Back to His Little Girl


This is a fiction concerning a Dd/Lg relationship and dynamic between two consenting adults (not actually father and daughter so no incest is consumed here) that I wrote some time ago for a very special L/g whom I will be always grateful to for having giving me the chance to explore this particular side of my fantasies and desires.


As it was going towards the sunset, the day had been quite long for Ari, but she was feeling satisfied for what she could accomplish until then. After a long time, she had gone back to the chalet and everything was now clean and ready to be used if she wished to. Did she wish to be there, though? Ari was still very happy of the place, so conveniently located at not more than 10 minutes of walking from the road where she had to leave the car, but so immersed in the depths of the forest that everyone could tell it was lost in the mountains. And the little lake just in front of it was so beautiful, especially at sunset when the reddish peaks around could be seen mirrored in the calm water. Yes, it was beautiful and she was very happy of the place, only that…

The last time she had been there was by the end of the winter; the snow was still covering most of the slopes around and no leaves were on the trees yet. The days had been a bit foggy and quite cold, but nothing of it could have taken the many big smiles away from her lips. Her daddy was with her and with him there she would have needed nothing but him to warm her, in every possible way. Those had been wonderful days and she still remembered her little cries of joy and giggles that constantly broke the silence of the place. And more special cries too. Her daddy had taken her in every possible way, giving her incredible feelings that now she could not even remember all together; even if it had not been for the first time, she had felt in his complete control and she had been feeling so happy to be able to give all of herself to him, opening to him like a flower and, like a flower, giving him the nectar and the juice from her most secret places. And, she had to admit with a big smile on her lips, all her pleasure too.

The last time they were together had been only a few months ago, but Ari was feeling like it was years. Sometimes, though, it looked like it was just a couple of hours since he had left and actually she could feel the impatient tingling in her stomach that waiting for her daddy always gave her; exactly as if he could enter the door at every minute; or hug her from behind and hold her tight, while she could relax in his strong arms, his deep voice whispering softly in her ears, making her feel safe and cuddled and in perfect harmony; and knowing he always had something in mind, just for her.

Something she was so deeply missing now.

“Damn work! Damn! Damn work!!” she repeated loudly while going out towards the lake, thinking of the long trip her daddy had to take right after those last winter days spent in the chalet. So far away, in another continent, with limited communications and no date for his return: the perfect recipe to make her anxious and abandoned and to miss him so badly that in some way it was making her feel angry; and, with the anger, the thought that all was his fault was insinuating into her mind. This was not something she could allow to happen, though. “No, it’s not his fault. Daddy’s good with me. He’s always been. I’m just a bad girl thinking this way. Damn work!”

A tear was slowly falling on her cheek and, as usual, she was forcing to hold back the impulse of wiping it with her hand. It had always been Daddy to wipe her tears when she was crying, most of times just for silly things, so she did not want to accept the fact that his hand was not there now for her nor he was there to comfort and soothe her. Her vision blurred even more, while the sunset was making the lake and the mirrored mountains an explosion of red and purple colors she could barely see.

Suddenly, her heart skipped more than one beat as she felt the back of a hand grazing her cheek; she tried to turn and see who had come so close without her even noticing it, but a strong arm was now holding her firm, facing the lake, hugging her as her daddy so many times had done before, right there, right in this way.

But how could it be possible?

“Daddy?” she croaked, unable to speak, unable to realize it was not true and the man who was now holding her was not her daddy and surely was someone who would have meant nothing good to her.

For an instant the fear growing inside her was so strong she could feel the jolts of adrenaline in her bloodstream. She wanted to turn and look into the eyes of her attacker, she wanted to run, she wanted to fight; she wanted Daddy…

“Sorry I did not tell you I was back, sweet one. I had an unexpected chance to get a four weeks leave from work and I wanted to make you a surprise, I did not mean to… ” he started talking, realizing the fear that his sudden apparition had caused to her and trying in this way to reassure her.

