Ancestry.cum Ch. 02



This family-friendly novel contains descriptions of close family members engaged in entirely inappropriate activities that some may find either disturbing or hot. This family is VERY friendly! If you find family members fantasizing about or taking liberties with each other or otherwise behaving in naughty ways, then you probably should stop reading right about… now.

All characters in this novel are fictional and are eighteen years or older. Any resemblance to any real person, living, dead, or under the age of eighteen, is in your own dirty little mind. Sadly, most of the events portrayed in this story are not based on true events. I wish.

If you are still reading and are not offended by MILF or SILF or BILF and believe siblings and other family members behaving in very naughty ways is hot, I hope you enjoy this extremely naughty story.

This the previous chapter, a husband and wife received a home DNA test for their 25th anniversary…and learned that they are blood brother and sister. This revelation inspired their son and youngest daughter to take their relationship to the next level–dating. Meanwhile, their elder daughter, daddy’s girl, received a different message.

And while they await confirmation of the shocking results, the news rekindled the wife’s sexual interest in her husband, but the husband found himself incapable of having sex with his sister.

What more could go wrong right?

Chapter 02

Monday morning, Leanne came down wearing her sexy new tennis skirt, carrying her gear bag.

“Where are you going?”

“Alice and I need to practice, practice, practice to be ready for the finals.”

“What about Dr. Smith? He said the results will be in today.”

“We’ll be through by noon,” she said, “and you know doctors always wait with bad news for the end of the day.”

Inside the fabric, her nipples looked amazing. “Aren’t you chilly in that?”

“We’ll warm up once we stroke a few balls.”

“Shouldn’t you wear a bra or something?”

“I don’t have one which will work with this halter dress.” Then a lightbulb went off, and she glanced down at her chest. “Oh, I see your point.”

Those were not my points poking through her top.

“They’re a little distracting.”

“I can see that! Don’t worry, there will only be women around. Too bad, if you think about it. These could be my secret weapon in a mixed-doubles match…”

Mike shuffled in, hair sticking straight up, heading straight to the coffeepot. After a sip, he turned toward her. “Damn, Mom, you look awesome!”

“Thank you.” She and wrinkled her nose at me, the same age-old face sisters have made at their brothers probably since the Stone Age. “It’s not too distracting?”

“Gee, Mom, it’s fantastic.”

“Stop looking at your mother like that.”

“Like what? Tell you what, Mom: if you win the championship, how would you feel about posing for a painting? I need an acrylic project for next term. You could hold up your trophy, that sort of thing.”

“Really? Why, I’ve never posed for an artist before.”

“It’s settled then,” he said. “Even if you don’t win, I could paint an action shot–you swinging your racket, lunging across the court for a shot.”

“That sounds fun! Maybe we could do both, to see which comes out better.”

Mike got up and, eyeing her like she was one of his sisters, pulled back her hair in the ponytail she always puts in before she plays. Ponytails make her look like a college girl. Mike’s eyes drifted down to her chest.

“Don’t look at your mother!” I blurted, then tried to recover. “You’re going to be late.”

“Right. I’d better…” She turned back and forth, obviously frazzled, before heading to the door. On her way out, she blew us a kiss.

Mike stared at me over the rim of his cup. “What?”

“I didn’t say anything!” I stormed out, heading straight to the shower for my morning wank.

“This is Maggie from Dr. Smith’s office. He asked me to call to let you know your test results are in and he can squeeze you in at 11:15.”

“We’ll be there,” I told her and called Leanne. “The results are in. Can you be ready by 11:15?”

“We just finished up,” she said. Since the tennis complex is on the way from home to the doctor’s office, I swung by to pick her up. Sweating made her look even sexier, I decided the moment she trotted out to the car. Dr. Smith had undoubtedly seen her nipples anyway, in a breast travesti gaziantep exam or something, so let him gawk.

“Mr. it was HER ass–and that day, it was mine!

It all became a whirlwind of hands and lips and tongues and skin. Somehow, I had her up against the wall, and her legs wrapped around my waist, holding her to me, firm and sexy tight. Our tongues were going crazy on each other, and she bit the hell out of my neck, but I didn’t give a damn.

Held up by the wall and her thighs freed my hands to molest her breasts, those beautiful nipples trying to poke through the stretchy fabric.

“I’ve never wanted to fuck my brother like I want to fuck you right now!”

I didn’t know what to make of that, and had I stopped to think it through, it may have raised some questions. But it sounded hot as hell, and I was thinking along the same lines.

Noses touching, staring straight into eyes the mirror image of my own, I said, “I want to make love to my sister!”

Words were unnecessary, not after more than half our lives spent together, the only woman I had sex with since the 90s, if you don’t count groping my daughter. We knew when we were turned on, knew the smell, the wicked grin. Nonetheless, those hundreds of times we had sex as husband and wife, never as brother and sister.

If there was a time to talk dirty, this was that time.

“I want to be inside you, sis!”

“I want to feel your seed inside me… big brother!”

