Anticipation’s Desire Fulfilled

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Alli Rae

My lover is home!

He walks into our bedroom and smiles as he sees my naked body on the bed. He knows what I have been doing to fill the time until he arrives. He smiles as he sees the longing in my eyes. I may have been playing with myself, but that only warmed me up for the real pleasures to come!

He teases me. He removes his jacket and tie and hangs them in the closet before returning to me. He sits on the bed next to me and leans over to kiss me. I wrap my arms around his neck as his tongue gently probes between my lips to find my waiting tongue. Nice!

I want more, but he only stands and begins undressing.

“I need a shower,” he says.

“So do I!” I replied.

“Maybe later.”

I roll over onto my stomach, knowing what will be coming next. He lays on the bed behind me and runs his hands up and down the back of my legs. He kisses my round little bottom and reaches around my legs to hold me open.

I feel his warm breath on my asshole. He gentle kisses it a couple of times then nibbles and bites the ring. I hear him inhale. He claims to love the smell of me: especially, when I’m sweaty. He tells me he loves my “stinky little ass”. As much as I try to be clean for him, he just doesn’t care!

His tongue probes against the sphincter and forces its way inside me. While not overly long, it still manages to reach inside enough to arouse me. My small cock tingles with further anticipation. He holds my legs tight while I squirm. He could eat my ass for hours, but, right now, I want…no…I need his cock in my ass.

He shows no mercy as he holds me down and continues tonguing me. I’m so aroused at this point, I cant stand it! Yet still he tortures me. The anticipation is almost too much!

Right before he rolls me onto gaziantep escort my back, he injects some warming lubricant into my ass. I watch in eager anticipation and undisguised lust as he lubes his long, very thick cock. I pull my legs towards my chest offering my waiting asshole for his pleasure.

He places the head of his cock against my opening. I wiggle and try to ease its entry. The first couple of minutes always hurts, but the pain will give way to great pleasure as he slowly slides into me until he reaches the back of my channel.

I try to hide the pain, to no avail. My lover pauses out of consideration, but I plead with him to continue. The head enters with a pop I feel. I gasp as he slowly slides in. I smile up into my lover’s face. He takes that as the encouragement it is and begins his long, slow strokes. He gradually works up to a measured steady thrust that will allow him to fuck me for a very long time.

I kiss him deeply as his body grinds against mine. I warp my legs around his waist trying to draw him even deeper inside. My arms hold his head close as he nuzzles my neck. I have a hickey that never goes away, thanks to him. That mark is a sign to all that I have a lover and want no other.

I am helpless beneath him, a prisoner to his desire, but I can think of no place I’d rather be! Most men just consider me a transsexual plaything, but my lover only sees me as the woman I am.

My lover’s cock fills me completely. I feel the head as it travels back and forth in my channel. I have worked long and hard to be able to take him so deep inside, but is worth it! I often have orgasms when he fucks me.

This time is no different.

I fill the space between our stomachs with my cream. My lover giresun escort knows he can now fuck me harder and he gradually increase his pace. His cock head now causes me to flinch as he hits the end of my channel with harder thrusts. I’m still riding the high from my own orgasms as he stiffens and fills my ass with his hot load.

After holding me tight for a while, my lover rises and goes to his dresser. He pulls out a piece of leather and fastens it around his cock base and his balls. I had my gentle love making. Now, I would be ridden hard. I rapidly get on my knees at the edge of the bed.

When he wears this strap, he can fuck me a very long time. I will be very sore, yet completely satisfied when he finally finishes with me tonight.

He grabs my waist tightly and pushes roughly into my asshole. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much, but it’s still painful! My small breasts bounce and my little cock swings as he thrusts rapidly into me. For an older man, my lover can still wear me out!

He fucks me for over a half our before he rams balls deep one last time. I feel his cock twitching inside my ass as wave after wave of his cum fills me and leaks out past his cock and runs down my thighs.

It is too much! I cum again, spraying my cream all over the bed. He holds me on his cock until I’m through coming!

My lover smiles and leads me to the shower. He raises his arms and grabs an overhead rod. I’m to bathe him. I cover his chest with body wash and use my hands as I would a sponge. I run my hands all over his front. I make sure to get his arms, at least, as much as I can reach. The warm water rinses the soap from him. I lean forward to kiss his nipples while I soap his huge cock.

He pulls me close and kisses me and I reach gümüşhane escort behind to wash his back and his butt. I wash his crease and lightly finger his asshole. I kneel to wash his legs and kiss his cock. I soon forget his legs as I become engrossed in sucking him. I only suck him a few minutes, then it’s my turn.

My lover washes my back while I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. He makes sure to clean my ass thoroughly. He turns me around and kisses my neck while he soaps my breasts and works his way down my tummy till he reaches my cock. I reach behind me and hold his head against my neck. I can feel his cock between my cheeks. I want it again!

He slowly rubs his cock against my ass while he strokes me. He plays with me, teases me, excites me! I am putty in his hands.

He pushes me up against the shower wall, my face and breasts pressed against it. I stand on the toes of my toes as he lines his cock up against my asshole. He thrusts upwards and tears into me. I muffle my screams as he forces his huge cock deep inside me. Each thrust will hurt more this time. Each thrust will lift me off the floor.

I’ve had my pleasure: it’s his turn, now!

He holds me tight against the wall. My dangling legs makes my ass feel tighter on his cock. I am being stretched to my limits. He slowly pulls back then thrusts hard back into me. There is no doubt in my mind who is in control here.

Soon, he tires and he has me bend over and grab a rail. He fucks me with hard, fast strokes. My hips will have bruises from his tight grip. But, just before he comes, I come again!

I am terribly sore, but if I’m not sore, then I haven’t been fucked well enough. Tonight, my lover has made sure that I am well fucked.

Both of us are now spent. I fix a light supper while he changes the sheets. We go to bed and I lay with my back against him. I ask him to slide his cock back into my now loose ass. He is so long and thick, he will not fall out during the night.

I will wake the next morning with him still inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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