She seemed not understanding Gaziantep Escort Reklamları for an instant that looked like a lifetime; finally he turned her to face him and, as soon they could see him, her eyes were one more time full of tears and her voice completely gone. No fear this time, nor loneliness or missing feelings, just pure joy and that special warmth that in so many years only Daddy had been able to give her.

“Dad—dy! You are here! You are really… here”.

And more tears came. She was unable to stop them.

“Shhh, Sweet one. Yes, I am here and you know how much this is the place I want to be. I’ve been missing you so much. Hush now, it’s all right” he told her while his hug deepened and his lips urgently moved to hers, and a long deep kiss cancelled in an instant the last four months, taking them back to those days of March when she still had to see him entering the boarding gate at Boston International Airport. And not turning back while slowly walking towards his plane.

“You’ve done a wonderful job, Ari. All is clean and tidy and it looks like we never left this place” he said, keeping her hand in his while watching around in the four rooms little chalet.

All was at its place, all perfectly clean. The bright colors of the curtains, with so many flowers on them that matched the covers upon the bed, were perfect for the place; they were perfect for Ari and he loved all that could remember him of Ari. “Yes, a wonderful job, but I had no doubts you would have kept it perfect” he repeated with a teasing smile as he seated down on the couch, inviting her to come and sit in his lap.

She did it and, since she knew she had to do it, she did it letting her legs slightly open so that her daddy could easily access to her if he wished. She knew he did wish that indeed and a big smile crossed her face when she heard his next words “now I think it is time to check something else; is that as much perfect as I remember, sweet one?”

The next thing she felt were his lips on hers, his tongue forcing his way between them and his warm hand climbing up on her thighs, easily finding her special spots since she did not wear panties under her skirt. It was urging, but he was in complete control. And she was opening to him again.

She was dripping wet. One of the things he always had loved more in her was the easiness with which she could get wet and ready for him. This time it seemed to him it was even more, but maybe, he thought, it was just his need after so many months. Or hers. And a big grin spread on his lips as he pulled back a little, watching her beautiful face enlighted by desire and pleasure as his fingers were having their way in her warm little pussy.

“You know you’re not allowed to cum, yet?” he said, as the little gasps coming from her throat were starting to deepen and the muscles around his fingers throbbing in a more steady way.

“mmmmm, yes Daddy, I know it, but it is not easy, ohhhh mmmm Dadd-y” she said, biting her lower lip as he had grazed her clit, almost driving her over the edge, her hips unconsciously moving towards him, searching for more, “besides, if you do that one more time, I’ve not to be blamed if I … ohhhhhhhhh”.

Yes, he had done it one more time and she was so close now, the force of a so needed and longed orgasm building into her as a summer storm, a little trembling starting from within and expanding in every cell of her body… but some more biting of her lip, and the perfect timing he had ceased to stimulate her, allowed her to stop right at few instants before the inevitable.

Because she knew it was inevitable. And the little pout she wanted to make as to beg him to let her have her full pleasure, instantly disappeared in the moment he lifted her from his lap and positioned her on the couch, upon her hands and knees and with her wonderful little bum raised in the air.

“yes, sweet one, Daddy will make you cum now. You know me, I would love to play more with you, but I think you deserve a “welcome back” gift today. So, more special plays will have to wait for later” he softly said to her as he slowly pushed a couple of very wet fingers into her bumhole.

As soon as the tip of the finger curved down inside her, finding her G-spot behind the thin throbbing wall, the previously stopped orgasm, like magic, was back to her, growing from that little place inside her and spreading to her upper belly, to her nipples, to her mouth and to her legs; a long tremble started to slowly shake her as deeper moans escaped from her mouth.

The moment his tongue reached her labia and clit, he knew one more time he had done a good job to her and she was so amazing in this. Few seconds of licking and she had no more control on her: deep synchronized contractions were everywhere in her inner muscles as he could perfectly feel on his fingers still buried into her; squirts of warm liquid came out from her pussy at each contraction and long inarticulate cries accompanied each pulsating throb.

It was a long good one. A needed one too.

