Ash Gets Caught Pt. 03


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Jack took a deep cleansing breath before speaking. He had about dozens of thoughts running through his mind, some were questions, some were commands, and some might have been pleas.

“Do either of you have any regrets?” He asked Ash, his daughter, and Randy, his son. He watched their faces carefully as he spoke. He knew he could read Ash like a book, her every emotion played upon her face. Randy tended to hold things closer to the vest, and so therefore, was a bit more difficult to read.

Jack held his breath waiting for an answer. He hated to admit to himself, but he really did not have any regrets about watching his daughter, his baby girl, get herself off for him and her brother. Nor did he have any regret about cumming all over her chest when he got off. If anything, the whole morning had been an amazing frenzy of sexual activity that would eventually lead to something more, he hoped.

Ash glanced at her brother before answering. She knew she should be ashamed for what had happened, but she wasn’t. She still had some of her Daddy’s and brother’s semen smeared on her skin. These men were the world to her since her Mother had passed away years ago.

“No Daddy, no regrets,” Ash answered truthfully. She did worry slightly, but these men loved her, and now they looked at her in a whole new light, one that she was not entirely ashamed to see.

Randy had purposely waited to see what his sister said. He knew he did not have any regrets. He had secretly watched his baby sister for a few years now. Sure, she was a bit heavier than the girls he normally dated, but it was not a turn off for him. And the fact that was his sister, the one person who knew him as much as he knew himself was a huge turn-on.

“Dad, Sis, I have no regrets,” Randy answered truthfully.

Jack smiled at Ash and Randy. Now that he knew how they felt, he was not entirely sure how to proceed. He had rather enjoyed getting a bit commanding, a bit rough with Ash, and not to mention, he enjoyed her sexual display.

“Good to know. Now let’s get back to work. The rain has stopped,” Jack replied, trying to stall for a bit of time to give everyone a chance to regroup.

Jack and Randy stood up, adjusted their clothes and stepped outside to go do some work around the farm. Ash followed suit, using a damp paper towel to wipe off any residual cum traces on her skin. She tossed on her t-shirt, not worrying about the rest of her clothes.

She went to her office; intent on doing the paperwork required that she had meant to do today before she had been so wonderfully caught. She grinned to herself; she was still in a happy state of shock.

Ash went about her work, but she had trouble focusing on her accounts. All she could think about was her Daddy and Randy. She was not sure what, if anything would happen tonight. She knew that she wanted more to happen. But how far was she willing to go?

Hours later, she glanced up at the clock to see what time it was, surprised that it was time to get supper started. She looked at her computer, realizing she had not got half the items on her list accomplished that she had wanted to. With a sigh, she shut down her computer and headed for the kitchen.

Ash fixed supper and set the table. She had just set the food out when Daddy and Randy came inside. She watched them silently as they made their way to the sink to wash their hands.

They sat down to eat, she noticed that occasionally Daddy’s eyes did not quite meet her face; instead they hovered around her chest. She knew she did not put her bra back on after this morning’s play time. Randy would talk to Daddy about something or other, Ash was not paying attention to the conversation, but she noticed that Randy did not take his eyes off of her either.

“What?” She finally blurted out. “Is something wrong?” She asked, as their looks in her direction made her slightly uncomfortable.

Randy grinned, “Nothing Sis, nothing at all,” he said as he stared at her.

“Then why do you keep looking at me?” Ash asked, biting her lip, revealing her nervousness.

“Because I wish you were naked on the table again,” he laughed as he answered her.

Ash giggled and threw her napkin at him. Daddy had smiled and chuckled a bit throughout their teasing banter, but had not said anything. She wondered what he was thinking, but dared not to ask him.

They finished supper and while Randy helped her clear the table, she noticed that both him and Daddy sat silently at the table while she loaded the dishwasher. She almost commented on it, for they usually took off to go watch the TV or whatever it was they did. Before she could comment though, Randy spoke to her, startling her.

“Hey Sis, I like the view,” he said.

At Casibom that precise moment in time, she realized that she was bent over slightly, loading dishes into the dishwasher, and that her t-shirt had risen up. She did not have anything on underneath her shirt. Which meant that both Daddy and Randy had an unobstructed view of her rear end and everything else.

