Babysitting… Or Not

Large Cock

A call to babysit…for a Friday night! I’m supposed to be out having fun, I’m 21 years old! Instead I’m stuck watching two kids till past midnight. Fuck!

As Laura tries to make the best of her night, playing hide and seek, mystery games, barbies, watching movies, making dinner, bath time and putting the kids to bed, she feels horny.

I can’t do anything here, I mean, it’s not even my house, but I guess if the mood strikes…NO! I have work to do, I could be getting my paper done for school so I can go out tomorrow night instead, yes that’s a great idea!

But as she works on that paper, her hand finds its way between her legs, begging for her fingers to play. After hours of working on a paper, she decides to reward herself. Slipping her hand down her pants, and moving her panties to the side, she slowly moves her fingers around her already wet pussy.

I put my legs up on the table to allow better access to my pussy as I rubbed myself to orgasm, but I wasn’t satisfied, I needed to go again, but as I started rubbing myself again, the front door opened. SHIT I thought to myself, as Al, the father walked in the door.

He stops in his tracks, seeing me with my hand on my pussy.

“I’m so sorry, I, um, I thought I had more time, I just, My paper, I was distracted.”

I knew I was rambling, but what could I say, he had caught me red handed, or hand in pussy as I should say. I figured I deserved no pay, and was expecting him to ask me never to come back.

Al just stood there, stunned. He was upset his reliable babysitter was masturbating while his children slept upstairs, but yet this beautiful girl was in his kitchen, pussy right there. How could he utilize this. She was gorgeous.

“We need to make this problem go away,” Al said.

As I slipped my panties back on I began rambling again “Oh no pay absolutely, I’ll be gathering my stuff and be off.”

“No, I meant this problem” As he looked down, so did Escort İstanbul I, and saw a “problem” in his pants.

“Put your computer down, Laura.”

And so I did, as I stood there, embarrassed in his kitchen in only my t shirt and panties.

Al slowly walked over and bent down, removing my panties. I knew what was about to happen, and I didn’t mind, but still, this was wrong. I was a 5’10” girl, blonde, B cup breasts and a perfect little ass, 140 pounds, green eyed girl, about to sleep with this 6’2″ man, brown hair and eyes, I didn’t know what to do, so I stood there, frozen.

He stood up and threw my panties to the side. He picked me up, my pussy touching his crotch, and carried me to the stairs, up and to his bedroom. What do I do, let him have his way or join in?

He sat me down on the bed and closed to door. “Now, I have half a mind to not pay you at all, but I can see my children were well cared for, and this was technically your down time to do as you pleased, I just never thought it would be to please yourself. So, I think we have two options here, I either don’t pay you and you walk out the door now, free to please yourself as you want, or, you let me have my way with you as I please and I still pay you for your time. What’s it going to be?”

I sat there thinking, I’m a broke college kid what could I do. Plus, he wasn’t bad looking, and it might be kinda fun, and I do need the money.

“I’ll take the second option, please.”

“Good choice, now come sit on my face.”

As I watched him lay down, I walked over to him and looked down. This felt so weird, I had known this man for years, and now I was getting into his bed. He must have sensed it too, because he sat up and slowly kissed me first, then laid back down and motioned for me to get on him.

I hiked myself on the bed and on top of him and slowly sat down on his face, his arms wrapping around my legs, he dove into my pussy, face buried, İstanbul Escort Bayan tongue gliding across my slit. I Instantly gasped and sat up, but his arms brought me back down to him. I grabbed his arms and moaned, that felt so good. His tongue was perfect.

“Your gonna have to keep it down, don’t want those kids up and asking questions now do we?”

His tongue roams all over my pussy, exploring every inch, licking and sucking up all the juices I could ever produce. He is driving me wild, sticking his tongue inside my hot little hole, licking my clit and teasing my lips. I test the water and start riding his face, which he responds with a slight moan, and so I continue, bringing myself to an orgasm, at which he laps up all of me.

“You taste so delicious, I want to fuck you but I haven’t got enough of that pussy” So he pushes me off him and lays me down to go at me again, but i sit up and grab him, and he stops short.

“What, I need to kiss you to taste myself.”

So he passionately kisses me and our tongues intertwine, damn I taste good I thought.

He kisses down my neck, and sucks on my tits, then finds his way back down to my sweet spot and starts licking more and more, god this man is good. His tongue flicks my clit and swirls around my lips, diving in and out of my cunt. He brings me to another orgasm and laps it all up, attempting to lick me dry.

He stands up and takes off his pants, then picks me up and kisses me, wrapping my legs around him. he lays me back on the bed and gets on top of me kissing me more as her inserts his cock into my now throbbing pussy.

“I can’t tell you how long I have dreamed of this moment, never thought it would happen, but I’m going to fuck your brains out till you come begging for more you little slut. You’ll regret ever touching yourself in my kitchen, I’ll have you as mine before long.”

I moan into his ear and gasp as his 9 inch cock enters Anadolu Yakası Escort my body. He begins to thrust faster and faster, and I keep moaning into his ear. I can’t help but be loud, his body feels so good, I just want to scream.

“Ahhhhh oh my god right there, you feel so good!”

“I thought I told you to be quiet, you want to keep turning me on you little slut. This isn’t enough for you.”

He stands up and says “Doggy style now” so I get on all fours as he takes me from the back.

“Ahh, you’re so deep, so fucking deep. Keep going.”

“Since you can’t seem to shut up, tell me dirty things bitch”

“Mmmm oh shit, I love being a little slut, I just want your cock in me all day, I want to fucking come from your cock, I came from your tongue, I want to you blow your load deep in me.”

“Ahh shit I’m about to come, does that feel good bitch.”

He pounds me harder, faster, so deep I didn’t know a dick could be.

I feel an orgasm building, but can he hold off so we can come together.

“Mmmm fuck I want to orgasm, Fuck me please.”

“Come pretty little thing so i can come.”

“Right there, don’t stop what your doing, oh my god that feels so fucking good, your so deep ahhhhh oh my GOD! Fuuucccckkkkkkkk ahhhhhhh I’m gonna cum don’t stop don’t fucking stop Shit please fuck me make me cum fucking shiiittttt ahhhhhhhhhh I’m coming ahhhhhhhh!!”

I couldn’t help but scream, the man was a good fuck.

“Stand up, I’m gonna cum in your pretty little mouth.”

But I couldn’t, I couldn’t stand, the man had made me orgasm three times, plus the one from myself earlier, so I sat at the edge of the bed, him pumping his cock and cream hitting my face and I swallowed what he gave me. He then leaned over and cleaned me up, and got down on his knees and licked my pussy.

“No, please don’t” I said as I was too sensitive for even his tongue. He looked up and smiled, then kissed me gently. Your money is on the counter, and I’ll be expecting you next weekend, I have more shopping to do.” He smiled as he opened the bedroom door and watched me walk out.

I had plans to cancel for next weekend, this man needed me, and it was clear I needed him. Until then, I had dreams.

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