Anchored To His Heart Ch. 01


I was looking out the window, watching the snowflakes softly falling outside. I couldn’t believe that my wedding day was finally here! In less than ten hours, I would be getting married!

I looked at my wedding gown that was hanging up for the moment. I stepped back, and slowly started memorizing every detail of this dress that I would wear just for this one day.

I ran my hand softly against the white satin fabric, noticing the square neckline, the princess seams that ran along the lines of the bodice, and the full ball gown skirt complete with a cathedral train that used a French under bustle. I noticed the shimmering sequins, the simulated pearls, the lacy long sleeves that ended in a softly rounded point just past the wrists.

I looked at my tiara – sparkling with rhinestones, adorned with simulated pearls. I lightly ran my hand over the dual veils -one a finger tip veil, the other a cathedral length veil – both of which were trimmed in satin cording. I looked at my pearl necklace and diamond earrings that my fiancé, William, had given to me on my twenty-first birthday.

I looked at the white satin crepe high heels, and then glanced at the garments that I would wear under my wedding gown. I looked at the fluffy crinoline slip, and then I felt my face flush as I looked at the white lace corset complete with garter straps, white thigh high stockings, and white panties. I then looked at the white lace garter with the bright purple satin rose.

My nails were perfectly manicured, my makeup was tastefully applied, and my blond hair had been curled and the tresses fell past my shoulders. I wanted to make sure that my wedding portraits accurately represented me. I didn’t want to look back a year or five years later, and regret my choice of hair style or makeup.

I was all alone in the house, my own preference really, as I didn’t want to be hurried or rushed on my wedding day. I stole a glance around my bedroom, and quickly turned to leave. I softly walked down the hall, looking at the family pictures, stopping to glance at a picture of my father. My heart swelled with pride as I looked at this picture of perfection, my father standing tall and proud in his Marine Corps dress blues. I then looked at the engagement picture, my fiancé in his Air Force dress blues and I in a lavender top and black skirt.

I softly laughed as I recalled when my then boyfriend, now fiancé, had asked my father’s permission for my hand in marriage. My father didn’t reply right away, in fact my father didn’t reply! It actually took my father SIX MONTHS to finally consent and give his approval! I suppose rivalry between military branches carried past the workplace and into events such as engagements and weddings!

I was surprisingly calm and relaxed. I was looking forward to the honeymoon, and then continuing in a military tradition I’ve had since birth, I was looking forward to moving! This time, the move wouldn’t be local, but would be a couple of states away.

I decided that I would go ahead and take a leisurely bubble bath, and headed to the bathroom. I slowly removed my robe, and began to fill the bathtub with warm water, and slowly added a capful of an exotic smelling liquid soap.

I carefully clipped my hair up before I slowly climbed in the bathtub, and slid down into the tub. As the water continued to run, I closed my eyes, leaned my head back until I felt the bath cushion cradling my head. I felt the water level slowly climb up around my body, covering my legs, my hips, my waist and finally my breasts. I slowly leaned forward to shut the water off, then I leaned back and once again closed my eyes.

As I lay there, a myriad of thoughts were rushing through my mind. Would it hurt my first time? Would I bleed? Would I be able to have an orgasm? What would it feel like? How often would we make love?

I was curious but not nervous. I slowly reached for a washcloth and grabbed a bottle of liquid bath gel and proceeded to slowly wash my legs, finally slowing as I approached the juncture of my thighs. I was still slightly sore from a bikini wax and I was careful as I worked the washcloth around my mound, clit and lips in a delicate manner. I shivered with anticipation as I thought of what it would be like, to be caressed so gently by my soon to be husband. I slowly moved the washcloth up to soap off my stomach, and breasts. I finally stood up and washed my back and my bottom, as well as my arms. I let the water out of the tub, and as it drained, I turned on the faucet and grabbing the removable shower head I proceeded to rinse the soap off.

I carefully turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower to dry off . After drying off, I applied a shimmering lotion that carried a delicate fragrance. I softly walked out of the bathroom back to my bedroom, and once more looked at the white lace corset. Thankfully this corset was a style that had hooks as opposed to laces that must be tied up. I slowly unhooked the corset, and reaching Antep Escort Bayan my arms behind, I began working the hooks and eyes, until finally the last one was done.

