Anonymous Encounter


Jack sits across from me at his desk with his feet up, as usual, looking at ridiculous immature videos on his phone and making comments out loud as if anybody else is really listening. Jack is very appropriately named because that’s exactly what he is. A Jack-off. He is a misogynistic pig with absolutely no self worth. It’s so hard to concentrate on work when you have distractions like this; his annoying sneers and snickers and comments under his breath. How he was even hired to work here I will never know.

My phone buzzes alerting me to a text message, pulling my eyes away from Jack and his antics. Thank god.

I hit the icon and bring up the text. Once again it’s from an unknown number. I have been getting these random texts for a few weeks now and I have no idea who they are from. I consistently ignore them, but not this one. I’m intrigued. And a little scared. Ok maybe a little flattered, too.

Unknown: You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on…

And the messages just keep coming, one after another.

Unknown: I want to run my fingers through your long brown hair, breath you in, that perfume you wear mmmmmmm, it drives me insane….

It has to be somebody in this office. Somebody who gets close enough to me to smell my pheromones and my fragrance.

Maybe it’s Chad. Chad seems like a sexual being, but in a nice way. He subtly hits on me from time to time, a wink here, a bright flashy smile there, a hand to the small of my back occasionally. He comes close enough to me to be able to smell my fragrance. I’d definitely fuck him if I had the chance.

Has to be Chad. God I hope it’s Chad.

I’m not gonna lie I might of used some of these mere encounters in my fantasies when I go down on myself in the shower. And before bed. And after the gym. But that’s a story for another time.

I really need to get some work done. I put my phone on silent and stuff it back in my purse. Not worth getting fired over just to flirt with some anonymous coward.


That night on my way out of the office, I pass Chad. There was no way around him other than through. His large brick house frame takes up most of the hallway in a sexy professional wrestler kind of way. I flash him a quick smile as I slipped past him.

“Carrie, I love that perfume. What is it? ‘Aura?’ Mmmm. The way it mingles on your skin….”

I knew it.

Before my face turns redder than my lipstick I scurry to my car, my panties dampening with sexual moisture. I’m Bayan Escort Gaziantep no prude, that’s for damn sure, but he just DOES something to me. I lose my senses around him. I get stupid. Guess I’ll just have to take care of myself YET again. Maybe I’M the coward.

*** I lean down to turn the water on full blast and to temperature of scalding hot lava. A cold shower would probably do me some good, but I’d rather it be hot and steamy. The water cascades down my body and it feels amazing. My goosebumps melt, it’s been blustery and cold out lately, and my tight muscles finally relax.

I begin to lather myself as thoughts of the mysterious text messages creep back into my head again. So do the images of Chad. I imagine Chad’s hard body standing in front of me, his full pouty lips close to mine. His thick cock standing at attention practically begging me to reach out and stroke it. I insert two fingers inside myself, pretending it’s Chad. Over and over again as a matter of fact. Maybe I should just reply to these messages and solve the mystery so I can actually concentrate on something other than sex.

My orgasm explodes and more tension is relieved as I end my glorious shower. I pat myself dry, lotion up my skin and blow out a big sigh. Even though it’s early evening, I slip into my flannel pajamas, make a cup of hot tea, and settle in with a book.

All is nice and peaceful. If only for a brief moment.

Unknown: Hello gorgeous! What are you wearing?

Oh no. Not now.

My heart skips a beat. I don’t like confrontation. Flirting yes, but I’m really not sure what this is or what this may lead to. I debate on whether or not to reply and to end this silly game.

Me: Who is this?

Unknown: Ahhhh I’ve got your attention now, don’t I?

Me: Yes. Sure. So tell me who this is!

Unknown: Oh come on, it’s your favorite coworker!

Another heartbeat skipped before it starts racing like a Ferrari. So maybe I feel like being a little naughty. Especially with Chad.

Me: What makes you so sure you are my favorite?

Unknown: I see the way you look at me. The way you bite your lip and shift in your seat when you read my messages. I can see the lust in your eyes.

Ok this is borderline creepy, but creepy I can handle it. Especially if it ends in amazing sex.

Me: Nothing

Unknown: Nothing?

Me: Yeah. That’s what I’m wearing.