She would have thrown a towel at him or maybe a dish. She did enjoy their fun-loving, bantering brother and sister relationship they had. She hoped that because that part of their relationship continued on this way, that it meant even with what had happened and what might happen, they could still laugh and tease each other as they always had.

Daddy stood up then, and moved towards her. He got close, definitely in her personal space, not exactly pinning her against the counter, but he could have if he chose to do so. She could smell every scent coming off of him, his hard work and the faint trace of his after shave from this morning.

“Ash, come take a shower with me,” Daddy spoke softly to her. His tone was even, but there was an almost primal hunger laced in his words.

She smiled up at him and nodded, and he took her hand. Randy stood up from the table and followed them as they moved through the house and upstairs to Daddy’s room.

Daddy had remodeled the house over the years, doing projects as time permitted. His latest project had been the master bath. He had created a huge shower, easily big enough to fit two people. Ash had actually been dying to try it out, but since he had remodeled the bathroom she shared with Randy a few years ago, she did not have a good enough excuse to try it out.

Ash stepped into the bathroom behind Daddy, and knew Randy was right behind her. Daddy had turned on the lights as he stepped through the doorway, illuminating the space with a soft, but bright light.

Daddy leaned in the door of the shower, and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature of the water, and turning on the rain head shower system he had installed. He turned back to Ash and looked at her, seemingly to undress her with his eyes.

He reached down and grasped the hem of her shirt, his eyes never leaving hers, as he pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. She felt her nipples harden almost painfully.

He did not speak, nor did she. Ash reached out and unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly. She kept her eyes locked on his as she tugged on the waist band of his jeans and underwear, pulling them down as she crouched, even with his jeans. She could feel Randy’s eyes on her as she dealt with Daddy.

Daddy bent over and grasped her shoulders, pulling her back up. He looked at Randy over the top of her head.

“Sis, will you help me too?” Randy asked, all the teasing gone from his voice.

She turned to Randy and did as she did with Daddy. Removing his clothes while Daddy stepped out of his own and kicked them aside. Ash stood up before Randy could haul her up like Daddy did, and she turned to the shower door, opened it and stepped inside.

“You guys coming in or what?” She asked, as she watched them from behind the glass wall of the shower.

Both men grinned at her and stepped in the shower with her. Daddy slipped around her, placing her between them. She reached up for the soap, she wanted to touch these men all over.

There was not a lot of room to maneuver with all three of them in the shower, but she turned to Randy first, and with the water pouring down over them, she lathered up the soap in her hands and began to glide her hands up and down his chest.

He grinned at her and reached up and grasped her hands. He pulled them down to his already hard cock and had her stroke him as she washed him. When her fingers wrapped around him, it was all he could not to cum all over her.

“Oh Sis,” he managed to moan as he reached out with one hand to the wall of the shower to keep himself steady.

She stroked him and rubbed her hands all over his cock. She had never touched a cock before, so she was fascinated with it. She could feel the strength in it, the heat coming off of it, and she was amazed at the length of it.

She bent over slightly as she moved to let the water run down his body to rinse him as she continued to stroke him, causing her wet ass to rub up against Daddy’s body. She felt Daddy’s hands come to her hips and ass, almost massaging the softness of her rear end.

Ash cupped some water in one hand and helped to rinse Randy’s cock of the soap lather she had created stroking him. She had never had a cock in her mouth before either obviously, but she wanted to try it.

She bent over some more, causing Daddy to have to move slightly, and carefully guided Randy’s cock to her mouth with one hand. She opened her mouth wide, and took him inside, hearing his groan, she closed her mouth, mindful of her teeth, and used her tongue to slide up and down the shaft of his cock. Casibom Giriş

She felt Daddy’s hands all over her backside, and felt him tap on her inner thigh. She shifted position as much as she could, spreading her legs slightly, while trying not to scrape her teeth on Randy’s huge cock.

Daddy could not resist the opportunity and slipped a finger into the slit between Ash’s thighs. He could feel her wetness, knowing it was her juices and not the water from the shower. He rubbed her clit with one finger, and grinned as she tensed momentarily on Randy’s cock.

