Anna Ch. 06


I was well pleased that I had got to fuck Anna and Rachel. I wasn’t too bothered about the threesome aspect but for different reasons both women had been extremely satisfying. Fucking Rachel had been a long-standing fantasy. The first fuck with Rachel had been a disappointment but the second was everything it should have been. Fucking Anna again after she had long since told me we were finished was a real bonus. Out of the two, I enjoyed Anna the most and this latest romp had only served to remind me how good we were together.

Over the next couple of days I spent a lot of time thinking about both of them. I wanted to start up a regular thing with Anna again because I missed her and she still turned me on like no one I knew. I also had a strong desire to try it on with Rachel again. We had fucked twice. The first time was poor but the second time, although better, was with Anna there as well. The truth is, I enjoyed just being with one woman at a time. Any more than two was a crowd for me. I wanted Rachel alone for a proper session. My confidence was sky high but not so high that I could just go round and assume they would give me what I wanted. I knew Anna was back with her husband so that would complicate things. Rachel was a different can of worms altogether. The build up to our two fucks had been quite uncomfortable and made me feel clumsy. I suspected if I went round to see her, things would be just the same despite what we had done. I spent too much time thinking about things and not enough time being bold and just going out getting what I wanted.

On the way home from my bar job about a week later, I was nearly home and walking down an alley that backed onto Anna’s garden. There was a tree I used to climb when I was younger to get into Anna’s garden when I used to play with her son, James. I decided to climb it and have a look, not expecting to see anything really. From about 15 feet in the tree I could see right into the garden and into the windows of Anna’s house. She was sat alone in the living room with the curtains open but the light off. The TV was the only light in the room. Anna was sitting on a sofa chair in her robe with her hair in a towel. When I had fucked her with Rachel, she had said how much she missed my cock and asked why I hadn’t been round to see her. Was this my chance? I was just about to make my move and approach the house when I heard voices and footsteps in the alley. I kept still. It was Anna’s husband, Ken with a friend of his. They had been out drinking and were on their way home. Ken was talking about how he was going to try his luck when he got home and his friend was laughing.

I sat and watched. My eyes were fixed on Anna in her living room. Within a couple of minutes Ken walked in. I couldn’t hear anything but they were talking. She hardly moved and he just stood between her and the TV as they spoke. Then he made his move. He dropped to his knees and walked on them to get closer to Anna. I had a perfect view and was hoping they were going to put on a show for me. I didn’t know whether to be excited or jealous but I couldn’t stop watching.

Ken slowly parted Anna’s knees and opened her legs. He ran both hands up her thighs lifting the material of her robe as he moved in closer between her legs. Then he opened the robe fully and began kissing her body and tits. Anna didn’t respond at first but allowed him to carry on without really showing any sign of encouragement or rejection. Then she began to shuffle her body and lay back more in the large sofa chair. Her pussy was exposed and pressed against Ken’s stomach while he worked on her tits with drunken kisses. After a while he started to undress without stopping the kissing on her tits. I couldn’t see that well because of the light but enough to make out he was naked and stroking himself. From what I could see he was struggling to get a hard on. The same could not be said for myself and I was rock hard sitting there in the tree overlooking the garden. He pulled her wrist so her hand was on his limp cock. Anna didn’t appear too eager but stroked it half-heartedly without any obvious effect on his state of hardness. Ken started to speak to her and she shook her head. He stood up giving her the perfect chance to suck him to hardness but again she shook her head and started to push him away. The poor man was not up to the job and Anna was unwilling to suck him into action. After a little more pathetic fumbling he left the room leaving Anna lying slouched Maltepe Escort in the chair, her robe open and naked body lit up by the white glow from the TV.

All I could think of was fucking her. I wanted to jump out of the tree, walk up to the window, tap on it, ask her to let me in and then have my way with her. As always I spent too much time thinking. What if I startled her? What if she was angry I had been spying? Did she mean it when she asked me why I hadn’t been round to see her? This was a perfect opportunity. She was naked and her husband had probably passed out drunk upstairs.

BEEP BEEP. I was startled by my mobile receiving a text message. Who the fuck is that? I thought to myself. It was my mother checking I was all right and why wasn’t I home from my bar job yet. My reply explained that I would be a little while longer. As I held the phone, I started to think. I could text Anna. Better still, I could call her. I opted for the text option. I sent her a one word message. “Boo”

Watching through the window, I saw Anna reach down to her phone that was on the floor beside the chair. She pressed the buttons on the phone and read the message. Then she started pressing again. I was going to get a reply……. “Boo back. What are you doing” I couldn’t be bothered sending another text so I just called. I could watch her and speak to her. She had covered herself but was still in full view lit up by the flickering white light of the TV. She talked in a semi whisper explaining that Ken was asleep upstairs. Anna asked me where I was and I lied saying I was sat in my own garden. She was being quite flirtatious so I told her how I couldn’t stop thinking about how we had fucked again. Her whispers continued as she went into more detail about how she thought she would never fuck me again but seeing me with Rachel reminded her what she had been missing. I asked if she meant what she said about wanting me to come round to fuck her.

