Balls Out Party


“Hey, little Brother,” my Sister Marie said when I finally got the phone away from my younger sister, Angie, “Listen, there’s a party up here this weekend at the house this Saturday, there’ll be free beer and I can make sure you get in the door, wanna come?”

“Yeah,” I said, a party at my Sister’s sorority house sounded like a blast – especially when I imagine all the hot coeds running around a sorority, “I’ll be there, what time?”

Sis filled me in on all the details like time, where to park, etc, and then she started giggling like crazy, “Oh, little Brother,” she said with a little laugh, “one more thing… there’s a theme to this party: it’s called a balls out party…”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “balls out! Hell yeah! We’ll party like crazy!”

“No.. no, you don’t understand,” she said teasingly, as though she were explaining some deep complicated adult subject to a kindergartener, “I mean it’s balls out – literally. All the guys have to walk around with their balls hanging out their fly.”

Well, of course I laughed at that. “Yeah, right,” I snickered, “you’d really invite your own brother to that kind of a party! Nice try Sis… thanks for playing your little joke on me, but I’m sorry it’s not gonna work.”

“No, really,” she insisted, “I mean it. The frat guys always make us flash our tits to get into their parties and so we decided to get even. To get in, you have to come to the door with your balls hanging out of your pants. Any guy caught in the party without his balls out us girls are gonna tease and humiliate… and it’ll be bad, too. I suggest you take me seriously or don’t come.”

“You’re not gonna freak out if I’m walking around with my balls hanging out? I don’t know anyone there and I was thinking if I went up we’d hang a little…”

“Nah,” she replied, “believe me I’ve seen lots of balls… one more set isn’t going to be any big deal. Besides, us girls get pretty wild… you’ll probably see a fair amount of me too, but it’s no big deal if we don’t make it one.”

Holy shit, I thought, I might see my Sister’s tits. Then I thought about all the other coeds getting wild and drinking, getting horny surrounded by hanging ballsacks… Hey, this party was definitely going to be the place to be. I agreed to go and that we’d both be cool with whatever we saw, and Sis made me promise to come alone – she didn’t want to be blamed for the party getting crashed by a bunch of high school kids. I promised.

Saturday came and I set out for the party, handing my folks a line about camping out that weekend. They thought I camped a lot… hehehe… Anyhow, it was a four hour drive to Sis’s college town, and I got there just in time. I was starving, and needed to get out of that car. I was hoping they’d have some snacks or something to go with all that booze, but mostly I was excited to see all the hot chicks. I parked where Sis had said and walked the rest of the way to the Sorority House. When I got to the stoop I waited outside a little bit to make sure my Sis wasn’t playing a trick on me, and after I saw a couple college guys walk up, nonchalantly yank their balls out of their pants, and then knock on the door, I knew she’d been telling the truth. It felt creepy sitting their spying on other dudes but I damn sure wasn’t knocking on a sorority house door with my balls hanging out unless I was totally sure I wasn’t being tricked.

Grudgingly, I pulled by balls out of my pants, carefully arranging them so they hung at least somewhat comfortably from my fly, without exposing my cock – just as I’d seen the other guys do. Nervously, I knocked on the door and waited a second, until a very hot, busty brunette dressed in skin tight designer jeans and a little crop top, with perfect hair and makeup answered the door.

“Hi,” she said with a grin, openly checking out my balls hanging out, and I had to fight the stirrings of a boner. “Nice sack… c’mon in,” she said, and waved me in. Once inside, she put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a brief pointing tour of the house. “Over there is the kitchen, the keg is in there. There’s a bathroom down that hall, and in the basement. It’s $4 for a cup, all you can drink. Want one?”

“Yeah,” I said, fishing for my cash. I brought out the $4 and she smiled altyazılı porno as she took it, handing me a cup, still openly ogling my balls.

Just as I was about to leave she said, “Oh, one more thing…”


She smiled, stepped forward, and cupped my balls in her hand, gently giving them a squeeze, causing me to jump a little. She hugged me close letting me feel the soft curves of her very sexy body, and said, “By the way, all the girls at the party can grab any guy’s balls anytime they like, house rules…”

“I… I see,” I stammered in reply.

“Have fun,” she said, releasing me and stepping back just as I was thinking about grabbing her ass or trying to kiss her, or both.

“You too,” I said, shot down.

Oh well, I thought, and headed for the kitchen. I got some munchies and filled my glass a few times before I started to wander around. Man, this place was crawling with honeys…

So there I was sucking down beers going for that quick buzz, and eating some munchies when I felt another college babe squeeze up against me, from behind this time, and gently cup my balls in her hand. God! This party was gonna be off the hook! As I struggled not to get a boner I decided to introduce myself.

“Hi,” I said, trying to be suave and cool…

“Hi back, little Brother,” the girl said.

Fuck! My own sister was groping my balls! I was so shocked by it that I spit beer out my nose and poured about half my cup in my shirt as I rapidly pulled away from her.

“Jesus Christ, Marie,” I yelled. “What the fuck!”