Back on Daddy’s lap, Ari relaxed, her breathe slowly starting to get back to normal. She was feeling a bit sticky between her legs and on her skin. For how much she was happy that her daddy loved her squirty orgasms, she always felt a bit ashamed by the dripping mess they could make of her. She had told this to her daddy, but he had dismissed it saying something that sounded like “nonsense”. She wondered why he liked this so much, though. Girls must be clean and nicely scented, not covered in their cum. But well, as long this pleased her daddy, it was fine.

As if he could read into her mind, he turned to her, put a soft kiss on her lips and, while lifting her up to her feet, said “You’ve been wonderful, Ari. Daddy loves your pleasure and you know what a wonderful gift is an orgasm of yours. And this one was really a wonderful special gift to me. Well, sweet one, I reckon you will be eager to give some more gift to your daddy today, and you can see how much I want you now… I just think you need to have a quick rinse and then we’ll see what we can do to accomplish that”.

And raising her from the ground and putting her across his shoulder as she happily pretended some giggling protest, they went to the bathroom.

The bathroom of the chalet was not big, nevertheless it had everything needed and at hand. Most of all, the shower box was quite big and had enough space to let Ari and her daddy to stay inside together. They have enjoyed many special times in that place and both of them always grinned happily when they remembered that. He gently put her down from his shoulder where she had been resting for a little while, telling him with a happy giggle to stop being so rude and to immediately put her down. It was not true of course and she was only pretending her indignation, since, after so much time, the last thing she wanted was to leave the contact with her daddy, or to stop feeling his scent, so close now and so intimately wrapping her. For how much uncomfortable was to stay in that position, straddled upon his shoulder, she felt like that was the most wonderful place to be. He perfectly knew that, but it was not time to exceed in games and there were nicer things to do than strolling his little girl on his shoulder around the house; so he put her down in the middle of the room and went to the faucet to switch the water flow on and to choose the right temperature for it.

Then he turned to her: “Have I told you lately how lovely you are, Ari?”

A little pout started to materialize on her lips as she pretended some degree of deep indignation: “I think you’ve not had much time for your little girl in the last months, Daddy, and even less to tell me compliments” she retorted to him.

She knew it had been a mistake to say all this the very instant the last word came out from her mouth. She did not mean that, she just wanted to pretend to be angry and to be considered for a bit in this way at his eyes, but a quick glance at his face told her that what she had just said was not at all amusing him, nor nice or right. His eyes suddenly saddened and a brief light of anger flickered in them in a quick succession. But he kept his control.

He always did so. It amazed Ari at times to realize how much difficult and close to the verge of impossibility was to make her daddy to lose his control, even in the days she had shown her most perfect examples of brattiness. He would have taken charge of the matter, disciplined and punished her if needed, but he never ever would have lost his control with her. At the beginning, she had thought for some time that this thing would have made it impossible for him to be a daddy in full charge of her. At times it had even seemed to her he was a bit weak to be considered as a 100% daddy. She was wrong. More she knew him, more she could understand he was everything but weak and every move he took with her was never the fruit of a momentary impulse, but always deliberate and well thought in advance. For her good sake. Or for his (and her) pleasure. More she had known him in the following months, more she would have known not only he was perfect as a daddy, but that he was the perfect daddy for her.

His words were plain and clear as he slowly spoke to her: “Do you really think I’ve been happy to be so many months away to work on that project and not being able to be with you, nor touching you and not even seeing you through the net since that damn connection was almost always off?”

His face was calm, though still quite grimy as he continued: “Do you really think I’ll be happy to leave you again to get back there when I’ve finished this time off? If you think so, I am afraid you’ve understood nothing of me. I would be quite a bit surprised if it is so, though; so I’d like to take this as you were just wanting to show a bit off, Ari. Is it that so?”.

