Astral Projection


I was married. He was not. I was in lust with him. He treated me like a kid sister. I wanted to do things, forbidden things, which married women were not supposed to think about, let alone do.

I climbed into bed, my limbs filled with sadness, making them heavy. A solitaire tear fell from my eye, slid down my cheek, and I made myself comfortable in bed. Pulling the blanket around me, I rolled onto my side, curling into my pillow. My mind became hazy as I laid there. My eyes slowly closed, and I sighed deeply as I sank into the darkness of slumber.

‘Floating…that’s what I feel like I am doing’, I thought to myself. Blinking rapidly, the room became more focused, and I looked around, checking out my surroundings. I walked toward the hallway in front of me, stepping lightly. Approaching a doorway on my left, I slowed my pace, and carefully peeked around the corner.

There he was. Lying in his bed; naked. His comforter was entangled in his legs, exposing most of his body. I let her eyes wander over his sleeping form. I seen him as the real man he was, not some ideal figure I had developed in my mind. I took in his flaws, becoming aroused by the frankness of his nudity.

I silently stepped into his room, avoiding a pile of clothes, his wallet, and loose change. I reached out, running my fingers above his brow, careful not to touch him, for fear of waking him and spoiling the moment.

He snored quietly and rolled his head, facing me. I jerked my hand back, suddenly afraid. Watching him, waiting to see if he woke, I held her breathe. After a few minutes, he seemed to be sleeping deeply again.

Stepping close to the bed, my shins touched the metal frame. I bent over at the waist and lightly brushed my lips across his forehead. Moving down to his eyes, I kissed them each in turn, and then traveled to his nose, then his lips. Touching my tongue to his lips I tasted him. His mouth opened slightly, and I deepened the kiss.

Trepidation stayed within me. I was terrified that he would fully wake, and the moment would be gone. This was my moment, my time. I couldn’t live if it was cut short, not allowed to fully evolve.

Pulling slightly back, I took note of his sleeping form. Even though the kiss had deepened, and his response was obvious, he did not seem to wake. I leaned in to test the waters further, kissing him again, more fully.

He moaned into my Starzbet mouth, and other than our lips moving in unison, no other part of him budged. As moments passed, I grew braver. I pulled back again, and lifted the nightshirt I wore over my head, dropping it in a heap on the floor.

Kneeling down, by the edge of the bed, I leaned over and flicked my tongue across one of his nipples. His body jerked lightly in response. I continued my exploration of his body with my tongue. Moving from one nipple to the other, and then up to his neck. He moved his head back slightly, and I took advantage of the additional skin to explore.

Gentle kisses covered his neck, and upper chest. Climbing onto the bed carefully, I straddled him, careful not to touch him with my legs or arms. Leaning down again, I continued my attention to his neck and chest. Keeping my kisses light, and the flickering of my tongue gentle, I covered the entire expanse of his chest. I paid closer attention to the more sensitive areas, running my tongue along each rib, enjoying the salty taste of his skin.

I could feel the stretch of muscles in his chest as his breathing deepened. I continuously glanced up at his face, making sure his eyes were closed, and his breathing was overall regular.

Moving down to his stomach, my tongue outlined the contours of it. The light sprinkling of hair near his navel tickled my nose, and I grinned. As I was sliding my thighs further down his body, he rolled until he was fully on his back, his legs still tangled within the comforter.

I grew braver, and settled on my heels near his knees. I ran my fingertips downward along his thighs. When I reached his knees, I ran my fingers back up toward his groin. Repeating my gestures, I could feel the muscles in his legs begin to relax. Moving to the inner thigh that was exposed, I continued my ministrations.

On my next upward stroke, my fingertips brushed against his sac. His cock leapt slightly, and I maintained my stroking pace, my gaze never leaving his face. I ran my fingertips across his sac with a greater frequency, now alternating my gaze between his face and the sight of his growing cock. When it was at full length and hardness, I scooted further down the bed and began to lightly massage his calves and feet. His stiffness lessened the longer my hands were occupied elsewhere, and when he became soft, I crawled back Starzbet Giriş to waist level.

