An Unusual Gym

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My cell phone rang as I walked into the cafe, it was Grace. As I sat down at the table, she was talking bout meeting up.

While we tried figuring out a meeting place my cup of coffee I ordered finally arrived. She said she could come to the cafe or I could meet her at

the gym. I told her I would meet her at the gym. After all, my workout routine needed some help. I placed my money on the table grabbed my backpack and headed

off to the gym to meet her. It just so happened that my gym clothes were in my backpack. Call it a hunch or a coincidence but for some reason, I figured that was where she wanted to meet me.

However, as soon as I left the cafe I received a text message from her saying to meet her at her gym along with the directions. Starting to jog there, my red hair bounced and so did my large breasts.

“Consider this your warm up Michelle” I thought to myself. About an hour later, I finally found the place. As soon as my hand pulled the opened and my eyes peered inside, my mouth dropped.

Looking at the text I double checked to make sure that the address was correct. Almost unable to speak and stunned as my eyes lay upon all the nude women lifting weights. Grace spotted me standing in the doorway,

She was a tall black woman, with long jet black hair and legs that seemed to go on for days. Maybe it was because we had only talked on the phone but I never knew she was a nudist.

Her breasts were somewhat smaller than mine and she had a landing strip of black hair above her pussy. I tried to take in the sight of her as well as all the other women in the gym but my head was spinning.

She slowly walked over to me and introduced herself. “Finally nice to put a face to a voice” she said.

The only word that came out of my mouth was “Likewise”. I shook my head as took me by the hand and lead me over to the bench in the corner. She handed me a bottle of water to cool down. I took a long drink and said “I had no idea that”

She suddenly put her finger on my lips. “That I was a nudist” she replied. “Sorry I should have told you, surprise.”

“I’m way overdressed.” I giggled trying not to show my nervousness. The closer she got, I could smell the pungent aroma of her sex.

Once again thinking to myself, “I didn’t know what she was thinking but I’m not a lesbian. But I don’t know how to break it to her.” She started talking again telling me bout her home life and why she became a nudist, I interrupted her midway through.

“Excuse me Grace, I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea but I’m not a nudist and I’m not a lesbian.” She saw my nipples perking through my tank top and giggled.

“Honey, you’re mouth might be saying no but your body is saying yes.” Grace replied. I looked down and noticed my arousal all of a sudden my faced flushed. Feeling so embarrassed. I continued to try and reason and argue.

“Its okay Michelle, I won’t do anything that you’re not ready for. As my mouth told bout my home life and how it was the polar opposite of hers, my eyes for whatever reason darted around the room still kaynarca escort looking at all the beautiful buff women in the buff.

Grace nodded and listen and said “Michelle, I’m right here. I see you looking at all the other women; perhaps you’re bi-curious.” She giggled again. Either she had an odd sense of humor or was trying to seduce me or both. Her hand touched my thigh. My body jumped a bit at the

unexpected action. Nevertheless, this was not my element. If there was ever a situation where I would stick out like a sore thumb this was it. Grabbing the water bottle again, I took another sip. Getting nervous from all of the sudden surprised glances from the other women, I mustered

up some courage and took off my top revealing my large breasts. “That’s the spirit” Grace said, laughing again. “There beautiful do you mind if I touch them?” “Please don’t, I would much rather take this slow”

Somewhat disappointed, Grace understood though. She watched as two blondes got up and walked off to the showers. “Oh a couple of benches just opened up, come with me.”

Once again she grabbed me by my wrists not waiting for a response from me. She adjusted the weights and then laid down on the bench. My eyes watched her as she started lifting her weights. She suggested either sitting on the other bench or spotting her.

Quickly, I made the decision to sit down on the other bench. Supposing in some fear of what might happen if I chose the other option. We continued to talk bout our jobs and our social lives and everything in between. She commented on my body several times as my eyes continued glancing over hers.

Somewhat envious and oddly somewhat aroused that her body was more toned and defined than mine was. Still seeming as if she was trying to turn me on or seduce me as it may be, she made mention that she didn’t mind if I kissed her. Once again, being bold, I kissed her on her lips gently. “That was the first time I ever kissed another woman before.”

She giggled again and set her weights down. I still couldn’t figure out her sense of humor, she seemed to laugh at everything I did or said. I suppose she found it a turn on or something as the flirting continued. She then sat up and kissed me, only it was longer and she slipped her tongue into my mouth French kissing me for what seemed like eternity but

in reality was only a few minutes. “I’m extremely proud of my body and of my sexuality. I have nothing to hide.” This time that made me giggle. Then she asked a question that puzzled me. “Have you ever dined at the Y?” I was hoping that was some sort of new restaurant. Is it just called the “Y”? I never heard of a restaurant with only one letter before.

Once again she giggled. Well I guess there are more letters. Hmmm, let me see. The name of the restaurant is actually The P.U.S.S.Y. Realizing what she meant finally and feeling slightly embarrassed that I didn’t quite make the connection I tried to come up with an excuse.

“I uh…..ate at the cafe.” With that remark she spread her legs over the bench wider. Getting a closer küçükyalı escort look at her pussy I knew what she wanted me to do she was making it painfully obvious. I looked around the gym again and saw all the other women engaging in some sort of sex act or another. So once again, trying to fit in I got in between Grace’s legs.

