An Unexpected School Reunion Ch. 02

Fucking 8

Hi, if you haven’t already done so, please read Chapter 1, that’s where this all begins.

Hope you enjoy.


I awoke the following morning with my mind in a whirl. The previous day, I’d revisited my old school with work, met my old science teacher and been subtly dominated by her. To the point where I’d ended up on my knees in front of her as she came all over my face!

Now, Penny Malone, or Miss as she’d had me call her, had been one of my many fantasies growing up. I lost count of the number of times that I’d thought about her during my teenage years, as I stroked my cock. I’d dreamt of fucking her many times, always resulting in me exploding in my fist, but never had I expected what happened yesterday.

All I knew was that I’d driven home in a daze and brought myself off in the shower, still in a daze!

Sleep hadn’t come easily the previous night. Images of Miss Malone standing over me plagued my dreams. She’d ‘put’ me on my knees in front of her, released her big tits from her bra, pulled her skirt up, then frigged herself off til she came all over my face.

Sleep was fitful at best.

I should have been ecstatic, one of my ultimate fantasies, seemed to be sexually interested in me. It’d only be a matter of time until we actually had sex, fucked, copulated, went horizontal jogging or whatever you wanted to call it. So why was it a problem? I had no idea, but wished someone would enlighten me.

Contemplating the day ahead, I decided that I’d work from home, unless an emergency call out came in. However my plan to avoid the school and Miss Malone soon unravelled.

Having showered again, I opened my laptop and checked my emails and found that the order I’d placed the previous day had been shipped and would be arriving at the school that afternoon.

I’d need to be there to check the items off and store them away before the fit began.

“Bollocks!” I said out loud to myself. I’d been hoping to avoid Miss Malone if possible and now there was every possibility that I’d bump into her again.

The morning flew by as I spoke to the boss, fellow team members and troubleshot the odd problem that occurred. Before I knew it, it was 1p.m. and I’d need to head to the school, ready to accept the delivery.

Getting out of the car in the school car park, I chanced a glance up at Miss Malones office. There were no lights on and it appeared to be empty as far as I could tell. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Yes, I was attracted to Miss Malone, but at the same time, I was also a little, no, VERY concerned about what might happen next time we met.

Did I want to fuck her? Of course I did, she’d always been high on my list of possible fantasy fucks, but after the previous day, I wondered if anything would be said or how she’d act towards me. Even worse, I was worried that I might have screwed up the contract that the company I worked for, to provide and install the new IT system.

How would I explain that to my boss!

Carol was sat at her desk in the reception area when I entered the building. Explaining about the pending delivery, she handed me the keys to the room, where I’d store all the new kit.

“Let me know if you need anything else Mr Harris,” she said, before turning back to her computer screen and beginning to tap away at her keyboard.

“Oh, one last thing ” she stopped me as I began to walk away. “Miss Malone seemed a bit distracted after you left yesterday. Is everything ok? The new system still going ahead?”

I reddened and mumbled “Yes, everything is fine thanks Carol, I’ll get on now, thanks.” I turned away and went to open the storeroom ready.

Half an hour later, I’d welcomed the delivery driver and was in the process of putting all the equipment away. As I passed through the reception area, Carol stopped me. “Miss Malone would like to see you in her office when you’ve finished putting everything away Mr Harris.”

“Oh, right. Ok, thanks Carol,” I replied, before hurrying off to carry on fetching and carrying.

What did Penny Malone want? Another repeat of yesterday? Work related chat? One thing was for sure, I’d soon find out, as I carried the last box to the storeroom.

I locked the door behind me, gave Carol the keys back and turned away. “Don’t forget Miss Malone wants to see you Mr Harris.” she said smiling.

“Yes, I know, thanks Carol,” I answered, “need something from the car first.”

Back at the car, I got in the drivers side and took stock. I could drive away now, pretend that I’d had an important call and had to leave. She’d have to believe that, but I didn’t. I looked up at Miss Malones office and saw her standing in the window, looking down at me.

My stomach lurched! I had to face the music at some point and supposed that now was as good a time as any.

Walking back through the school building towards Miss Malones office felt like a walk to be sentenced. For what exactly I’d no idea, but that’s how it felt all the same.

Reaching the door to her office, I paused, knocked and entered, when a curt voice zayıf gaziantep escort said “Come in.”

“Ah Sam, lovely to see you again, please take a seat.” Penny Malone smiled as she spoke.

I sat at the small table off to the side of her desk and wached as she came round to join me. I felt like a guilty schoolboy summoned to see the headmaster for some misdemeanour.