Ash moaned as much as she could with Randy’s cock stuffed in her mouth. She began to move faster on Randy’s cock, feeling him grow larger in her mouth. She felt Randy’s hands move to the back of her head, not forcing her on his cock, but holding her in place on it.

Ash bucked against Daddy’s hand, wanting more. He knew what she wanted and slipped a finger inside her. He heard his baby girl moan louder, and knew if Randy did not have his hands on her head, she would have come off his cock.

Daddy continued to finger fuck her as she sucked on Randy’s cock. Randy’s moans and her muffled groans of pleasure were driving him crazy. His own cock was rock hard and he wanted it inside his baby girl.

He moved so that he was behind her in a better position and pulled his finger out. He heard her groan in frustration and watched Randy’s eyes get huge when Randy saw what he was going to do.

“Baby Girl, I’m going to get inside you now,” Daddy said. Without any hesitation, he put his cock against her tight pussy and slipped the head of his cock into her hole.

He couldn’t believe how tight she was, he could barely get the head of his cock inside her. He pushed a bit further, and noticed her squirming. He raised his eyebrows at Randy, who shrugged in return.

“Baby Girl, are you a virgin?” Daddy asked her, already knowing the answer. She had been to college, and he knew she did not have any serious boyfriend there, he thought for sure that she had at least done this.

“Yes Daddy,” Ash answered as she released her brother’s cock from her mouth.

“Are you sure you want this Baby? It’s going to hurt,” Daddy asked and explained, his cock already just a bit inside her, and even though it would kill him to pull out and stop, he would have.

“Yes Daddy, yes! Please, please, I want you as my first,” Ash cried.

Randy grinned at his father and with a careful tug on his sister’s head, he pulled her back onto his cock. He loved the feeling of her warm, wet mouth on his cock. He couldn’t believe he was getting his cock sucked by his sister.

Jack felt himself grow larger at her cry and slowly pushed in further until he reached her hymen. He pulled out softly and pushed back in, preparing her for his cock. He heard her muffled whimpers and moans and felt her hips moving, acting as if to pull his cock deeper inside her.

He moaned loudly as he pushed into her harder, breaking through her womanhood, feeling her freeze as the pain went through her body. Her pussy was like a vice on his cock. He could not believe he had just taken his baby girl’s virginity.

He moved slowly, letting her grow accustomed to him being further inside her, and letting the pleasure of his cock override the pain of her lost womanhood. She began to moan around her brother’s cock.

Jack held onto her hips and began to fuck her harder. He felt her pussy tighten as she let go of her brother’s cock and screamed with pleasure. He felt his own cock grow harder as he realized he had just given his baby girl her first orgasm that was not brought on by her own hand.

Ash bucked against Daddy harder, she felt so full with his huge cock inside her. She stroked Randy’s cock as she screamed for her Daddy. In between thrusts she would lick the tip of her brother’s cock. She just couldn’t take him in her mouth with Daddy in her pussy. She wanted to moan, groan, and scream to her heart’s content.

Jack felt his balls slapping against his daughter’s clit. He gripped her hips tighter and pulled on her harder. He glanced up to see Randy’s eyes huge with amazement as he watched his little sister get fucked by their father.

“Baby Girl, stroke your brother,” she heard Daddy moan to her.

She reached out and began to stroke Randy’s cock harder, and she thought she saw something ooze out of it, but with the water pouring into her eyes from the shower head, it was hard to tell.

“Oh yes Daddy, more, please!” Ash moaned to her father as she played with her brother’s cock.

Jack moaned, knowing he would not last much longer. The idea of fucking his baby girl, and taking her virginity was more than he could stand. Plus, she was just so tight, her pussy wrapping his cock in a tight, wet cocoon.

Ash bucked harder against her Daddy’s cock. She felt like she was on fire and was going to explode again, like when she was on the kitchen table playing with herself earlier, only this Casibom Güncel Giriş time the fire was much hotter.

“Daddy, I’m going to cum!” Ash screamed as her body climaxed, her pussy tightening up even more on Daddy’s cock.

