax, making her pleasure-saturated words ring out louder.

“Uuuhh yees! Fuck me, honey, fuck me haaard! You fuck Mommy’s pussy so good, sweetie! Oohh yeess!”

Tightening his hold around her voluptuous body, pawing her massive jugs through her light dress with one hand as he reached to her juice-slippery, engorged clit with the other and started rubbing it under his fingertips, Mike hammered away with all he had into Julia’s dripping, dick-massaging vaginal passage. While she writhed in his arms and bounced her magnificent ass backwards into his snatch-stuffing hardness, Mike couldn’t help but smile as he recalled how doubtful his mother had initially been about keeping having sex with him after his twin sisters’ return. Luckily, it hadn’t taken long for her to change her mind.

Following the afternoon when they had fucked in the kitchen while Lyla and Lori were out by the pool, mother and son had resumed their forbidden love affair, with a vengeance. Unable and unwilling to deny themselves the pleasure and intimacy of their physical relationship, Julia and Mike had begun sneaking quickies whenever and wherever they could.

Even though she was always careful not to get caught by her daughters, Julia absolutely loved the excitement of the risky, deliciously thrilling situation she and Mike were in. As silly as it had seemed at first to have to hide around in her own house, the busty mother was instantly hooked on the clandestine pleasures she was sharing with her son. Julia felt her pussy getting wet almost constantly, so much so that she often beckoned Mike to follow her in the laundry room so that she could suck him off and guzzle down his intoxicating sperm, or she recruited him to help her clean up the attic or the garage, so that he could bury his big strong cock deep inside her pussy and fuck her long and hard, making her cum gushing over and over again, until her legs barely held her up.

Unfailingly, at least once a day Julia had Mike drive her out to ‘help with some errands’, only to have him park in a secluded spot in the back roads just out of town where she could get on all fours in the back seat, hike up her skirt over her rump and offer her juicy bubble-butt to her boy. As she lewdly enjoyed his tongue lapping away at her holes, Julia smiled and shivered in bliss, her girlcum dripping in rivulets down her thighs, her mind floating away in the glow of the oral pleasure that her sweet Mike was giving her. When she simply could not wait any longer to feel him inside her, Julia would only have to wiggle her bouncy booty in her son’s nectar-shiny face to signal her readiness and desire for more.

Grinning from ear to ear, Mike would promptly slip his massive erection into his mother’s pussy and fuck her deeply for a bit before pulling out and adding some lube to his juice-glinting shaft. Then, sighing ecstatically, he aimed his bulbous glans at her winking rosebud and pushed, easing himself into his mom’s lovely little asshole and stretching her tiny pink sphincter to the limit as he slowly but surely sank deeper and deeper into her ass, until he was slotted to the hilt inside her snug, smooth rectum. Mike would always stop there at first, not just to let his mother get used to his huge throbbing boner crammed balls-deep inside her tiny backdoor, but also to savor the clutching caresses of her tight, cock-hugging anal tunnel squeezing him from tip to root. Then, growling with lust, he would start to buttfuck her.

Whenever her son sodomized her in the backseat of the car, Julia got so excited that she came almost non-stop, yelling and moaning and egging him on while her fingers went crazy on her clit to match Mike’s booty-plowing pace. Her pleasure grew and grew along with his deeper and harder and faster thrusts, until he exploded deep inside her ass, filling her warm rippling bowels with his copious seed and bringing her to a final toe-curling climax in the process.

Weirdly enough, Julia also got a kick out of the fact that, after their backseat anal romps, she and Mike still had to actually go and do some shopping to maintain their cover story. As far as she was concerned, walking around the supermarket with her son’s creamy sperm squishing within her rectum and slowly leaking out of her pouty rosebud to soak her panties was an added kinky bonus to the list of incredible taboo delights that their relationship already gifted her. Casibom Güncel Giriş

Every night, long after Lyla and Lori had gone to bed, Mike would silently make his way into his mother’s room, so that they could finally be together in her big bed and let their passion run free while basking in the unique closeness they shared. Once their reciprocal lust was sated, it always made Julia sigh to have to set the alarm clock before falling asleep in her adored boy’s arms, so that the next morning Mike could retreat to his room before the girls woke up, but the fact that she was spending her nights with him once again was enough to compensate for it. Besides, Mike never left her bed without first sliding his massive morning wood into her soft welcoming pussy and slowly fucking her awake, so that Julia could always count on starting the day with a satisfied smile on her lips and a huge load of her son’s youthful seed filling her womb.