She just giggled madly and pointed at me. Great… she was hammered. “All of the girls can grab ANY guy’s balls anytime she wants to,” she slurred, “house rules…”

“So I heard,” I grumbled, truthfully less upset by her grabbing my nuts than at being soaked in beer and looking like a dork. Actually, the part with her holding my nuts was nice… when I thought she was one of the other college babes.

“Relax, little Brother,” she said with a smile, “no one saw…”

“Yeah, I guess,” I said, “but now I’m all soaked with beer.”

“’Sokay,” she slurred, “c’mon up to my room… I did some of my boyfriend’s shirts with my laundry, maybe they’ll fit…”

So I followed her up to her room, which from the look of it she must’ve shared with another girl, since sis was always a rock n roll gal, and this room looked a little too girly for her. Sorta half Alice In Chains, half Alice In Wonderland. Weird. Plus, there were bunk beds.

Once inside Sis got down on her hands and knees and was rooting through her laundry basket. As she did, I just couldn’t help but stare at her shapely ass. I’d been caught doing this before, I never could resist a great ass in the air, but somehow being away from home, and having had her touch me so intimately before made me see her differently. I wanted to jump her.

“Here,” she said, pulling out a designer t-shirt that was oh-so stylishly retro and almost worn out, “wear this one… all the girls hit on Ryan when he wears it… maybe it’ll work for you too.

“OK,” I said, stripping off my shirt and throwing it in with Sis’s dirty laundry (she’d bring it home when she went to go wash her other stuff, anyway). As I did, Sis suddenly came over and grabbed my nuts again, giggling like a lunatic. But as she did, she also let her other hand caress my chest, feeling my pecks and my abs.

“Mmmmm…” she said with a seductive little smile, “jeez little Bro, you’re really filling out nicely… I never realized you were such a man…”

This was going too far. I know it was “house rules” about the nut grabbing and all, but if my own sister was going to be the chick there who did it the most I was definitely not going to get to fuck any of her sorority sisters! Plus, us siblings were always competitive. Not being one to be one-upped I decided to fight fire with fire. So taking my hands from her hips, where they instinctively landed when she got close, I slid them back and gratuitously squeezed and groped her ass, which I must admit was great.

I expected her to yell and get mad, but instead she just let out a long, “Mmmmmmm…” I kept it up a few minutes linger, I think partly because I was determined to shock mobil porno her like she’d shocked me, and partly because, well, I was standing there feeling up a perfect college coed ass – I wasn’t about to complain over technicalities! But when she failed to freak out over even an extended ass groping (and she was still holding my balls) I decided to up the ante, and so I slid my hands from her ass, to her hips again, and from there up her sides, and (holding my breath) I took both of my Sister’s tits in my hands and kneaded them gently.

For sure, I thought, this would sent her freaking out right out the door. Except, it didn’t. Instead, Sis leaned in, and laid the hottest, most directly sexual kiss I’d ever experienced on me. How could I resist? Hell, by this point all I was really sure of was that what I’d fantasized about for a week, since hearing about the party, was happening to me. I was in a college coed’s room making out with her and feeling her up. That it was my own Sister just didn’t matter, for the moment anyhow.

This kiss just got hotter and hotter, and then I felt Sis’s fingers pull my cock out of my pants and she took it in her small, cool hand. Jesus that felt so fucking amazing! Kissing me greedily, our tongues waging a nice little war between our mouths, Sis expertly fisted my cock, jacking me slightly making my iron hard shaft firm up to steel. Giving in totally, I slid my hands up under her top, slipping my fingers right under her pesky bra, and cupped her perfect tits in my hand. Never had I imagined my own Sister’s boobs could feel so damn great!

I played with her nipples for a second and that seemed to drive her wild, because Sis suddenly pulled away from me, and dropped to her knees in front of me. Wasting no time she gripped my cock by the base and swallowed it whole. In seconds she was bobbing her head in my lap and sucking me ravenously. Holy shit, I remember thinking, my Sister is giving me a blow job!

Just then the door flew open, and I saw in the mirror (my back was to the door) a gal and some dude standing there with beers in their hands, pressing urgently together. Obviously, they were looking for a room.

“Oh, sorry Marie, Ryan,” the hot babe said, mistaking me for my Sister’s boyfriend… I guess because I was wearing his shirt.

In the mirror the guy, who obviously didn’t know Ryan from a hole in the ground because he looked at my reflection, gave me a thumbs up sign and a grin. I gave the thumbs up back, and smiled back, and then the dude closed the door and left me to enjoy the great Blowjob my own sexy coed Sister was giving me. I couldn’t believe that not only was I getting a BJ from Marie, my big Sister, but I had been seen getting it, and gotten away with it.

After a few minutes more of Sis’s hot mouth I couldn’t stand it anymore, and had to either shift gears, or cum in her mouth. Since I wanted to see how far I could get, I pulled her off me and dropped to my knees, and started kissing her again. Sis was clearly red hot and horny, and I felt pretty sure that unless she suddenly came to her senses, we were gonna get busy.