I looked at the white thigh stockings, and looked at the panties. I slowly stepped into the panties, pulling them up past my calves, past my knees and thighs, until finally they came to rest at my hips. I smoothed them out over the curve of my hip, and then sitting down, I slowly pulled on a thigh high stocking, slowly rolling it up my leg, until it stopped at my thigh. I then attached the garter straps to the thigh high, and quickly moved to the opposite leg to do the same.

I slowly put on my high heels, stood, and walked to the mirror. I looked at my body, noticing my long legs -my legs making up nearly 3 feet of my height of 5’10”. I saw the curve and swell of my breasts, and turning around I could see the small of my back and realized how perfectly curved my lower back was. I looked at my hips and waist, and for a moment I remembered how I use to be overly critical of my body. My waist is notably smaller and my hips are notably bigger. I stood looking at my reflection, wondering if my husband would find delight in my body and hoping he would fulfill the desire that I long ago thought had been destroyed.

I suddenly heard the phone ringing in the living room, which interrupted my thoughts, and I quickly went to answer it. “Hello? Yes. Oh? Well yes, but today is my wedding, and the deposit for the limo has already been paid! Yes, I understand, Thank you.” I let out a sigh of disappointment as I hung up the phone.

For the first time today, I was upset. Due to the snow, the limousine company chose to suspend operations, but would refund all of our money. I quickly called my fiancé and told him the problem.

“Well that’s okay, I’ll just call one of the groomsmen who lives close to you to come pick you up so we don’t ruin the tradition where I can’t see you before the wedding.” he replied.

“Okay thank you!” I said, and ending the phone call, I quickly returned to getting ready. I went and put on my pearl necklace, my diamond earrings, and then my garter.

Once again I looked at myself in the mirror, an image of all white -save for my creamy pale skin, my soft lips that resembled the color of a raspberry, the vivid satin purple rose on the garter, and for the first time I noticed my blue eyes, had turned a bright aqua color.

My eyes often reflect my moods, and I wasn’t quite sure why they were now bright aqua. I was disappointed about the limousine issue, but somehow I knew that wasn’t the reason for my change in eye color.

I softly walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of mineral water and went into the living room where I sat down and looked at the Christmas tree. I noticing the lights twinkling, the glass icicles that caught the reflection of the lights, and gave off a sparkle of their own.

I was still in the living room admiring the Christmas tree, and hadn’t even slipped on my wedding gown when I heard the doorbell, and knocking at the front door. “It must be one of the groomsmen.” I thought. I panicked and knew if I moved to go down the hall to get my robe, that my state of undress would still be seen, so looking at my calf length ivory colored wool coat, hanging by the door, I quickly threw it on, buttoned it up, and opened the door. “Oh hello Glenn, I’m sorry I’m not ready yet, but come on inside, it’s cold out here!” I quickly said.

“Oh that’s okay Sarah. Will called me and asked me to pick you up -but just the same I’ll wait in the car while you finish getting ready.” he replied.

From the time I met him, I had always liked Glenn. Glenn is a “man’s man.” He’s in the US Navy, and is the type of guy that knows what he wants, but yet at the same time he’s got a quiet side where you never know what he’s thinking. He’s got warm brown eyes, short brown hair, and he’s got a voice that exudes masculinity, while having the edge of seduction.

The first time I met him, I couldn’t help but notice a height difference. It never seemed to bother him, but then again he never really seemed to want to be around me or talk to me. Admittedly he seemed like a puzzle that I couldn’t figure out. While any other guy would readily compliment me, Glenn was the one guy that was always quiet around me, and I couldn’t figure out why, mainly because I’m friendly to everyone

He turned to walk down the path and looking outside at the snow, I had the sudden idea to throw a snowball at him. I quickly stepped outside and scooped up some snow, and forming a snowball I threw it at him, it glanced off his hip, and splattered on the ground. He quickly whirled around and laughed while saying “You throw like a girl! You’re lucky it’s your wedding day, otherwise we would have an old fashioned snowball fight!”

I giggled and watched him turn around to walk off, and once more I scooped up some more snow, and threw another snowball at him! This time, I met my target, and before I could get back into the house, he was at my side and playfully tackled me in the snow. In my position the wool coat slightly fell away, exposing my stocking clad leg.