Ari diverted her eyes from him and started to bite nervously her lower lip and to watch quite intently the tip of her fingers, as if something very interesting had materialized there, then she answered with a little voice: “Oh Daddy, you know, it was not what I thought… it’s just that I’ve been missing you so much in all this time that at times I felt I was getting crazy. I was so afraid you could not get back and … and…”

She was not able to finish her sentence while she buried her face into her hands and little sobs escaped from her throat. Looking at her, the sadness in his eyes softened while a veil of tenderness came to his face and his lips turned in something that had every resemblance with a smile.

“What have I to do with you, Ari?”

“I do not know, Daddy…” she sighed again “I just want you to be always with me and to let me feel how much you love me and you want to take care of me”.

“Hush, sweet one. You know that even if sometimes I am far away, this does not mean I’ve left you or that I can’t take care of you or worse. I am your daddy and you know daddies do everything they can for their little girls. And more, at times. Come here, Ari. Until one minute ago, I really wanted to punish you for what you said to me before, and probably I still should, but I guess it is not time for punishment now, besides the fact my little girl had quite a bit of emotions lately. Today I want it to be a nice day for you, since I came back and we have some good days ahead of us. I need to have good times too and I rarely can get good times if I have to punish you, do you know that, Ari?”.

A faint of a smile appeared on her lips as her eyes slowly got back towards him “Yes, Daddy… I know that. I was not a good little girl in saying what I said and I do not want you to feel bad for me either. I just wish I could do something to make you forgive me”.

“You have not to do anything, sweet one, for now at least” he said with a grin, now undoubtedly wider “let’s undress you and then have a little shower”; with this words he started to remove her clothes and in a little time she was standing naked in front of him.

The steam coming from the shower had filled the little room and he stayed for a bit staring in the mist, contemplating the incredible sight of her naked beauty, partially covered by this thin layer of fog and one more grin came to his lips as his only thought was “damn me, how come I love this little one so much?”.

She stepped towards the shower and was almost ready to enter the box when she glanced at him over her shoulder, a little blush reddening her cheeks: “oh, Daddy, before I shower I think I should pee” and she started to move towards the potty.

He considered for a bit to let her go, but then he just waived with his hand and told her: “Yes, sweet one, but for this time you could pee standing in the shower; I think it would be quite warming for me to see that”.

“Ok Daddy, I will do that, then” and she entered the box, slightly blushing.

The temperature of the water was hot at first impact, but after a few instants it was absolutely bearable and she enjoyed for a bit the feeling of the thousands little drops hitting her sensitive skin. During the long months her daddy was away, many times she had enjoyed the feeling of the warm water rubbing her skin, imagining it was her daddy to do that and then the spray of the manual shower almost always ended up to massage the soft folds of her cunny and then… mmmm, yes, she could feel her daddy in that way, even if it was not the same as it was now. Because he was there now, watching her and giving her that special mixture of shyness and excitement she always felt when she was watched so intimately and from so close too.

She could feel his wants too and this gave her another feeling: this tasted of some kind of fear and anticipation as well. He would have taken her soon, but she never knew the exact moment and in what way. He was always so imaginative and could be hard and gentle at the same time. He knew how to do and she knew that was always good for her. Her cunny started tingling and she turned towards him while slowly squatting, spreading her legs and showing to him her perfectly shaven pussy. With a swift movement of her wrist, she placed a couple of fingers right at the edges of her big labia and slightly opened them. She knew he could see her better this way and anyway this was how she had been instructed to do; so, even if she could feel the warmth in her cheeks increase, all this seemed quite natural for her. Her warm pee started to flow. She really needed that, so the flow was steady for a long moment until it finished with few little spurts. At that moment she got up again and watched him. She could see his excitement. She could feel his excitement as it was part of him. And now part of her too. She wanted that and she wanted it badly. Too much time had passed.

He had undressed now and she could see his body through the mist that was still increasing and filling the room even more than before. He was exactly like she had remembered, toned and in good shape: her daddy. He entered the box and took the natural marine sponge that was laying upon the shelf. He put some shower soap upon it and started to rub her. He did not say anything, but to her every stroke on her body sounded like the words “I want you”.

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