April’s Volunteer Assignment Ch. 03


It was another hot Texas day as April hopped in her car and headed to Mr. Milton’s condo for her weekly visit. She was wet already just thinking about spending time with him. Today she had on a cute little sundress and lace panties and left her long blonde hair down. Just a little touch of lip gloss was all she did for makeup today, anticipating getting messy.

She parked and hurried up to Mr. Milton’s front door. She rang the bell several times before he answered, which was unusual. Finally he opened the door and smiled when he saw her.

“There’s my sexy baby girl.” he said and pulled her inside.

“Hi.” April said breathlessly, her heart beating rapidly.

“April honey, I’m not gonna be able to play today. I have to fly to Las Vegas to check on some business holdings.”

“What? Why??” April pouted and turned away.

“Baby girl don’t be like that.” Mr. Milton admonished and came up behind her to fondle her full breasts. April moaned and layed her head back against his shoulder and Mr. Milton pulled up her dress and slid a hand into her panties.

“Mmmmm you’re wet baby girl.” he whispered in her ear then forced two fingers deep into her tight wet hole, pushing deeply in and out before turning her to face him crushing his mouth down on her full pink glossy lips thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. April moaned and clung to him, but he abruptly ended the kiss.

“The car will be here any minute baby girl, I really need to finish getting things together. I would like nothing better than to push you over the table and thrust deep inside you, but I can’t today.”

April crossed her arms over her chest glaring at him, clearly upset.

“Don’t be like that baby girl.” Mr. Milton kissed her chastely on the forehead. “Be a good girl for me while I’m gone and I’ll bring you a surprise. But, since your here, I would like you to do a big favor for me.”

April looked up at him still clearly angry. “What?”

“I have a friend who lives in the complex, he has a similar situation to Mr. White. He would really like some company today, and he is also willing to help with your college expenses. His name is Mr. Bennett.”

“So he wants to lick my pussy too?” April replied angrily.

“No baby girl, nothing like that. He was a bit of a peeping Tom back in the day. He’s harmless of course, I’ve known him for years. He would like to have you come over and take a shower while he watches.”

April considers this for awhile. “He just wants to watch me shower? Nothing Ümraniye Escort else?”

“Yes baby girl. He’s not able to get hard anymore, but he loves to watch sexy girls.”

“And he’s willing to pay for some of my college stuff just to watch me?”

“Yes baby girl.”

“Fine.” she replies sullenly. She’s here already, and she has fall classes to pay for soon, so what ever, she thinks.

“That’s my girl.” Mr. Milton replies and gives her a swat on the ass. “Now fix your dress baby girl and I’ll give you his condo number, my car is here.”

April straightens herself out and then walks out front with Mr. Milton. The driver hops out to grab Mr. Milton’s bag, eying April appreciatively as he does.

“He’s in number 505 baby girl.” Mr. Milton says as he climbs into the back of the car. “He’s expecting you. I’ll call you as soon as I can.” and with that the car drove away.

April walks for a bit, then finds herself standing in front of door 505. She’s angry, and really horny, and hating the world right now. She rings the bell and waits.

The door is opened by an elderly man, who is a bit shorter than April, with a slight build with kind eyes.

“Hello, hello!” he says enthusiastically reaching out to take Aprils hand and help her inside.

“Hi.” April replies, eying the man.

“I’m Mr. Bennett, and you must be April! I’m so happy you’re here!”

Well he seems nice enough anyway, April thinks.

“Mr. Milton told you what I was needing?” Mr. Bennett says expectantly.

“Umm, yes. That you want to watch me shower?”

A slow blush creeps up his face. “Yes, yes.”

“So what now?” April replies

“Come with me.” Mr. Bennett replies and leads her down the hallway and into a large beautiful bathroom. The shower is huge and has clear glass doors and several shower heads.

“I’ll get the water started for you. Once it’s warm you can get in. I’m going to step down the hall to get you a nice towel for after.”