To remove her little cheerleader-style panties, she had to let go and stand. I tossed them on a small table, completely forgetting that our kids might come home at any minute. Flesh of her bare ass felt even better in her brother’s hungry hands as I lifted her to again wrap those tanned, sweaty thighs around my waist.

We almost made it upstairs, but somehow she got my belt and pants undone, and they dropped to my ankles, tripping me. I landed on top of her–hard.

“Are you okay?” Again, our eyes locked. Her head landed on the top step, and we were in the perfect position.

“Stop talking.”

“Are you hurt?”

“Can you make love to your sister?”

“Yes–oh, hell yes!”

“Then stop talking and do it! I need my brother inside me–right here, right now!”

“Are you sure, Honey?”

“Shut your mouth and come inside me, will ya?”

My rod thrust inside her. For the thousandth time, I made love to my wife; for the first time, I was making love with my sister.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt of reality struck my sister. “Stop! Quit it!” she started slapping me on the shoulder.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you want this?”

“What if the kids come home and find us? They know we got our test results–we can’t let them see us having incest on the stairs!”

“Great point!” So, it wasn’t the sister who wanted me to stop, it was the mom. I started to pull out to stand up.

“No, you don’t!” Her heels dug in and her hips plunged me deeper inside. “Lift me up!”

“We’re on the stairs!”

“Crawl if you must, but don’t you dare stop!”

Half-dragging, half-crawling, I hauled her ass up to the landing, where I could lift her while we were still attached via my cock. I almost hoped for the kids to arrive right then, because it was one of those things we’d have laughed about for years. If the sight of their parents committing a felonious sex act on the staircase did not scar them too much.

Once in the bedroom, I threw Leanne onto the bed, and even inside that tennis dress, watching her titties bounce around was mesmerizing. No wonder our son wants to paint them so much. For a minute, I just gazed down at her legs as her ankles rested on my shoulders.

“What’s the holdup?”

“I’m just thinking about how much I want to eat my sister!”

Leanne squealed and laughed as her brother literally dove for her muff. It had never tasted this sweet before, and I swear, every move my tongue made inside, outside, around her drew gasps and cries of pleasure. I knew what I was doing, knew every inch inside of her, memorized all the tricks to drive my wife wild.

Amazingly, they worked even better now that she was my sister!

Did I mention Leanne has a blonde bush? Same as me, of course. I attacked her like her insides were on fire and the only way to put it out was with my tongue. Which, of course, was exactly what was going on.

Leanne never laughed during sex, but gaziantep travesti as I ate her, she laughed continuously, except to stop long enough to gasp when I licked her particularly well, or to shout something at God–even though God had nothing to do with what her brother was doing to her.

I licked two orgasms out of her in quick succession, and she was still giggling like we were doing the naughtiest thing in the world. Because we were.

“If I’d known my brother was so great in the sack, I’d have gotten DNA tests years ago,” she said.

“It’s not over yet, sis!” I lay down between her legs and slipped my cock inside, enjoying the warm juices my tongue filled her with.

This time, she wasn’t laughing. We just stared into each other’s face–a face we knew so well, faces we had never seen clearly until that very day.

Inside, she was hot, wet, and silky. But here’s the weird part: she was tight! Her vagina grabbed me like it had before Mike’s fat head stretched her out. Before Chrissy popped out of there. I know it sounds crazy, and there’s probably some rational explanation. Some new yoga routine or specialized twat-exercise. Nothing has squeezed the pleasure out of me like that in decades!

Slowly, steadily, I drilled it into her. Neither of us blinked. We moaned and sighed together, heads sometimes rocking up or to the side, but never did we unlock our eyes.

“Make me come with you,” she said.

“I’m trying,” I answered, knowing that was up to her. Faster and faster, our hips thrust together. It began welling up in me. “I love you!”

“I love you!”

We kept repeating it, and just before I burst inside her, her head cranked back, mouth open, and made this sigh I have only heard a dozen times or so. The sound she makes when she has one of those rare-as-an-eclipse, soul-consuming orgasms. There was no faking it, not the way her muscles quaked and her body shook.

She lay gasping, in the thrall of this massive O, when I came inside her. With her. Mine was pretty damn amazing, too, but I could not wonder if perhaps hers was even more powerful. If only a brother could feel what his sister feels, right?

We lay in a pile until our heart rates returned to something lower than the life-threatening 200+ they had been pounding since I grabbed her bottom downstairs and we knew we were going to do this. You can’t undo incest any more than you can recover virginity.

We had been screwing for decades, but never had we committed incest because we wanted to. Until that wonderful afternoon.

“You never got out of your tennis outfit.”

She pulled the strap down until her boobs fell out and the dress covered only about a foot-wide section of her midriff. “That better?”

Before answering, I flicked a nipple a few times. “Both ways is nice.”

“Well, I need to get a shower.” She stood, got rid of the rest of the dress around her waist, then paused for a minute, because she knows I enjoy looking at her. “Care to join me?”

At our second family crisis meeting, we broke the news to the kids. Chrissy cried while Sissy froze like she was the star of a hostage video, squeezing their sister’s hand until both were white-knuckled.

“I knew it!” Mike shouted with a satisfied smirk.

