Badlands Skies


Dawne and Jay were best friends in high school. It only seemed natural since their parents were friends and had been for years. The families spent a lot of time together so it was easy to see why they were such good friends.

Their high school years were spent doing a lot of hard partying. Days spent skipping school to spend time at the lake, hanging at Dawne’s house with their friends. Weekends found them partying at the high school football games or just heading out on the back roads booze cruisin’.

These two were always together, even sleeping off a rough night at one or the others house. They had the reputation of being the ones who would rather party than waste time at school. Not that either one were lazy bums. They both held jobs in high school, making enough money to support their habits. They worked hard, but played even harder.

After graduation, they went their separate ways. Jay to a university about 400 miles away and Dawne to a community college near home. They kept in touch and got together every time they could to carry on the partying.

Dawne had dated a kid since high school and soon she moved out to be with him where he was going to college.

Jay was never much of a ladies’ man in HS. He never really dated anyone until he was a senior. She was one who Jay’s friends had said was out of his league. About 5’5″, 110 lbs, brunette hair, and a pair of firm tits that were to die for. They ended up dating until the summer after his senior year.

The next 2 years, Jay spent partying at the university, making a name and reputation there. He hated it there, other than the party scene. He had always wanted to be near the mountains and loved the outdoors.

Eventually, he moved out to Montana to the same town as Dawne and her boyfriend. They would get together, do the bar scene or spent nights partying at various friends houses. Dawne was working as a hairstylist and introduced Jay to the new girl, Jodi, at the salon. Initially, there was no chemistry between them. They considered themselves friends, nothing more. One night, in a booze fueled haze, they hooked up. What was going to be a one night stand, turned into dating and eventually an engagement.

Dawne and her boyfriend also got engaged and were married the summer before Jay and Jodi did. Jodi was a bridesmaid in the wedding. All these years, Jay had thought of Dawne as just a friend. When she walked down the aisle on her wedding day, he found himself confronted with feelings he never knew existed.

He quickly began wondering how he had spent his high schools with this woman, and never realized how truly beautiful she was. At 5’2″, 105 lbs and auburn hair, she looked like a goddess in her wedding dress. He couldn’t help but stare as she walked to the altar. Her hair flowed down her back and only accentuated her soft supple skin on her back.

Dawne was a bridesmaid in Jodi’s wedding and the couples remained in touch as they moved into their new lives. They got together every chance they could. They both were happily married and soon started families of their own.

Several years later, Dawne and Wade went through a very rough divorce. It turns out that there were things going on their marriage that neither Jodi or Jay were aware of.

Following the divorce, Dawne started dating a guy she had met while in high school. Ty and Dawne were soon married and blessed with a little girl of their own. It turns out that this marriage was not ideal either. Dawne moved back to her hometown and spent alternating weekends there or at her husband’s house.

Jodi and Dawne had remained best friends. They got together whenever they could. The first 15 years of Jay and Jodi’s marriage was anything but roses. Their 1st child was born 2 months premature and this saddled them with a huge amount of bills but they wouldn’t have changed it for the world. They seemed to get dealt some rough cards but they always played the hand they were dealt.

After 3 beautiful kids, they became pregnant with a 4th but Jodi miscarried in her 4th month. This devastated both of them. There were complications associated with this miscarriage and the stress began to overwhelm them. They began fighting more and more. The hurt kept building between them.

Soon they found themselves on the verge of separation. They were not ready to give up on their marriage and family. They went to counseling and were trying to work things out. It got better but the passion was gone. Sex became more of a chore than an act of love. If they had it twice a month, that seemed to be frequent.

Jay began reaching out to his old high school friend Dawne for advice. She and Jodi were still best friends and held no secrets between each other. Dawne was very open and honest with Jay about her thoughts on the situation. She gave him several ideas on how to spark the flame between him and Jodi again.

Over the course of a couple months, Jay tried every suggestion Dawne had made. Sending “just because” flowers, massages (without trying to turn them into sex), rose Gaziantep Anal Escort petal and candle lit baths. The passion was slowly starting to come back but it was hit and miss.

