An Unforgettable Teacher


I don’t know why I’m this odd, but I don’t seem to like the girls my age who are crazy about me, every time I masturbate I only think of mature women from about 35-55, those big boobs and beautiful meaty asses. There is only one thing important to me, she was sensual, so beautiful. She had the best attributes among residents in the school, Mrs. Sharifah. I lusted for her as much as anyone in this school would. I didn’t think that a good looking, 18-year-old with a decent build could get anywhere near her, but I wanted her badly.

She had the biggest breasts and ass in the school compared with other teachers. When she walked on her high heels her breasts always seemed to be bouncing up and down and her ass swaying from left to right. She was also popular for ending words that ended with an ‘s’ with the sound of a ‘t’, “Yest” instead of a yes for example. It was odd but sexy, she always turned on the heat with her lusty voice. She was a goddess of sex, her style of dressing only boosted her beauty and sultriness despite her age, which was near 50, 49 perhaps. I couldn’t stand it anymore, she was always with me, in my fantasies, even in my dreams. I needed her really badly, I wanted her, to unite with Mrs. Sharifah Ayub.

Then I thought that since she was an Arabic language teacher from Malaysia, I could take tuition from her in her house and have a decent chance of trying my luck. I picked a time that she was very happy to begin the talks, knowing that she is a hot tempered teacher, that’s when they announced that the following week was a-week-long holiday. She was indeed in a cheery mood when I entered her room.

“Good morning, teacher. Sorry to bother you but, I would like to enquire if you are able to give a personal tuition class for me. I’m studying in 5B and my friends told me that you are an excellent teacher, so I would like to improve my Arabic language with your tutoring since it is a compulsory subject” I said.

“Tuition, eh?” she pondered for a moment. “How about the feesst?” she asked. Ohh, that was really sexy, I was already sweating and had a bulge in my pants by enjoying the view I had.

“That’s your choice teacher, I’m willing to pay up to 80 dollars per month,” I asked desperately.

“Alright, how about the day and time? Is uumm…Wednesday, 8 to 10pm, ok for you?” she asked.

“Not a problem,” I answered.

After noting down her address, I left the room and hoped for the best things to come in the future.

At the first class I arrived early to check out the surroundings. It was a small cozy place, which didn’t look like a home. It had 2 rooms and was a small terrace house, where one room was a bedroom and had a bed while the other just had a table, two chairs and a small whiteboard. I presumed that this was the place the tuition was going to be held. The living room was small and had a few couches, and there was also a small kitchen in the back.

“Is this a guest house?” I asked.

“Yest,” she replied.

So, nobody would be in the house except the both of us, I thought smirking to myself. Firstly, my plan was to show her that I was great, charming and strong. So, at the first lessons, I did all my homework and asked proactive questions, to impress her. I also dressed to kill and let a few strands of hair down my forehead so that I was looking really sharp. I always kept my cool in front of her, until…

One day, my lucky stars smiled on me. She came up to my place to check up on my work while my left arm was down. As she came closer to correct some of my mistakes, my left hand enjoyed a brisk stroke of her magnificent butt. I was slowly sweating and became speechless.

I just ignored the contact and started asking some questions, evading from the topic but went home and didn’t waste any time in masturbating. Spending almost two hours enjoying the whole session, constantly thinking of the close encounter. I was very grateful that I had that experience, but I didn’t know what was in store for me.

As days went by, there was beginning to be a lot of eye contact between us and I couldn’t control myself anymore. Then something great happened, when I went to ask a question, as she was explaining waving her arms here and there, her arm unknowingly stroked down my groin area which had an erect penis from watching her all day. She said, ” Oh, I’m sorry,” and I smiled at her and continued to look down her cleavage with my already full-erect penis which dripped pre-cum.

This time I couldn’t stand it, I excused myself to the toilet and masturbated gleefully. It was a wonderful feeling when her hand grazed my manhood. I thought of the sweet pleasures and squirted into her bra, which was hanging in the toilet probably to wash. Her bra was a beautiful hint of what her breasts would look like and just taking deep breaths of her womanhood was so arousing. As I arrived on Wednesday, 6th of May, I was fully prepared to have sex with her, ready for all consequences. After about half an hour, I said I was going to go to the Göztepe Escort toilet. I went in and came back, scratching my head, as if I didn’t know where the toilet was. ” I can’t find it, I must’ve forgot…” I said looking as cute and charming as a puppy. She then got up and came close to me and grabbed my hand, and guided me to the toilet. I was at full erection. “There it is, hey…” she said with a faint smile on her face.

