He took it out.

My Dildo

All other guys looked at my dildo and then looked at me. I was speech less. I wasn’t able to think of what to say. I know they must be thinking me as a FAGGOT!.

The medium sized guy took my dildo and I noticed he was holding it with a grip. He had a look at it and said at loud with a smirk to tease me…


Then the other guy who was still sitting inside the car asked the medium sized man to hand the dildo over to him.

That guy saw it and said “where do you put it?” While laughing out loud.

I was feeling very embarrassed.

My body temp was growing high due to fear and shame. And unable to look at those people faces because I knew they are all laughing at me.

Then they took few more of my stuffs while reading it out…

“Patanjali Alovera Gel… …Zytee…

…A Wallet!”

They opened my wallet and took out my collage id card. They read out my full name. That guy sitting inside the car took my collage id card and started tapping on his phone… after few minutes… He showed me my facebook account and said “is that your account?”. Oh god they knew about my name and my personal info. I knew it was now easy for them to track me. I knew I invited hell load of a problem.

“Are you gay?” I heard a voice from inside the SUV. (I didn’t know who said that)

I kept quiet. Still standing in-front of them while unable to make eye contact. I wish it’s just ends here.

The skinny guy again slapped my head.

“Hey. Faggot. Why aren’t you saying. Do you have a dick in your mouth??” And he laughed.

That laugh was just tore my soul apart. It was like they are feeding on my fear and embarrassment. It gives them power over me and they just want it to be more.

I only wished, I haven’t come here in first place.

I wish, I was able to go anywhere other than this.

I wish, I could turn back the time and change what just happened.

But unlucky me.

The worst is yet to happen.

As I was standing still, that six foot guy came closer to me and grope my butt hard from behind. I was shocked and moved away from him. I didn’t expect that. All other guys standing there aren’t affected to his homosexual behaviour.

They were ok with it. Nobody ever groped my butt before. But that sensation was different. And a chill sensation runs through my body.

It was erotic but still they are trespassing my personal space.

The six foot guy again came closer to me and grabbed me from my back so that I can’t move and that big guy shove his finger deep into into my ass. His dry hands made a sensation on rectum being scratched from inside. I felt a instant pain and that pain stays for a while within me. I knew he may have scratched my rectum with his nails. It hurt bad but I absorbed it.

Soon my rectum get loosen up and that guy was able to know that. While still having his finger in my butt he says… “wow this hole is very soft”.

Those words felt like a chilling sensation. Sex hikayeleri Nobody said that to me before. I felt a sultry sensation through out my body. And I instantly get a hard on.

The medium guy saw that and came closer to me and kissed me on my lips and dig his tongue inside my mouth. I didn’t resisted but I didn’t kissed him in return either. And that damn awful smell of alcohol. His beard pierced into my chin. It wasn’t a sweet kiss as you expect instead it was very dirty and rough. He just kissed me like I was a whore. I wasn’t resisting nor I was involving. But all those sensation was very new to me! but in a bad way…

The six foot guy turned me and make me leaned over my bike while facing my naked ass to him. I haven’t seen his cock but when he penetrated it inside me… oh god it’s grit just fills my rectum. I could feel his cock slipped into my anus which was already well lubed. I was just leaning there like a helpless girl and taking is extreme thrust. Every time he thrust my ass my hip bone felt the hitting sensation of his thigh. The extreme thrust pushed me forward like I have no control over it. And I also have lost sensation of friction in my butt hole.

“Oh God! His butt felt like pussy!” the six foot guy says.

That was a very chilling complement. I know what I have done with my butt to make it anal ready all the time. It doesn’t poop out or try to suck in… it just stays open without any voluntary muscle movement.

I could feel the sensation of his dick hitting right at my prostrate. I felt a sensation of fluid flowing through my urethra. It was my seminal fluid (my sissy cum). I came so quick with that huge cock which was harder to get with my 6.5 inch dildo. Usually when I masturbate… I stop thrusting my dildo immediately when I get my seminal fluid out because it’s so intense than I can’t focus on continuing thrusting that dildo in my butt. But here that six foot guy didn’t stopped thrusting. I was cumming again and again more intense than previous one until I stopped cumming further.

I had closed my eyes and still felt a chilled sensation through out my body thinking of them fucking and using me like a cheap whore. They didn’t treat me in a well behaved manner. I mean if we would have mutual respect on both sides I would have actively involved in a relation with them without any worries. In fact if I get respect that I desire I can fuck with any one.

But this… I mean…

They are just violating my personal space without my concern. And are raping me like they just got a treasure in a nowhere.

I kept silent while taking every abuse that they did to me. I wasn’t worried because they fucked me, I was worried they are treating like a whore…

More mucus dripped out of my ass when that six foot guy pulled his penis out.

“Wow! what was that?” he said while laughing. And slapped my butt cheeks harder.

