Atonement! L

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Thursday night he returned at 6 PM to be greeted at the door by a dressed and perky Lynette. “She’s getting ready, go on in.” She turned to flounce onto the sofa in front of the TV with her legs drawn up in front of her. She still looked sexy though she wore a decent pair of shorts and revealed nothing. “Oh, it seems like I’m off the hook.”


“Well, tomorrow night’s her birthday, and she says she wants to take me out for dinner and a movie.”

“Hmm,” he nodded, but instead of correcting Lynette’s impression with his knowledge or theories on the matter he just found his way to his intended companion’s room. Screwing Lynette was fun, but he could see her becoming annoying if he let her.

In the bedroom he found her dressed in the exact clothes he’d laid out for her and adding finishing touches of dangly wire bracelets and size different hoops for her four pierces – two in each ear. This was the first time he’d seen her wear makeup which confirmed that, though she was beautiful without it, makeup didn’t really enhance her looks – actually took away from her natural gifts. It had the effect he would have desired, though.

“Do you like the outfit?” he asked of the tight top that enhanced her breasts. It was a pink double-spaghetti-strapped top she’d had for years – years before she’d had quite those breasts so a bit of the tops were showing off. Three tight wrinkles across the front showed that she was definitely stressing the material.

“The top’s a bit old. Can’t you tell?” Yes, the material itself was a little thin with age and a bit of the light shining on her breasts from above could be seen through. It was, however topped with a black draped jacket that covered her shoulders, straps and all, and her back. The jacket almost excused the fact that the top didn’t quite come to the top of her skirt. For the bottom he had picked out a white mid-though skirtwith thick material and a wide black elastic band waist.

“Well, tell me, is it something you don’t mind messing up?”

“Um, no, Okay. Yeah, if the top gets messed up it’s Okay. The rest is just … a bit better stuff.” She said holding her arms out a little and looking herself over.

Okay, well that’s fine. You look great, but are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“Look,” she strutted over to him. Really the two inch heels made her strut to him to take his hand, “I told you, for this I’ll do anything.” She pulled his hand to her and held it to her belly. “A-ny-thing.”

“OK, I do want to check out some thing. Are you ready for this to start now?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Okay, can you you put your hair up with these in a few minutes?” He reached over to pluck a pair of hair styling chopsticks from her dresser.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Okay, lay down.”

“Wh-, um, yes, sir.” She said and sat on the edge of the bed, then lay back to her elbows.

“that’s not necessary,” he thought a second, “you know what; keep it up. I just want to check out the rest of this…” he said and picked up one of her knees, to look down into her skirt at the red panties he’d picked out for her. They gave the initial impression of being too big to be sexy, but were a wide spaced lace that allowed a little view inside. He slid his hand along her thigh and all the way to the top of the inside of the panties where he pulled the top down to loosen the underwear from the waist of the skirt. “Now for our start.” He then hooked a finger into the crotch of the panty, which was wide enough to cover her pubic area and gather a bit at her legs. Moving the crotch aside into a big loose bunch he exposed her pussy. Again hooking his finger, this time he used it to work her lips open and watched her lean her head back, eyes closed. Her beautiful dark and long hair cascaded back off her shoulder to gather at the bed.

He then attended to his belt and zipper and unceremoniously brought his penis out. With but a step and a lean he was against her and about to enter. He came to her again and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yesss,” she whispered without opening her eyes and he all at once was within. “What about a condom?” she asked not really showing concern.

“This may not need one.” Came the reply with his first four fast deep strokes.

For the first time he took her in short order in a missionary position with nothing elaborate except a couple of kisses. They hadn’t closed the door and she wasn’t reserved in her moans when within about 5 minutes she came.

In the front room Lynette could hear their excitement and turned the television up a bit. A blush of heat rose on her cheeks which she chose to ignore. There are those who claim that they can make nothing of sex, but they are only the ones who are able to lie to themselves. Even that barest of facades takes an effort to maintain just as Lynette here had to push down the feelings and pretend that she wasn’t wiping a solitary tear from her cheek. The sound of him climaxing brought the remote up again to raise the TV sound eskişehir escort more.