I quickly took in Penny as she sat. There was the usual skirt, just above the knee, grey in colour this time. Black patent shoes with a small heel on her feet and subtle nude nylon, which I guessed were stockings on her legs. Her blouse, white in colour was buttoned right up to her neck, large breasts filling it out with ease. I could make out a white bra underneath it, struggling to keep her big tits in check.

Penny’s make up was subtle too, a hint of blusher on her cheeks, light blue eye shadow, no mascara and a deep red lipstick finishing the look.

If she was aiming for the stern headmistress look, she’d nailed it!

“So Sam, how are you? Had a good day?” she opened.

I wasn’t sure what I expected her to say, but maybe not this, given what had happened the last time I was in her office.

“Err, yes, I’m ok thanks. My day has been ok too. How about you Miss Malone? Had a good day yourself?” I replied.

“Please Sam, call me Penny, we’re friends after all. My day has been ok thank you, a few small issues which I had to deal with, otherwise all good. Now tell me, what was happening here today please. I saw a truck pull up, then had to go to a meeting. Was it the equipment that you ordered?”

Call me Penny! Fuck, I was confused now. The last time I’d tried to call her by her first name she’d admonished me like a schoolboy and now she was insisting that I call her Penny.

“Yes, the delivery came quicker than I expected it to. There are still a few things we need before we start, but I can pick those up locally” I said.

“The storeroom big enough for your needs Sam?”

“Plenty big enough thanks Penny.”

“Good, now this Comms cabinet thingy you mentioned, where do you intend to put it?”

“Well,” I began, ” there are 3 possibilities Penny. Here in your office. The storeroom or the main office, behind the receptionists desk.”

“Ok and how big will it be and is it a noisy contraption, this thing?”

I held my arms out and ‘measured’ out the size of the cabinet to Penny, then said, “It’s actually quite small compared to some and makes very little noise. It needs to be quite well ventilated though.”

“Hmm, so if you had your choice, where would you put it? In an ideal world?”

“Reception is the best place, it’s light and airy, well ventilated and all the telephone lines are there too.”

“Come and show me Sam please,” Penny said rising from her seat.

As I’d done the previous day, I followed Miss Malone out of her office and down the corridor. And as before I took the time to take in her figure. As I looked at her swaying backside in her tight grey skirt, I noticed the outline of her suspender belt, no doubt attached to lace topped stockings and I twitched in my trousers, again! This woman had pretty much humiliated me yesterday, but still she turned me on. Still I wanted her. Still I wanted to fuck her, as I’d done many times previously as a young teenager.

I snapped out of my reverence as we entered the reception area and went into professional mode.

Carol, moved aside as I brushed by her desk, to show Miss Malone where I thought the comms cabinet should go. I caught a brief glimpse of Carol, looking at my crotch, my semi hard cock, pushing against my trousers, before she turned away. There was no way that she hadn’t noticed my shaft stiffening, my work trousers were quite snug around the groin and arse.

I did, I admit, smile inwardly at the idea of Carol, checking me out, I hadn’t previously thought about her sexually as I’d been fully focussed on my former teacher. But now that I looked at Carol my view was changing slightly.

Possibly mid 30’s, short, with red hair. Carol was a little curvy, with quite big boobs for her small frame. She was wearing a smart jacket over a jumper, buttoned just beneath her bust. A pair of smart trousers completed her look. Business like but also casual in my mind. Her make-up was discrete, a hint of lipstick at best.

Yes, I suppose Carol was quite attractive now I though about it.

I demonstrated to Penny where I envisaged the cabinet going, also reassuring both her and Carol that it wouldn’t be in the way.

Penny seemed to be content with the position and turning to Carol asked, “Is that OK with you Carol? It won’t be in your way at all?”

Taken unawares Carol looked around, “Err, sorry, what was that Miss Malone?”

“The cabinet Carol, if we put it here, it won’t be in the way for you will it?”

“Oh right,” Carol replied, lifting her gaze away from my snug fitting trousers, “No I don’t think so.”

“Good, that’s settled then Mr Harris, you can fit it here.” Penny replied. gaziantep zayıf escort Her formality hadn’t gone unnoticed by me, she was in professional mode once again.

Following her work related lead, I asked, “Can I fit it there tomorrow if possible? It’ll take about an hour or so and it’ll save time going forward, if that’s ok?”

“Fine with me Mr Harris, that ok Carol?” Miss Malone asked.