Balancing myself on my knees, I licked a line from the base of his sac to the tip of his cock. It immediately lurched, and became half hard. With my head still down, I blew light puffs of air at the line my tongue had traveled, and was rewarded with a moan which came from deep in his throat.

Rubbing my tongue back and forth along the underside of his cock, I covered its entire length, inch by slow, agonizing inch. Arriving at the tip once again, I tilted my neck slightly and took the head of his cock into my mouth. Paying close attention to his body’s reactions to my movements, I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue, and then proceeded to suck it gently into my mouth.

Leisurely, I suckled his cock in, until his entire length was in my mouth, and the tip was resting in my relaxed throat. Pulling back smoothly, I allowed his cock to slide from my mouth, until only the tip remained. Repeating my previous motions, I continued taking my time, caressing, stroking, and massaging his cock as it glided in and out of my mouth.

Bringing my hands up, I began to stroke his sac, pulling gently, swirling my fingertips over and around it. While I upheld my actions, independent from each other, I could sense movement around me. Glancing up as far as I was able to, I could see his head moving side to side, and his quiet moans permeated my mind.

Slipping his cock from my mouth, I wrapped my right hand around the base. Holding it upright, I nipped and flicked my tongue at the tip of his cock. When his moans grew in frequency, I released my hand on his cock, and enveloped it with my mouth, letting it slid into my throat until my nose touched his pelvis in one slick movement.

Moving my head slightly side to side, I rubbed the sides of his cock against the interior of my mouth, attempting to touch everywhere. I felt a hand slide across my forehead, his fingers slipping into my hair, and felt a slight pressure on my head.

I followed the pressure of the hand, moving according to the push and release of pressure on my head. Taking breathes when I could; I maintained the pace the hand was setting.

His hips began to extend up, joining the groove his hand had helped my head to set. As his hand pressed on my head, I sunk my mouth down onto his cock, and he thrust Starzbet Güncel Giriş his hips, burying him even deeper into my throat.

Time slipped by, as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I was still fondling his sac and could feel the tempo of things pick up. I knew he was getting close, but I tried to maintain the leisurely pace we had jointly set. The pressure on my head suddenly disappeared, and I decided it was time to allow him the release I was withholding from him.

I noticed that the hand that was on my head was now gripping the bed sheet, his knuckles white. I could feel the pressure building in his cock, and quickened my pace a bit more. Gauging his response to my movements, I predicted when he was going too exploded in my mouth, and opened my throat as much as I could. Swallowing as quickly as he was emptying into my mouth, I continued the stroking, draining him of all he had to give. When he had collapsed back onto the bed, I leaned back onto my heels. I gazed down at him, watching him drift into a heavy sleep.

Slinking off the bed as carefully as I could, I picked up my nightshirt and pulled it over my head, pushing my arms through the sleeves. Straightening myself up, brushing my hair from my face, I looked one last time at his sleeping form. Turning around, I walked out of his bedroom and back to the room I had started in.

Noticing a couch in the corner, I sat down onto it, drained from the careful exertion of the recent events. I leaned back against the couch, and let my eyes drift shut.

Sitting up straight in bed, I rubbed my eyes, looking at my surroundings. Stretching my arms above my head, I began to work the kinks from my back. Yawning, I noticed the salty taste in my mouth, and got out of bed. I wandered into the bathroom, still stretching all my muscles. Grabbing the bottle of mouthwash, I poured some into the plastic cup next to the sink, and then emptied it into my mouth. Swishing the mouthwash around my mouth, I examined my face and hair in the mirror. My eyes locked on the redness in my cheeks. Hastily spitting out the mouthwash, the events from the night before flash through my mind like a slide show.

Slowly opening his eyes, he gradually became awake. Smiling slyly, he replayed the dream over in his mind. He reflected on the fact that the woman looked so much like Her, but shaking his head, he knew that it couldn’t be her. She was not even interested in him sexually, he knew that; although, he had been wishing otherwise for the last few months. The better he got to know her, the more he became attracted to her.

“Well, damn!” he muttered to himself, and rolled out of bed.

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