I pissed hard and then washed my penis with soap to keep it nice and squeaky clean, I was ready for her. I came back sat down for a few minutes and went up to her, asking some questions. She was wearing green blouse and a matching purple silk shirt with gold designs and two buttons undone. Under the thin purple cloth, cupped by a lacy black bra, I could see her magnificent and marvelous breasts. I was going insane as I went closer to her. Now, I could practically hear her slow, sexy breathing, my penis was trying to pierce its way out of my pants.

As I approached her, the bulge on my pants grazed her shoulder. When she looked up at me, I quickly sat on her open lap and moved her scarf up a bit to give her a love bite. She has a habit of always wearing a scarf over her head, usually tying up a bun with her hair and concealing it all under her scarf. Even though she wore scarves, she could keep herself amazingly sexy. In fact, the scarves made her look younger and brought the sweet, sexy and lusty self out of her that everyone desired, I really wouldn’t want it taken off at my sessions with her.

I licked at her neck and started kissing it rhythmically, holding up the scarf that matched her blouse color.

“No, we… we shouldn’t… aah…” she murmured before a long silence, enjoying my work on her shoulders and neck.

After I went on full swing and really enjoyed my session with her neck and shoulders she let out soft moans.

“Oh, yest, yest… aahh… I know you want it, yessstt… aaaahhh,” she moaned.

This was it, my green light, there was no turning back from the attractiveness of this goddess, Sharifah Ayub.

She stopped my work and held my head up, starring into my eyes, “You’re a naughty, naughty boy. Treating your teacher like this. I will have to punish you,” she said naughtily. She then pulled me towards her and started sucking on my upper lip, it felt odd at first but then became a marvelous felling as I replied by exploring her mouth with my tongue. She groped all over me and upon reaching my ass, she gripped it hard as she continued with my lower lip.

When she finished with my lip, I felt like I was floating, sort of in ecstasy. Then I groped all around her neck and body massaging it while going down. When I was about to reach her breasts, she held my hands and licked my neck, whispering, “Let’s go to the room. “

I hugged and kissed her just above her cleavage as she stood up and whisked me to the room. I then gave her a slight push and slammed the door behind us. She gave a sultry smirk she was popular for, as I was approaching her. She backed up a bit and sat on the soft bed.

“Come on, don’t make ‘mommy’ wait like thisst,” she exclaimed.

I came closer and sat on her lap extending my feet to hug her. She took my head and pushed it into her cleavage. It felt real good. I was sinking into the Isle of Pleasure, I was licking the small gap between the buttons and she was groping all around my head. I raised my head and started undoing her smooth silk shirt, slowly kissing on my way down. The earthy smell of a mature woman and her delightful perfume mixed wonderfully and tantalizingly, it made me want her more, I couldn’t stand it. She was playing her fingers up and around my body, when she said,

“Aha, here let me,” as she slid my top off, exposing my upper body, a trickle of sweat running down my nicely built body. My penis was already aching and I couldn’t take the pain anymore.

“Just a minute… let me… ummh,” I mumbled as I woke up to undo my pants.

She smiled as I looked at her exposed top only with her tight bra holding her globes magnificently. It was maybe about a 40D, it was like nothing I imagined. Her breasts were all and more than I could possibly dream of. I did a small jig as I pulled down my jeans and exposed my underwear, in which my shaft was literally piercing through. She was getting excited, she smiled broadly and waited for the moment for me to show my full 7 inches.

And when I finally pulled down my underwear out it popped free from its prison, she was quite impressed. I was glad, fearing that she might be disappointed, instead she was more delightful than a three-year-old staring at her favorite flavored lollypop. She then gave her famous, heart melting smile and called me closer to her. Just the sight of her amazing breasts only cupped by her bra itself, was enough to make a person go wild. When I was close, I started kissing her shoulders and bit on her bra strap.