“Do you want me to? Have you missed me?” I asked.

Her answer was music to my ears, “I didn’t realise how much until I saw your lovely cock again. Rachel was really enjoying it and everything from last year came back to me. I just had to have you again. Did you enjoy fucking Rachel?”

“Not as much as I enjoy you. All the time I was with her I was thinking about fucking you. That’s why I climbed off her and jumped on you Anna.” My voice was also whispered as I sat in the tree talking sex with her. “It was so good to slip inside you again.”

Anna continued to flirt, “I loved it that you stopped fucking her for me. It felt so good to take you away from her. You are my fuck buddy, she can borrow you once but you are mine to keep.”

“When do you want me again then?” I asked. Her hand moved between her legs as we spoke. She was playing with herself.

“I want you right now but it will have to be in the morning. I’m going out with Rachel at 11 so come round at 10. It will be nice to catch up.” Anna was still whispering as she proposed arrangements for our next get together.

“I want you now,” I demanded.

“No chance, Ken’s upstairs,” she said with a playful giggle.

“I’m bringing my hard cock round now. Meet me by your back door in 5 minutes.” I immediately ended the call and watched. Anna sat up as soon as she realised I had rung off. She stood and fastened her robe before walking over to the window and looking out into the dark garden. I could see her but she couldn’t see me. After standing for a moment at the window, Anna turned and walked over to the TV and turned it off. The room was plunged into darkness and I could no longer see her. After waiting in the tree for a couple more minutes, the time came to make my move. I climbed down the tree into the garden and walked in the shadows along the edge of the lawn until I reached the house. Tracing the wall with careful footsteps, I made my way to the back door and stooped. My breathing was slow as a crept up to the door. It was impossible to see if Anna was there or not so I took a gamble and knocked lightly three times. Then I waited. Nothing happened for a moment and then the handle moved and the door opened.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” whispered Anna in a panicked tone.

“Let me in,” I said pushing the door open and stepping inside. At last we were together. My cock started to swell again. I was unsure how she was going to react but I was soon reassured when she smiled and started İstanbul Escort to flirt a little. She insisted I had to leave and said to come round in the morning at 10. I said that it was impossible to wait that long and I need a little something to keep me going. She pecked me on the cheek playfully and told me to fuck off in a friendly sort of way, spinning me round at the same time. All I did was turn and move towards her saying I needed a little more to keep me going. The room that the back door opened out of was a utility room with washing machine and tumble dryer. Soon, Anna was backed up against the washing machine and had nowhere to go as I approached slowly. She was smiling and telling me to stop at the same time. All I could think of was taking her right there.

“Don’t you want me? You complained I never came round! Well here I am. Here is my cock!” I said the words as I started to open my trousers and flop out my semi hard cock. It swung out beautifully. I have never thought of myself as huge but at that moment it didn’t let me down. It was maximum size without being hard and I felt really proud of it. Anna stared saying no.

“No way. No fucking way. Not here,” she protested but in a unconvincing way. “Put it away,” she said grabbing it and trying to put it back in my trousers. I stood there as she fumbled using both hands. It was no use. My cock just got harder and Anna gave up trying to fumble it back into my trousers. Instead she gave it a couple of strokes.

“You do have a wonderful cock…….such a shame to let a lovely hard-on like that go to waste!” Without any further words Anna dropped to her knees and slipped her lips over my cock and took me fully into her mouth. I stifled a groan as she started to work my shaft and deep throat the head of my cock. Her head thrust into my groin as she took as much cock in her mouth as she could manage. Fast at first but then slowing down and tying to relax her throat to prevent a gagging reflex. After several attempts she got used to the head of my cock in her throat and was able to take me fully. I just swelled even more and got harder. It felt so good.

“You really love to suck cock don’t you?” I asked, getting a real kick out of knowing she had refused to suck her husband off about 20 minutes earlier.

“Mmmmmm….only yours” she mumbled with her mouth full.

“Turn round, I want to fuck you.” I suggested.

Anna needed no persuading. She quickly stood up and turned round. I wrapped my hands around her and stood close behind her pulling at her robe. Her tits fell out of the front as the whole thing came open. My hands grabbed each tit as my hard cock pressed between her legs. The material of the robe was in the way but Anna reached between her legs to find my cock and guide it towards her pussy. I slipped into her with almost no effort. I was planning to give her a really hard fucking but for some reason it didn’t work out that way. Instead I just slowly performed long strokes in and out of her as she braced herself against the washing machine. Soon, I had stopped moving and it was Anna who slowly backed her soaking pussy onto my cock. We both made soft moans as this slow motion fuck continued for several minutes.

