Anticipation Ch. 02


Anticipation’s Fantasy

My turn came on the drive home- when, with my head in your lap- you were losing focus and beginning to swerve on the road. We decided you should pull the car over. Waiting until we arrived home was no longer an option. After a few minutes you found us a secluded side road, densely populated with trees. I suddenly realized this was starting to resemble the fantasy I had played out in my head a hundred times before. Outside the car it was even beginning to mist lightly with heavy rain looking promising in the clouds above. The atmosphere was bewitching – with the moon peeking through the heavy clouds slowly floating past – Just as I had envisioned.

With the car stopped and the ignition turned off you were free to concentrate solely on the pleasure about to be had. I leaned in close to nibble your ear and whisper to you the wickedly delicious things we were about to do. With one hand stroking your shaft and gently massaging your balls, I used the other to bring your mouth closer to mine. My tongue darted out teasingly to trace along your bottom lip, stopping only once to tell you how much I wanted to suck your dick, then darting out again to trace your top lip.

That got you hot and my hand became moist with the pre cum that was again flowing freely from your cock.

Impatience began to take you over. I could feel it in the deep kiss that followed after my tongue had its way with your lips. You placed a hand on each side of my head and drew me in for an intensely passionate, tongue mingling kiss. And then, without warning, you broke our kiss and shoved my head down to your glistening rod.

I love when you get this way- your need overtaking your thoughts and emotions so that your actions become demanding. (If you knew how wet you make me when you’re like this – it feeds the fantasy I’d been having…. And it was this moment that it came to me – I had told you about this fantasy before. I was amazed that you even remembered it, I told you so long ago.)

You proceeded to push my head into your lap until my mouth opened and your cock was buried deep to the back of my throat. Looking down at me, you watched in awe as I took every inch of you, again and again. With my lips wrapped tightly around your thickness, Escort Bayan Antep my tongue was swirling up and down the length of your cock you began to thrust your hips up, fucking my face. I was in heaven. The leather seat beneath me began to make squishing sounds as I pressed my legs together tightly, not able to stop my squirming.

You knew how easily I could come just from sucking your cock. But not yet, you wouldn’t let me have a second release until you’d had your way with me. And sensing we were both near our own explosions you placed your hands on my shoulders and made me stop sucking your rod. You brought my head up so that you were now looking into my eyes, curious if I was aware that my fantasy was being played out. I was aware – the smirk on my face made you sure of it.

And then, with your pants still unzipped and open, you opened your car door and stepped out. The mist had turned into a constant drizzle now and your suit jacket had tiny little droplets of rain forming on its shoulders. You removed it, shook the rain from it and placed it in the back seat, shut your door and came around to my side. After opening my door you offered me your hand and helped me from the car. Turning to me you took my hand and placed it on your cock. You were proud of that fact that you were rock hard, still. (It fascinates me that you’re able stay hard so long.) Wordlessly we moved around to the front of the car and you placed each of my hands on top of the black hood so that I was now bent at the waist, legs spread. Wearing that same smirk from earlier and the knowing look in your eyes I knew exactly what was to come next.

As I was leaning over the car I remember thinking how perfectly fitting this evening was to showcase my fantasy. The rain started falling harder and began forming rivers running down my arms and legs. You moved in behind me, ran your warm gentle hands down my arms and kissed the nape of my neck, sending chills down my spine. I felt my dress being lifted up over my behind, baring my ass for your viewing pleasure. Then, with one of those same gentle hands you reached back behind you to gain momentum and proceeded to smack me soundly on the ass. I heard the sound of your hand cracking down on my bare bottom and then I felt the pain. It was exactly how I knew it would be – and the pain was simply exquisite. I felt the moisture building and beginning to pool in my pussy and I begged you to please, spank me again. You just stared at me and the red welt forming on my ass, admiring your handy work. Long moments passed and I could feel your eyes on me taking in every soft curve -making me feel so completely exposed.

And then I felt it again, you answered my begging with another swift, harder smack. The juices that were pooling between my thighs began to trickle down my legs, mixing with rivers of falling rain. You continued to spank me a total of eight times more, always the next one harder than the last. My breathing became more ragged and panting each time your hand found its mark and made contact. Someplace far off in the distance I heard a low guttural moaning. Then I realized the sound was emanating from me – caught up in the immense pleasure of my second orgasm, completely lost within myself.

You smoothed your hand over the welts as if to apologize for having made them. It was then that I turned my head back to you and smiled, thanking you for acting out this part of my fantasy. Except for the welts, I really think you enjoyed yourself as much as I did, though you’d never admit it.

Feeling the stiffness of your cock as you slid it up and down my crack, I’d venture to guess you didn’t mind the spanking at all. In fact, I would have said you loved the power you felt from it. That’s what I was hoping for.

Reaching around in front of me, my hands still planted solidly on the hood of the car, you dipped your fingers inside me to find me wetter than I’ve ever been. Gathering my juices on your fingers you brought your hand to my mouth, inviting me to taste myself…and, sucking a finger slowly into my mouth, I did. The next finger you took to your own mouth, gazing deeply into my eyes as your tongue licked my juices. Again you dipped your fingers inside me then pulled out just enough to rub my clit with your thumb – teasing me, building again my need to have your cock impaling me. Just as I was starting to thrust my hips onto your hand, needing to have more, you removed your fingers and positioned your cock at my entrance. With one single thrust your cock was finally, deliciously, filling my pussy. You pumped in and out of me slowly at first. Then my need became greater and I began moving my hips back, meeting yours thrust for thrust with a wet smacking noise – both of us now soaked with the rain, and losing ourselves to the need longing to be quenched. When I think I’m close to coming, I let you know so that the last part of my fantasy can be enacted.

You pulled your steely rod from my pussy and placed the tip at the opening of my ass. Then you whispered in my ear, telling me in that moment, there was nothing else you wanted more than to give me what I craved most. Then, with deliberate intent, you pushed the head of your cock inside my begging ass. Needing more and wanting to feel that delectable fullness, I moved my hips back so that you were sinking into me, deeper and deeper. You told me how amazingly tight and incredible it felt to have your cock inside my ass. You stayed like that for a moment, allowing us both to adjust to the feeling. The fullness of your cock inside me and the rain beating down on us was almost more than I could take. I pulled away from you, causing your shaft to pull out, letting you know I was ready to have my ass pounded relentlessly. You knew I didn’t want to be handled with care this time.

Grabbing my shoulders for support you began thrusting your cock into me – hard and deep- with each in and out movement. I could feel the effect it was having on you to have your cock pulsating in and out of my ass. Your body began shaking in pleasure with each inward thrust and your breathing became shallow and rapid as you gripped my shoulders much tighter. Coming close to the edge I began rocking my hips back, forcing you deeper into me. I could feel your balls slapping against my wet pussy with every thrust. You reached around with one hand and started to rub my clit between your fingers. My legs began to shake and my knees felt like rubber. The ass pounding along with the finger fuck was enough to put me over the edge as I cried out in ecstasy, my orgasm taking full control. That was all it took to bring you to your own rapture. With each of the last deep thrusts I could feel your hot jism filling my ass as you grunted with release. Your body slumped against mine with exhaustion – both of us thoroughly satiated, and our bodies drenched with the cleansing rain.

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