Jay was so confused by the roller coaster of it all that he was at the end of his rope. One night would be so filled with passion that he couldn’t believe it. Then, it was days or weeks before anything would happen. Dawne made the suggestion of bringing toys into the bedroom. Jay had suggested this to Jodi in the past but was always shot down. This time, he figured there was nothing left to lose so he went ahead and bought a vibrator for her. That night, when he brought it out, she was very apprehensive and unable to relax enough to really enjoy the moment.

She told Jay that she really didn’t think she’d ever be able to relax enough to get comfortable with the idea. He suggested that she try using it herself and just experimenting with it, try to find what feels best, and where. She really didn’t mix any words when she told him that wouldn’t be happening.

Dawne and Jay kept discussing things via text messages. It wasn’t long until Dawne began sharing her most intimate thoughts with Jay. He in turn began sharing his as well. She told him about her own use of vibrators and how she would masturbate whenever she had time away from her young family. He told her about his college days and the fun he had. they shared details that he would have never imagined sharing with anyone, let alone his wife’s best friend.

It wasn’t long until the conversations turned to thoughts about the possibilities of a relationship with each other. jay had often thought of how he’d like to take Dawne and show her the passion she was missing. he longed to take her in his arms, carry her to his bed and make love to her in ways she had never experienced.

He wanted to strip her clothes off, kiss her passionately and plant gentle kisses over every inch of her body. He told her how he wanted to caress her nipples, gently sucking them and rolling them between his tongue and teeth. He wanted to kiss his way down to her thighs, drinking in her heavenly scent.

he desperately wanted to spread her legs, and see her glistening pussy and swollen clit. Jay had always loved eating pussy and couldn’t wait to have a taste of the heaven between her legs.

He loved to lick it from one end to the other, gently sucking her clit. She had already told him how getting her pussy licked drove her absolutely wild. He wanted to drive his tongue as far as he could into her, searching for her g-spot.

She told him that she loved to suck cock. Her biggest turn-on was watching her man cum all over her face and tits while she was giving him head. Jay hadn’t gotten head like that since college. Jodi was never interested in giving oral but man did she love receiving it!!

Every chance they got, they were texting. Discussing the images they both had in their heads. Dawne had sparked a passion in Jay that had long since gone out. When Jay would see Dawne, her eyes would pierce right through to his soul, stirring him into a sexual frenzy that he could not act on. Even though they had shared their most intimate thoughts with each other, it wasn’t uncomfortable when they got together. Even with their spouses around, they would laugh and joke, talking of high school times and the fun they had.

Jay and Jodi’s relationship continued to struggle. The fights seemed to be less frequent, but the cold shoulder lasted longer in between each time. Dawne and Jay kept in touch frequently. It was inevitable what happened next.

After several months of texting back n forth between Jay and Dawne, it was inevitable. Their kids were up in the same rodeo.

Dawne was parked near Jays trailer. It didn’t take long for the conversation to turn into raw passion. Jay took her in his arms, kissed her long and deep. He started fondling her breasts, something he had longed to do for years. The kids were warming up horses and getting ready behind the chutes.

Dawne and Jay were visiting at the trailer while their spouses went to the concession area. She tried to resist the feelings that were overcoming her. Her mind kept telling her this, was wrong. But her body defied her. She was lost in the moment.

Jay and Dawne were lost in the moment and in each other’s arms. As they kissed passionately, she trailed her fingers down his toned body. She loved the feel of his strong arms embracing her. She worked her way to his, waist. He inhaled deeply as her fingers found the waistband of his jeans.

Her manicured nails felt amazing as they lightly grazed his stomach. She slowly worked her hands farther down and slipped them under the, waist of his jeans. She could feel his heat rising from his public area. She was somewhat shocked that he was she’d completely smooth, except for a small patch, right above the base of his now rock-hard cock.

She unzipped his jeans and his huge cock sprang out from the restraint of his jeans. She took it in her hands and gently caressing it, began stroking him. His girth and length surprised her. Jody had said he was big but she really wasn’t prepared for this.