“Uhhh,” she moaned, as things were getting real hot in the İstanbul Escort room. I slowly pulled her strap down and slid my hand across her back to reach for her strap buckle. The smell of her fresh skin was great and her skin didn’t feel dry & old but in fact was firm & healthy. Just great to lick and suck on. As my face was buried on her left shoulder and my fingers were undoing her bra strap buckle, she gently caressed my hair and stroked my head and continued down my body. I was shivering now, I was shaking, I didn’t quite know why but assumed that it was a normal reaction for a virgin.

My hands trembled as I unhooked her bra strap and slid it down her arms. There it was, pleasure and satisfaction that you could see and feel. It was much more than what I had imagined, it was beautiful and I was in awe, and it wasn’t fiction anymore. For a person nearing fifty, her globes no… what was now ‘MY’ globes of pleasure, to be precise, was really firm and didn’t sag, it was the most beautiful thing. When I looked up at her, she nodded as a sign. Indeed, it was all mine, the moment that I waited for 3 years just to touch her beautiful breasts.

First, I kissed down her cleavage, putting deep kisses and drowning myself in it. She helped a bit by pushing her breasts together against my head. It was truly pleasure like I never felt before, the feeling was great and this was just the beginning, I thought. Then I moved around planting deep kisses on her beautiful melons and around her rock-hard nipples, her groping on my head gradually increased in speed. It was great, but when I started to lick her nipple and slowly began sucking it her groping became wild. I decided to go on, I started sucking on her nipples, wildly licking the surroundings and slowly sucked on her amazing tit, trying to take as much to enjoy. I also groped on both breasts and in a wild manner, sucked and licked on them. The aroused Sharifah was wild and started groping and grasping my head with a final, “Aaahhh”. She held my head hard and stopped me, I was in daze. The feeling was immensely pleasurable. She slowly took me up and licked my neck and went down to my chests and nipples. She was slowly licking it at first, which was driving me crazy as I held on to her head. Then gradually increasing speed, she started sucking on them, it was such a great feeling.

I was holding on to her sweaty back as she wildly licked and sucked my nipples. I couldn’t take the sweet pleasure anymore as I asked her to stop, grasping on to her head and pulling her up to my face. She stared into my eyes, and I replied, the she came nibbling at my ear and said,

“This feels sooo good, I love you. Please, don’t stop this, pleeaseett,” these were the words I was waiting for a long time.

“I know, but I can never stop to please you goddess,” I replied with pure lust.

She then signaled for me to undo her silk blouse, as she turned her back to me. I slowly shifted my fingers down her sweaty back, and groped on her breasts a little before going down to another wonder of the world, Sharifah’s perfectly round cheeks. These were idolized by students in my school, and now, it all belongs to me, only me. I wanted to take things slow, so first, I kissed her butt, a slow loving kiss, which sent shock currents into her.

“Oh, yes…” she mumbled.

Then, I slowly unzipped the opening and kissed my way as I removed her blouse exposing her magnificent butt in a tight panty. She was already wet, actually wet isn’t the right word to describe the condition. I felt amazingly happy that I could get her this wet, I was built for her, I thought. I was mesmerized for a few seconds then slowly took her panty down and licked the hot cheeks. The feeling was indescribable. Then slowly, I went down to the ‘lips’ and started kissing on them.

“Oh, yessst, that’s it… aaahh…” she mumbled.

Then I gradually increased the speed, till I was really sucking and lapping all the juices on it.

“Ahhh, ahh, ahhh… oohh… ahh,”she started screaming.

I enjoyed the moment too.

“Ahhhhhh… ahh…”she let out a final scream, she climaxed, and the juices started flowing like fountains of pleasure. As it was my first time, I hesitated in consuming the juices. But when I finally swallowed a little, it felt great, like I had to have more. It was an odd sensation in your tongue, a tantalizing delight; some would say. I licked and lapped the remaining juices, which was so tasty, it would be stupid not to take it all in. I started to slowly rub on her clit. Her eyes were already rolled to the back of her head, as if she were in pure ecstasy, she was ‘my ecstasy’.

I then slowly went up again, rubbing and massaging my way up.

As she was in all fours, I kissed my way below her. I groped and pinched her nipples and when I was directly below her, I lay there looking at her amazing boobs. She was bewitching, her scarf held the shape of her beautiful round face and you could barely see a couple of hair strands peeking Anadolu Yakası Escort out of the beautiful enclosure of her face. The scarf was kept in place with an exquisite diamond brooch that was pinned to the hanging folds on her right shoulder. Then she knelt down, until my penis was in position.