“Well, yes, why not,” the receptionist answered.

“Good, right, come on Mr Harris, I’d like to go through the rest of your plans back in my office.” my former teacher said.

Turning back to face both ladies, I again noticed Carols eyes drop to my trousers, cock still semi hard, pushing against the zip.

Again I smiled as I stepped past her, following Miss Malone as she set off back down the corridor to her office.

Again, I followed on, trying, but failing miserably, not to look at Miss Malones arse and legs. What would those legs feel like wrapped around my waist, I thought?

Back seated in Miss Malones office, across from her, she crossed her legs, nylon rasping softly as she did so.

“You intend to start the majority of the work next Monday, is that right Sam?” she enquired.

“Ideally yes, as I said before, it’ll be quieter and we’ll cause little disruption that way.” I replied.

“Ok, I’ll have to sort out access for you Sam, there’ll be very few people about because of the break for Easter.” Pondering for a moment, she then said, “How about if we get the building opened up at 9 every day? Then close it at about 4? That work?”

“Perfect Penny, thank you. We can be here for 9 no problems. What about getting into all the rooms?” I asked.

“Whoever opens up for you can give you access to all the keys for the rooms easily enough. Problem solved.”

“Brilliant Penny, thank you.”

“Good, now is there anything else you need from me work wise Sam?”

“Not that I can think of, off the top of my head no. Thank you Penny.”

“Ok, well here’s my card anyway. It’s my own personal number on there so if you need anything just call or text me. “

I took the card from Penny and fished in my pocket, “This is mine Penny, work number, not personal, but I usually have it with me at all times.”

“Thank you Sam,” Penny said, taking the proffered card with her manicured pink fingers.

“Shall we change the subject Sam? All work and no play gets a little boring don’t you think?” she asked.

“Very true Penny,” came my reply. Inside my stomach lurched once more. Where was this going to lead today? Did she expect another repeat of yesterday, now work related business was done?

“Tell me Sam,” she began, “are you single? Married?”

“Divorced and single Penny,” I answered.

“Oh, why divorced may I ask?”

“Just one of those things Penny, no ones fault really. We just drifted apart I guess.”

“Well I’m sorry to hear that Sam, but I’m sure you’ll meet someone soon.”

Plucking up the courage, I asked, “What about you? You still have your maiden name, there never been anyone to make an honest woman of you?”

Laughing, Penny looked at me, “Married to the job, I’m afraid Sam, never had the chance if I’m honest. I’ve had relationships of course, but ultimately I’ve always put the job first. And I guess now I’m in my 50’s it’s too late for that.”

“Surely not? I mean, you still look good Penny, you’d be a catch for any man.”

“That’s very kind of you to say Sam, but I think that ship has sailed. Besides which, this job takes up all of my time. “

“I can only imagine Penny, thankfully I switch off my phone once home and forget about work til the next day.”

“That’s a luxury I don’t have I’m afraid, I’m always at the beck and call of someone with this job.”

Not sure what else to say, I took a moment then asked, “Get upto much last night?”

“Nope, got home, ate, showered, then watched a bit of TV then bed. What about you Sam?”

“Similar,” I replied, but did get out for a run though, helps clear my head.”

“Oh right, nothing else at all Sam?” she asked.

“Nope,” I quickly answered, “just a normal night.”

“You did nothing else at all?”

Quizzically I raised an eyebrow, but didn’t speak.

“Oh come on Sam, be honest with me.”

Again I said nothing, just looked blankly at her.

“Did you have a wank after what happened here yesterday Sam? Tell me, did you get yourself off thinking about what happened here? My big tits, my lingerie and stockings? My pussy coming on your face? In your mouth?”

Bloody hell! Here we go again, I thought. Get up, turn around and walk away, that’s all I needed to do. Easy right? So why didn’t I?

“You’ve always wanted to fuck me haven’t you Sam? If you won’t admit to wanking over me last night, at least admit that!”

I just sat there in humiliated silence! She knew that she’d always been a fantasy of mine and it looked like she was throwing it back in my face.

“Well? Are you going to answer me Sam? Have you, or have you not always gaziantep zayıf escort bayan wanted to fuck me?”

Summoning up the courage, I looked up and answered her, “Well yes, but you knew that already Penny.”

“Say it then Sam. Say what you’ve always wanted to do and while you’re at it, I think you should call me Miss again, don’t you?”

“Um yes” I mumbled.

“Yes what Sam?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Better, now what have you always wanted to do?”

Christ, it was happening again! This lady, had me, figuratively speaking by the balls.