I didn’t move my hands to guard my butt where he slapped instead I bit my lips hard and gripped my hands on my bike seat Sikiş hikayeleri to absorb the pain. I stared to fart out more mucus from my butt hole. It was all dripping through my thighs to the ground. That was so much mucus! I felt like my lower abdomen was completely empty!

At that moment he again quickly put his dick inside me.

“Oh Fuck!” he said. And grabbed my hair from back. His dick now slides into my butt hole without any obstruction. I knew my butt hole now can easily take that fat cock inside. He thrust even more vigorously that I literally opened my mouth with a crying expression without any sound of cries. Then he abruptly took his dick out of my hole. I was sweaty and I could feel rhythmic thumping of blood vessels around my butt hole. Now I was feeling stinging sensation inside my rectum.

Then another guy came right in front of me with his semi – erected black penis in front me. It was so close to me that, I was getting a strong sensation of odour from his penis which was like a combination of urine and rotten meat. That guy stroke his semi – erected penis straight on my lips expecting me to put it in my mouth. I could have resist to him not to take his cock in my mouth but at that time without looking his face I opened my mouth because I was just following their way so that they will end with me sooner… I hoped!. The moment he entered his squishy penis in my mouth and it turn hard within a moment. And that guy just while grabbing my head toward his manhood, thrust his cock deep inside my mouth. My gag reflex cant able to block the penis head and the moment it went deep into my throat, I felt a sensation of vomiting but nothing came out of my stomach. My eyes was filled with tears while surviving the impact of the deep throat. His dick was slippery due to mucus coming from my mouth. And that guy again tried to insert his dick again inside my mouth and then he started to thrust… again. At that moment, that six foot guy slapped my butt cheeks so hard that I screamed in pain while still having the other guy’s cock thrusting in my throat. At that moment my rectum expands from inside making my hole even tighter (its like when you try to poop) and I even tried to vomit but that other guy didn’t get his cock out of my mouth. I didn’t noticed that I was taking the whole dick in my mouth i.e I can feel the sensation of the cock hitting the base of my throat. And with that vomit sensation in my muscles around my throat groped the dick tighter (which was bad actually), it was affecting/tearing my internal membrane of my throat. I was now started to feel a swollen sensation in my throat. But it wasn’t hard to learn how to take a complete dick inside my mouth. I came to know that if I stick my tongue out while still have his cock thrusting in my mouth I was able to control my gag reflexes and easily take the whole dick into my throat. I can still able to breathe through my mouth (cause it was impossible for me to breathe through my nostrils while having his dick in my mouth). Every Erotik hikaye time that guy thrust deep inside my mouth I inhale air and exhales it while he draws his dick out of my mouth. And I tried to synchronize my inhaling and exhaling with his rate of thrusting. I think he noticed my synchronize breathing and said “Look at this slut! He is a pro in deep throat”. I heard that and a horny chilling vibes runs through out my body.

My anus got numb and tight. That six foot guy thrust my butt cheeks even more rapidly. I felt again a huge sting pain sensation in my anus. Then the tall guy just came inside me while I still have his rock hard dick repeatedly pumped his semen inside my rectum. I didn’t feel any sensation of his warm semen hole maybe due to the numbing of inner lining of my rectum. After the six foot guy pulled out his dick I touched my butt hole with my fingers and saw it was my blood with his semen. I know he tore my rectum severely. While the other guy who was fucking my throat took his dick out from my mouth and came on my shoulder . All of his semen was dripping out from my shoulder. At that moment I saw that skinny guy was holding his camera phone while filming everything and he filmed my semen covered shoulder and my face as well. I was still lying there and that six foot guy again grope and shake my butt cheeks while saying “WOW! That was fun” referring to my ass.

Then the medium sized guy called my name. And I get up and stand in front of him without my pants on and still unable to make a eye contact at that time. The skinny guy who was recording also recorded my bike number plate as well.

The medium sized guy said “You can go!”

I looked at him and he winked at me with a smile. I was expression less and didn’t react to his words. Cause I didn’t have any word to say!

Few Days Later…

After few days of that incident I came across a video on “xvideos gay” that shows the exact video that was recorded when I was raped. And those guys have blurred my face and edited out my number plate. And the video title was “Desi Faggot Fucked Gangbanged Outdoor Night”. That video was gore and shows blood stain around my butt hole as well as on the penis of that six foot guy. And my butt hole was red. When I saw that video I felt the exact chilled sensation that I felt it when I was raped that day.

The rectum tearing took few weeks to heal by itself and was very painful for me even to sit on solid surface at the recovering time. I did some test to check that if I had any kind of STDs from them because it was unprotected sex and I was god damn bleeding! I didn’t made any police complaint because this case will back fire me and I will be blamed for that event. I mean what will I say when I will be asked “what are you doing there in first place?”.

I felt safe right now because they didn’t put my name on that pornographic site and even they knew my facebook id they didn’t contact me as well. But the only thing that they took with them other than my modesty and self respect was



The medium sized guy (his FB profile name was Anshuman) sent me a message which says…

“Hey. I have your Dildo ;)”

(To be Continued…)

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