I heard him sharply groan as he looked at me. I was still giggling, but then as I looked up at him, I could see a different side of him, a side I had never seen before. He slowly leaned his head down to kiss me, and before I knew it, his lips were on mine and I felt his hand on my thigh, and I was responding to his kiss, his touch. He broke the kiss, and helped me up, and then a minute later huskily said “I’m sorry Sarah, I shouldn’t have done that.”

I was confused by now, the guy that up until now had barely spoken to me, had just kissed me. “Glenn, we need to talk, but I’m cold, let’s go inside.” I said. He hesitatingly followed me inside the house.

“Glenn, I don’t understand, you barely talk to me, why did you just kiss me!” I exclaimed.

He let out a nervous sigh as he said “Sarah, I don’t talk to you because you’re a temptation for me. I’ve wanted you for a long time, but never knew if you would have a similar opinion about me. Now you’re engaged and it’s your wedding day, and I realize that I waited too late. I kissed you because I wanted to know how you would respond to my kiss.”

I looked at him and suddenly I understood his behavior towards me. “Glenn, I don’t know what to say. I’ve always liked you. In fact there were times that I wanted to be with you, but you just seemed to ignore me.” I said in a soft voice knowing full well that this was an awkward moment for us both.

“Sarah, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to show you any disrespect” he said.

“Glenn, there’s no need to apologize, really it was just a kiss.” I casually said.

“Just a kiss huh?” he smirked.

“Sarah you may say it was ‘just a kiss’ all you want, but you can’t deny you were responding to it!” he boldly commented.

Sighing, I looked at him and said “Okay what if you’re right, so what if I responded to it?” I asked him.

“Well Sarah, then I would have to ask, did you enjoy it to the extent you want me to kiss you again?” he slowly said. I felt myself flushing and couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

“Glenn, how am I suppose to respond to that question?” I asked in a quiet voice.

“A simple yes or no, would work” he quickly commented.

“Glenn I’m engaged, I’m about to be married. I’ve never so much as had an intimate moment with a man and yet you ask me a question like that.” I softly replied. Too late, I realized what I had just admitted, and felt a soft blush come over my face.

“Sarah, are you saying that you’re still a virgin? Are you actually admitting that you’ve never slept with a guy, not even your fiancé?” he suddenly exclaimed.

I looked at him, and couldn’t deny it “Yes Glenn, I’m still a virgin. My parents raised me with the belief that sex before marriage was wrong, and that it would lead to nothing but guilt or heartache.”

There was a momentary silence until I heard a sigh from him. He walked closer to me and tilting my chin up, and hands on my waist he said “I wouldn’t have known Sarah. You are the ultimate image of sensuality, the way you flirt I would’ve thought you were experienced. I think it’s fine that you respected their wishes, but what do you want Sarah? That’s ultimately what matters.” I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. Until now, I never viewed myself as a flirt as much as I viewed myself as just being friendly.

“Glenn I’m not sure what I want. How do I even begin to open up and share with you just what I’m thinking?” I replied.

“Well I would think it would be rather easy, Sarah, just say what’s on your mind.” he calmly said.

Quickly moving out of his reach, I went to sit down on the couch, and he followed me. “Glenn what I’m thinking is this. I’m getting married to a guy that may not be the right guy.” I saw his eyes holding my eyes in an intense gaze as I made this admission.

I nervously continued “I was assaulted in high school – it was not sexual- but it left me thinking I was somehow broken, that no guy would ever want me, that somehow I wasn’t good enough.”

As I looked at Glenn I saw his jaw tighten up, and his fists clenching.

“After the incident occurred, I thought I would be okay, and for the most part I am alright, though there are moments where the wrong cologne, the wrong word said, and I’ll freeze up and just can’t cope except to cry. When I met Will, I simply decided that he would be the only guy who would ever want me. I guess I just didn’t see myself as having any value to anyone else.” I quietly said, as I felt a tear slowly slide out of the corner of my eye. I quickly grabbed a tissue and blotted the tear before it would damage my makeup.

There was a tense silence between Glenn and I as he absorbed what I just said. I heard a ragged sigh from him before he said “I’m sorry Sarah! I’m sorry you were hurt! Sarah, you don’t know how much that angers me, and you don’t know how much I want to just take you in my arms and just hold you.”

