As the Master Wishes Day 07

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(The final chapter at last. I want to thank Slave for all the help she allowed me as well as all the people who volunteered to read them. Enjoy!)


Stephanie felt wonderful lying in bed next to her husband. The feeling of his arms wrapped around her as his alarm went off was even more pleasurable than she remembered. In her mind flashed the thought that she wished she could just stay in his arms for the entire day. However, her Master was back which meant she had to get busy. She slowly slid out of the bed and carefully walked to the dresser where her collar lay open and her plug was waiting. She didn’t mind almost a whole week without wearing the collar, but the feeling of buckling it around her neck felt almost spiritual considering all the events of the week. As she headed to the shower to get it ready for him, she caught a pair of his underwear on the floor. She giggled to herself as she thought about how it was little things that could remind her how much she was in love with him.

Before her Master stirred, the shower was already steaming hot and his robe was already set out. She gently nudged him awake and assisted him to the stall where she joined him in there. She started to scrub his legs as she went up and almost opened her mouth automatically when she saw his dick rising to life. She looked up and saw his eyes were closed as she slowly kissed it before scrubbing it with the wash cloth in her hand. As she started up his chest, she heard him mumble how much he had to fuck her right then.

She stood obediently and turned her back before leaning towards the shower. As she bent down slightly, she felt his dick slide into her pussy roughly. That was the way she liked him. Just taking what he wanted was her preferred method of fucking. She loved the way he didn’t try to win her over by flowers or sweet words. In her mind, she was built to serve him and be his fuck toy whenever he wanted. He could be tender and when she needed him to be he was even more so. That moment though was meant for reestablishing their bond and their roles as he slid it in as deep as he could and she kept quiet until he allowed her to speak. Her response was moans that echoed off the tile and her begging for him to go deep inside her.

As was always the case, the Master fulfilled his end of the bargain. He began to slide his dick in deeper as she moaned. Stephanie could tell that he was as inspired by her moans as she was enjoying his dick penetrating her. mardin escort As the shower water began to cool, the sounds of his dick breaking through her pussy entrance were still yelling loudly. As he began to ease up, she asked him if he wanted to finish on any body part in particular. The question interested him as he thought for a moment before he pulled out and began to spray all over her shivering arse. The feeling of her seed spewing from the tool of her Master was like an elixir that seemed to drive her to do more.

As she began to dry him off, he begged her to stop and go relax so that he could prepare for that night’s get together. It wasn’t often that her Master gave her levity when he was home, so the command seemed out of place. She walked back into the bedroom and started deciding on what she was to wear that night. As she laid out different clothing options for her Master to choose from, she began to hum a tune to herself. Besides being a nymphomaniac that her Master loves savoring, she also enjoyed being his arm candy knowing full well the way that people eyed him in envy due to her looks and the way she carried herself. She thought in her heart that the party that night would be her finest hour.

As her husband entered the room, he saw the four or five different outfits that Stephanie had laid out. Each one was perfect for different things they have attended together in the past, but he looked like none were exactly what he had in mind. She was stunned. As he exited the closet, he held out a black mesh body suit. Stephanie knew from past episodes that it was see through and that everything would be showing through the suit. To say that Stephanie was even more stunned would have been an understatement. As he laid out the black three inch stiletto shoes and the matching black collar, Stephanie began to get the idea of exactly what kind of party this was to be.

When seven finally arrived, the different men involved in all of her Master’s missions the past week arrived as well. All were accounted for from the cable guy on the first day to the two men whose mission was to measure the house for painting. Stephanie waited in the bedroom wearing the black mesh body suit and heels with her black collar firmly set around her neck. It was only when her Master beckoned for her to come that she exited the bedroom and carefully walked down the stairs to the living room where the men were all waiting. mardin escort bayan She felt crimson in the cheeks as she heard the whistles of some of them in the outfit her husband chose and even felt a slight touch on one of her butt cheeks as she walked towards her Master. As he showed off the tools in his hands, she looked and wondered why he held up her vibrating egg and her largest butt plug.

Her answer came swiftly as before she knew it, she was asked to assume the position in front of everyone. Stephanie was slightly embarrassed as the bottom of the body suit was undone and started to be lifted off her body til her nakedness was seen by all. Since all in attendance had already seen her, she was not expecting the round of applause that seemed to go for a while appreciating her nude form. As the Master slid the vibrating egg inside her warm pussy, she clenched a bit until she heard him whisper that all was well and to relax. He rose back up as a familiar vibration surged through her wanting vulva. Under her breath, she begged him to let her cum before he let off the button in his pocket and took the thoroughly lubed plug and began to slowly insert it into her ass. The pain was harsh for a bit until it started to relax. Stephanie had never been shown off in that fashion before.

It was then that she was ordered to walk around the room and relax as everyone else drank their glasses of wine and nibbled on the numerous finger foods they prepared. As she would walk beside certain men, her pussy would begin to buzz and she had to fight to retain the composure she wanted. It was a couple of hours before she was relaxed enough that she was asked to see her husband. As she neared him, he took her by the hair and pressed his mouth against her crushing a kiss on her lips. He then told her that it was time to reward the men for helping her through a difficult week. As she started heading upstairs, she heard him begin to tell the men in attendance what was expected of them and the rules for what was going to happen.

As she entered her room, she began to wonder about what she was being asked to do. She was admonished by her Master that due to her sins of the previous week that he had to change the original plan. Still, her Master promised a night she would find hard to forget. As he entered the room, he saw that the cuffs were already laid out on the bed and that her blindfold was waiting to be placed escort mardin over her eyes as agreed. He walked closer to her and asked the one question she thought she would never hear from his lips.

Did she want to continue?

She then kissed the lips of her Master before she told him that everything was perfect. As she lay back on the bed, he gently cuffed her ankles and her wrists before he placed the blindfold over her eyes. It was a few brief quiet moments before she heard the door open and the sound of people filing in. As she felt the bed sag from some of the weight, she knew that all her suitors were around her. Even though she couldn’t see, she knew they were all stroking their beautiful cocks over her as the egg was buzzing inside her pussy. The thought that she would soon be covered with their seed was making her wetter and wetter as she then felt a pair of fingers slide inside her pussy. She began to ask who it was until she heard her Master’s voice tell her that he was going to make her feel better.

She then felt a familiar tool sliding into her pussy slowly. As her Master began to slide into her, she began to feel salvos of seed begin to hit along her stomach. It went on for a while like that as other men began depositing their seed on her chest and neck until only one man remained in the room with her and her Master. As she enjoyed her Master’s dick sliding in faster, she heard him tell the last man to let her suck him off. As he slid his dick into her mouth, she began to suck on him weakly as she figured out that the cock belonged to her “tennis instructor”. Armed with that information, she began to suck on him with more gusto as she felt him sliding his dick down her throat. This continued for a while until her heard her Master tell him to cum on her cheeks as he pulled out. She dutifully closed her mouth as she felt his seed started falling onto her cheeks. It was a silent moment before she felt her pussy empty. It was then that she felt her ankles released from the cuffs. As the blindfold was removed and her hands were set free, she saw her Master above her. He next commanded her to get on her knees before him as he stroked his wonderful looking cock.

He asked her who her pussy belonged to. Her answer was him.

He then asked who her ass belonged to. She answered again that it was his.

He then neared her mouth with his dick until he was close. He asked who was allowed to cum down her throat. As she got ready to suck him off, she answered that he was the only one. He then shoved his cock down her throat before coating her throat with his seed. Before he was able to move away, she asked him if she pleased him. He smiled as he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead where no cum was and let her know that she was excellent that night.

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