I kissed my way down Sis’s sexy body and began to pull off her skin tight, pink velvety pants, revealing a sexy pair of thong panties. Once I had Sis’s pants off I practically fell face first into her crotch. Kissing her panties a few times I made her purr and grind her mound against my face. Then I pulled the soaked crotch of the silky triangle aside, and went down on her. In the first second I drew her cunt lips into my mouth and let my tongue find her slice, slipping it into her deeply.

Sis groaned and whispered, “God yes, eat my pussy little Brother… Oh…. Shit….”

I let my tongue stab into her a few more times before I slipped it up to flick her clit, making her jerk a little. I ground my chin into her meaty cunt mound making her react by rolling her hips saucily, and moaning some more. Then I started to work her clit with the flat of my tongue, stiffened just a little, lapping at it like a kitten at a bowl of milk. I felt Sis’s fingers wind into my hair, and then her little hands balled up in fists as she pressed my face into her molten, juicy center.

I lapped and lapped until I could sex izle feel the tendons in my neck straining but I didn’t stop. Sis was thrashing about by this point, tossing her hair and cursing, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. After some diligent work on my part, her legs began to tremble, and then she went off like an M-80.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. FUCK! OH! OH!” she yelled, and then “OH” again, at a very high pitch as she flooded my mouth with her sweet, delicious river of flowing pussy nectar. I held onto her ass for dear life and rode out the hurricane of my big Sister’s orgasm in my face, loving the feeling I got from getting her off like that.

After a few seconds Sis just lay there gasping for breath and smiling, breathing hard. But I was ready to fuck, and at this point there was no way I was even asking. Sis was still a little dazed and offered no resistance as I flipped her over on her belly on the laundry heap and pulled her knees apart, obscenely exposing her red swollen gash to my hungry eyes. Rapidly I yanked my pants all the way off and straddled Sis’s perfect, upturned ass.

I think just in that second she came back to reality and realized that she was about to get fucked by her Brother. She panicked only very briefly and said, “Oh – Oh no…” but by then I was already at the gates and pushing in.

Since Marie was wet as a thunderstorm, I slid in easily with one hard thrust. “Uhhhnh” she grunted as I opened her up with my battering ram and pressed up hard to her perfect ass, pushing her into the laundry pile I went so deep. That was the end of Sis’s arguments about fucking her Brother, because once I was in there Sis began to squeeze and milk my dick with expert muscle control.

“Oh, fuck you’re tight, Sis,” I groaned, and then I pulled about halfway out, savoring the way her super tight cunt clung to my shaft as though refusing to let go. Then I began to pound her. I was in horny boy heaven, and slammed my Sister’s pussy with my cock over and over, making her yelp again and again. “uh… uh… uh… uh…” she said repeatedly as I bottomed out in her tight snatch time and time again. Her ass made a naughty slapping sound, a wet and sticky sound, every time my abdomen slapped against it, and I was really getting off on fucking my Sister. I knew I couldn’t last long.

Sis sensed it too, and knowing I was close to cumming she started begging me not to cum in her pussy, but at the same time urging me to fuck her harder. “Oh… God yes little brother! Do you like my tight Pussy? Hmm…” she teased, “Do you like fucking your big Sister’s sexy tight pussy?”

“Oh… Oh yess…. Yesss…” I moaned.

“Yes, what? OH fuck me! Yes what,” she said breathlessly as I pumped into her with relentless fury.

“Yes, I love fucking my Sister’s tight wet cunt,” I groaned.

“Oh… don’t cum in me,” she warned… “pull out when you… oh… when you have to… OH! Oh shit fuck me harder! Fuck me and cum in my mouth… Jesus I want to taste your spunk little Brother!”

That was it – hearing my Sister beg for my ball juice was more than I could stand. My eyeballs rolled back in my head and I felt my muscles tighten into knots everywhere. Frantically, I yanked my cock out of Sis’s magnificent pussy, and gripping it hard around the base to buy a few precious seconds I half fell backwards as Sis hurriedly moved her face into the line of fire, her mouth open wide.

I let go, and watched as the first volleys of my cum blast rocketed into the air on a collision course with my gorgeous college coed Sister’s sexy face. As if in slow motion I watched the cum splash on her red flushed cheeks, and saw that she immediately corrected course to try and catch the next burst in her mouth. Sure enough, the next shot fired right onto her tongue, and I watched it slide over her pink tongue and down into her throat. Then her mouth captured my cock head and she eagerly sucked every drop of my cum from my balls.

After I was sucked dry Marie reluctantly released my wilting cock from her mouth and I immediately keeled over like a sinking ship. Marie grinned, crawled up and lay her nude body on top of me, and I couldn’t resist running my hands all over her, which she seemed to enjoy. Sis kissed me a little more, not intense like before, and as perspective came over her she kissed me more on the cheek than on the lips.

“See,” she whispered in my ear with a giggle, “I told you I can get wild when I drink…. Aren’t you glad you came?”

I sure did, and I sure was.

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