At Mistress Pandoras Mercy

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There were many fantasies we had discussed, written about, and even had published on the Internet, but now? My Mistress, my Lover, my Confidant had me, literally, where she wanted me. Or where I wanted to be?

I don’t really know, but I was having the orgasm of a lifetime. I swear, it was so intense, I thought I would die. An in the euphoric overdriven state I was in, well, I think I would say I would die happy. I had been teased, tortured and dared for longer than I care to remember…

It had all started in response to a story on Lit which I had provided feedback for. And built on from that. Flirtingly I had called her a tease. And she was. A great tease. She knew which buttons to push, which stories to write, what turned me on. Claiming a shy naivety, I had pushed her boundaries with some tame dares – by standards on here tame – but which opened up horizons and doors to new boundaries. Going Commando is no big deal these days. But it is when it is your first time ever. Pandora’s Box was open to the air, so to speak, and boy did it get set free. She set me dares – for god’s sake, I’m a 50 year old married manager of a workshop, what the hell did I think I was doing? But I did it all. From masturbating in a field on the way home, calling her name out, to eating my own cum, playing with my backside, I did it all – for her. And like her, I wrote reports on how I felt. One report/story she wrote made me cum in my boxers yalova escort at work while I sat at my desk reading it. And it still does, she has the way with words that turns me on, turns my everyday brain off, and makes me a cum-addict.

Once-a-week married sex had become once-a-fortnight duty, and more shockingly once-a-month treats. I may be old, but my needs and desires had not flagged as much as my physical ability. Now, with Pandora’s words, I was experiencing daily hard-ons, mutli-orgasms, multi-cums, and, lord above, Cyber Sex, on an almost daily basis, Monday to Friday (weekends were left to our families) I sincerely hoped that she got out of this relationship everything that I was getting, and more. I had no reason to doubt what she wrote. Then she not only wanted to play with my mind, she wanted to play with me, physically, to see if what I had said I had fantasised could be done…

Which explains now how I came to be here, in the Premier Inn hotel, knelt on a bed, back arched, my wrists tied to my ankles. Naked as I was, my cock in a state of semi hardness, listening out for her, waiting for her next move, the blindfold heightening my sense of hearing, my heart pounding, knowing that she has me at her mercy. The sun on my body, through the window, curtains open, warms me nicely while I await her return. She has gone back to reception, to get some chocolate. escort yalova I shudder at the thought, my cock hardens again, at the memory of a dare I set her, which she carried out in her kitchen, and I long for her to plunge a chocolate bar into her, and let me eat of it.

The door opens, I feel the draught of air come into the room. Has she opened the door wide, so that I would be exposed to any passers by? I feel the tell-tale bead of moisture form under my foreskin as I relish the image. She has photographed me as I am, before she left. I will not be allowed the pleasure of fucking her – that was made clear from the start, we had both agreed on it. Was it morally right for us to make love but not fuck? We had debated the matter long and hard after she had said she wanted to meet me – in real life, so to speak. We had convinced each other that anything short of penetration of her by my cock would not really constitute unfaithfulness on our parts, our spouses would never know. We could do anything else, but not that. And I respected her for that. After all, the greatest gift that a woman can give is of herself, to let a man “invade” her body, her inner self. That should only be kept for pure love, in my mind. It didn’t stop me dreaming, wishing for it, especially when I met her! But I agreed. In my own mind, I had cleared my conscience by telling myself that I was not being yalova escort bayan unfaithful to Mary. Was I right?

“Ah Keith” she spoke at last “I see you are hard. Was I too long? I found a few more things we can, erm, play at, or with. I hope you don’t mind! I’m not sure if cuckold is the right word, as we are not partners, but I have things I want you to experience, and feelings I want you to explore, so while you are here you are at my mercy” I swear I heard her start to undress. Was she just taking her coat off? I did not speak. Never interrupt a Mistress.

“So, before I begin to make love to you, to tease you, and make you beg for me to let you come, do you still agree to do my bidding? Do you allow me to do as I want, to try and paint your fantasies onto a real canvas Keith?” Her words sank in. Should I pause and think properly, or was my mind already made up the minute I met her in the pub, kissed her, wanted her, needed her? Would a pause be seen as hesitation, and would she take that as a sign of weakness? I knew she would be capable of leaving me and not coming back, despite whatever needs she may have herself. I had given myself to her, to do as she wished. She would be sated, I would only find release if she allowed me. Her perfume filled my sense of smell, I knew she was stood close, maybe at the side of me. I did the only thing that I could.

“Yes, Mistress Pandora. I am yours. I only hope that my actions please you” and dropped my head backwards. Almost instantly, her red painted lips were on my mouth, I returned her wet kissing with passion, while her hand closed around my shaft, gripping me, making me almost come from that touch and her lips.

“Then let the games begin” she whispered as she moved away from me.

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