When he felt his semen rise he removed himself to finish, and she leaned in to suck him to conclusion. In stead he pressed her head forward and gathered her hair with his hands. He surrounded his cock with the mass and coaxed his penis but a bit more.

“What are you…” she started as he came a large load that had him jerking quite a bit. “What is it?” she asked again, but then she felt the sticky wet warmth drip to her scalp, and then she knew what he’d done.

“Ahhh,” he breathed, and through his ‘ahhs’ he still held up her hair. A moment later he handed her the chopsticks.

“Okay, let’s do up your hair, and then we can go.”

“But now I’ll need to wash up my hair and…”

He placed a finger to her lips, but still held onto her hair not letting anything drip out, “No you don’t need to… this is exactly right.” He said and waited.

Realization walked across her face, then she took the proffered accessories and strode to the mirror with a “Yes, sir.” In a deft moment she wrapped her hair three times and pinned it through leaving an upturned rooster tail of the ends. She turned left and right to study her work, and not only was it symmetrical, but also not a sign of his jism which was still warm to the back of her scalp was showing. He came up behind, having fixed his pants and adjusted her overshirt/jacket. He then reached all the way over past her to her skirt. Reaching up and in he recovered the edge of her panties across her warm vagina and patted gently.

“My little gal there has a big night.” He cooed and kissed her neck. With a show of grace he held her hand as she rose from the chair, and they glided out of the room.

She smiled at Lynette who seemed eager to rise and see them off and who told her that she looked excited to go out, “Happy Birthday.” she added. When he stepped around the door frame on the way out Lynette quickly reached down to kiss girly’s cheek with her hand touching the other side of her head.

“Ok, you have a good night.” She smiled and slowly followed him out.

Closing the door Lynette realized her hand was a little wet where she’d touched her hair. She looked at her palm and smelled it and then touched it lightly to her tongue. “Ah, ha.” She knew what it was, but as she sat down a confused look crossed her face. Knowing she’d be alone awhile she decided to remove her shorts and absently licked the dew off her hand while watching TV in undies and a tee.

He first drove to an ATM where he got out a large sum of cash for the night. He then drove the short distance to Oyster Point to the large hotel/ restaurant/night club there.

“Do you have the thing I told you to type up?”

“Yes, sir.” She pulled out of her small purse a blue piece of paper and handed it over. He handed her a printout as well.

“OK, take this to the desk and get card keys to the room I checked out in your name,” He also placed a sum of cash in her palm, “and meet me at the elevator doors over there.” He pointed to the left of the hotel entrance where the elevator alley hid behind a wall.

“OK, yes sir.” She got out at the valet loop and he left to park the car. The piece of blue paper she’d handed him he now unfolded and attached to a clip board along with a pen. Then he reached around to the back seat and picked up the other things they would need.

She had never been in that hotel before now, and by the time she’d gotten lost on the way to the desk she was beginning to suspect she didn’t belong there. Unaccustomed to walking in heels on glossy floors she clicked, which drew the attention of business and retiree clients across the lobby. Her outfit was dressed up for how common it was at the base level – the inner top, panties and even the bra – and she suddenly felt these people to be the kind who could see right through to her inside. For a moment such as that she felt unseemly, uncouth and skanky. The drying wad of man’s semen sticking her hair to her scalp magnified that effect. She fought a wave of fear back to be able to approach the desk and present the reservation information. The clerk was professional, though, and gave her no indication that she didn’t belong here. Instead confirmed her ID, took her money and signed over her card keys to room 705. They exchanged thanks and she clicked her way steadily around a long sweeping bend feeling certain that eyes followed her unhosieried legs to the elevator area. Perhaps they were caught by the taut shirt front protruding from her slim jacket. She fought the urge to gather her outer top because she knew he wanted this effect. A bit of self consciousness must be a part of her atonement ordeal.