Feeling deliciously naughty as she acted like a slutty teenager again, Julia had often found herself marveling about how incredibly rich and fulfilling her relationship with Mike was turning out to be. Even being forced to sneak around felt good, the playfulness and excitement actually adding up to the already amazing connection she had with her son. Horny and lovestruck as she was, the busty mother frequently had the silly yet genuine impulse to simply yell out her supposedly forbidden joy to the world, but she did know better. As naturally loving and nurturing as her incestuous relationship with Mike actually was, Julia was well aware that it needed to be kept secret nonetheless, so she just cherished it and smiled, brightly but silently.

Even though she was having lots of unexpected fun acting and feeling like a sex-crazed teenager again, Julia did not like the fact that she and Mike had to hide their love from Lyla and Lori of all people. As the days went by, she started seriously considering coming clean with her daughters. Deep down, her maternal instinct assured Julia that the girls would be able to see past society’s cultural taboos and would understand the situation if she explained them what she and Mike had been doing and why, what it really meant and how positively it was affecting their lives, but still she couldn’t bring herself to tell Lyla and Lori the truth. Not yet, at least. Meanwhile, she remained determined to fully enjoy every thrilling second of the surprise quickies that Mike initiated around the house and promptly repaid him in kind by dropping to her knees and pulling his cock out to suck him off like a pro pornstar whenever the tiniest chance presented itself.

Still, as reckless as they had been getting lately, having her pussy licked by Mike while talking to Jennifer on the phone was definitely the highest point of Julia’s recent burst of naughtiness.

The rush of excitement of having just let her big sister know that she was getting eaten out by what Jennifer assumed was just some ‘mysterious young lover’ was still coursing through Julia’s gorgeous body when Mike’s cunt-ramming thrusts got even harder and more urgent, pushing her closer and closer to what she was sure would be an incredible climax. As his clit-frigging digits went crazy on her pulsating nub and his tit-pawing hand reached greedily into the neckline of her dress to cup the soft flesh of her huge bra-less mommy-boobs and pinch their puffy nipples, Mike let his head loll onto Julia’s neck, grunting brokenly.

“Ahh I’m gonna cum, Mom! Your pussy is so good, so soft and wet…” he panted, plunging into her soaked folds at breakneck speed. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming! Mom… I’m cumming, Moooom!”

“Yes, baby, yeeeess!” Julia whimpered, maddened by the feel of her boy’s slit-pounding boner swelling and pulsing deep inside her pussy, moments from exploding in climax. “Cum in me, sweetie! Fill Mommy’s pussy with your cuuum! Uuhh yeeeaahh!”

The first huge spurts of Mike’s potent seed had barely splashed against her vaginal walls when the ebb and flow of Julia’s pleasure condensed into a crashing orgasmic wave that swept her up and drowned her in absolute bliss. While rope upon warm rope of her son’s jetting semen inundated her womb, the busty mother writhed and gushed all over his ejaculating dickmeat, their liquid essences mixing lewdly together all over their deeply joined, simultaneously climaxing sexes.

As soon as the blinding flash of her release abated a bit, Julia craned her neck so that her lips could suck onto Mike’s panting mouth, initiating a long passionate soulkiss. Mother and son were still connected and making out lovingly when something suddenly broke the bubble of their shared incestuous happiness: coming from outside, drawing closer down the street, Lori and Lyla’s approaching voices could be heard.

“Come on, slowpoke! One last chance to beat me to the door!” Lori was yelling at Lyla, taunting her as she was fond of doing whenever she managed to convinced her to tag along for a run.

“Fuck you, you skinny little bitch…” Lyla grumbled mirthlessly, her breathless voice sounding more distant than Lori’s and her huffing tone clearly betraying her lower level of athletic proficiency compared to her slim and trim twin.

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