He felt her body go rigid as she came and unable to help himself, he roared his own orgasm as his cum poured from his cock and into her pussy. He did not even think about any consequences as his seed that made her flooded into her.

“Yes Baby yes, I’m cumming,” he moaned as he filled her with his cum.

He stayed inside her as his body went through orgasm and slowly returned to normal. He saw that she had stopped stroking her brother’s cock while she came, but was now back to sucking him.

He grinned rather sheepishly at Randy. Randy’s face spoke volumes to him as well. Randy wanted his sister, and he wanted her now.

Jack pulled out of Ash, his cock almost flaccid from the mind-blowing orgasm that he just had. He glanced down to see tinges of blood on his cock before the water pouring down over them washed it away.

He stepped back and as far into the corner of the shower as he could. He could not really get around the two of them and get out of the shower with Ash sucking her brother’s cock.

Randy reached down and pulled slightly on Ash’s hair. Not enough to hurt her, but enough to get her attention. She let his cock slip from her mouth and grinned up at him as she stood up.

He felt the water temperature begin to chill slightly, and saw that their Dad was worn out from taking his daughter’s virginity. He was not sure if Ash was completely spent or not, but he wanted her anyway.

“Hey Sis, why don’t we go get dried off and more comfortable?” Randy asked her after she stood up.

“Sure Randy,” Ash replied, wiping water off her face.

Jack reached around and shut the water off as he watched his son and daughter step out of the shower. He was in shock that he had been his baby girl’s first lover.

He watched them dry off and head to the bedroom. He hurried up and dried off and followed them. He wanted to watch them for their first time together.

“Lay in the center of the bed Sis,” Randy told her.

She shivered, her body was cold, missing the warmth of the shower. But she climbed on their father’s king-size bed. She held out her arms to Randy as her father stepped out from the bathroom.

Randy climbed into bed, settling himself between Ash’s thighs. He saw that her nipples were hard, partially from the cool air, and partially from her arousal. He leaned down and began to suck on one of her nipples. He heard her intake of breath and felt the bed give on one side as their father climbed into bed with them.

“Yes, oh yes,” Ash moaned as Randy’s warm mouth claimed one of her nipples.

Jack watched them in awe and love as he lay beside them. Unable to resist, he bent down slightly and took Ash’s other nipple into his mouth. He felt her arch her back upwards, her body pleading for more. He felt her arm come around his upper back and her hand push on the back of his head.

Randy felt his cock growing even harder, never he knowing he could be this turned on. He ran his tongue over her nipple as she arched up. He peeked over at his father, watching him suck on her other nipple was enough to drive him crazy.

Without moving his mouth from her nipple, he arched up, adjusting his body and cock to place him at the entrance to his sister’s pussy. He wanted her. He felt her body automatically move to meet him.

He slipped his cock inside her wet pussy. Randy moaned with joy. He had wanted her for a long time and now he finally was inside her. He began to move in and almost back out, trying to take his time with her. He wanted to savor every moment with his sister.

Randy let go of his sister’s nipple and moved his position closer to her, pushing himself further inside her. He felt her legs go around his back, pulling him in further.

“Oh god, yes Sis,” Randy moaned and began to move fully in and out of her.

Ash tried to move with him, keeping her eyes open and watching his face as he watched hers. She let go of her Daddy’s head, trying to put her hands down on the bed to help push herself up to meet Randy’s thrusts.

Jack lifted off Ash’s breast and leaned back. He used his hands to caress her hips, her sides and her shoulders. He had to admit, he loved the view of her big breasts bouncing as Randy thrust into her time and time again.

“Randy, fuck me, please Randy,” Ash begged, feeling herself build towards another huge orgasm once again.

Jack decided to try something, now that he knew from the shower that Ash was a screamer, he wanted to really make her scream while she got some love from her brother.

Just before Randy began to ride her harder, Jack slipped his hand between the two of them, easily finding Ash’s soaking wet clit. He teased it with his finger as Randy’s groin began to punish his hand by pumping hard into Ash.

Ash screamed with pleasure to have her body so stimulated. Randy began to fuck her harder, causing her breasts to bounce on her chest. She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. She could feel her own juices dripping out of her.

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