Barman Meets Bored Wife

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This is my first story, comments and advice welcome please!


Being a hotel barman has its ups, and its downs, if you’ll pardon the pun. I work in a 4* hotel in Blackpool, a town described as England’s answer to Las Vegas. As its that little bit classier than the guest houses that populate the majority of the ‘Golden Mile’, we attract a different kind of clientele. We cater for the businessman and woman, and also the well to do family, not wanting to travel abroad for a short break.

With my shifts running at different times throughout the day, if I’m working a late shift followed by a lunchtime one, more often than not, I’ll stay over in one of the rooms not booked out by the public. It’s handy as it makes it very hard to be late for work!!!

After a while you get used to dealing with drunks, while the men tend to get violent and angry when they have a few too many, the female of the species tends to lose her inhibitions and let herself go somewhat.

It had been a fairly dull night until this point. A bawdy hen party entertained earlier on, and the men in the clubs they were about to hit didn’t know what was about to hit them. A couple were flirting with me, but that’s all part of the job, and if you take it further, you have to be very careful that you don’t get caught and luckily, touch wood, it hasn’t happened yet….

I’d seen Jane earlier in the day. She’d come to the hotel with her husband and two brats, sorry kids. She’d looked a little stressed, maybe a bad journey or nagging kids, the usual for most mothers that you see here I’d guess. I’m usually good at guessing age, and I’d have said Jane was in her late thirties, but looking good for it.

I was quite surprised to see her enter the bar alone, though as she was dressed up, I expected her husband to be down shortly.

“What can I get you Madam?” I asked.

“Gin and tonic please barman” she replied.

I couldn’t help but notice the way she dressed. She perched on her stool with her short skirt showing off her stocking clad legs, while a pair of knee-high boots almost made me forget her order. Her breasts showed no sign of sagging in her neat black blouse, and her shoulder length brown hair accentuated her facial features, deep brown eyes, and lips which weren’t too big, but neither were too small.

“Can I get you anything else?”

“Not at the moment, thank you.”

She türkçe altyazılı porno sat there, and sipped on her G&T, and I stood there, waiting for her husband. It was just after midnight, so expected he wouldn’t be too long before he arrived….

Time passed, and 3 or 4 G&T’s, and Jane still sat there alone.

“Jason,” she said, staring at the name badge on my uniform, “do you think I’m attractive?”

“Well, Miss, you are a beautiful lady. Your husband is a very lucky man” I replied, turning on the charm, and hopefully bumping up my tips.

“So why is he upstairs, snoring his head off, while his wife is downstairs?”

“I don’t kn….”

“It’s the nanny, I caught them at it. I came home from a shopping trip, he’d said he was away on a business trip, but I heard noises from upstairs, I saw his clothes on the stairs and peeked around the bedroom door. He was there on top of her, fucking her harder than he’d ever done to me, I could here her moaning while tears filled my eyes and hit the floor.”

“I’m sorry to…”

“Sorry isn’t good enough though, it’s not your fault, it’s his! He’s the one throwing 15 years of marriage, and two gorgeous kids away, and what for? A cheap shag with a girl half my age?”

Tears began to well in her eyes. I handed her a tissue, and she grabbed hold of my hand.

“I want to know I’m still attractive, still sexy. We haven’t slept together in over 6 months now, I try everything to get him in the mood, but he just turns over and falls asleep. Expensive underwear, quiet nights in, just the two of us, even when I attempt to go down on him, he just pushes me away. I can’t cope anymore.”

I didn’t know what to say. Hey, I’ve broken my fair share of hearts over the years, but there’s a big difference between teenage relationships and a 15-year marriage.

“Jason, please, will you help me, I just keep drinking my self stupid and all I want is love, a hug, a cuddle, someone to make love to me.”

Was this drunken come on? Something to regret in the morning? Or a mercy mission, saving this beautiful woman from a sexless life?

They say men think with their genitalia, and maybe, that’s what I did, but she needed me, didn’t she?

“Look, I finish in half an hour, do you want a top-up and we can talk if you want to?”

“OK, thank you Jason.” She held me hand, xnxx kissed it, and smiled….