Chrissy asked, “What does this mean?”

“What it means,” I continued, “is that we plan to go on as we have been, as husband and wife. What we ask is that this remains our family secret.”

“No one needs to know your dad is my brother,” Leanne said, which made Chrissy cry some more.

“We decided not to get an annulment…”

Leanne spun to stare me down. “Wait, what?”

Sissy asked, “What’s an annulment?”

“It’s like a divorce, only we can’t get a divorce because, technically, we could never have gotten married in the first place.”

“When did ‘we’ decide that?”

“I decided not to do it.”

“In our 25 years together, you have never spoken the word ‘annulment’ to me.”

“There is no need to mention it if we aren’t getting one, right?”

“Is this how it’s going to be–instead of deciding together as a married couple, my big brother is going to be in charge?”

Chrissy sobbed loud enough to hear down the block.

“I’m not in charge!”

“Oh, you better believe that!”

“Alright, dear, do you want an annulment?” She crossed her arms tight, smashing her breasts, and stared at me while tapping her gaziantep travestileri foot. “Well?”

“I’m thinking!”

“You could have thought about it before we…”

Sissy asked, “Before you what?”

“Oh, damn!” Mike shouted again. “They found out they were brother and sister and rushed home to commit incest as soon as they could!”

“No, we didn’t!”

Leanne tried to stifle a laugh, but it blew up into a snort.

Sissy said, “Oh, my god!”

Chrissy covered her face with both hands to hide her tears. Somehow, Mike did not fall off the couch laughing. “Way to go, Uncle!”

“Listen, your father and I love you very much. We love each other, too, just as we always have. Nothing has changed, except we now know something we should have known years ago. We are a family, and unless your father insists on making decisions without consulting me in the future, we will remain the same family we were for our first 25 years together.”

Chrissy rushed up to hug her mother, then she hugged me. Seated in my chair and her standing, her tits hit me right in the face, and she held the hug for a long time as her body rocked with continuing sobs. In other circumstances, it would have been an amazing hug.

“Can I ask a question?”

I rolled my eyes. “Sure, Mike. What do you want to know?”

“Since you said you and Mom could not have gotten married if you had known she is your sister, does that mean the three of us are bastards?”

Chrissy let out a wail like she had just stepped into a bear trap.

“God damn it!” I snarled. “Your sisters are not bastards!”

“Oh, but I am? Is that your point?”

Leanne jumped in. “Will you two boys quit your bickering? Mike, this is hard on all of us. It is hard for you to hear and to accept, but believe me, it is harder on your father and I.” she reached to take my hand. “He is the love of my life. As of today, he is also my brother. We haven’t figured out where all the pieces are going to fit…”

Mike muttered, just loud enough for me to make out, “Looks like you figured out how to fit the pieces together before Chrissy was conceived.”

“…but we will get through this as a family.” She turned to me. “I love you, honey.”

And she kissed me on the lips.

Chrissy said, “You did not just do that!”

“No kissing your brother in front of the kids!” called out Mike.

Sissy smiled like everything in the world was just peachy.

Mike and I were home alone. I had waited a couple of days for this opportunity, so before any of the womenfolk returned, I paid him a visit.

“Hey, we need to talk.”

“Sure, Uncle. Come on in.”

He was working on a naked sketch of Sissy. Next to his easel, he had a large page covered with close up studies of her breasts. Her nipples. Hips. Thighs. Her golden pubic triangle.

“How many of these do you have?”

“I dunno. Couple dozen?” He waved at his desk, which was covered with nudes of his sister in all sizes, from postcard to poster-sized. “Have a look if you want. Isn’t she awesome?”

“Yeah. She’s my baby daughter.”

“She’s a grown woman–you saw her!”

“Apparently not as much as you have.”

He placed his chalk on the easel. “Doesn’t every parent wish their kids would spend time together?”

“With their clothes on!”

“Hell, you and mom spent years trying to get us to do things together. Now, we have something we both enjoy. What’s wrong with that?”

“Do you really need me to explain it to you?”

“Yeah, Dad, I think you do. Because I think there is a big, fat double standard going on, and we need to address it.”

“This isn’t a double standard and you know it.”

“What I know is you have been sleeping with your sister for years. And as you two lovebirds made clear at the family crisis event, that is not about to stop. Kissing your sister right in front of us, and now you judge us?”

“She’s only been my sister for a few days.”

“Now that’s BS. She’s been your sister since she was born. Then she was your girlfriend, then she was your wife. Now she’s your sister again, and you’re up there in your room sleeping with her and god knows what else.”

I hate it when he’s right. Time to try a different approach. “I only knew about my other sister, Aunt Helen. She was beautiful too, I won’t lie. Looked a lot like your mother when they were young.”

“Right. Because they’re sisters.”

“I never once thought of drawing Helen nude. If I had, she would not have posed for me, you can believe that.”

“I can’t imagine Aunt Helen posing nude for anyone.”

“If she did, I’m the last person on earth she would have taken off her clothes for.”

“Do you expect me to believe you never saw Aunt Helen naked?”

“That’s not the point.”

“It is exactly the point. Did you?”

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