Looking at him, I softly said “I would like that, to know I’m safe in your arms. That’s a part of me that I’ve never really shared before. I guess I just don’t want guys to think I’m ‘damaged goods’ and look at me as though I’m an emotional wreck.”

I felt his arms wrap around me, as he gathered me close to his chest. I lay my head against his chest and I heard the rhythm of his heartbeat. He let out a deep breath as he huskily said “Sarah you are NOT damaged goods! You are JUST the type of lady that any guy would be pleased to take home to meet his family. You’re a lady in every sense of the word!”

I couldn’t help but sigh as I snuggled in closer to him, enjoying the feeling of his arms around me. I wasn’t expecting him to be so open with me, especially considering all the previous times and how limited our interaction had been. I wasn’t expecting his open admission, but yet he continued and said “Sarah you may not know this but I’ve always noticed you. We may not have talked much but you make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me feel good about myself and generally happy.”

I was so content lying in his arms that I didn’t notice, that he had slowly been unbuttoning my wool coat. Suddenly I felt his hand on my outer thigh and heard him say “Sarah, I think if were we to make love it would be crazy intense!” My heart seemed to momentarily stop as I heard him say this, and I felt myself flush with warmth.

He suddenly leaned down to kiss me. I nervously, yet eagerly started kissing him back, I felt his tongue slowly dart into my mouth searching out my tongue, in a moment my body was flooded with new sensations that I had never known. He broke the kiss and looking in my eyes said “Sarah I want you. I want to take you and make sweet love to you. I want to touch you everywhere, your breasts, your thighs, your hips, your stomach, your shoulders, your back, your legs, and run my fingers through your silken blond hair!”

I looked up to him and shyly said “Glenn, I’m nervous. I want this but I’m not sure what to do.”

I heard a ragged sigh as he looked in my eyes and said “Sarah I’m not going to pressure you, I know you’re a virgin, but I want this to be your choice. If you are not comfortable, just tell me at any moment and I’ll stop.”

I looked up at him, and saw such evident tenderness in his eyes, and despite my upbringing. I wanted this. I couldn’t quite understand why something that provided such sensations could be thought of as ‘bad’. “Glenn, you haven’t pressured me. I’ve always liked you. I’ve just never known how I impacted you.” I quietly said.

“Well Sarah, I would like to show you just how much you turn me on.” he said with a sparkle in his eyes.

I nervously licked my lips, and asked “I turn you on? How do I do that?”

He groaned and said “Sarah you may be a virgin, and while you may not be consciously aware of it, you know what you’re doing! You’re acutely aware of your sexuality and you make me want you!”

I couldn’t help but flush with warmth as he said this. Standing up I walked towards the Christmas tree, and looked out the window, watching the snow flakes dancing around. I quietly turned around once more and faced Glenn. Ever so slowly I allowed the wool coat to slide off my shoulders, down my arms, until it softly hit the floor.

I heard a heavy sigh escape from his lips, as he stood up and walked towards me. He placed his hands at my waist, and slowly traced the curve of my hip and looked me in the eyes. “Sarah you are mesmerizing!” he softly whispered and slowly kissed me again. I leaned into his body and wrapped my arms around his neck, as I welcomed his kisses, and the desire that was now coursing through my body.

He stood kissing me for what seemed like an hour, even though it was just a few minutes. He finally broke the kiss, and kneeling before me he unhooked the garter straps from my stockings. He slowly lifted each foot to remove my high heels and then slowly rolled each stocking past my creamy white thighs, until finally I was just wearing the white panties and corset. He gently turned me around, and began the arduous task of unhooking the corset. In a matter of minutes, I felt my breasts fall free of the corset and my nipples tightened up.

In that instant I heard Glenn groan as he turned me around and lowered his head to nuzzle my breasts. I threw my head back as I experienced his mouth and tongue coaxing, teasing and licking the tight buds. I was getting dizzy by the sensations that were flowing through my body. I began quietly whimpering and moaning his name. Suddenly his hands were at my hips, and I felt his hands slide down the back of my panties, cupping my bottom and pulling me hard against him. I gasped as I felt his erection through his clothing. He momentarily broke the kiss and slowly pulled my panties down. At this point I had never been naked in front of a man, and I slowly averted my eyes.

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