“I’m waiting Sam!” she barked.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you Miss.” came my barely audible reply.

“Louder young man, I didn’t hear that! Come on speak up! And look at me when you speak to me!”

Looking up at Miss Malone, I said, “I’ve always wanted to fuck you.”

“There, that wasn’t too hard was it Sam?”

“No Miss,” I replied.

“Good! Now, stand up and drop your trousers Sam.”

“Um what?”

“You heard me Sam, come on hurry up! Get them off, quickly,” she ordered me.

Mechanically I stood and fumbling with my belt, began to undo my trousers. Once again she’d taken complete control over me, I was mindlessly following her instructions once more.

“Get a bloody move on Sam! I want to see what you have in there, see if you’re actually equipped to FUCK me!” she stated, emphasising the word fuck.

Just then the phone on her desk went and rushing around her desk, she picked it up. “Yes Carol?” she spoke into the handset, “No, you head home, I’ll lock up, Mr Harris and me are just discussing a few things. See you tomorrow, bye.”

Replacing the handset, Miss Malone turned back to me. “Now where were we Sam? Oh yes, you were going to show me your cock.”

I’d shed my trousers while her back was turned and they were pooled around my ankles. I stood there with my hands covering my groin, still in my boxers.

“T shirt now Sam, get it off.” she demanded.

I complied without hesitation and placed my T shirt on the back of a chair.

“Very good Sam, you’re learning now. Shoes next, socks too.”

Again, I did as I was told, I was now in just my boxer shorts in Miss Malones office.

“Turn around Sam, I want to see your arse.”

I turned as I’d been told.

“Quite nice Sam, tight and firm. I can see why Carol was looking earlier. Turn back and face me.”

Once more, I did as I was told. Miss Malone had come back around her desk and was now leaning back against it, just as she’d done yesterday.

“Hands off Sam, by your side. Oh very nice Sam! Carol had quite a good look at your cock earlier too and I can see why now. That’s quite a package you have there young man.”

I looked down. Despite the situation my cock was responding and had swollen to semi hardness while I’d stripped to my underwear.

“Now, look at me Sam,” came the next order. “You saw Carol looking at you earlier didn’t you?”

I nodded, Miss Malone had clearly noticed Carol looking and had realised I knew she had.

“Are you flattered Sam? Don’t you think that Carol is an attractive lady?”

“I guess she is, yes,” I muttered.

“Speak up Sam, come on, stop mumbling. Well? Carol? Would you like to fuck her too Sam?”

Gaining a bit of confidence now, I replied, “Honestly, I haven’t thought about it. Yes I think she’s attractive, but no I haven’t thought about her that way.”

“Oh, it’s just me then is it Sam? I’m the only one you want to slide your cock in and fuck.”

“Jesus!” I exclaimed, ” you know I do, yes, what else do you want me to say?”

Immediately she spat back at me! “Don’t you dare raise your voice at me Samuel Harris! Who do you think you are?”

“S s sorry Miss,” I replied meekly.

“Hmmm, well, I think it’s about time you showed me your cock, don’t you? Drop your underwear Sam, now!”

“But…” I began.

“But nothing young man. You saw me yesterday and I think it’s about time you returned the favour. Drop them, NOW!” The last word, shouted at me emphasising the command.

Ever so slowly I placed my hands in the waistband of my boxers and pushed them down, bending as I did so. I straightened up, my hands immediately covering my semi hard member.

“Hands away Sam, please.”

I’d always been relatively pleased with the size of my cock. It wasn’t huge, but it was quite thick and I’d had no complaints from previous partners. I moved my hands from my crotch as I’d been told.

“Not bad Sam, not great either. It has potential though I think,” Miss Malone stated. “Now stroke it for me, I want to see it fully hard before I give a final assessment.”

Taking it in my hand, I began to stroke it up and down, all the while Miss Malone watched me. “Look at me while you wank your cock Sam,” she said.

I looked up to see Miss Malone unbuttoning her blouse, her lacy white bra becoming more visible with each button she undid. Finally she pulled it out of her skirt and shook it off, standing there in just her bra and skirt. This whole situation was once again simply put crazy! All I had to do was say no to her before things had got to this, but I hadn’t once again. I’d just blindly done as she’d told me and again, I was doing as I was told. Was I actually that desperate to fuck Miss Penny Malone that I’d do whatever I said? It certainly seemed that way at present. She simply had me totally mesmerised and willing to do whatever she wanted. It was fucking ridiculous!

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