I was lifting the robe up to hardly see my cock in the darkness as it entered her from behind. Her juices flowed and she moaned lightly with every thrust. I could slow down even more to control the timing of her moans and we were in complete harmony as she drifted into a world of her own. Slowly but surely my orgasm built and I did nothing to control it. Instead I just stroked in and out of her as slowly as possible until my cum exploded gently into her. She didn’t move but just savoured the moment of my hard cock softening and slipping out of her.

Without realising it we were both out of breath in a light sort of way. Slow heavy pants were all we could manage and words just failed to come from our mouths. Anna turned to look at me. I was pulling up my trousers and she was straightening the robe. She walked over to the door to open it and I left without a single word. We both knew I would be back in the morning.

At home that night I thought about Rachel. Anna had described how she loved it when I stopped fucking Rachel so I could fuck Anna instead. This intrigued me a little. There was clearly some jealousy at work that I decided to explore the next morning. The fact that I had stopped fucking Rachel was playing Anadolu Yakası Escort on my mind. I sort of felt that I hadn’t properly done the deed with Rachel and there was some unfinished business. I also realised instinctively that I had found a weak spot of Anna’s.

The next morning was really cool. I called round dead on 10 and we chatted in the kitchen drinking coffee for about half an hour. There was a mass of sexual tension between us as we talked but neither of us was in any rush to fuck. We talked about the previous evening and how risky we had been. Anna also explained what a terrible hangover Ken had when he left for work. After a long silence where we both just looked at each other, we suddenly started to smile.

“What?” I asked.

“C’mon” she said taking my hand and walking me out of the room. “I need a quick fuck before my badminton with Rachel.” She led me upstairs with an assured confidence and into her bedroom. First she turned and pulled off my t-shirt and then she started to remove her skirt and top. Within seconds we were both naked and she fell onto the bed pulling me on top of her. With the softness of her legs wrapped round me, I slipped into her without even realising I had grown hard during our strip. We kissed and fucked and kissed and fucked. This was no porn fuck but just two people with their bodies pressed close enjoying the steady rhythm of a good screw. First Anna came and then I came soon after. We lay there with Anna fondling my cock.

“You have a lovely hard cock. I often think about it. I never stopped thinking about it over the last year. I thought I would never take it again but seeing you inside Rachel just changed everything. I knew it belonged in me and I just had to fuck you again.” I loved listening to her speak as she stared at her hand, fondling me all the time.

“Fucking you again is all I wanted,” I said.

“It didn’t stop you calling in on Rachel though, did it? I knew you always wanted her!” There was jealousy in her voice.

“Rachel is beautiful and most men would want to fuck her but I would never climb off you for her. Only the other way round.” My compliment was exactly what Anna wanted to hear. She lowered her mouth onto my cock and sucked off all her juices and what was left of my cum. I didn’t need to cum again and she seemed to know that a couple of minutes with her sucking were enough. The blowjob finished and we just embraced on the bed. Her tits were large and I loved them pressing against me. I sucked on them a little and then we both stood up off the bed and got dressed. As we reached the bottom of the stairs, the door bell rang. It was Rachel.

Anna opened the door with a carefree openness of the cat that got the cream and wanted all the other cats to know it.

“Look who’s here!” said Rachel giving me a peck on the cheek and a hug. She paused as she worked out what had been going on. A smile crossed her face as the penny dropped. “Have you got any energy left for badminton Anna?” she asked with a mock tone of concern.

“Oh yes!” said Anna sounding pleased with herself. Her voice seemed alive in a sort of “I’ve just fucked him and you haven’t” kind of way. I left them as they were getting into Anna’s car. Rachel wound the window down and said how nice it was to see me and I should call round sometime. I smiled and walked off.

I reflected on the events of the morning and realised there was a little healthy competition building up between them. I had a few options. I could try to play them both, stick to Anna or go for Rachel. The third option was a non starter as I didn’t want to give up Anna so I was torn between concentrating on Anna and playing things straight with her or seeing a little of Rachel at the same time. I knew it would destroy things between me and Anna if she ever found out I was up to things behind her back with her best friend. It’s all a little hypocritical for a married woman to think like that but those are the cards I had been dealt.

Then I thought about the two of them playing badminton. Would they have a sauna afterwards? I decided they probably would and it would be great to “accidentally” drop in on the two of them again. I didn’t need another fucking but I was interested to see how things might pan out and could develop the competitive nature in them both a little. So that was it. I went home to collect some other clothes and made my way over to the health club. As I stripped in the changing room and wrapped a towel around my waist, I still hadn’t decided how to play things with these two wonderful women.


Please leave some comments. I appreciate the feedback for previous chapters and am interested to know where people suggest I should take the story next. Thanks!

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