Barbaras Mother


I knew Barbara when she was in school, she was a year younger than me and we grew up living just a couple of doors apart. I was developing into a normal teen and didn’t really look at her as she was a bit younger than me and at 14 she was only 13. I started going out with Julie who I eventually married but as I got to 17 I started to notice Barbara.

She was developing into a beautiful girl, Her breasts were enlarging and that summer was the summer of short skirts and hers were short.

She seemed to blossom overnight and she was at the girls school and I was at the boys. We came home often on the same bus but many times it was a different bus and hers was a few minutes after mine.

Once I was home I would head up to my bedroom which had a view right down the road, on the pretext of starting my homework, and watch for her walking up the hill to her house. I would stand there and masturbate looking at her and really wanting her.

I was already having some sexual experience with Julie.

We hadn’t gone to full sex but we were caressing each other to orgasm on at least 3 nights per week. She was regularly going home with very wet knickers in her handbag

Opposite Barbara’s house was a rather brassy blond called Elaine and she would often go out about 7pm. I later found out she was a barmaid and went for the 7:05 bus. Again I was watching her walking her gorgeous ass up the road and tossing off again.

On Saturday afternoon Barbara’s mum, Mary, would go shopping and walk up the road and even in her mid to late 30’s she cut a fine figure of a woman and she became the object of my masturbation

At the bottom of the road lived Carol, aged about 25, she often stood at the gate talking and again she was the object of my masturbation process.

With the times I was orgasmic with Julie and my daily masturbation’s for Barbara, Elaine , Carol & Mary I was wanking on average 5-6 times a day.

One day a letter arrived, It was in an envelope with HOLLAND ITALY & SWALK written on the back. Inside was a letter

Dear Steve,

I have often noticed you but you never seem to notice me. I am often on your bus but you don’t really seem to know I am there

Ever yours


Now when I read it I struggled to know who BC was

The only BC I knew was Barbara Cook the daughter of Mary Cook Barbara’s mum

I racked my brains to see all the other girls on the bus but no name came up.

A few days later I was on the bus with Barbara and sat next to her

I asked her if she was in the habit of writing letters but she said no and I left it at that

My daily sexual relief continued as Barbara’s skirts got shorter and eventually I went off to College & Barbara went off to University.

We lost touch.

About 4 years ago I contacted Barbara through Face book and she told me her mum & dad were still alive, gave me their address and on my way through my home town I stopped by to see her parents.

Her Dad was very ill and her mum. now late 60’s was still good looking.

I met up with Barbara in London and I plucked up the courage to ask her about the letter.

She said that she had not written it and she didn’t know anyone of the initials BC

Some time later Barbara rang me to tell me her dad had died and then about a year later I got a call from her mum to say that Barbara had died following a very short illness.

About 6 months ago I was passing through the home town and called in to see Mary.

We chatted and now at 71 she was still good looking.

I asked her about the letter, saying that I had spoken to Barbara about it and did she recall anyone who might have the initials BC.

Mary confessed that she had written the letter hoping that I would date Barbara.

I confessed that I was already going out with Julie, who I eventually married and that at the time of receiving the letter we were doing things that young teenagers were getting up to.

Sex hikayeleri

Mary asked me if I ever fancied Barbara and I said that I did, I thought she was beautiful and often through about asking her out for a date.

She asked if I had been with any other girls and I said that I had fantasized about a lot of people but never plucked up the courage to do anything about it as I was seriously involved with Julie.

She continued to pursue this like of questioning and asked who I had fancied.

I said I fancied Elaine, the brassy Blondie from across the road from them and she laughed.

I also said that I fancied Carol who used to live at the end of the road.

Mary said that Carol now lived next door to her on the house that shared the drive.

I was about to say that I also fancied Mary but stopped short but she realised I was going to say something else and she said “go on who else did you fancy?”

I said “well there was this married woman who was the mother of Barbara.”

Mary laughed.

“God you fancied me? ”

“Yes I did”

“But I was so much older that you”

“Well you must have been mid thirties or so.”

“Well yes”

“Well here I am now at 71 and being told I was fancied by a boy as old as my daughter.”