The long curved wall led around to the banks of elevators, where he was not yet waiting. He’d said to meet him there so she’d better just wait. After a minute she wondered about her place in this place when escort eskişehir an elevator opened to unload two older gentlemen and two business women carrying suitcases and valises. These people went their separate ways in two parties and she felt scrutinized from two sides. She most felt the looks of the women in their nice suits. She must seem worthy of their contempt – If they only knew the half of it; the parts they couldn’t see. She almost bolted onto that car as the doors slid closed, just to be out of sight at that moment, but held her ground nervously.

Next she spent about a minute just standing, biting her lip and held one elbow with the opposite hand. Then she realized she could see the night club’s internal entrance from where she stood and craned to look over a huge planter at the people by the entryway. A bouncer, two girls who were clearly teens being denied entry, and two nicely dressed men with their suit jackets off waiting for the other business to be cleared up so that they could go inside.

Another elevator opened and a young couple and their male friends disembarked. They paid her no mind as they had their own attentions occupied, and for about a minute she listened to the four men bidding the woman goodbye. They patiently took turns assuring her that they’ll take care of her fiancée, don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on him. The kiss of ‘I’ll see you tomorrow morning’ was exchanged and another moment was spent on ‘not-one-minute-after-ten’. This justified her surmise that one of them was off to his bachelor’s party and as he was kissing his fiancée goodbye, the other three began moving in the direction of the nightclub. Perhaps she had a last minute shower to attend, or even just a last evening of prenuptial solitude. The parting men did refrain from really getting their eyefuls of our heroine until the bride-to-be had turned to leave, and they were well down the ramp towards the club.

Well, it must have been a few minutes after seven, yes the large clock built into the lobby wall showed 7:15, and it must have been at least five minutes of her standing out, then six, seven; and then she caught sight of him slowly approaching from the lobby, videoing with a small digital camera. When he arrived close to her he silently motioned her towards the where she pushed ‘up’. He’d come around her, and still hadn’t said a word, when the doors opened on the farthest car. He backed in ahead of her, still recording and looked over her shoulder, certainly checking that they weren’t followed. All along he held the camera at his belt level – about breast level for her and now, entering the elevator she was aware of how her propped-up bosom must seem in this close-up shot in the cramped space of the elevator. She backed against the panel wall at the back of the car while he pressed the ‘doors close’ key. The doors slid shut evenly, and he moved to face her from the button panel.

He then motioned with a finger for her to raise the bottom of her spaghetti strap top. She mouthed ‘yes, sir,’ and slowly lifted until her bra showed a bit. He pressed ‘7’ behind him, but hit ‘doors close’ again and the car stayed a moment longer. Her top came up over the breasts all the way in one step and revealed the full tan masterpiece that was her strapless support bra. It was firm and powerful enough to hold her breasts out totally to several inches past her chest and belly with absolutely no sag. His next motion was undoable, the support bottom of the bra was so tight and strong as to be unable to rise over her boobs. So as the elevator started its ascent up the shaft, her cups had to descend to reveal what he wanted. Looking down she watched her own large breasts pop out with a bounce – first up, then down as she pulled their restraint down until it was inside-out and upside-down. It was like a band across her belly now. For effect she rubbed her whole hands gently top to bottom across their fronts and then cupped them towards the camera as her nipples responded. He started to gesture a new thing for her to do when the car bounded them to a stop at the fourth floor.

They both looked at the doors dumbly for a second that seemed interminable. They couldn’t seem to move until the ding told that the door was beginning to move. He had but to lower the camera and press one button. Lowering things for her was a greater task and involved crossing her top back across those massive mammaries.

Granny Em, I’m sure you’ll like the sixth floor room better. It’s, ah, it’s…” covered just as the door opened to greet a couple in their thirties and one of their grandmothers. She was unable to get the blouse down all the way over her bra-straddled belly in time, so she was glad that the couple were preoccupied looking after Granny Em. Still, she wasn’t positive that she got them in before the old woman, center of the trio, got a view through the first crack of the door. The man would still be taken aback by the hiked level of the eskişehir escort bayan shirt, and he never completed his sentence. Granny Em led them into the car, and the granddaughter-in-law said simply, “Sixth, please.” He set the elevator in motion with a tap.