“Don’t be scared honey.” She said I guess trying to encourage me some more. The smell of her sex was even stronger now but her labia was so beautiful. It was actually darker than the rest of her skin but somehow that gave it a more exotic look. Slowly, my tongue licked around it. Tasting HER for the first time. She moaned and then without any warning held my head down.

Trying to get out of her tight grip my tongue licked faster. During her moans she screamed several profanities. Remembering how my ex-boyfriend use to eat me out, my eyes looked at her clit which actually looked like a small cock. I started sucking on it as I did on my ex boyfriend and noticed the change in her reactions. She screamed loudly as her orgasms rushed through her.

I knew she was on the brink of climax cause she made the same kind of face that I do when I cum. Her breathing got heavier and trying to push her orgasms over the edge, my mouth started humming on her clit then went around her pussy. She pulled my hair to the point where I thought she was going to rip it off my head. Her strong legs wrapped around my waist and moaned louder than most of the women in the gym as her cum suddenly

exploded into my mouth. Instinctively, I swallowed. It tasted sweet very sweet. She released my body as her body continued to spasm. She finally caught her breath and took a drink from her own water bottle. “Damn girl” were the only words that my lips could say. Although now there was another problem. I don’t know if it was from noticing that there were now toys of all sorts being used by all of the other women or her cumming

in my mouth. But my pussy was now soaking wet and I knew that it wasn’t sweat even though I tried to play it off as that when she saw it.

“I take it you’re feeling more comfortable to the gym now?” Grace said as she playfully tugged at the waistline of my sweatpants. Once again I tried to argue, but she somehow convinced me. The way she did it though, I didn’t expect.

Her hands were roaming my entire body starting with my breasts. C’mon baby you know I can give you the same kind of pleasure you gave me if you’ll only give me the chance. I know that those green eyes of yours aren’t just that color for envy. She made another move that I didn’t expect, before I knew it her tongue was circling my areolas and her lips were pulling on my nipples. I bit my bottom lip to try and stifle my moans. She brushed my hair and reassured me that everything was going to be fine. “I don’t mind going slower, if it takes you a while to loosen up. ” I whispered in her ear “I’m loosened up to you now Grace, but its just being around all these other women that gets me.

“You are very shy aren’t you Michelle?” Not knowing if the question sancaktepe escort was rhetorical or not, I nodded my head. “If you want we can go to a more subtle place.” Before I could answer, the two blondes from earlier came walking back out from the showers. They walked back over towards us. “Who is your friend Grace?” one of them said. “This is Michelle.” She replied. Then she introduced me to them. Their names were Jillian and Jessica. They were twins. Grace told the twins that I was shy and that she was trying to get me more accustomed to being around more people nude. Then acting as if they were taking orders the blondes nodded and one of them I believe it was Jennifer said they could help. They were practically identical in every way with the exception that Jillian’s pussy was shaved and Jennifer’s wasn’t.

Jillian walked behind me checking me out, kissed my neck gently and then whispered in my ear. “Come on Michelle, its not that bad. We could be outside. With that suggestion, I suddenly became more comfortable with being in the gym and made quick mention of that fact. Jillian kissed me and then said “I thought so, plus it’s such a rush watching all the other women in here get off by watching us get off.

Jennifer without waiting and in one quick movement pulled my sweatpants off. My bare shaved pussy was revealed because I don’t wear panties when I wear my sweatpants. “Oh such a pretty pussy, you even have it pierced.” She started playing with my piercing. I tried to stop her but when she flicked her tongue over it, my arousal over took me. Jillian started licking my nipple and I saw Grace starting pleasuring herself. Overwhelmed, I decided to lie on the bench. Jillian brushed my hair and assured me everything would be okay. Jennifer spread my lips and started licking my pink. “Nyahh….nooo please Jennifer don’t. ” But before I could make another protest she grabbed my piercing. “Please be careful.” I tried to make another plea. What I didn’t realize though was that Jennifer then looked at Grace and Jillian. “Do you girls mind helping me out here?” Grace kissed me and reassured me once again. “Baby its going to be alright. You’re in good hands.” I was starting to doubt her sincerity as she held my legs down. Jillian climbed over my face and lowered her pussy down to my mouth. Smothering my face, forcing me to lick it. She moaned as my tongue ran along the entrails of her pink folds. The next thing I felt was Jennifer’s spit run down my cunt and my asshole. Then she slid two fingers in my asshole and started fucking it as she licked my pink. I moaned deeply into Jillian’s pussy. Feeling my orgasms start rushing faster. I felt Grace’s lips kiss my forehead and took some solace in knowing she was still there.

I couldn’t hold it any longer I started to climax as my screams were muffled by Jillian’s pussy. Hot cum flooded out of my pussy covering Jennifer’s face. They finally released me as my own body now shook. Grace smiled at me as Jennifer licked her lips. “That was beautiful Michelle. ” Grace said. She then helped me to my feet and helped me stand as it felt like my legs were made of Jell-O. Grace once again giggled then gave me back my clothes. Hope you had fun, and then she gave me a card with her phone number on it. My eyes widened though as I saw the top of the card: GRACE’S GYM , somehow I couldn’t help but feel like I had been set up.

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