3 o’clock came, Mary came to relieve me shift and I crossed to the other side of the bar. I had to be careful, as I knew that if I was caught, I’d be out of work and sleeping with customers doesn’t look great on your CV.

“Follow me, but be careful” I whispered in Jane’s ear.

I took the lift to floor 8, Jane following behind.

“We can start talking here if you’d like?” I said.

“Fuck talking,” she said, “I need you to show me I’m an attractive woman again.”

I guess that was the come on I needed. I pulled her towards me; the alcohol was strong on her breath as I moved my mouth on to her, gently pushing her lips apart, while my hands wandered over her legs and bottom. Her stocking felt warm against me as I heard the lift bell ring. We were at the eighth floor.

“Sssshhh” I said, as I fumbled for the keys to my room.

We entered the room, and I turned up the lights, only slightly, to keep a feeling of romance about the actions we were about to perform.

Jane was a little unsteady on her feet and I put my arm on her shoulder to help her balance, but it also helped me to take hold of this beautiful woman. She smiled as I hugged her and held her tight, it may have been obvious to her too, as my crotch began to harden the longer I held her.

I went to kiss her again, my tongue went deeper than it had in the lift and she responded in kind. My hands again explored her body, first her back and legs before settling on her pert bottom, caressing her through the fabric of her skirt, then becoming more adventurous and slipping under the hemline.

I felt the smooth skin of her buttocks and her moan as we kissed. I gently pushed her backward before collapsing on top we pulled away from the kiss, as she looked straight into my eyes.

“Make me feel like a woman again Jason, take me now. Please!”

I didn’t intend to just jump on, she needed proving to herself that she was attractive, that men would love to share her company, in, or outside the bedroom.

I kissed her, moving my hands to her blouse, unbuttoning it slowly, exposing her body but wanting to see more. Her breasts were firm to touch, natural, not a hint of surgery. Her silky black bra didn’t stand a chance as the passions ran through me; I tugged at the hooks, pulling it off porno izle exposing her cleavages and pink nipples, just on the brink of hardness.

She moaned again as my lips brushed her nipples. They stiffened more in my mouth as she started to squirm. My hand worked its way down to her skirt, slowly lifting the fabric and slipping inside her knickers.

I could feel her pussy hairs were just a little damp and my hand searched for its destination. As a finger slipped in, she moaned again, half drunk, but still aware of what was happening to her.

“Please, lick me there, I haven’t had a man go down on me in 5 years.”

Who was I to argue? Here I was, still in my uniform as I kissed from her breasts to her stomach, her body still quivering with the tension. My hands reached round to unzip her skirt, and pull down her black matching knickers.

Her pussy was quite hairy, but I didn’t mind. My lips touched her pussy, and I could taste her excitement. Fast, the slow, I circled her lips in the search for her clitoris, and knew by her moans that I had found it. Her body jerked, I could tell this was a major release for her, and it was her needs that drove me on.

As my tongue weaved its trail, my hands reached back up to her breasts. I could feel her heartbeat quicken, as she was being stimulated by tongue and by hand, until her breathing also quickened and her moaning became louder and louder. She grabbed a pillow to stifle her moans, as her body stiffened, then became limp. Her juices flowed into my mouth as her orgasm took hold. She went limp; the power of her cumming, mixed with the alcohol from the evening spent in the bar had knocked her cold.

I wrapped her in the duvet and slid into bed, holding her close, the way she said she wanted to be held earlier…..

My eyes were blurry as I woke up an hour later, I looked over to where Jane had laid just hours ago, but she’d gone. . All that was left was her underwear, and what looked like a hastily written note.

“Thank you for making me feel like a woman again, I’m sorry I had to go but I realised that while it was fun, I can’t hurt my kids any longer. I’m leaving Dave to his 17-year-old, I guess it’s time for me to strike out on me own. You’ll never know how much this meant to me; you’ve freed me from the pain and torture I had put myself through. Goodbye, Jane xxx.”

The note made me smile, for once, a one-night stand might result in something good, and neither of us got hurt. A rare occasion I guess!

As for her underwear, it’s in one of my drawers at home, a reminder that while sex is great; it can hurt people so badly sometimes. But I’ll never forget that night with Jane…

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