A few moments pass and I am almost excitedly anticipating the next message. I glance at my tea as it gets colder and I’m getting hotter.

Unknown: Show me

Me: What?

Unknown: Show me. I want proof that you are naked right now, send me a picture.

That’s one thing I won’t do. Pictures. That’s hard evidence that can be forever in cyber world. No fucking way.

Me: Not a damn chance. I don’t even know who I’m texting let alone share a picture of myself nude and vulnerable!

Unknown: Fair enough.

And that’s where that conversation ended. For the time being. And I was ok with that. I think.


The next day continues with my same old boring routine. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and I don’t mean to complain. But, needless to say I think it’s something everybody goes through at some point in their lives. Everybody needs a little excitement, a little shaking up, some rattling.

And my rattling is about to begin.

Unknown: Janitors closet. Noon. Meet me there.

Me: What? No. No way.

I waited a few minutes staring at the time on my phone, 1136am. Nothing. No reply from my mystery person. Several minutes pass by on only a few seconds. Do I go? Or do I blow mystery person off? Seems almost hypocritical if I don’t seek out this possible adventure that threw itself at me.

Then I come to my senses. What if it’s Chad?? I could be passing up an amazing opportunity.

It’s 1157am. I start to chew on my fingernails and it isn’t even helping. The only thing to distract me is Jack sitting at his desk doing the usual, playing games on his phone or whatnot. I get up from behind my desk, cautiously look around and make my way toward the janitors closet. What do I have to lose?

In the hallway behind the main door to our office is THE place. I open the door and flick on the light. Empty except for the normal items you would expect in a cleaners storage room; mops, buckets, spray bottles of disinfectant, cleaning cloths, that moldy metallic smell of dirt and grime. I close the door behind me and just stare. My mind starts racing when suddenly the light goes off. I hear the door click open, light trickles in for a brief moment but my eyes haven’t yet adjusted.

I stand still, trying not to move at all. I’m holding my breath so I don’t even make a sound. But it’s too late. I’m trapped.

Suddenly and with quiet precision the buttons of my blouse were being manipulated by a set of fingers that didn’t belong to me. I felt a wave of hot breath brush up against my neck and I became even more ridged, yet aroused. No words were being exchanged. There was complete silence save for the blood that was bounding through my vessels from both excitement and nervousness.

The mystery fingers continued their way deeper into my blouse, tracing the edges of my bra, eventually making their way to my overly-sensitive nipples.

My heavy moan broke the silence. Still no legible words were spoken, but they really weren’t needed or wanted. I could only concentrate on the masculine hands that cupped my tits with a desire and a need that sent a chill up my spine. My need or his? I wasn’t sure.

His hot mouth landed on the crook of my neck and meandered down past my collarbone before taking in a nipple. Skillfully he rolled it around with his generous tongue. It was already hard, as he nibbled it with care. I felt myself become wet, moisture seeping through my panties, settling in between my thighs. I wanted fucked. But I couldn’t even identify whose body was there with me in the dark, turning me on, suffocating me with passion.

I could feel a rock hard cook pressing against the cheeks of my ass, begging to be used. My hand caressed it through the soft cotton of his pants. In my mind I see Chad, his sexy sinister smile staring me down as I manipulate the zipper to free his hard on. In reality, I had no idea who I was dealing with.

My legs began to quiver as I knelt before him and guided him into my waiting mouth. A salty bit of liquid slid down my throat and I took him deeper with every swallow. He was girthy and delicious. I savored this act. This moment. And I remembered how much I miss this. He forcefully grabbed the back of my head, thrusting himself deeper into me. This was not what I expected to be doing today, but it certainly was a pleasant surprise.

It didn’t take long before he exploded generously into my mouth. I gulped down his seed, a little left lingering on my lips. Mystery man zipped his pants, wiped the remaining cum off of my mouth with his finger and he was gone. I sat pondering this episode for a few minutes before getting up off my knees, straightening myself out and heading back to work. I didn’t like to be late coming back from my lunch break so I hustled to my desk without checking myself in a mirror first.

I settle into my chair, take a big cleansing breath, and unlock my computer. Jack walks over to me with a smile on his face and quietly says “check your phone.”

I pull my phone out of my purse and check the one text message that is waiting for me.

Unknown: 125 Broad St. 7pm. We need to finish what we started…

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