“Ahhah, here comes the best part, ummm… umm…” she muttered.

She played her fingers around my testes, it was so great a feeling. My balls tensed up as my shaft became harder than steel, harder than anything I ever experienced. It was pointed at her face like a gun, it looked so beautiful to her. I needed to have more. She started to milk my shaft, as she was doing it so slowly, it felt so great. It was my first time, I thought I was going to explode right there, but I tried my best to control myself. I held on to her perfectly shaped skull enclosed in her silk scarf. First I was just groping wildly, unable to stand the sweet pleasure. She knew this was my first time so she held on to the head of my penis so that I wouldn’t cum so fast, no…she had big plans for me. My mind was floating in pleasure. Then, she slowly took her tongue and licked at my pee-hole, slowly letting her tongue go in and out. It was beautiful, the feeling was so intense. She placed a deep kiss on the swelling head of my penis, it was simply amazing.

After the kiss, she slowly took my head into her mouth and slowly almost all 7″ was inside her almost reaching down her throat. I could see her head bobbing up and down on my penis from where I was. I was doing great, controlling myself as I wanted her to enjoy the experience. It was so great, she was enjoying it more than I was. She was so engrossed in taking it all inside her. I couldn’t stand the sweet pain, I was about to explode, this was just too much for me. I wrapped my legs around her sweaty back and prepared for an orgasm. She was getting faster but instead of bobbing up and down she stopped and slowly sucked and kissed only the head. She focused on the head as she licked it inside her mouth which was wrapped around the swollen head of my penis.

“I’m… I can’t, I’m coming… aaahh… aaaahhh,” I screamed as I exploded into her mouth, I gripped her head as I could feel the silky feeling of her scarf on my fingers. Not a single drop was to be seen, everything went inside her throat. It was one of the longest session of squirting I ever had, I thought it was never going to end. She was consuming everything like champagne, not a single drop was wasted. She gulped all of it down and looked at me in delight as if she just finished opening Christmas presents. I realized now that her change of actions enabled her to consume all my cum, instead of taking the full 7″ in and carelessly spilling some, she enjoyed her focused work on the head. Finally, she milked all the remains and hungrily ate the small drops that were trickling down my pee-hole.

“That was so beautiful, It was so delicious, I need to have more of it more frequently,” she squealed in delight.

“Only in recommended dosages,” I jokingly replied.

This was only the beginning, she was really serious when she said she loved to taste me. Everytime she could get a chance, normally during recess or just before the final bell, she would suck of me off. The feeling was immense, I was frequently left in a daze after the sessions, and I would usually make the weak grope on her ass and breasts before she could squeal away to her office, smiling, leaving me to wait for our thrice-a-week get-together. I was exhausted after the session but I know she was craving for me to get inside her. That’s what I really wanted, I wanted the both of us to climax together and really experience and enjoy this wonderful evening. She lay on my right, waiting for both of us to take deep breaths and prepare ourselves for the true experience waiting for us. I turned to her, putting my left hand across her breasts and resting my left leg on her beautiful thighs, feeling her steaming, damp muff. I kissed her cheeks and licked at her jawbone. Her eyes were full of passion, she knew how much I wanted her.

“I need you inside me…… I want you…… pleaseet……,” she begged.

I gestured for her to get on all fours; I wanted to feel the warmth of her breasts and her ass cheeks, while I thumped her. The only way that was possible was in this position, my favorite. She got up slowly and showed ass towards me. I groped on her beautiful ass and planted small kisses all over it. I reached up a little and made sure I could feel the warmth of her breasts spilling between my fingers. At the same time, my full erection was dabbing pre-cum on her ass cheeks, as leaned over to feel her gorgeous globes of beauty.

“Aha…. please, I want you……… aaah,” she responded as I stopped caressing her boobs.

I took my hard penis still glistening with her saliva and guided it to the opening of her cunt. It slipped in easily as she was already very wet with delight.

“Aaahh……. yeesssstt…. ahh,” she let out soft moans.

Firstly gripping hard on her hot cheeks, I rocked my hips back and forth, slowly at first, and gradually increased in speed. I ran my hands to her sweaty back and then grabbed her swinging breasts. I held on to their warmth as I thumped faster into her.

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