Another Sleepless Night


It had been another sleepless night. I tossed, turned, and fought to ignore my arousal. Hard and throbbing, I wanted to release. Stimulated, I wanted touch, to be touched, felt, and held. My mind drifted through a slide show of previous scenes of sexual encounters, pleasurable and frustrating. I tried to shut them out, but grew more aroused, as they flood before me from the stores of distant memory.

The blanket that covered me teased my naked body. My nipples hardened, as they scraped against the fabric as I moved, and it wound about me. Entwined with the blanket which had ridden up, my feet were bared and exposed to the cool air. I slid my hands down my body and tried to lift the blanket off me, but I did not want to leave the warmth it provided.

My skin was tantalized. It danced under the light brushing callous touch of my hands and sent waves of excitement like electric shock through my body, as they ran down my chest, abdomen and thighs. I bent my knees and gently pulled my legs up and then pushed them back down straightening my legs in a slow kicking motion, to untangle Bayan Escort Gaziantep the blanket and extend it to cover my feet. My cock leapt and twitched, under the light abrasion of the material moving across the head of my erection.

With my feet recovered, I ran my hands back up my body and stopped for a moment to give my cock a gratuitous grab. It was hot to the touch and solidly erect. The head was bulbously swollen and fully defined. I touched it. I held it between my thumb, index and middle finger. I caressed the crease of it with my fingers, at the underside where it is seamed into the shaft, and is the most sensitive to touch.

I wished my fingers to be your tongue. I wanted to feel the sensation of the warm moist friction of a forceful lick. I imagined you attentively, gratifyingly, holding me in your hands as you licked the crease, as if licking the frosting off a cup cake. My other hand seemed to move of its own accord, up to my neck, and clutched my throat.

I envisioned that my head hanging off the edge of the bed, and you straddled my face ground your opening folds, like peddles of a daylily, in to my lips and tongue, as my hands held my cock. You steadied yourself by clutching my head protruding behind you with one hand and wrapped the other around my throat before you, as you swept and thrust back and forth across my face. My mouth was slathered with your nectar, while your swollen bud ran across the crests of my nose, lips, tongue, and chin. You vigorously thrust yourself back and forth until you erupted into orgasmic bliss.

Before you fell forward over me, your hands moved to my nipples and twisted them hard simultaneously, and sent pleasing pain piercing through my body. Then you gently fell forward, and you were staring down my erection. You told me, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” Then you tenderly lick it. You took the bulbous head between your lips and sucked on it, and then alternately licked and sucked it.

I lapped at the juicy fluid that ran down your inner thighs and coated your exposed flower, using my fingers which occasionally penetrated you to hold it open as I retrieved your nectar with my tongue. My curiosity and boldness grew as I watched your asshole move before me. I licked it with a broad stroke, and then circled it with my tongue, while several fingers were deep within you. With a wetted finger I lightly pressed it. You pushed back and forced my finger into you.

My tongue pressed against your bud, and you took my cock deeper into your mouth to the base. Your whole body moved and your hips shifted, as you pulled your head back up so that the tip of my cock was at your lips. Your clitoris danced on my tongue and your ass gyrated on my finger, while you continued rapid long strokes on my cock, as if you were trying to induce whiplash. Within moments without warning, hot semen spurt into your mouth. You were nearing another orgasm and thrust violently on me, until you erupted.

I was enthralled by the thought of it all and wanted to do it with you. I couldn’t wake you up. I wanted to masturbate, but didn’t want to alone. The thought of doing so felt like cheating, and I at least wanted to share it with you. I twisted my nipples hard and held one between my thumb and finger, and my other hand held my cock until the alarm clock sound, and then rose for work.

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