“You are still beautiful” I said

“I bet you don’t wank for me now do you?” she asked

I slid down in the chair, slipped my hand down my trousers and took hold of my cock and began to caress it. “I am doing it now and you are turning me on”

“Don’t be so silly” she said

I stood up and walked over to where she was sitting on the settee. I knelt at the side of her and kissed her straight on the mouth and took her hand and put it onto my cock. “See I am hard now just looking at you.”

“God” she said

“I never thought that would happen. ”

“What?” I asked

“That I would get someone excited again. ”

I kissed her again on the mouth

“You are very beautiful and very desirable” I said to her

Her hands went back to my cock and I took that as a sign to go further and undid a button her blouse

“They have all gone saggy now” she said

“No worries” I said to her and undid more buttons

Her hand was now tightening abut my cock and I was nearly at full stretch

I slid my hand inside her bra and pulled her left breast out and then took the nipple in my mouth and kissed it sucking on it

Then the other one and kissed that and then pulled her blouse back and off her shoulders and then pulled her bra off her breasts.

“God you are beautiful” I said.

Her hand dropped off my erection and I knelt in front of her pushing myself between her legs but her skirt prevented me getting them any wider.

I reached out and kissed her mouth again and then took each breast in my hand and kissed each nipple

She laid back onto the settee and I sucked each nipple again.

My hands went between her legs and then under her skirt and to the outside of her legs and with one swift action I had racked her skirt right up

I looked down and there she had on tights and white knickers

I buried my head between her legs and smelt her womanhood

“You smell so sexy” I said to her

I said “I remember Julie wearing tights and ripping them open to get to her and after that she wore stockings of open crotch tights. ”

“Make these open crotch if you want to” she said.

I took hold of the material in each hand and with one deft movement ripped open the crotch of the tights

My fingers went to caress her knickers and the slid around the edge of the panties to feel her hairy snatch.

My fingers probed her hairs and then eventually I found her love hole and began to finger it

Back to kissing her breasts as I fingered her pussy

She began to cry and I stopped

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s been so long since I was touched there” she said

“Keep on going please don’t stop ”

I kept Sikiş hikayeleri fingering her and eventually she became wet

I pulled her to the edge of the settee and rubbed my erection against her crotch

“I want you Mary” I said “I want you ”

“I am very hairy but I want you to fuck me” she said

I stood up and undid my trousers

“Take me in the bedroom please ”

“I want to be fucked in bed ”

She showed me where the bedroom was and went to lock the door

by the time she came back I was in my underpants

She laid on the bed and I took what remained of her tights off and then slipped her knickers off

She was very hairy, very very hairy

“I am sorry I’m so hairy and I must smell ”

“No worries” I said

“I want to do oral sex on you first ”

and with no more said I went down on her and began to lick her hairy cunt till I found her clitoris.

Then I worked my way down to find her cunt and slipped my tongue inside her to taste her juices

Yes she did smell and it was a wonderful musky womanly smell

I pushed her legs over my shoulders and began to tongue fuck her cunt.

I told her to put her feet on my shoulders and that gave me a better entrance to her cunt.

I sucked prodded and licked her down there till she went into an orgasm

I looked up at her and said did she enjoy that and she said fuck me

I slid into her and began to thrust.

“Keep still” she said “I want to feel you filling me up ”

I stopped fucking her and lay still in her cunt

I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock

“That’s nice” I said

“I thought I had lost use of those” she said

“Fuck me slowly I want it to last ”

I began to fuck her slowly, long deep strokes almost coming out, keeping it below the level of me getting too excited but clearly satisfying her desire for a man in there

“Do it hard now” she said

I said “let me turn you round on the bed so I can put my feet against the headboard ”

In that position I got a good grip on her my feet stopped against the headboard and then I let rip into her body with my erect cock. She was bouncing on the bed and I pounded into her cunt.

Then the time came and I said “O I am coning” and she said “come on let me feel you squirt it into me.”

I emptied my balls into her.

“Stay inside me” she said

I lay there on top of her kissing her lips and feeling the jism oozing out of her cunt. Eventually I shrank and came out of her.

We lay side by side on the bed holding each other and me gently caressing her clitoris and she just holding my cock in her hand

“Do you want to use the bathroom” she asked

I said “yes” and went off for a pee and to clean up

When I came back she was still laid on the bed, legs open sperm oozing out of her and down her hairs

“Thank you” she said “that was wonderful ”

“Do you want the bathroom” I asked

“I want to stay here for ever and remember this moment ”

“However I do need to get up as I need to go to the shop ”

I offered to take her and she said that would be nice and I could stay for tea if I wanted to

I picked up her clothes and put them on the bed and got dressed

She came back in and picked up her bra and blouse and skirt.