As she continued stroking him, his hand found its way to her swollen clit. She was so wet already that he had no problem sliding one of his large fingers inside her. He seemed to know exactly how to touch her. He quickly found her g spot and, began working it feverishly, with the palm of his hand rubbing and pressing on her clit.

He ran his hand underneath her t-shirt and slowly worked his way up, across her silky smooth skin to her breasts. With one hand gently caressing her ample breasts, he undid her lacy bra with nimble fingers. He pulled her shirt up, exposing the most exquisite pair of firm tits he had seen in a long time. Her pink nipples jutted out and were hard as hell. He quickly lowered his head and took one in his mouth. She moaned in pleasure at the feeling of his moist mouth on her, his tongue dancing and playing with her nipple.

He worked his way over to the other nipple and she was in heaven. His hand slid down and slipped easily inside her jeans. He could almost feel her wetness before he ever reached her pussy. Her knees were so weak that if he hadn’t been holding her, she’d fallen. He had her right on the edge when they heard them coming back from the concessions. Laughing and carrying on. They quickly dressed again, Just as the door opened.

They did their best to act as if nothing g happened but as flushed as they both were, it wasn’t easy. The rest of the day went by quickly, with them stealing knowing glances at each other.

Back at Jay and Jodi’s house after the rodeo, they all sat around visiting n watching TV. The kids were all playing out in the yard, roping goats and just raising cane like kids do. Jay could hardly keep his eyes off of Dawne. She had come home after the rodeo, showered n put on a tight neon yellow t shirt and shorts. The shirt left little to the imagination. …not that he had to use his imagination after earlier today!

Jody and Dawne stayed up visiting after Jay went to bed. He lay there thinking the things he would like to do with Dawne. He couldn’t get those ideas out of his head. He finally fell asleep just shortly before Jody came in. Jody showered n came to bed. She snuggled in next to Jay and wrapped her arms around him. She ran her fingers up and down his arm

He pretended to be asleep while she gently caressed his arm and chest. Slowly her hand worked its way down to his cock. She gently played with it and brought it to life. He was growing in her hands and it felt amazing

She started kissing him on his neck, down to his chest. The sweet perfume was tickling his senses. It was a different scent than she was wearing earlier. she continued kissing him down his chest towards his ever – hardening prick

As she reached his cock, she slowly teased the length of his shaft were her tongue. Jay shuddered in excitement. This was completely out of character for Jodi. She rarely went down on jay , and especially without him asking for it.

As she neared the tip of his shaft with her tongue, she looked into Jays eyes. It was then he realized that it wasn’t Jodi. It was Dawne going down on him!!.

“Jesus Christ Dawne! What the hell are you doing?? Where’s Jodi?” She just laughed n told him to relax n enjoy the experience!

He tried to resist but her mouth felt so damn good! Jesus this woman knew what to do when it came to giving head! She licked him from the base of his shaft to the tip. Her tongue darted on the underside of his cock. She took his full length into her warm, wet mouth. When she reached the base of his cock with her lips, she used her tongue to gently tease the full length of him.

She was able to take him all in with no gag whatsoever. Her eyes, my god her eyes, were locked onto his! She bobbed her head up and down, slowly stroking him with her hand. She was gently fondling his balls, lightly tugging at times. Every once in awhile, she would take him out of her mouth. She was sucking so hard that when she did, he could hear the “pop” as she released him. She would gently lick his nuts and occasionally suck them into her mouth. Jay was in heaven.

He hadn’t gotten head like this since college. She worked him into the most intense orgasm he had experienced in years. She let him start cumming in her mouth n then pulled out to take some on her face. She took him back into her mouth and milked every last drop from him with her tongue, swallowing it all. She used her tongue to lick the dripping cum from the corner of her mouth, never once taking her eyes off his.

As Jay lay there basking in the glow of the most amazing blow job he’d had in years, his mind raced. “How the hell did Dawne get in here without Jodi knowing? And for that matter, where was Jodi? ” After awhile he drifted off to sleep.

He woke up to Jodi lying next to him and the sun just starting to peek thru the blinds. He stared at the ceiling thinking back to last night. It still didn’t seem real. Jodi stirred and snapped him back to the present time. He wrapped his arms around her and held her, her back pressed to his chest. She turned her head sideways in an effort to give him a kiss. He kissed her softly on the lips. He lay there, just holding her.