April sighs, and Mr. Bennett starts the shower and steps out of the bathroom. The shower does look pretty amazing she thinks and quickly strips down and climbs in. The shower is amazing and water from the jets feels great. She stands there for a minute just enjoying the water, then she reaches for the soap. About that time Mr. Bennett comes back and sits on a little bench near the shower to watch her. She starts rubbing the soap over her body, glancing out of the corner of her eye to see Mr. Bennett watching her İstanbul Escort intently. As she begins to lather she starts getting turned on by the thought that he’s there, just watching. April closes her eyes and turns to face him, rubbing the soap over her breasts, taking her time. She sets the bar down and starts rubbing the soap around her body, taking time to massage her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples, then she slips her hands down and starts washing her smooth pussy. She takes her time there too, rubbing her fingers over her clit, her mouth parting slightly and she tugs on the hard little nub and she moans softly. She is so turned on now she feels like a raw nerve. She turns her body toward the streams of water and rubs up and down her front to rinse the soap away. She’s just turning to wash her back when the shower door opens and Mr. Barrett steps inside. He is holding a rabbit style vibrator, it’s big and black which a loop at the bottom where he has slide his fingers thru.

“April.” Mr. Bennett whispers timidly, “May I, umm, I would like to, ummmm, would it be alright…” he stammers looking at her expectantly.

“Yes Mr. Bennett, what would you like to do?” April replies. She is eying that vibrator with wide eyes and thinking about how turned on she’s been all day.

“I want to use this with you, to put it in,” he says in a rush “in your, ummm, in your…”

“In my pussy Mr. Bennett?”

“Oh gosh yes! There! May I put it there??”

“Yes Mr. Bennett, you may put that in my pussy.” and April leans back against the cold shower tiles and parts her legs.

He approaches her slowly and stops when he is in front of her. Openly starting at her breasts and the down at her tight pink pussy. April feels a wet rush of excitement. The she hears the soft hum as he turns the vibrator on. He takes the curved tip and lightly touches it to her clit. April sighs and closes her eyes, parting her legs at bit more. He presses the buzzing vibrator a bit more firmly against her clit holding it there. April moans now and arches her back, the constant pressure and vibrations against her clit driving her crazy. Her hips begin to move trying him to move it lower, but he keeps it just resting on her clit. “please, please, push it in.” she begs.

Mr. Bennett watches her eagerly and then slowly angles the vibrator to push just inside her pussy.

“Yessssss” April pants and Mr. Bennett pushes it in farther and holds it there.

When he seems to hesitate April looks Anadolu Yakası Escort at him and pleads “Mr. Bennett, please….shove it all the way in…”

He hesitates for just a moment the pushes the vibrator in as far as it will go, the little rabbit portion now vibrating against her clit. April watches him with slightly glazed eyes, her hips pushed forward, her arms out at her sides against the shower tiles. Mr. Bennett begins a slow in and out with the vibrator, stopping each time he has pushed it all the way in to allow it to buzz against her clit. During the “in” he stares at her full breasts, but he never touches them. April is panting now and desperate. “Please” she begs “please fuck me with it, fast and hard!”

That is all the encouragement the little man needs and he begins pushing the vibrator into her hard, the rapid in and out that causing her large breasts to bounce. “Yesssss” April screams out “harder!”

Mr. Bennett keeps up his thrusting, at one point grabbing her breast with the other hand and squeezing it while he keeps up his shoving of the vibrator as deep as it will go.

April begins bucking her hips and panting, eager to meet each deep thrust, her head thrown back her body wild until finally she feels the delicious orgasm take hold of her and she screams out and her body shudders with the force of her orgasm. Mr. Bennett holds the vibrator there for just a moment longer and then drops it to the shower floor and puts his other hand on her breast. April is trying to catch her breath and Mr. Bennett is now cupping and massaging both her breasts. April rests her head against the shower wall while he squeezes and rubs her tits.

“So big and beautiful these are April.” he whispers reverently. Then he takes a hand and cups her mound, still sensitive from the orgasm. He squeezes lightly, causing April to catch her breath. “Thank you for allowing me this, you have made an old man very happy.” He removes his hand abruptly. “I’ll let you get cleaned up now, the towel is right here for when you’re done.”

And with that he turned and left.

April watched him go, feeling slightly dazed and very relaxed. She quickly cleans up and dries and gets dressed. When she walked into the living room Mr. Bennett was sitting there with a book and a cup of tea, just a sweet innocent old man instead of the man who not long ago was holding her tit and shoving a vibrator deep inside her.

“I need to rest now dear,” he says kindly “this afternoon has been very exciting and now I’m tired.” He holds out an envelope to her, “Here dear, take this for your time.”

April crosses to him and takes the envelope.

“Thank you, and nice to meet you Mr. Bennett.”

“Nice to meet you too dear.” Mr. Bennett smiles and April turns and walks out the door.

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