“Do you want these” I asked giving her her panties

“No” she said “I am going out to the shop commando! ”

A few minutes later we set of for the shop and returned about an hour later.

Carol was just coming out of the house as we came back and Mary introduced me to her as the Steve who used to live down the road. Carol remembered me and I remembered Carol

Mary said

“He is staying with me for tea and we have just had sex!” and went into the house.

I looked at Carol and shrugged my shoulders and followed Mary into the house.

“I can’t believe you said that to her” I said

“Well it is true isn’t it ”

“Well yes ”

“I think I need some more” she said

“More what” I asked

“More Erotik hikaye sex” she said and led me into the lounge

She sat on the settee and hutched her skirt up and opened her legs and said “come on fuck me on the settee ”

I knelt in front of her and unzipped my trousers and took my cock out and started to erect it and began to push it up her cunt.

Carol walked in on us

I pulled out and stood up pulling my trousers up but Mary said “Oh ignore her come on back to where you were ”

I knelt back in front of Mary and slipped it back into her her.

“You see Carol You are not the only one who likes sex”

“Come on Fuck it” Mary said and I started going at it hell for leather.

I collapsed onto her and Carol stood there

“Wowee Mary I never thought you had it in you”

“Well it was well and truly in me that time” Mary said.

Mary got up and tidied her skirt and went into the kitchen to do tea. I was left alone with my trousers down with Carol

“So you fancied me did you ” Carol said

“Yes I did”

“So come on then”

I stood up and took Carol in my arms, My trousers now dropped to the floor

Carol took hold of my sticky cock and began to caress it.

It began to erect which was quite amazing as I am older and it usually takes some time to recover.

Carol sat in the same chair Mary had sat in and hutched up her skirt

“Come on big boy come inside me”

I knelt in front of her and removed her knickers and slipped inside her.

I felt her tightness round me and began the gentle thrusting and eventually shot another load into her.

I said I ought to ring my wife as I was going to be late

I rang Julie and said that the system we were putting in was not going too well and I would be late.

Carol went home leaving Mary & me to have tea

Once tea I said to Mary “did she mind me having sex with Carol” and she said “NO” and after tea was over Mary asked if I wanted to go back to bed with her and even stay the night.

I wanted to stay the night and rang Julie again to say that the problem we were having had got worse and we had to start again so I would not be home till really late and may decide to book into a hotel and come home in the morning – not wanting to drive back when very tired. She understood!!

it was now about 7:30 and Mary suggested a night cap and an early night.

She got me a drink and I sat in the lounge watching TV when she appeared in the doorway in her rather long nightie.

“sorry this is the sexiest thing I have got” she giggled

I stood up and took her in my arms and kissed her

“I think you would look sexy in anything” I said and proceeded to caress her through it.

“Bed” i whispered to her and she led the way.

I stripped off to my underpants and she said – “no, take them off” I dropped them and stood naked on front of her

She walked over to me and took hold of my cock and said “Take me”

I lifted her nightie and revealed her naked body, Her tits were saggy and she was quite wrinkled but I felt the erection rising and I pulled the bed clothes back and invited her into her own bed and then climbed in at the side of her.

I caressed her tits, kissed her n the mouth and then asked if she wanted oral sex again – she said “Oh yes please” and I went down on her and kissed her till she orgasm ed.

What do you want me to do for you she said.

“I would love oral sex from you ” I said

I invited her to kneel over my face so I could see her cunt and she took me in her mouth and began to suck me until I eventually orgasm ed in her mouth.

She moved position and came towards me with the sperm still in her mouth and then threw her head back and swallowed it.

We lay side by side onthebed and made love naked twice more before we drifted off to sleep.

I woke about 3am and felt her close to me

I slid my hands between her legs and pushed them apart

Mounting her I slid into her and began to fuck her while she was asleep.

In the morning I told her what i had done and she said she knew, she just pretended to be asleep.

We got back into the 69 position and we gave each other oral sex and I got up and left her a very happy woman and me a very happy man

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