Facing the doors, fortunately, made it hard for the newcomers to look upon her with confusion, condemnation or generally as a con, and for that she was thankful. They’d certainly have noticed her alert nipples trying to pierce the old pink top. She had two floors to think on how easily she’d fallen into a roll willing to play it to the hilt. She hadn’t known he’d record this; she hadn’t known there’d be elevator play; she hadn’t known there’d be spooge in her hair from the get go, but now she was suspended between doing anything to get out from under the onus of his displeasure and the excitement of just doing … anything … at his beck and call. With him, at first she’d been confidently dominant. Now she was definitely in submission, but an interesting spark of confidence was residing somewhere within.

At level 6 they let Granny Em’s party out and upon the doors’ crossing they laughed. He laughed and then, because he laughed she laughed. Her confidence wasn’t strong enough, it turns out, for her to laugh of her own.

When the doors opened again they turned right to search out room 705. He began recording again as she walked ahead of him. He realized they’d both forgotten her exposed twisted up bra. She fell back in stride with his intentions within about four steps or struts, and then she remembered her bra, too. Her best solution, for the rest of the hallway was to rotate the hooks around to the front, undo them, and then to carry it dangling lazily at her side. This way of walking made the hallway walk long enough to slip back into the mode and she brought her hand to her exposed belly and rubbed. Over the belly and into her top her hand explored. Jut the bottom of one gravid breast came uncovered from her top as her had stroked across the top of both. In the good light of the corridor he could see the color of areola through the old fabric. Those excited nipples must have had it in mind to wear the shirt threadbare. They arrived at the room and she turned while looking down into her purse to produce the card key. She striped the door and pressed in slowly, and he stopped recording as they went inside.

“Hmm, so why not record this?” She asked as she brought up her top all the way once they were inside the short hallway that made up the entryway to the suite.

“Well, we do have more getting ready to do and you need to put yourself back together for your atonement to have full effect. Here’s the bathroom,” he pointed. Unlike average hotel rooms this one featured a bathroom off of a modest living room, and a bedroom behind double doors on the other side. Sweet, a small suite! “Use the small mirror in there to fix up and I’ll be setting up in there.” He nodded to the bedroom doors and almost set off, but turned towards her, took her by the shoulders and planted a kiss on her lips. “Now remember, don’t clean your hair out.”

“Yes, sir.” They turned to their respective tasks. ‘Set up,’ she thought, ‘what needs to be set up?’ Then she realized what a surprise his introducing a camera to the situation had been. He’d told her Monday about much of what to expect tonight, but he’d also already sprung a couple of surprises on her tonight. So what else? She wouldn’t be surprised if he placed a camera in the bedroom, not now. She’s better be ready for the possibility that this could involve the internet. She thought of her plans for tomorrow night, ‘Oh, that will be juicy.’

While thinking on this she replaced her bra and straightened her shirt back out. IN the mirror she looked at her hair and realized, there, on the right, she could see some strands that had dried together. He also hadn’t told her about spunking up her hair, but right now it seemed like a relatively small concern, ‘let’s do this.’ She thought. She stepped back into her heels and stepped out of the bathroom. He had the bedroom doors closed, but it’s big glass panels, although lace curtained, allowed her to see his movements a bit. By the sofa there was a mini-fridge with honor bar instructions. She decided she needed a drink, “I’m going to have a vodka!” She called out.

“OK,” came the response, “I’ll be ready in just a moment.”

“Want something?”

“Nope.” Okay, nope it was. She pulled out one small bottle of vodka and thought about mixing it with one of the sodas. Instead she took the bottle in two small gulps. ‘OK, this will have to do.’

He opened the double doors to the bedroom and brought out something with him. It was so small it was hard to see in the palm of his hand. He looked close to her ear where he inserted the something, and then leaned back to see it in her ear from a distance. He explained that it was a subvocal that would let them talk when not together. He tapped her ear, stepped across the room and then heard him whisper in her ear through the device, “Tell me something.”

“How about… I have cum in my hair?”

“OK, well that’s excellent.” He chimed in again through the earpiece. “If you cannot see me and things are out of control, you can still hear me and call to me. Just don’t touch it. I’ll be there. Ready?”

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