Jodi reached back and gently trailed her fingertips along the side of his leg. She had always the feel of his body. Strong and comfortable. To her, this man was the epitome of sexy. When they had first met, the first thing she noticed were his eyes. It wasn’t the color so much that she noticed. It was how kind and gentle his eyes were. She could tell, just by his eyes, that he was a very loving man. But now, those eyes didn’t hold the same gentle look. They were harder, more distant. Where had this all gone? What happened over the years to steal that?

Jay soon got out of bed and started his day. He put coffee and grabbed an orange from the fridge. After downing a quick cup of coffee, out the door he went.

He headed to the barn to get chores done before he got ready for work. With the calves and horses fed and watered, he started for the house. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Dawne’s husband walking down the drive. Ty wasn’t a big man but years of hard work had definitely put some size to his frame. The pace at which he was walking led jay to think he was upset about something.

When Ty reached Jay, he just asked if he needed help with anything before he took off. Ty was acting as if he knew nothing about what happened last night. Did he really not know? Where was he at then?

They visited for awhile and Jay excused himself to go get ready for work. Once back at the house, he quickly downed one more cup of coffee and headed to his bedroom. He hadn’t noticed Dawne sitting on the couch earlier. Dressed in just a thin nighty, he damn sure noticed her now! She just gave him a big smile, winked and licked her lips as he made his way past. He could barely muster a simple “good morning” to her.

Jodi was still asleep so jay shaved, jumped in the shower and got ready to go. Being a welder, it’s not like he had to look good but he always felt better with a fresh shave and shower. He gave Jodi a quick kiss on the forehead but she didn’t even stir.

He came home late that night after a long day working in the oilfields. The oil field jobs paid like a slot machine but the hours left a bit to be desired. They would call u on location and you would get about 2 hrs of welding in. Then you would just sit for an hour or 2 waiting for the crew to get the next stuff ready. This would be the course of a minimum 12 hr day. At least he was being paid for the full 12 hrs, welding or not. By the end of the week, he was shot.

Friday nights typically found him asleep by 9, usually in his recliner. When he got home, there was nobody around. He tried to think if there was something happening that he was supposed to be at. He couldn’t think of anything though.

He went in to the bedroom, got undressed for a shower and grabbed a pair of gym shorts n t shirt. When he walked into the bathroom, taped to his mirror, was a short note and Jodi’s wedding ring! The note simply said “can’t do it anymore. I’m leaving.”

Jay sank to his knees and cried. All these years, gone like that. Even though things had been going to hell for awhile, this just seemed to make it real. He finally pulled himself together enough to get in the shower. He just sat in there until the water was ice cold. He got dried off, dressed and decided a long walk may do him some good, despite being absolutely exhausted.

He just went walking out across the pasture, his mind a flurry of thoughts. Was this the end? What was the final straw? What about their kids? Where had she gone?

It was well past dark when he finally turned around for home. He walked in the door, sank into the recliner and soon fell asleep. He woke the next morning, wondering if it was all just a dream. He walked into his bathroom and the ring and note were right there near the sink where he had left them.

He checked his cell phone. Five new messages. He opened them up…not a one from Jodi. Two were from work, wondering if he could do a “small” job today. The rest were from Dawne. She had talked to Jodi and knew she left him. She told him that Jodi and the kids went to her sister’s house.

She offered her sympathies and offered her help in trying to sort things out. Her last txt message caught him by surprise. It had come in about an hour before he woke up. It simply said “on my way. I think I can help you get your mind off this for awhile.”

An hour ago? She’d b here within a half hour. What the hell was he gonna do? Should he let her in? Should he leave? He locked the doors and decided to act like he wasn’t home.

He heard Dawne pull into the yard. He lay in his bed, hoping she would leave. She knocked on the door but he didn’t answer. She called his name but he remained in his room. It was then he heard the door open. Shit! He’d forgotten that Jodi gave her a set of keys quite awhile ago. Dawne called his name and said “I know you are here. Your welding truck is in the drive.”

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